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  • 1. ISTITUTO PROFESSIONALE DI STATO R. M. COSSAR Gorizia Classe II BS Servizi Sociali

2. 3. THE PLACE 4. Vajont the disaster was caused by a landslide from the northern slope of Mount Toc - located on the border between the provinces of Belluno (Veneto) and Pordenone (Friuli Venezia Giulia) - October 9, 1963. At 22:39 that day about 270 million m3 of rock slid at a speed of 30 m/s below the reservoir (which contained about 115 million m3 of water at the time of the disaster) created by the dam Vajont, causing a wave of flood that exceeds 250 m in height on top of the dam.The artifact remained intact.La diga del Vajont La diga del Vajont 5. THE DAM BEFORE THE DISASTER Monte TOC DIGA delVAJONT LAGO delVAJONT Diga del Vajont = The Vajont damLago del Vajont = The Vajont lakeMonte Toc = The Mountain Toc 6. Frana del monte Toc FRANA Landslidefrom Monte Toc 7. La frana vista dallalto Lanslide top view of mount Toc 8. October 9, 1963 The landslide that fell off at 22:39 from the northern slopes of Mount Toc hurtling into the reservoir below had gigantic dimensions.The impact force of the landslide created a wave, pushing east toward the center of Vajont that at that point spreads. This allowed the tide to lower its level and save for a few meters, the village of Erto and Casso but struck with unprecedented violence Longarone. 9. THE WAVE OF DIE 9 OTTOBRE 1963 10. Longarone before the disaster 11. Longarone after the disaster 12. THE HAVOC AFTER THE TRAGEDY 13. 14. 15. The situation after the landslide:the survivors 16. 17. THE VILLAGES NOW ARE UNINHABITED 18. 19. THE CEMETERY In this cemetery are buried morethan 1900 victimes. 20. 21. THE CHURCH IN MEMORY 22. TODAY THE DAM MAYBE LOOKED FROM THE WAY LEADING TO CASSO 23. VAJONT IS A TOURISM LOCATION WHERE THE VICTIMS OF THIS SAD TRAGEDY ARE REMEMBERED 24. 25. Sustainable tourism

  • The Hotel Val Vajont Widespread Valcellina is a true system of land management, an original model of tourist accomodations, offering guests the opportunit to experience a relaxing holiday in traditional mountain villages as Erto, Casso, Cimolais, Claut and Barcis. Provides for the accommodation of guests in beautiful self-catering apartments, located on the territory of the Val Vajont and Valcellina, but belonging to a single reception.