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Bayshore High School's literary magazine, Impressions, from 1985.

Transcript of Impressions 85



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Fo~ only a~~~gn~ng th~~t y o~ no~ty w~~t~ng a~6~gnmenu a we ek,Fo~ lett~ng

U6 ma~ e th e dee~6~on6 even though m06t 06 the t~m e we d~dn't ~now what we we~e do ~ ng,ou~

Fo~ teaeh~ng u~ how to tw~ddte 6~nge~ through his inspection itinerary of plants, ailboxes, car tires, and trees, I reeber his heady and i.patient youth, his unquenchable enthusia, his aoraus persistence , and his utter delight at any household event. Hithout soe chagrin, 1 hear unspoken parallels, and saile inNardly at these experiences 1 share Nith the Inspector.I reae.ber a tie the doorbell caused a younger Inspector to soersault dONn sixteen steps, roll across .y sall foyer, and crash-land on the NaIL. Uazed , but ebarrased ore, he juped to his feet ga e to perfora his duty , Nhatever it a ight be.

( .. preSSJons

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l\ayshm- "

H.S. - Pag .. 68

In Passing The time that we met was a casual day. I saw you aga in a nd knew I was lost. No I know , I should have been different. But, it's a little late for regret or reform. I think of you often and hop e we will meet again. Ami e Bever '87

h,pressions '85

I\ayshore H.

s . ..

Page 69

You are a novel. My lind fatigues frol the cOlplexity of your Nords. MV eyes ache frol frequent reading. My arDS groN Neak frol your Neight; and yet, I do not put you dONn. Betause, your plot portrays the reality I seek, and your Nords possess truths that give Ie passage to Iyself. You are a painting. Your colors are brilliant, your depth - illeasurable, your for.s - a laster Nork.I

.iII becole the patron of your art, and if I cannot attain you, resolve Iyself - forever captivated. You are a sYlphony. I stri ve to step inside your lood and pull it around Ie until I Hear, feel nothi ng else. You fill Iy head with latchless harlonies, and your song is Iy vision. You are a ballet I rehearse all Iy life to perforl. I cannot change a single attitude. You are precisely choreographed.I tay

strain every luscle to be oorthy of your graceful strength, but I oi 11aelorize your sequence

with Iy soul.


JRlprE'C; -::r: w~'T MocH ,~/ tARE" fOR If!~I



I .. pressioos '85

l! .. ys nore H. 5 , - PAg., 73

Open Your i:yes 1 r e member when I thought it was great and I didn't have a worry for myself But now I realize that I'd made a mistaKe r asK for the power to save my health The times I told life that I didn't really care I remember all the pain there was being there Now I find life's shown a better way to go And the reasons were there from the start Open your eyes and find the way to go Open your eyes, it's the only way I Know Open your eyes, looK through what you can see Close t he hole in your open soul and find how life can be Open your e yes and find the way to live Open your eyes, to learn from what YOIJ give Open your eyes, your day is yet to come Change your ways til your dying days and see what you become In the days of old when life was but a dre a m everyway was a good way to go But now that dream has become reality living life is the only way to sh ow That you've made your mind up to love and not to hate This decision that you've made proved true and saved your fate If you feel you've found a better way to go Good LucK and God Bless You in Hell Brian Baudrit '85

L -=-_-



Dedicahd to:


Footprints dying in wet sand they fall bthind I walk with someone different We both do Other times pushed out of my mind How can she .be so kind? This empty hand Full of white sand (and you) A new beginning? I cannot hope. Back in time - in space (collisium in the sand) To watch the tears fall from her face She is the play, the ac tress, the script Ancient temple rituals slow and direct. Two empty hands touch and say goodnight. Keith Coker '85

h,pre ssions '85

B~!,j s h nr p

H. S. -

F "9

PURE LOGIC I spoke to the wo~ld today, With its f~ifndly, g~een field, And w~inkled, old mountains Rising like silent sentinels of time, Lifting thei~ f~osty head, Above the misty clouds.I told the world how much I loved it and how muchI cherished its willingness To p~ovide me with all things Necessary fo~ life and happiness, Even in the wo~st of times.

I even told the wo~ld how I would protect it, how I would s.ek to improve it

And help to make it a place Where eVt~y person with a d~eam Could find the hidden key to happiness. Then I went out And made anothe~ payment On a MEGA BIJ1B GeneSto~y

Facul ty

In ' Pi~ e S 5 1 n n c

'l1 ~

Ba~c;hor' e

H. S .

- Page 76


People, people, everywhere and not a one can think Ponder, ponder all the time as if knowledge was a drink Swallow, swallow al l you can until your soul does sink You've begun to see the 1 ight not Intell igence, just the brink


Lights from above Lights from below Will we learn or never know? Look ahead and Look behind Search until YOU fill your mind. What do you search for seeking man? Mystic matter from a magic land? No, I say, search not for that Forget your riches and your silken hat Come with me, now taKe my hand. I can take yOU to a better land. Lights from above Lights from below Come with me and feel the show Look ahead and Look behind For I am Intelligence, let me fill your mind. Jim Fairfield '85

~ "~"~"" M'..~.~~~....~ ~.~o~~a~ O."~D..~a. .~~~~a~~o~....~u,~....~Ji. . , n .. .... ..


lmpressi on s '85

l.layshor e H. S.

- Page

PLEASELaugh with me or- 1"11 Cf"'Y. You will see I tell no lie.J. S. S.

... 85

A gir-1 Just 16 thr-own. to the land, Laying in white upon the sand;Reaped of her-

innocence by a man,

She tries to get it back but never- can. Rachel Wright "86

Impres'5i one;




H. S. .- Page 78

Notes From A Teacher's (Volume m


As a follow up to the publication last spring. it seems only fitting that more student wit and humor be added. The following were answers received to quiz items from numerous illustrious Bayshore students. (... whoever said teaching was dull! II) Q. What was a "flapper" during the 1920's? A. -"Fl i pper' sister" Q. What is a 'corporate pool' ? A. -a place where executives go to cool off Q. What was the nickname of the hysterical reaction to suspected communist infiltration during the 1920's? A. -the Who Concert. part II Q. What was being referred to in 'taking up the white man's burden'? A. -AlasKa Q. What is the function of the Depart ment of e:ducation? A. -they pay for all the booKs. desKs and toilet paper for all the schools in the state Q. Name three ancient governments upon which America drew to form her government. A. -Israel. Greece. Rome and Delaware

The following several pages indicate the a Hects of AP courses on stUdents and teachers aliKe. One of the types of questions on the AP American History exam is called a Document Based Question CDBG>. Students are asKed to read several documents and then combining the use of the documents and their own Knowledge of the period to write an essay response to the question. Following last year's APAH e xam the students made up their own DBQ test and submitted it to me to answer. Th e first several pages contain the documents and the last several are my response. All students referred to i'n the response are alive and well and presently awaiting graduation from BHS. All references to them are based on fact and not the fiction that it may appear. Document Based Question APAH e:XAM 1984 By the end of the school year most AP History s tudents are totally insane. e:valuate this statement using outside information ~ the following documents. TaKe into account the actions of this year's classes. rmpres,;i ons ' 85

Bal/s!lore H. S . - P"g" 79

Document A Two AP history students dress ing out of their normal, conservative attire, were seen walKing through J.C. Penney and dining at Pizza Hut. Source: Lakeland, Florida April 21,1984 Culture Club Concert Document 8 One air conditioner knob suddenly disappeared after an AP history class. Source: Bayshore High School Monday, May 21,1984 Document C Several AP history students found rolling life savers under book shelves and throwing them at each other (lifesaver fight). Source: New College library During re se arch papers Friday night, March 13 Document D See the marino, standing there. See the marino, with the long, long hair. See the marino, standing there. See the marino, with his lon, long, heir.

See thumbarino, standing there. See thumbarino, with its long, long hair.

Seethe a Marino with his long, long, hair. Seethe a Marino, with his long, long hair.See the marino, Stan Ding there. See the marino, with his long, long hair.

Source: Andrew Stoll 5th period APAH Document Ii: AP students found with gummi bears (je