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We put your business in front of a targeted audience!. Max Impressions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Max Impressions

Max ImpressionsWe put your business in front of a targeted audience!

The member information network puts your ad in front of a targeted desirable audience. Our large digital screens are prominently located in lobbies, waiting areas and main areas of customers facilities. They attract new and returning customers, increase your sales and grow your business with this unique advertising opportunity.2Features:

Limited number of local businesses featured.

Your advertisement will be broadcast throughout the day-everyday.

Members will seek out the network for announcements and club information.Frequently Asked Questions: Who does the information network advertising reach? Club members are active and affluent shoppers with an average household income of over $90,000. From homes to retail to personal services, they buy more than the average person.

How do I know people will watch? The member information network is placed in high traffic areas such as the lobby or by the member check in desk. The 42" digital high definition screen attracts the members attention. Club members information, classes and activities are on the board as well. How often will my advertisement be viewed? The average club member spends more then an hour at their club and visits multiple times per week. Your advertisement will appear on the monitor constantly throughout the day for an entire year.

High Impact Advertising !! These are high impact ads, they are designed to get your message out there: They tell who you are, what you do and how to get a hold of you. Our professional design team will design a high impact ad for you and your message will be out there every day for an entire year!

About Max Impressions:Max Impressions operates indoor networks in several venues including fitness centers, indoor soccer facilities, bowling centers, family entertainment centers, restaurants and nightclubs that reach active consumers. Max Impressions also has an in house event marketing and promotion department that constructs custom media placements and marketing programs. With several digital screens and several billboard locations, Max Impressions reaches millions of monthly viewers. Max Impressions is owned by Michael Sternfeld. For more information, please visit Impressions An innovative concept to advertising!Michael SternfeldP.O. Box 252143 West Bloomfield, MI 48325(248) 496-1543 Fax- (248) 862-2640WWW.MAXIMPRESSIONS.NETEMAIL: [email protected] Really Works Wonders!Max Impressions huge venue footprint, strong national advertiser focus, and digital expertise is the perfect complement to the organization we have built over the years.

How it Works?Digital Display System Info: 40% of each monitor will be controlled by the Arena to promote their own programs, events and activities. The remaining 60% features advertisements from local businesses as well as a local weather feed. Featured advertisers will be given exclusivity in their business field to guarantee no competing advertising. Advertisements are created at 20 seconds in length and are displayed on a constant rotation throughout the day. Your ad will be featured a minimum of 250 times per day. Advertisers are given priority for renewal when their contract is up. Max Impressions graphics department professionally produces your ad each year.

What it Costs:Ads are sold on an annual program. The cost breaks down to less than $30.00 per week, which is just $1500 for the entire year with a one time $150.00 ad set up fee. More than 1.3 million people visit the facilities on an annual basis; this works out to 1/100 of a cent per impression to an active, local clientele.For more information call Mike Sternfeld @ (248) 496-1543.

Digital Display AdvertisingDigital display advertisements purchased on our screens will be displayed on a Digital Information Center. The center will be located in the lobby area of the arena. Our Digital Display Centers are housed in attractive black encasing and feature a 42 monitor. The display unit and monitor is used by the facility to inform guests of the club about activities, events and announcements and thus attracts a high volume of viewers.

Recession Proof AdvertisingYour business reaches over 98,000 unique members monthly.59% are professional/managerial65% are between the ages of 25-54.81% are Homeowners60 % earn over $75,00047 % Have ChildrenOur clientele is young, affluent, educated, employed and growing!Sample Ads:

Our Guarantees!100% Worry-Free guarantee states you will be happy with your ad or your Money Back!

We guarantee your ad will work or we will give you an additional 6 months free!