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Festival finds new home; Taylor Hicks to perform in Land O’ Lakes; ‘Trial by Fire’ seeks to spark social movement

Transcript of Lutz News-Lutz/Odessa-March 2, 2016

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    By Kevin

    The GFWC Lutz Arts & Crafts Festival hasa new home.

    After months of searching, the GFWCLutz-Land O Lakes Womans Club found anideal fit for the festival at Keystone PrepHigh School, 18105 Gunn Highway inOdessa.

    The festival is slated for the first week-end in December.

    According to womans club presidentCathy Mathes, the two-day festival will be atKeystone Prep for the next few years.

    Mathes was particularly impressed bythe schools large property, and the schoolsenthusiasm in hosting the event.

    Theyre getting the students involved.They have a really involved parent club

    thats going to be doing a lot of work, too,the club president said, noting the festivalwill be mutually beneficial for fundraisingpurposes.

    Last December, the 36th annual Lutz Arts& Crafts Festival was cancelled at Lake Park

    due to a sinkhole that was estimated asbeing around 6 feet wide and 100 feet deep.The club had also encountered some prob-lems with flooding on park roads duringprevious arts and crafts festivals.

    After the cancellation, the womans clubopted to find a new location to house thepopular event, which typically attracts up to30,000 people.

    The festival is the largest yearly fundrais-er for the club, which gives back to thecommunity in the form of college scholar-ships and donations to local charities.

    The process of finding a new locationwas quite a search, according to Pat Serio,head of public relations for the womansclub.

    Finding a new venue is not as easy as it

    Taylor Hicks to perform inLand O LakesBy B.C.

    Before he became nationally known,Taylor Hicks spent years in relative obscuri-ty, sharing his music at any venue where hecould get a booking.

    I would play everything from small ven-ues to clubs to honky-tonks, to roadhousesto juke joints you name it, I was playingit, Hicks said.

    Over the years, he played concerts andclub dates with widely known musicians,but he didnt get his big break until he wonSeason 5 of American Idol.

    Hicks said he hadnt really been planningto audition for the popular television show,now celebrating its farewell season.

    He had gone to a wedding and wasstranded by Hurricane Katrina, and hewound up getting a free ticket to fly any-where in the country, he explained.

    So, I flew to Vegas on a whim, he said.That just happened to be where AmericanIdol was holding auditions, so Hicks decidedto get in line.

    That was the beginning of Hicks rise tonational fame.

    He went on to become Americas fa-vorite.

    The season that I was on was theirbiggest season. With all of that attention, itwas pretty amazing, Hicks said.

    After winning the title, doors opened forhim, and he remains grateful.

    The Idol platform has set me up to beable to do a lot of different things, he said.

    Less than three weeks after winning Idol,his debut single, Do I Make You Proud, en-

    By B.C.

    Documentary filmmaker CharlesMattocks hopes to inspire a social move-ment to help people suffering fromComplex Regional Pain Syndrome and otherrare diseases.

    Mattocks who is the nephew offamed reggae artist Bob Marley has pro-duced Trial by Fire, a documentary thattells the story of his mothers eight-yearstruggle Complex Regional Pain Syndrome,called CPRS for short.

    Its a rare condition that is not widely un-derstood, Mattocks said.

    I was totally confused, really, on whatthis thing was, Mattocks said. I used to tellmy mother, Mom, youve got to walk it off.Youve got to go to the gym.

    Mattocks said while he didnt initiallyknow what CRPS was, as he delved into thetopic and observed his mom, he knewsomething must be done to give people suf-fering from the condition a voice.

    Its agony, Mattocks said.The key symptom is prolonged pain that

    may be constant and, in some people, ex-tremely uncomfortable or severe, accordingto information published on the NationalInstitute of Neurological Disorders andStrokes website.

    The pain can spread through the body,the pain can travel from limb to limb andthere often is increased sensitivity in the af-fected area, such that even light touch orcontact is painful, the website says.

    People with CRPS also experience con-

    stant or intermittent changes in tempera-ture, skin color, and swelling of the affectedlimb, the website says.

    Other common features of CRPS include: Changes in skin texture Abnormal sweating Changes in nail and hair growth pat-

    terns Stiffness in affected joints Problems coordinating muscle move-

    ment Abnormal movement in the affected

    limbFifteen-year-old Natalia Rijos, who is also

    featured in the film, is quite familiar withCRPS.

    Theres a clear line of demarcation in herlife.

    One day, she was a typical 12-year-old, en-joying the normal activities of girls her age.

    But, that changed on Dec. 15, 2012.That was the day she was horsing

    around with her dad, showing off somekarate moves.

    Her dad grabbed her leg, she began tofall, and as she went to brace herself fromthe fall, she injured her left hand.

    Initially, her mom, Myrna Concepcion,thought it was just a sprain.

    But, the girls hand became swollen anddiscolored, and didnt heal properly.

    In ensuing months, the pain became un-bearable and doctors couldnt figure outwhat was wrong.

    It took three months to get a diagnosis.According to Concepcion, in one sense,

    Festival finds new home

    FILE PHOTOThe GFWC Lutz Arts & Crafts Festival willtake place at Keystone Prep High School onDec. 3 and Dec. 4 this year. Last years festi-val was cancelled at Lake Park after a sink-hole developed in a road.

    PHOTOS COURTESY OF TAYLOR HICKSTaylor Hicks said he loves performing, and its something he expects he will always contin-ue to do. He will be performing on March 11 in Land O Lakes at the Central Pasco Chamberof Commerces Spring Music Festival & Expo.

    See FESTIVAL, page 11A

    Trial by Fire seeks to spark social movement

    B.C. MANION/STAFF PHOTOFifteen-year-old Natalia Rijos has been diag-nosed with Complex Regional PainSyndrome. Its a condition that is character-ized by prolonged pain that may be constantand, in some people, extremely uncomfort-able or severe.

    See HICKS, page 11A

    See FIRE, page 11A

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    2A www.LakerLutzNews.comMarch 2, 2016

    By Kevin

    Donations have been flowing into theGFWC Lutz-Land O Lakes Womans Club.

    The organization has received thousandsof items, as its gears up for the annualWomans Club Flea Market scheduled forMarch 4 and March 5 at the Historic OldLutz School, 18819 N. U.S. 41 in Lutz.

    The flea market is set to be the clubslargest fundraiser this year, because its annu-al arts a