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New water lines in Lutz community; Cancer journey chronicled through ceramic busts; Newland wants Bexley Ranch to be next FishHawk

Transcript of Lutz News-Lutz/Odessa-Sept. 24, 2014

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    By B.C.

    Residents of the Manors of Crystal Lakesare expected to connect to a newHillsborough County water line within amonth or so.

    Work continues on installing pipelinealong Lutz Lake Fern Road, with the roadnarrowed down to one lane near NorthDale Mabry Highway while constructioncontinues.

    The county is completing the $5.4 mil-lion project to connect the Manors ofCrystal Lakes to a new 12-inch water line.The goal is to improve the reliability ofwater supply for the subdivision, saidRichard Kirby, section manager forHillsborough Countys capital improvementprogram.

    The project involves 4.5 miles ofpipeline, Kirby said. It creates a looped sys-tem, giving Manors of Crystal Lake residentsa backup in the event of any water linebreaks or other disruptions.

    The water flow also will be improvedwith the new line, bringing it up to the cur-rent standards for fire protection.

    As work progresses, flagmen are direct-ing traffic down to one lane on a portion ofLutz Lake Fern Road near North Dale MabryHighway as crews work along the right ofway of the narrow road. Installing thepipeline along that stretch is a challenge be-cause of existing utilities in the area, Kirbysaid.

    New water pipes already have been in-stalled on U.S. 41 as part of the project.

    Once the work on Lutz Lake Fern Roadis completed between U.S. 41 and NorthDale Mabry Highway, testing of the waterline will begin.

    The biggest change is that customers willreceive water that uses chloramines in thefinal disinfection stages instead of chlorine,Kirby said.

    New water lines in Lutz community

    B.C. MANION/STAFF PHOTOSJan Tucker holds two binders filled with explanations of benefits regarding her arduous bat-tle with a highly aggressive form of breast cancer.

    See WATER, page 7A

    Cancer journeychronicled throughceramic bustsBy B.C.

    People facing a life-threatening diseasehave different ways of coping.

    Some join prayer groups. Others keepjournals. Some write blogs.

    Land O Lakes resident Jan Tucker decid-ed she wanted to keep a physical record ofwhat her breasts looked like before shebegan cancer treatment.

    She knew that her brother, Paul Phillips who does ceramics and other kinds ofart could make the ceramic bust becausehed done body castings for women whowere pregnant.

    She also knew that her brother mightfeel strange about applying the material tomake the mold to her body, so she askedhim to teach her husband Ben how to dothe first layer, to avoid potential embarrass-ment.

    Tucker initially just wanted a physical re-minder of what she looked like before shewas diagnosed with invasive ductile carcino-ma an aggressive, fast-growing cancer.

    Being a private person, she didnt expectothers to see it. But those plans changed,and now three ceramic busts chroniclingher journey through cancer will be ondisplay at an art exhibit and sale to helpraise money for the American Cancer

    See JOURNEY, page 7A

    B.C. MANION/STAFF PHOTOCrews are busy on Lutz Lake Fern Road putting in a 12-inch water pipe that will carry waterinto the Manors of Crystal Lakes.


    By Michael

    People have driven by constructionwork on State Road 54 east of the SuncoastParkway and wondered what might be hap-pening there.

    A lot of those details were unveiled lastweek when Newland Communities vicepresident Tom Panaseny presented some ofthe first details of the recently resurrectedBexley Ranch project that will includeabout 1,700 homes over the next five years.

    The massive development, which willstretch north past Tower Road, was put onhold several years ago after the housing mar-ket crashed and new home constructioncame to a halt. But with the market on therebound, and people still looking to move toPasco County, Panaseny said this was asgood a time as any to get started.

    Weve got our plans in review at PascoCounty right now, and we think well breakground in March or April next year, he tolda small crowd that gathered at theResidence Inn at NorthPoint across thestreet from the project. We havent even an-nounced any of the builders yet. But thebuilders really almost come in last, once wedevelop the community and figure out whattype of homes that we want to build. Thenwell match up the builders to the type ofhome.

    Homes will start close to $200,000, andrun as high as $400,000, Panaseny said.While most of the development will be sin-gle-family houses, the front part of thedevelopment close to State Road 54 will in-clude townhouses, attached villas,commercial and retail, and even a new hotel.

    The retail portion is where most of theland is being cleared right now, Panasenysaid. That will likely be up and running bythe time that work crews start preppingthe land behind it for residential develop-ment.

    We are talking to several retailers rightnow to come in there, one of which hasnever been in Pasco before, Panaseny said.Past that on Bexley Boulevard will be about5 acres devoted to office, as well as a busi-ness class hotel.

    The hotel here does very well,Panaseny said, about the Residence Inn.

    Hopefully, there is room for another one.This will be Newlands first project in

    Pasco County. It has had a lot of successwith other high-profile projects inHillsborough County, most notably withFishHawk Ranch near Brandon, as well asMiraBay and Waterset in Apollo Beach.FishHawk Ranch has more than 5,000homes, and is near completion after morethan a decade of development work.

    While the initial plans bring about a thirdof that volume of development to Bexley

    Newland wants Bexley Ranch to be next FishHawk

    MICHAEL HINMAN/STAFF PHOTOConstruction already has begun on the retail portion of Bexley Ranch, part of a massive newcommunity moving forward on State Road 54 just off the Suncoast Parkway.

    See BEXLEY, page 7A

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