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    June 2010 / Volume 1 5 Issue 6

    L i n k 2 U t h Is the official newsletter of the

    General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

    Youth Ministries Department

    Editor Silvia Sicalo

    Contributing Editors Baraka Muganda

    Hiskia Missah Jonatán Tejel

    Maria Dunchie Erica Richards

    Contact Information General Conference of SDA

    Youth Ministries Department 12501 Old Columbia Pike Silver Spring MD 20904

    301-680-6140 phone 301-680-6155 fax

    by Baraka G. Muganda, World Youth Director

    (cont’d on p. 3)

    L i n k 2 U t h

    This quinquennial journey began in Hagerstown, Maryland at the Mt. Aetna Youth Camp, where 13 World Youth Directors em- braced the 7 Strategic Themes to guide all youth activities during these past five years.

    The overall theme voted was “It’s time” –to reach, connect, reclaim, train, retain, involve and serve. All youth activities, Adventurer, Pathfinder, Ambassador and Senior Youth, en- sured that these key focuses were highlighted.

    The Ambassadors, a new level for young people ages 16 – 21+, was also voted and approved to be launched around the world. To date, the Ambassadors level has a membership of 373,247 divided among 13,738 clubs.

    Large youth congresses were held in every world division. These events provided programs and activities that were devotional in nature and provided for special affirmation and celebration oppor- tunities, such as the Pan European Youth Congress with 4,000 youth in attendance, or the South Asia Pacific Division Youth Congress held at Mountain View College with 80,000 worshippers in atten- dance on Sabbath.

    The camporees also continued to attract huge crowds. The North American Division saw a record- breaking camporee with the attendance of 37,000 Pathfinders. Every division, union, and local conference made the camporees a special time for the Pathfinders to give their hearts to Jesus Christ and recommit their lives for His services.

    I will be remised if the 2nd World Conference on Youth and Community Service held in Taipei, Taiwan is not mentioned here. Over 1,500 young people from every division came to impact this country. As a result, English Language International Schools have been opened around the country and operated by Seventh-day Adventist personnel. I could go on and on sharing great happenings of Seventh-day Adventist youth around the world.

    At the headquarters, we revamped our website, developed and revised materials, and took new ini- tiatives encouraging the Youth Accent magazine to enrich youth leaders around the world with cutting- edge resources. Also, yearly themes and Week of Prayer materials were produced for world divisions.

    r e w i n d

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    ing their eyes and ears towards Atlanta, Georgia for General Conference Session. Every five years the church gets togeth- er to elect world leaders, plan strategies for missions, and revise church policies and church manual items. The theme for this session is what has been the main focus of Youth Ministry for the past 130 years: “The Advent Message to the whole world in my generation.” Ev- ery aim, motto, pledge, and law that has ever motivated Adventist Youth Minis- tries is found in 2 Corinthians 5:14.

    The Seventh-day Adventist® Church is one of the very few denominations around the world that enjoys this kind of world unity. During this time when our youth are caught between two worlds, the World Soccer Cup and the General Conference Session, it is proper for us to remind ourselves to prayerfully join thousands of our fellow church members who will be convening in Atlanta, Georgia from June 23rd to July 3rd under the theme “Proclaim His Grace.” It is my prayer and hope that this will be our last General Conference Session and that the next one will be in Heaven. We are tired of being caught between two worlds. I look forward to a new heaven where we will worship one God and have a perfect world to enjoy!

    2T e a m m a t e T e a m m a t e

    by Baraka G. Muganda, World Youth Director


    To every young person I have talked to in the past few months, whether in Mexico or Samoa, they have all proved to me how they have been caught between two worlds as we approach the month of June.

    The World Soccer Cup, to be played in South Africa, is being anticipated by many young people and those who are young at heart. People are supporting “winning teams” even before the games begin. I met a young person the other day in Best Buy (an electronic store here in the USA) buying a huge 52-inch flat monitor/TV in preparation for the event. He told me that he wanted to enjoy every minute of it and to feel like he was watching it live in South Africa.

    As I thought of this great event unifying the whole world, I could not help but think of another event that is less than 15 days away for the Seventh-day Adventist® Church. Church members everywhere are direct-

    The General Conference Youth Ministries Department welcomes Erica Richards to our family. Erica has just graduated from Southern Adventist Univer- sity, with a major in English and minors in Journalism and History.

    On June 1, 2010, Erica began her new position as the Edi- torial Assist to Jonatan Tejel, editor of the Youth Ministry Accent magazine, and World Pathfinder Director.

    Welcome Erica!



    CAUGHT between

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    No one thought the Elijah Project would involve so many young people in Evangelism. As we come to the end of this quinquennium, 43,813 projects were held, with the total number of baptisms reaching 193,913. We thank your young people for their dedication in spreading the good news in their territories. Ellen G. White wrote, “I saw that many souls might be saved if the young were where they ought to be…” (Messages to Young People, p. 206) As the young men and women participated in this project, we saw their lives and even their choice of life’s work affected. The youth of the Adventist Church have in every generation responded to the challenge, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel.’ Today, under the Elijah Project or Mission Caleb (for the South American Division), thousands of young people in many countries are serving the Lord as valiantly as the pioneers did.

    As we come to the end of this awesome quinquennium, I want to thank all of the youth directors at every level of the church who untiringly led our youth to the Cross of Calvary. God bless all of you as you continue to proclaim His grace! From all of us at the World Headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, God bless you all! And remem- ber—He is coming soon!

    1. Building bridges between the church and the community.

    2. Developing meaningful relationships between the church and the leaders of the community and the nation.

    3. The preparation of ground for gospel seed planting, aiding in making the com- munity receptive to the gospel message through evangelistic outreach.

    4. SDA Churches, clinics, and schools got their building permits and support due to these community services done by SDA youth.

    Youth community service programs had been proven very effective in training our young people to do great things for the Lord and in the building up of His church on earth. We would love to see these community service programs continue during the next quinquennium, 2011- 2015, for God’s glory.



    One of the favorite activities carried out by Seventh-day Adventist® (SDA) young people during the 2006-2010 quinquennium was the community ser- vice program, also called youth service ministries, where the youth are made aware of the community needs and are asked to provide services that benefit others. It’s a chance to apply their skills and ideals toward helping others and meeting critical needs in the community. By doing this, the youth learn new skills and get pleasure from new experiences, which results in a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.


    In Matthew 28:19, Jesus gave His marching orders: “Go out and train every- one you meet, far and near, in this way of life” (The Message). The commu- nity service:

    1. Trains the youth to do missionary work, proclaiming the message of truth through their services and words. (Ephesians 4:11-12)

    2. Trains the youth to connect with people and reach out to them with the gospel message.

    3. Trains the youth to share their faith with others and fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission.

    4. Trains the youth to develop a sense of civic duty, fulfilling what Jesus says in Matthew 25: 35, 36, that by doing good deeds to others, they have done that to Jesus Himself.


    The SDA youth have participated in many community service activities, such as: Street and Neighborhood Cleanings, House/Office Building Cleaning and Repaint- ing, Teaching English, Art and Songs, Puppet Ministries, Lake and Beach Clean Ups, Church Renovations, Prison Ministry, Orphanage and Geriatrics Ministries, Hospital Visitations, Health Ministries, Blood Donors, Road and Bridge Repair, Food and Clothing Distributions, Tracts and Literature Ministries, etc.


    The community service conducted by SDA youth has brought about many positive results, such as:

    (from p. 1)

    Senior Youth Report by Hiskia Missah, Associate Youth Director