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A presentation about the Sneha Orphanage


Vishnu Prakash () - Waiting for MS office to convert into a movie.What is LetsBuildanOrphanage?Sneha Orphanage is a unique way to build an orphanage for abandoned and abused orphan girls in Bangalore, India.

Individuals select the room or the furnishings for that room in the orphanage, and then pledge to raise the needed funds.


Why is this orphanage needed?

Solabasti is a poor village in north India and here we see girls on the streets, alone, a vacant look in their eyes, orphaned by AIDS and disease. We see other girls, in ragged clothes, cast aside simply because they are girls, not boys.

These girls, competing with rats and dogs for scraps of discarded food, girls vulnerable to rape and sex trafficking.this is the cry of Solabasti. It is for these precious girls that will build a home.


Who is the sponsoring group for ?

Homes with Hope in India. Sneha orphanageis a charity, started in 2006, that has had a profound effect on lives of the orphans of India. Sneha orphanage has already built three orphanages, supported 18 schools and supplied such critical items as vehicles, water purification systems, wells, computers and has sent over 200 volunteers to work in India. They are listed and have been received the transparency award for good fiscal management. Find out more about this dynamic organization at


What will the orphanage look like and how many kids will it hold?

The orphanage is a three story building and it will house 100 orphaned, abandoned and neglected children. In addition, there will be classrooms for the vocational training of poor women, many of whom are single mothers. Check out the rendering below to get an idea of the home you will help to build.


Who actually will administer the orphanage?

Ms. Rita Thomas, who have been in service for 20 yrs. This strong and loving woman has sheltered thousands of kida over the years, providing both academic and moral training, and sent them on to productive lives.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, Sneha Orphanage is a registered charity.


How can I help this wonderful project?

Your speaker will provide the specifics, telling you more about the room/furnishings you will be providing.


Can I visit the orphanage in Bangalore, India I am helping to build?

Absolutely. In fact we hope you will. Just contact or Ms. Rita Thomas.