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CHERISH Home is an Orphanage dedicated to provide a Stable ,Loving Family Atmosphere to the children who lost their parents. Ours is a Family of 40. visit: www.cherish-foundation.orgDescriptionWHY WE HAVE TAKEN UP THIS CHALLENGEFrom last 8 years we were conducting children camps and awareness programs in the some slum areas of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and other areas (India). There we came into touch with many orphan children who are literally neglected, without any help and education. Some situations moved our hearts with compassion for those children who were suffering with hunger, poverty and loneliness. We recognized our call and God’s will in our life, obeyed to His call. Burdened deep inside the heart for the unwanted and neglected children, to share the love of God and to fill the innocent lives with joy and happiness. To understand their pricking problems, God prepared us for 5 years, testing us through the furnace of affliction. After Praying for 5 years, in His time, confirming that it is perfectly and undoubtedly God’s will then we started it in the name of Cherish Home in the year 2005.HOW IT GOT STARTEDDuring Christmas season, we use to distribute old clothes near the railway stations and other slum areas. That time we came into contact with a small boy of 5 years begging around at the “Kachiguda Railway station”(Hyderabad, India) along with his grand parent. We spoke to that man asking him to send the boy with us, so that we would give him food, shelter and education. His grandfather agreed to send the boy with us in a weekday's time. Four times he came to leave the boy with us, but we delayed in starting this orphanage due to our financial condition, hence we couldn't keep him with us. This boy’s approach quickened us to start this orphanage. Like this Cherish Home came into being with 3 children. VISIONOUR VISION is to make each and every child to be self dependent and self independent with a bright career. Based on the areas of their interest we want to make them professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, social workers, IAS and IPS etc., Children are growing up in utmost fear and knowledge of God. At present there are 35 children between the age group of 6 –16 yrs with 16 Boys and 19 Girls. There is a couple and a wardens who stay along with children to take care with love. Future expansion is planned for another 5 children for the academic year 2010-11. By faith and commitment we are forwarding to take up the children to promote the best standards to these lives.

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  • 1. CHERISH HOME (Orphanage)CHERISH Home is an Orphanage dedicated to provide a Stable ,Loving FamilyAtmosphere to the children who lost their parents. Ours is a Family of 40.visit:

2. CHERISH Home is located at Chengicherla Road, Medipalli village, Ghatkesarmandal(2 k.m. from Uppal Bus Depot) in a leased premises which is given by aChristian businessman for 5 years. We are praying for Own premises for cherishhome. 3. VISIONOUR VISION is to make each and every child to be self dependent and selfindependent with a bright career. Based on the areas of their interest we want tomake them professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers, social workers, IAS andIPS etc., Children are growing up in utmost fear and knowledge of God. 4. At present there are 34 children between the agegroup of 6 16 yrs with 14 Boys and 20 Girls. Thereis a couple and a wardens who stay along withchildren to take care with love. Future expansionis planned for another 5 children for the academicyear 2012-13. By faith and commitment we areforwarding to take up the children to promote thebest standards to these lives.Regarding the Finances, Cherish Home is purelyrun by the support of the some of our localfriends and well-wishers contributions. 5. Regarding the children, most of them had lost their both parents, some have singleparent but not interested to take care. And are left the children on the streets. Thesechildren are recommended by some of the Village leaders(VDO, Sarpanch), Police, Church Pastors etc., We personally enquired whether theyreally need help or not, then only we took them into Cherish Home. Based on theirage, background, culture, and the situation when they were brought here, we carefullyplan about their academics in a proper way 6. There is a proper schedule, all things go according to the schedule. Weprovide different types of breakfast, lunch and dinner, eggs twice in a week.Every Sunday with non-vegetarian food. Staff from National Institute ofNutrition gives us daily diet menu for proper balancing of nutritious food forthe children, mineral water is being used. Once in a while we plan for outing& enjoy picnic. 7. All the children are educated in a reputed English mediumschool (Kakatiya Techno School) and have the opportunityto take part in activities, such as dancing, singing andsports etc., a few children are weak in their studies, othersall are studying well, getting good marks and ranks in theirclasses. 8. As education plays key role in the overalldevelopment of a child we would like to promotethe best education to our children. We dont haveour own school so we joined them and payingfees in a school which gives 4 stage technicalbased educations to the children. i.eStage-1 : A micro level planning for teaching a particular topic is done by identifying The prerequisites (basics and fundamentals of the topic) The concepts to be masteredStage-2 : The teaching of the prerequisites, main concepts and the linked sub-topics is done from theprescribed text books with more illustrations and examples.Stage-3 : The objective of mastering the concepts is achieved by making the students to solve problems oneach concept from worksheet and problems for practicewhich include the questions from previouscompetitive exams and various other international reference books.Stage-4 : At the end of the topic, students are made to solve the cumulative assignments which consists ofproblems based on multiple concepts.School website : 9. Name :SUDHA Class:9th class Birthday :3rd Jan Aim: GynecologistSudhas mother Suguna died due to viral fever(when she was on the way tohospital). Sudha and the other villagers believe she died because of exercisingwitch craft on her. After Sudhas mothers death her father Samuel became adrunkard, In a drunken state he fell on the wall and one leg was broken severely.He can not walk. He is unable to work and take care of the family. In this situationSudha and her 3 brothers scattered at different homes and orphanages. Sudha isgood in her academics. Her ambition is to become a doctor 10. Name : GIDEONClass: LKGBirthday : 27TH JanAim: ENGINEERGideon is 6 years old. Father died with some lung infection. Mothercommitted suicide by burnt herself due to some financial problems.One of the Local leader brought Gideon & his brother Pavan to cherishhome. Both are living happily at cherish home. 11. Name :VAISHNAVIClass:7th classBirthday :12th FebAim:Police Officer Mother & Father together committed suicide on the same day. Both of them hung themselves to the fan, as they had some family problems. Grandmother was taking care of these two. She is a poor lady and the children had to starve as there was no earning person in the family. At that shock of their parents death elder one Vaishnavi was affected with severe stammering. The death of these parents was a sensational news for two days in the local news papers. Grand mother who is in a helpless situation sought different orphanages but they could not with stand there. Finally they were brought to Cherish. Vaishnavi is a slowlearner. Remedial classes have been arranged for such slow learners at cherish home. Vyshnavi wants to become a Police Officer in the future. 12. Name :HARI Class:4th class Birthday :20th Feb Aim:AstronautFather Ranga Rao died of heart attack and mother Bujamma died after a yearfather had died. Mother and father were both laborers had 4 children 2 areolder than Hari one (George) is younger than him. Hari brought to cherishhome by their maternal aunt. He is good in studies. Hari wants to become anAstronaut. 13. Name :MAMATHAClass:8th classBirthday :14th MarchAim:MagistrateIAS Officer When Mamatha was 6 years old mother Yadamma eloped with somebody. Mamatha has no knowledge about her mother. When Mamathas father Venkateshwarlu was affected with paralysis. She had to work at several places as a maid servant in order to feed herself and father. One of her relatives took her to their house as a maid servant that time. Father suffered from other skin disease and died. Mamatha had not been informed she didnt even saw her fathers dead body. By Gods grace she was brought to Cherish Home. She is improving in her studies day by day. Her ambition is to become a district Magistrate. 14. Name : PREMClass: 7th classBirthday : 10th AprilAim: PastorFather Dayanand, Mother Madhavi are stone breakers. Very poor family. In apitiable condition they brought Prem Kumar to Cherish Home, as his father isunable to work as his two legs were broken in a accident, he is unable to give 3meals per day for his children. Prem has 1 sister and 3 brothers.Prem is good in studies. His ambition is to become a Pastor and wants to workin a village and help the village people . 15. Name : LILLY PUSHPAClass: 10th classBirthday : 25th AprilAim: Pilot Lilly Pushpa doesnt know her father. After her birth father deserted her mother. Mother Sharon died in 2005 as she suffered from jaundice. She is the only daughter of her parents. After her mothers death grand mother brought the girl to Cherish Home. She is good in her studies. She want to become a Pilot. It was her mothers ambition about Lilly. After becoming a pilot she wants to help many orphan children and want to start many orphanages like Cherish Home in different parts of the world. 16. Name : SHAILAJAClass: 9th classBirthday : 26th AprilAim: DentistWhen Shailaja was 8 years old mother Venkatamma died of jaundice. Father dieddue to snake bite. The girl was handed over to some relatives as a maid servant butthrough Gods grace she came to cherish home by a church member. Shailaja istalented, gifted with melodious voice. Her ambition is to become a Dentist. 17. Name : PAVANClass: UKGBirthday : 27TH APRAim: EngineerPavan is 7 years old. Father died with some lung infection. Mother committedsuicide by burnt herself due to some financial problems. One of the Local leaderbrought Pavan & his brother Gideon to cherish home. Both are living happily atcherish home. 18. Name :LAXMIClass:7th classBirthday :10th MayAim:PoliceOfficerMother Narsamma died due to jaundice, as she was not given any treatment.At that time Laxmi was 8 years old. Father left the family when she was toosmall. She is a decent and well mannered work. Her ambition is to become aPolice Officer as her mother desired it. Though she discontinued her studiesfor a year, she is good in studies. 19. Name : KALYANIClass: 9th classBirthday : 10th MayAim: EngineerKalyanis father Appa Rao died in an accident while working in the fields.Mother is unable to look after the children. She is good in studies and helps theother children. She wants to become a civil engineer. 20. Name : RADHAClass: 9th classBirthday : 13th MayAim: DoctorRadha lost her mother when she was 3 years old. Mother Maddhamma committed suicide due tofamily disputes. Consumed poison died on the way to the hospital. Radha was with her grandparent after the incident was occured. Father remarried twice after Radhas mother. When Radhawas 6 years old her father took this girl to his place from the mothers side grand parent and madeher to work as a maid servant in his house. When Radhas granny came to know about itforcefully brought this girl to their place. One of the local church pastor observed this girl playingon the streets and roaming in an unhygienic condition, he spoke to that old women told aboutthe Cherish Home. With the help of this pastor finally Radha joined at Cherish Home. This girlsentire family are idol worshipers. Radha accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior at cherishhome, understood what is salvation. Radha is a decent girl with good mannerisms. She is alsogood in her academics.She wants to become a Doctor as it was her mothers desire about Radha. 21. Name : PRIYA Class: 2nd Birthday : 17th May Aim: DoctorPriya lost her both parents few years back. Some of their relatives brough