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It's your induction, in slide form, with no talking!

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  • 1. welcome

2. BA (Hons) Marketing and AdvertisingManagementFirst Year Level 4 (H4) 3. who am I?Neil Kelley Course @neilkelleyRose Bowl 304 4. Course LeaderYear TutorsModule TutorsPeople youll meetMarketing Administration and Student Liaison OfficerHead of SchoolVice Chancellor, Dean, Associate DeansStudent Union VPs 5. Student HubLevel 1 of the Rose Bowl Your point of contact for enquiries aboutWellbeingaccommodationtimetablesStudent cardsemployabilityStudents UnionInternational check-in and adviceDyslexia and Disability SupportFinance and Fees 6. your Students Union 7. being a leeds beckett studentour Student Charterthe difference between learning in school or college and learning at University 8. the year aheadsemesterslecturestutorialsseminarsKey points in the year are in google calendarMyBeckett and the portalbuilding and room codes 9. your courseaimsThe aim of this course is to enable graduates to make an effectivecontribution to the marketing and advertising management oforganisations through the development of key marketing,advertising and general management skills and abilities.The course is aimed at those students who wish to pursue acareer in marketing and advertising, however, this course alsoprovides a solid foundation in business and management thusproviding the graduate with flexibility in terms of their ultimatecareer options. It is appropriate for those students who wish topursue a career in industry, commerce, the public sector, or thevoluntary sector. 10. Course structureYear One Level 4 6 20 credit modulesYear Two Level 5 6 20 credit modulesOptional Placement YearYear Three Level 6 6 20 credit moduleseach module has its own assessmentyou must pass each level/year to proceed 11. Optional Placement YearSpend a year working in industry after second yearIs paid you earn a salary, have annual leave, etc.Must be reasonably relevant to your course to be approvedSimilar to applying for a job: competitive process, not guaranteedIs assessed via a visit and written assignmentsReplaces one of your third year elective modules 12. Year One modulesSemester OneMarketing in Action (1)Information for MarketingWriting for CommunicationsSemester TwoMarketing in Action (2)Introduction to Marketing CommunicationsEconomics for Marketing 13. timetablespersonalised timetables all Faculties have arranged individual timetables forincoming students and uploaded details onto the online Welcome system.Students can download their timetables on their course induction and all eventsrelevant to them from the Welcome pages.Student Ambassadors, Events staff and Services for Students staff can check anindividual students timetable.Course timetables - printed copies of all course timetables are available forreference at each Student Hub. 14. assessmentmethod of assessment varies by modulethere can be more than one assessment per moduleMarks are then added together for a total module markYou MUST submit for every assessment in every moduleTypes of assessment includeWritten coursework (essays and reports)Presentations (sometimes in groups)Exams (usually with essay style answers to questionsResearch projects (with written report) 15. what the marks mean70+ is a 1st this is excellent work60 69 is a 2:1 this is very good work50 59 is a 2:2 this is good work but a little simplistic40 49 is a 3rd this work is adequate - minimum level to passLess than 40 is a failMarks will be deducted for late submissions 16. how to pass Year 1 (L4)MUST have an average mark of at least 40 across ALL 6 modulesMUST have submitted for every assessment for every moduleMUST achieve a pass (40 or more) in at least 5 modulesMUST obtain a mark of at least 30 in the remaining moduleyou can fail to pass one module in first year BUT the fail mark mustbe more than 30Non-submission of ANY assessment results in failing the year 17. First year DOES countKnowledge gained underpins study at Years 2 and 3Develops the academic skills needed in Years 2 and 3You cant progress to Year 2 if you dont pass Year 1Potential placement employers will ask to see your Year 1 moduleresults and judge you accordinglyStudents who end up with a 2:1 or 1st do well right from the beginning 18. failed a module?If you fail an assessment you can do a resitYou can only resit an assessment ONCE in a yearYou MUST take the first resit opportunityfor Semester 1 modules this is in Aprilfor Semester 2 modules this is in JulyYour resit mark will be capped at 40RYou cannot resit a module you have passed 19. mitigating circumstancesIf you have significant problems that affect your abilityto do work by the required date, you MAY be allowed to hand-incoursework or take the exam at a later dateMust be for a real and valid reasonNeed to apply (complete a form) and supply written evidenceNeed to apply as soon as you know theres a problem(must apply BEFORE submission date)Apply through Marketing Course Administration(and NOT via your module tutors)Will then be checked and approved (or not) by a senior academic 20. feedbackyour feedback will make a differenceif we can change things we willwell gather feedback on modules, induction, satisfaction everything! 21. library inductions tomorrow!skills for learningenterprisecommunicationslearning supportinformation technologypersonal developmentgroup worklearningresearchreflection 22. disability supportIf you have, or suspect you have a disability* thencontact the Disability team*a physical, long-term medical condition0113 812 3000 23. Course RepresentativesThe University takes student representation seriouslyWe aim to recruit between 2-4% of our students to provide feedbackon their course..Recruitment is undertaken within each year group of each courseAny student on a scheme or course is entitled to propose that theyact as a Course Representative.Please express an interest to us 24. the role of a Course RepresentativeProvide student views which inform the Universitys decision making processHelp to enhance the student experienceMeet a variety of staff and lots of other studentsProvide students with collective influence upon decisions made about their educationDevelop skills that will be valued by future employersEven if you dont want to be a Course Rep, we need your support and involvement. 25. marketing societyFreshers Fair Thursday 25th September 10-4pm 26. Graduate Gateway 27. attendanceYour attendance in tutorials, seminars and workshops is monitoredthis is because were strictly monitored by a number of government agenciesincluding UKBA and the Student Loans Companyif youre seen as not attending your funding may be withheld 28. questions? 29. Personal Tutor and Library SessionsYour Personal Tutor sessions are this afternoonmake sure you know which group youre in and where youre going!Wednesday you have your library tour and MyBeckett inductionThese will be in the same tutor groups so make sure you know who youre with 30. Personal Tutor sessions.Tutorial Group A 2.30-3.00pm RB207Tutorial Group B 3.003.30pm RB208Tutorial Group C 3.30 4.00pm RB208Tutorial Group D 4.00 4.30pm RB208Library sessions.Tutorial Group A Wednesday 11.00-12.00noon LSB G28Tutorial Group B Wednesday 11.00-12.00noon LSB G28 31. things for you to doMake sure you understand your timetable and start a diaryYou MUST make sure you enrol in the given timesCollect your student cardGo to the Freshers Events meet people and have funTry not to spend all your loan it has to last a long time!Put some money aside to buy some books!Ask for any help or advice if you need it