INDEX Abercrombie, river, goldfield on the, 211 Abolition of Provinces Act, effect of, N. Z., 204 Aborigines, of Australia (mainland), 16; Tasmania,lb.,84; attacksby, 35; policy of Arthur towards, 85; bolder policy (1830), ib.; taken in hand by Robinson, 86; settled on Flinders Island, ib. ; removed to Port Phillip, ib.; settle at Oyster Bay, 87; now extinct, ib.; in W. Australia, 118; useful servants, 120; Eyre's com- panion murdered by, 262; hostility of to Stuart, 265; Burke and Wills kindly treated by, 268 " Aboriginal Districts," in N.Z., pro- ject of, 193 Active, the (Marsden's ship), arrival of in N. Z., 169 Adelaide, site of, fixed by Light, 132; reached by Eyre from Sydney, 261 ; Grey's explorations between Victoria and, 263 Adelaide (R.), Stuart reaches, 266 Adventure (Cook's ship), 13 Agriculture, starting of, in Tasmania, 76; in W. A., 116 Akaroa, French settlement at, 171; exempted from claim of Canterbury Association, 197 Albany (King George's Sound), reached by Eyre, 263 Alcohol, attempt to prohibit supply of, in Pacific, 304 Albury, suggested as federal capital, 3 0 4 Alexandrina, Lake.Sturtdiscovers, 258 Alligator, the, Busby assisted by, 171 American Colonies, loss of, 21 America, United States of, their policy in connexion with Samoa, 315-7 Ammunition, attempt to prohibit sup- ply of, in Pacific, 314 Anderson's Creek, gold-diggings, 213 Apia, municipal scheme at, 315-6; action of German Consul at, 316; municipal council at, 3I 8 Appeals,Court of, in N. S. W., 152; constitution of, altered, 157; aboli- tion of, 159; constituted in N. Z., 180 Arawa tribe, fight for British, 285 Arbitration Court. See" Trade Dis- putes" Armitage, appointed Resident Magis- trate by Grey, 281 Arthur, Governor, succeeds Sorell, 81; pledged to convict system, 82; suppresses revolt at Macquarie Har- bour, 83; his war against abori- gines, 84, 85; Van Diemen's Land Company and, 87; retires, ib.; accused of nepotism, 88; progress under, lb. Assessors, military, superseded, 54 "Assignment System," explanation of, 60; continuance of, 61; main- tenance of in Moreton Bay Dis- trict, 110 © in this web service Cambridge University Press Cambridge University Press 978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911) Edward Jenks Index More information

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Page 1: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


Abercrombie, river, goldfield on the,211

Abolition of Provinces Act, effect of,N. Z., 204

Aborigines, of Australia (mainland),16; Tasmania,lb.,84; attacksby, 35;policy of Arthur towards, 85; bolderpolicy (1830), ib.; taken in hand byRobinson, 86; settled on FlindersIsland, ib. ; removed to Port Phillip,ib.; settle at Oyster Bay, 87; nowextinct, ib.; in W. Australia, 118;useful servants, 120; Eyre's com­panion murdered by, 262; hostilityof to Stuart, 265; Burke andWills kindly treated by, 268

" Aboriginal Districts," in N .Z., pro­ject of, 193

Active, the (Marsden's ship), arrivalof in N. Z., 169

Adelaide, site of, fixed by Light, 132;reached by Eyre from Sydney, 261 ;Grey's explorations between Victoriaand, 263

Adelaide (R.), Stuart reaches, 266Adventure (Cook's ship), 13Agriculture, starting of, in Tasmania,

76; in W. A., 116

Akaroa, French settlement at, 171;exempted from claim of CanterburyAssociation, 197

Albany (King George's Sound),reached by Eyre, 263

Alcohol, attempt to prohibit supplyof, in Pacific, 304

Albury, suggested as federal capital,30 4

Alexandrina, Lake.Sturtdiscovers, 258Alligator, the, Busby assisted by, 171American Colonies, loss of, 21America, United States of, their policy

in connexion with Samoa, 315-7Ammunition, attempt to prohibit sup­

ply of, in Pacific, 314Anderson's Creek, gold-diggings, 213Apia, municipal scheme at, 315-6;

action of German Consul at, 316;municipal council at, 3I 8

Appeals,Court of, in N. S. W., 152;constitution of, altered, 157; aboli­tion of, 159; constituted in N. Z.,180

Arawa tribe, fight for British, 285Arbitration Court. See" Trade Dis­

putes"Armitage, appointed Resident Magis­

trate by Grey, 281Arthur, Governor, succeeds Sorell,

81; pledged to convict system, 82;suppresses revolt at Macquarie Har­bour, 83; his war against abori­gines, 84, 85; Van Diemen's LandCompany and, 87; retires, ib.;accused of nepotism, 88; progressunder, lb.

Assessors, military, superseded, 54"Assignment System," explanation

of, 60; continuance of, 61; main­tenance of in Moreton Bay Dis­trict, 110© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 2: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

344 Index.

Auckland, founded by Hobson, 177;seat of Government transferred to,ib.; Quarter Sessions at, 180; re­ceives charter, 199; in state ofdefence, '279

Auckland (Province), created, '200;abolished, '204

Auction, public, for sale of Crownlands, introduced by Lord Ripon,6'2; sales introduced, 69; sales, ib.

Augusta (W. A.), founding of, lIBAustralasia, definition of, '2Australia, definition of, 1 ; described

by Wytfliet, 6; .probably sightedby Torres, 8; by the Duyphen, ib.;visited by Hartog, ib.; by Carstenz,ib.; by Tasman,· 9; by Dampier,10; by Cook, 1'2, 14; scenery andclimate of, 15; products of, 16;aborigines of, ib.

Australia Felix, Mitchell's account of,98; viewed by Mitchell, '259

Australian Agricultural Company,coal mines handed over to, 39 ;grants of land to, 6'2

Australian Alps, crossed by H umeand Hovell, '255

Australian Natives'· Association, con­ference on federation, '298; attitudetowards immigration, 3'23

Australian Pyrenees, crossed byMitchell, '259

Australind, settlement at, 1'21

Backhouse, Quaker, visits MacquarieHarbour, 83

Baker, Rev. Shirley, career of, inSamoa, 319

Balboa, Vasco Nunez de, discoversthe Pacific, 5

Ballaarat, disturbances at, '2'22-5Ballot system introduced into colonies,

'248Barker, Captain, examines St Vincent's

Gulf, 1'29; slain by blacks, ib.Barrett, assists the Taranaki purchase,

'274Bass, Surgeon, his voyage on south

coast of Australia, 14; expedition

of, in search of coal, 3B; voyagesof, 39; discovers Bass' Strait, 40;circumnavigates Tasmania, ib.

Bathurst, Lord, creates first LegislativeCouncil in N. S. W., 55; partiallyseparates Tasmania, ib.; Land Re­gulations of, 61, 6'2

Bathurst plains, discovery of, 50,'254

" town of, founded, 5I; goldb:rought into, '211

Batman, John, leader of Port PhillipAssociation, 95; lands at PortPhillip, 96; settlement at IndentedHead, 97; Dutigalla claimed byfollowers of, ib,'; dispute betweenFawkner and, ib.

Baudin, Commodore, expedition of,to Van Diemen's Land, 73

Bay of Islands, casual settlers at, 167;Busby Resident Magistrate at, 17 I;seat of Government removed from,177; rivalry with Wellington, 181

Beach, Sir Michael Hicks, his viewson New Guinea Question, 3 I I

Beagle, the, voyage of, 89, '259Bearbrass, old name of Melbourne, 99Beef, price of, in N. S. W., 67Bentley, keeper of Eureka Hotel, '2'2'2 ;

arrestedvs '2 3'Bendigo, diggers, petition of, '2'20Berlin, Samoan Conference at, 317Bismarck, Prince, proposes Confe-

rence on Samoan affairs, 3I 7Bismarck, Count Herbert, signs Berlin

declaration, 313"Black trackers," 17U Black War," failure of, 84­Blaxland, crosses Blue Mountains, 50Bligh, captain of the Bounty, 3'2;

succeeds King as Governor ofN. S. W., 46; character and lifeof, ib.; prohibits liquors, 47; im­prisoned by Johnston, 48; set atliberty, 49; visits Tasmania, 77;appears at Hobart, 78; returns toSydney, ib.

Blind Bay, settlement of, by N. Z.Company, 181© in this web service Cambridge University Press

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Page 3: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

Inde,~. 345

Blue Mountains, country to west of,discovered, 50; crossed, 1254

Board of Trade, recommends separa­tion of Port Phillip, 107

Boer War, Australasian volunteers in,337

Bombala, suggested as federal capital,3°5

Border Police, organizing of, 64Botany Bay, visited by Cook, 13;

suggestion to colonize, 124; reachedby Supply, 128; deserted by expedi-tion, 129 .

Bounty, the, mutineers of, 312Bourke, Governor, 56; proclaims Port

Phillip, 99 ; lays site of Melbourne,&c. lb.; Executive Council, 156

Bowen, Governor of N. Z., '287;report on Maoris, 1291

" Braddon Clause," adopted in 1898,'299-300; modified in 1899, 3°1;abrogated in 1910, ib.

Brahe (explorer), conduct on Burke'sand Wills' expedition, 1267-9

Brisbane, Sir Thomas, enterprises of,53; events of governorship, 53-6

Brisbane Downs (" Monaroo "] ex­plored, 1255

Brisbane, founded, 109Brisbane (R.), explored by Cunning­

ham, 1256British Settlements Act, passing of,

31{Brosses (French writer), invents name

" Australasia," 6Browne, Gore, succeeds Wynyard in

N. Z., '247; proclamation in MaoriWar, '277

Bruni Islands, aboriginal settlementon, 86

Buckinghamshire, division ofV. D. L.,74

Buller River, gold discoveries on,12°3

Buninyong, gold-diggings at, 1213Burke (explorer), expedition of, 1267-9Burra, copper-mines, 135Busby, James, Resident Magistrate at

Bay of Islands, 171-12

Bushranging in Tasmania, 77; at­tempts to repress, 79; checked bySorell, 80

Cabinet System, features of, 1239-4°;difficulties in its adoption, '240

Calcutta, the (warship), arrival of, atPort Phillip, 73

California, discovery of gold in, 1207-9Camden estate, wool growing on, 45Camels, used on the Burke and Wills

expedition, '267Cameron, General, arrival of, in N. Z.,

128o; reflections on Grey by, 128'2 ;storms Katikara Pah, 1283; de­feated at Gate Pah, 1285; differencesbetween Grey and, 1286-7

Campbell, Duncan, transportationagent, '23

Campbell, J. J., prosecution of, byMarsden, 153

Canterbury Association, incorporated,196; contract between N. Z. Co.and, 196-7 ; pre-emptive claims of,recognized, 197; power of, to dis­pose of Crown Lands abolished,ib.

Canterbury (Province), created, 1200;

special reservations for, '201 ; sepa­ration of Westland, 12°3; provinceabolished, '204

Canterbury Settlement, formation of,196-7; province of N. Z,; 197;legislation for, '20I

Cape Tribulation (Queensland), namedby Cook, 13

Capital, scarcity of, in N. S. W., 67Cargill, leader of Otago Settlement,

196Carnarvon,Lord, policy of, regarding

New Guinea, 310

Carpentaria, Gulf of, reached byStuart, 1265

Carstenz (Dutch explorer), namesGulf of Carpentaria, 8

Castle Hill, insurrection at, 44Cattle, introduction of, into S. Austra­

lia, 133Champion Bay, settlement of, 1'25© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 4: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


Chatham, Lord, protests against folliesof Government, '21

Chief Justice, for Supreme Court, 156;power over legislation, 158; powerabolished, 160; introduced intoN. Z., 180; at Apia, 318

Chinese question, origin of, 110; onBendigo diggings, '2'l'2; immigra­tion, 'l94; in Queensland, 3'2I ;

attitude of Federal Governmenttowards, 3'l I

Chute, Major-General, takes Putahi,'287

Circular Head, named, 40Circuit Courts, institution of, in

N. S. W., 159Clarke, wrecked at Point Hicks, 38;

discovers coal, ib.Clarke, Rev. W. B., claims to be the

first discoverer of gold in N. S. W.,'l07

Climate of Australia, 15; of NewZealand, 17

Clunes, gold -diggings at, '213Coal, discovery of, by Clarke, 38;

at Hunter river, io.; mines workedby convicts, 39; transferred toAustralian Agricultural Company,z"b.; worked on competitive prin­ciples, ib.; discovery of, in W.Australia, I'l5

Coaling station in Samoa, 3 I 5Cockburn Sound, navigation of, 116

Collins, Captain, expedition of, toPort Phillip, 73; joins Bowen atRisdon, 74; founds Hobart Town,-tb.; befriends Holt, 75; deathof, lb.

Colonial Land and Emigration Com­missioners, Board of, see " Commis­sioners"

Colonial Office, first appearance of,14'2; abolished, J46; reconstituted,147; long appoints all officials inAustralia, 148; suggests introduc­tion ofResponsible Government, '233

Colonial Treasury, maintenance ofconvict establishment by, 90

Colonies, American, loss of, 'l I

Colonization Assurance Company, for­mation of, for W. A., I~'2

Colonization Commissioners for S.Australia. See" Commissioners"

Columbus, discovers America, 4Commissioners, Colonial Land and

Emigration, Board of, 64; mode ofselling land in Victoria does notsuit, 10'2; interest of, in S. A., ib.;fixed price system recommended by,10'l

" Colonization for S. A., ap-pointed by statute (of 1834), 130;powers of, 131; abolished, 137

" of Crown Lands, createdby statute (of 1833), 63; controlBorder Police, 64; Hargraves ap­pointed one of, 2°9

Commissioners for the Goldfields, ap­pointment of, '2 I I ; reforms recom­mended by, '2'26

Commissioner, High, for W. Pacific,309, 31 I

Commissioner, Resident, appointmentof, in S. A., 1'20

"Compacts" (of 1856 and 1867), inN. Z., 'l0'2

"Compagnie Francaise de NouvelleZelande," formation of, 171 ; claimsbought up by N. Z. Company, ib.

Compulsory voting, in N. Z., 333; inVictoria, 334

Confiscation, measures of, in N. Z., 284"Contract labourers," 3'24Constitution (N. S. W.), (of 18'23),54;

(of 1828), 58; (of 184'l), 65; 160-1" (N. Z.), new, 191; sus-

pension of, 194; (of 185'2), 'l00-3Convicts, value of, '23; "assigned,"

io.; Gibraltar suggested labourground for, '24; settlement, schemefor, '25; Orders in Council for, 26;on Gov. Phillip's expedition, 28,health of, 30; sent to Norfolk Is­land, 32 ; entitled to grants of land,34; coal-mines worked by, 39;insurrection, 43; appearance of Irish,44; policyof Macquarie towards, 49 ;allowed to give evidence, 55, 157;© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 5: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

Index. 347

partial remission of sentences of, :;6;reconvicted, separate settlement for,ib.; of Tasmania, 76; escape of,77; feeling against, 8I; system,Arthur pledged to, 82 ; removal of,from Norfolk Island, 90; main­tainedin Moreton Bay District, 110;immigration of into W.A. proposed,123; good effect of, 124; cessationof, 126

Cook, James, first voyage to SouthSeas, 12; visits Tahiti, £b.; N. Z.,'lb.; Australia, 'lb.; names BotanyBay, 13; New South Wales, ib.;his second voyage, 14; his thirdvoyage, 14; visits Hawaii, ib.; A­laska, ib.; is murdered, ib.

Cook Strait, alleged purchase of landnear, 172; settlement at, separatedfrom New Ulster, 193

Cooper's Creek, expedition of Burkeand Wills reaches, '267; Brahe leftat, ib.; return of Burke to, 268

Corio Bay, Hume and Hovell reach,93; Geelong founded on, 97

Corner Inlet, Orr's explorations at, 263Cornwall, division of Tasmania, 74Corps, New South Wales, arrival of,

34; engage in spirit trade, 42Coromandel Ranges (N. Z.), dis­

covery of gold in, 213Cotton planting in W. A., 114; in

Northern Queensland, 320Council, Executive, origin of, J 54 ;

formation of, 155; importance of,ib.; non-official councillors mem­bers of, ib.; connection of Bourkewith, 156; separate for daughtercolonies, ib.; separate for Tasma­nia, 159; creation of, in N. Z., 178;for Samoa, proposed, 316

" Federal, created, 295; N.S.W.agrees to meet members of, 296;rejected by Conference of 1890, ib.

" Legislative (ofN.S.W.), firstcreation of, 55; independent mem­bers introduced into, ib.; enlarged,58; powers of, ib.; representationintroduced into, 65; powers of, 66;

no initiative allowed to, 158; powerof Chief Justice over, w.; power ofCrown to increase, 159; new, pro­vided for by statute (r842), r6r;mem bers of, elected from Victoria,lb.; Land Fund exempt from controlof, io.; hereditary proposed, 236;to consist of nominee members, ib.

" Legislative (of N. Z.), crea-tion of, 178; passes Crown LandsOrdinance, -lb.; new, 191; revivalof old, 194; new, 201

" Legislative (of S. A.), au-thorized by statute (of 1838), 136 ;creation of new, 138; elective, 237

" Legislative (of Tasmania),creation of, 159; power of Crownto increase, lb.; elective, 237

Council, Legislative (of Victoria),made elective, 237

" Legislative (ofW. A.), nomi-nation of colonists to, J 20; reporton immigration by, 122; suggestedreforms of, 127; made partly elec­tive, 128; under Responsible Go­vernment, 25 I

" Legislative (of Fiji), '251" under Responsible Govern-

ment. See" Upper Chan1bers"" Municipal, at Apia, 315, 318" of Foreign Plantations, con-

stituted, 142; abolished, ib.; re­vived, ib.; again abolished, ib.;reconstructed, 147

" Privy, relations with thecolonies, 145; appeals from Colo­nial Courts, 152, J 59, 302

" of Trade, formation of, 14'2;amalgamated with Council of For­eign Plantations, ib.; abolished, £b.;revived, £b.; again abolished, 'lb.;reconstituted as Board of Trade, 147

" of Trade and Navigation, at-tempt by Cromwell to constitute,142

" of Trade and Plantations,abolished, 21; origin of, 142;abolished, ib.; revived, ib.; againabolished, u.© in this web service Cambridge University Press

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Page 6: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


Council, Provincial (in N. Z.), 198;creation of, (by Constitution of1852), 200; first meeting of, 2011;relations with General Assembly, ib.

Councils, District, attempted intro­duction of into N. S. W., 1611

County Courts, Courts of Requestsreplaced by, in N. Z., 180

Courts ofJustice, first in Australia, 150Cowpastures, Macarthur at, 45Cows, price of in N.S.W. (in 1796),

35Cracroft, .Captain, assists Gold in de-

fence of New Plymouth, 279Crown Colony, definition of, 147-8Crown Lands, grants to free men, 34;

to convicts, 'lb.; to Macarthur, 45;to ex-convicts, 49; Darling accusedof favouritism in, 57; theory ofCrownownership of, 59; connectionwith assignment system, 6o; squat­ting on, z"b.; Regulations (of 1824),61; grants to land companies, 62;Regulations (of 1831), ib.; Commis­sioners of, 63; Gipps' policy withregard to, ib.; Colonial Land andEmigration Commissioners, 64 ;Rule of 1840, ib.; Regulations (of1842),65; division of N.S. W. into3 districts for, z"b.; in South Austra­lia disposed of by allotment, 102;Regulations of 1840, z"b.; nullifiedby Gipps, 103; Land Sales Act(1842)" 104; efforts of Oppositionagainst, 1°5; Commissioners, ap­pointment of, in Moreton Bay Dis­trict, 110; price of, in S. Australia,131; distribution of Land Fund,229 '; repeal of Land Sales Act, 235

Crown Lands (inNew Zealand),Gipps'Proclamation, 173; Hobson's Ordi­nance, 180; ordinance reducing priceof, 181; disallowed, ib.; effect ofLand Sales Act on, 182; Fitzroy'sproclamations, 184; Grey's policytowards, 188-9; changes by Con­stitution (1846), 189; squatting on,190; statistics of, 19°-1 ; N. Mun­seer lands vested in Company, 195;

power of Canterbury Association todispose of, abolished, 197; Pro­vincial Councils authorized to dis-pose of, 202 _

Fixed Price System, adopted inPort Phillip, 102; abolished byGipps, 103

Free Grants of, to marines, 34;to convicts, ib.; to ex-convicts,49; in Tasmania, 80; to V.D.L.Co., 87, to Messrs Henty, 95;in W. A., 113; prohibition of,in S. A., 131; promised toN. Z. Co., 179

Land Fund, policy of, 59; re­served from Colonial Govern­ments, 64 ; creation of separate,65; development of, in W. A.,124; gold revenue detachedfrom, 2 18; expenditure ofre­maining part of, 219; distribu­tion of, in public works, 229;emigration, z"b.

Land Sales Act (1842), 104; op­position to, 105; effect of, inN. Z., 181; modi fication, 189;repeal of, 235

Pre-emptive Clauses, inN. S. W.,70, 71, in Victoria, 1116

Crown Lands Commissioners. See" Commissioners"

Cunningham's Gap, pass to MoretonBay, 109, 256

Cunningham, Allan (explorer), hisaccount of Australian exploration,254, journey of (1827), 256

Curlew Island, explored by Flinders,41

Customs, revenue from, handed overto Colonial Governments, 160 ;colonies allowed to impose Customsduties, 164; increase of revenue inN. Z., 198; management of, inN. Z., given to General Assembly,200; revenue, collection of, 229;transfer of, 230

Customs duties, question of, in Fede­ral Bill, 298, and see "BraddonClause"© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 7: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

Index. 349

Customs tariffs, attempted uniformityin, '29'1

Dalgety, suggested as federal capital,3°4

Dalrymple, Australian explorer, '270Dampier, William, first voyage to

Australia, 10; second voyage, 1 IDarling, Sir Ralph, governorship of,

56; criticisms on, by local press, 57;accusations against, ib.; acquittedby House of Commons Committee,58; knighted, ib.; disregard of pro­posed Land Regulations, 6'2; sendsexpedition to Westernport, 93

Darling Downs, discovery of, 109, '256;squatters of, push through to More­ton Bay District, ib.; immigrantsof the Hashemy transferred to,110

Darling (R.), Sturt discovers, '257; re­discovers, '258; surveyed by Mit­chell, ib.

Darwin, Charles, visits Tasmania, 89Davey, Lieutenant-Governor, arrival

of, in Tasmania, 79; character of,ib.; Port Davey named after, ib.

Davey, Port, discovery of, 79Deadlocks, in Victoria, '244; in N. Z.,

'245-7; provisions against, '249-5°,3°0

Debentures, Government, issued byFitzroy, 186; repudiated, ib.

" Deep Creek," gold-diggings at, '2 I 3Defence Act, Imperial, passed (1888),

'295Defoe, on assignment system, '23Dendy, Henry, case of, 104Denison, governor of Tasmania, 91;

urges further supply of convictsto Tasmania, '215; applied to byHotham for military assistance, '2'25

Derby, Lord, New Guinea policy of,31'2

Derwent River, early explorations of,40, 73

Despard, Colonel, defeats Maorichiefs, 188

Dewes, dismissal of, '2J 3

De Witt's Land (W. A.), exploredby Dutch, 8

Diggers' Congress, in Victoria, '2'2'2Directors of N. Z. Co., Court of, 179District Councils. See" Councils"Dividing Range, crossed, '255Dolphin, the, Gregory's explorations

aided by, '267Duke of York, the, arrival of in S. A.,

13'2Dumaresq, Fort, settlement of, 93;

abandoned, ib.Dumaresq river, 1°9; discovered and

named by Cunningham, '256Durham's (Lord) Association (N. Z.),


Durlacher, Mr, statistics of 1859, by,1'25

Dutch, claims in New Guinea by,3°9-10

Dutigalla, aboriginal name for PortPhillip, 97

Duyphen (Dutch ship), voyage of the,8

Echunga (S. A.), discovery of goldat, '11'2

Elizabeth Town, named after MrsMacquarie, 75

" Emancipists," conduct of, 35Emigration Commissioners. See

" Commissioners"English law, introduction of, into

N. S. W., 58; into Australia, 157Eendracht (Dutch ship), visits Western

Australia; 8Endeavour (ship), Cook's voyage in

the, 1'2Endeavour (R.), (Queensland) named

by Cook, 13Enterprise, the, exploration in, 97Espiritu Santo, visited by Quiros, 7Essington, Port, Leichhardt at, '264Eureka Hotel, murder at, '2'2'2Eureka Stockade, affair of, '2'23-6Executive Council. See" Council""Exiles," convicts so called, I I I

Exploration, of continent, 53; of W.Coast of Tasmania, 79; of W. A.,© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 8: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

35° Index.

1 13; character of Australian, .~ 53 ;paper by Cunningham, ~5f; dis­covery of Bathurst Plains, ib.;Oxley's expeditions, ib.; legend ofinland sea, 255; discovery of Liver­pool Plains, ib.; discovery of "Mo­naroo," ib.; expedition of Humeand Hovell, -lb.; Cunningham'sjourney in Queensland (1827), 256;attempt of Sturt and Hume to ex­plore the Macquarie, 257; Sturtreaches Lake Alexandrina, ~58;

expedition of Mitchell, 258-9, ib.;explorations of Grey (Sir George)and Lushington, 259-60; voyageof the Beagle under Wickham, ib.;Strzelecki's expedition into Gipps­land, 261; Eyre's expeditions, 261­3; Governor Grey's expedition fromAdelaide to Victoria, 263; Orr'sexploration of Corner Inlet, ib.;expeditions of Leichhardt, 263-4;expeditions of Sturt, 264; of Stuart,~64-6; S. A., invested with North­ern Territory, 266; exploration ofGregory and the .Dolph-in, 266-7;expedition of Burke and Wills, 267-9; expeditions of Giles and JohnForrest, 270; of Alexander Forrestand Giles, ib.; of Dalrymple, Mar­tin, the Jardines, Sholl, ib.; Leich­hardt relief party, ib.

Eyre, Edward John, Lake Torrensexplored by, 133; appointed Lieu­tenant-Governor of New Munster,193; journeys of, from Sydney toAdelaide, 261; from King George'sSound to Swan River, ib.; fromAdelaide to King George's Sound,261-3

Factory Acts, first in Victoria, 326;extension, 327

Famine, threatening of, in Tasmania,76; kangaroo meat used as food, £b.

Farrell, arrest of, 223Fawkner, John Pascoe, expedition of

to Port Phillip, 97; dispute betweenBatman and, ib.

Federal Bill, 297; prospects of, 298Federal capital, provisions of Federal

Bill, 30J; choice of site, 303-6;proclaimed, 3°7; steps to create,307-8

Federal Convention, at Sydney, 296;draft measure, £b.

Federal Council. See" Council"Federation, Australasian, question of,

292; attempt of 1850, ib.; with­drawal of, 293; Governor-General­ship, ib.; abandoned, 294; Victo­rian suggestions for, lb.; Confer­ence of 1880, ib.; adjourned toSydney, ib.; intercolonial judicialsystem agreed upon, t·b.; Chinesepolicy, ib.; W. A. disapproves, ib.;Conference (of 1883), 295; FederalCouncil established, ib.; LondonConference, £b.; Imperial DefenceAct, ib.; Conference (of 1890), 296;Federal Convention, 'ib.; FederalBill, 297; prospects of, 298; Con­ference of 1895, z'b.; Convention of1897, 299-300; adopted by colonies,3°1; enacted, 3°2; proclaimed,3°3

Field, Barron, first judge of SupremeCourt, 157; allows convicts to giveevidence, z"b.; declines to recognizeex post facto legislation, 152

Fiji, made a colony, 251 , 309Fingal District (Tasmania), gold dis­

covered in, 213Fitzroy, Captain, governorship of, in

N. Z., 184-5; tampers with landpurchase rule, 184; proclamations,ib.; action in Taranaki purchase, 275

Fitzroy, Admiral (Governor ofN. S. W.), gold proclamation, 210;appoints Gold Commissioners, 2 II ;seizes Kerr's find, 2 12; organizesgold escort, io.; Governor-General­ship conferred on, 293

Flax,cultivation of, in W. A., 114Flinders, Lieutenant, accompanies the

Francis to wreck of Sydney Cove,39; asserts existence of channelbetween Australia and Tasmania,© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 9: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

Index. 351

ib.; accompanies Bass in the Nor­folk, ib. ; Northern voyage, 40; dis­covers Moreton Bay, 41

Flinders Island, aboriginal settlementon, 86

Flocks, importation of Macarthur'sinto Tasmania, 80

Foreign dependencies, government of,14°-I; position of at Restoration,141; Clarendon's scheme, 142;change their character in r Sth cen­tury, ib.; position of Secretary ofState with regard to, 146; creationof New Secretary for, ib.; abolished,ib.; annexed to War Department,147

Foreign Plantations, Council of. See"Council"

Forrest, Alexander and John, Aus­tralian explorers, 270

Forrestier's Peninsula, position of,83

Fort Dumaresq, See" Dumaresq"Fowler's Bay, Eyre arrives at, 262France, relations of, with Australia,

expedition of Perouse, 29; of Bau­din, 73; rumoured expeditions, 93;Thierry in N. Z., 170-1: .Frenchvessel at Cape Le Grand, 263;Granville protests against extensionof penal settlements of, in Pacific,313

Franchise (of 1842), 66; in N. Z.,200; under Responsible Govern­ment, 235, 248

Franklin, Sir John, governorship of,in Tasmania, 88; succeeds Arthur,ib.; popularity of, ib.; criticised onquestion of ecclesiastical rivalries,w.; quarrels with Tasmanian Colo­nial Secretary, 89; retires, ib.; en­courages scientific. research, ib.;Royal Society of T. founded by,'lb.; interest of, in education, 'lb.

Frederick Henry's Bay (Tasmania),named by Tasman, 9; Bass andFlinders explore, 40

Fremantle, founded, 116French expeditions, rumours of, 93

Friendly Islands, discovered by Tas­man, 9

Gambier river, suggested labourground for convicts, 24

Gate Pah, Cameron defeated at, '285Gawler, Colonel, Governor of S. A.,

133Geelong, settlement by Batman at,

97; sale of land at, 100; specialconstables at, 2'25

General Assembly (ofAustralia) , pro­posed, '292; unsuccessful, 293

" ,,(of N. Z.), 201;limits to legislative power of, ib. ;first meeting of (r854), 202; re­lations with provincial councils,ss.

General Orders, power to publish,claimed by early governors ofAustralia, 149

Geographe Bay, settled, 121German consul, at Apia, 316German Government, divides eastern

N. Guinea with England, 313;treaty with Samoa, 315; disagreeswith Special Commission, 317; ,varwith Mataafa, ib,

German N. Guinea Association,formed, 312

German settlers, proposed introduc­tion of into W. A., 1'22

Gibraltar, suggested labour ground forconvicts, 24-

Gilbert, companion of Leichhardt,death of, 264

Giles, explorer of Australia, 270Gipps, Governor (N. S. W.), sanctions

squatting system, 63; prosperityof N. S. W. under, 68; discouragesgold seekers, ib.; views on LandQuestion, 69; report on squatting,70; nullifies Land Regulations (of1840), 1°3; abolishes fixed pricesystem, 1°4; supports Land SalesAct, 105; alteration in Commissionof, 173; appoints Hobson Lieute­nant-Governor ofN. Z., e., procla­mation of, £b. ; ad vises proclamation© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 10: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

35 2 Index.

of Queen's sovereignty in N. Z.,174; recognizes N. Z. Co.'s pur­chase at Port Nicholson, 177

Gippsland, added to Port Phillip,101; Strzelecki's expedition into,261

Gisborne, site of massacre at PovertyBay, '288

Gladstone, W. E., Wilmot deprivedof office by, 90

Glenelg (S. A.), River, Mitchellreaches, 259

Glenelg (W. A.), River, named byGrey, 260

Gold, discovery of, discouraged byGipps, 68; effectof on Moreton BayDistrict, I I I; discoveries of, onBuller River, 203; rumours of, dis­couraged by Government, inN. S. W., '206; alleged discoveryof, by Clarke, 207; Murchison'sinvestigations, ib.; SmithofBerrima,'207-8; return of Hargraves fromCalifornia, '208; discovers gold inLewes Pond Creek, lb.; Stutchburyreports discovery of at SummerHill Creek, '209; immigration todiggings, lb.; effect of, on popula­tion, '210; licenses, -ib.; Fitzroy'sProclamation, '210-11; appoint­ment of Commissioners for theGoldfields, '2I I; discovery of, onTuron River, lb.; on the A bercrom­bie, lb.; brought to Bathurst, z'b.;Kerr's find, io.; escort of, under­taken by Government, lb. ; discoveryof, at Echungays I '2; in Fingal Dis­trict, 1 I 3; in Coromandel Ranges,lb.; diggings at Deep Creek, -lb.;Clunes, ib.; at Buninyong, lb.;finds at Mount Alexander, io.;drain of population from otherColonies, '2J4; ingots in S.....1\.., lb. ;Colonial Mints, lb.; scarcity of la­bour in Tasmania, '215; troubles inVictoria, '2I 5-'2'27, (see" Victoria");re-discovery of, in CoromandelRanges, '282; in Westland, '291;relations between N. S. W. and

Victoria influenced by discoveriesof, '293; reported discovery of inNew Guinea, 310

Gold Commission, in Victoria, '226; re­commendations carried into effect,'227

Gold escort, undertaken by Govern­ment, '211; attack on private, '2'21

Gold, export duty on, '226Goldfields, Commissioners for, '21I ;

gold revenue devoted to expensesof, '218; disturbances in Victoria,'2'20; new Act for government of,'2'21; renewed disturbances in, '2'2'2;Commission on, '223; riots in, '2'24;new schelne of government for, '2'26;tranquillity of, '2'27

Goldfields Act, '221, '2'27Goldfields, Commissioners for, (see

"Commissioners ")Gold licences, granted by Australian

Governments, '210; only applicableto alluvial mining, '21'2; fees for,transferred to general revenue, '217;proposal to double fee in Victoria,'218; agitation against, '219; Ben­digo petition, '2'20; resistance tocollection of. fees, -ib.; system ex­tended to storekeepers, lb.; aboli­tion of fees proposed in N. S. W.,'2'21; system unfavourably reportedon, lb.; reduction of fees in Victoria,io.; system finally abolished, '2'26

Gold Revenue, new branch of LandFund, '217; expended on goldfields,'218; made part of general revenue,lb.; transfer of, to colonial ex­chequers, '231-'2

Gold, Colonel, arrival of, in N. Z.,'278; captures pah erected by Kingi,io.; New Plymouth protected by,'279

Gordon, Sir Arthur (Lord Stanmore),appoints deputy Commissioner forMurray and Darnley Islands, 311;recommends annexation of NewGuinea, lb.

Gorman, Lieutenant, finds pass toMoreton Bay, 110© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 11: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

Judex. 353Goulburn District, included in

N. S. 'fV., 106Goulburn (R.), discovered, 255Government in Australia, historical

sketch of, 139-65" "Responsible," contem-

plated by Act of 1850, 133; sug­gested by Colonial Office, ib.; ob­jects desired, £b.; Bills submittedby Colonies, 134; repeal of LandSales Act (of 1841), 135; LowerChambers, franchise for, ib.; inS. A., ib.; qualification of mem­bers, ib.; in Victoria, ib.; moneybills, 'lb.; in Victoria, 136; in S. A.,ib.; Legislative Upper Chambers,a., Council in N. S. 'V., 'lb.; pro­posal in N. S. W., ib.; nomineesystem in N. S. W. and N. Z., ib.;elective system in other colonies,137; summoning and duration ofParliaments, ib.: "repugnancy"clause, 238; statute (of 1865), ib.;Cabinet system, features of, 139;difficulties in adoption in Australia,140; pensions for officials, 241;compensation in Tasmania, ib.;future provision in Victoria, ib. ;deadlock in Victoria, 244; introduc­tion into N. Z., 245; supported byWakefield, -lb.; compromise offeredby Wynyard, 146-7, failure, ib.;Wynyard asks Wakefield's advice,247; new Ministry, ib.; vote of noconfidence, ib.; Gore Browne suc­ceeds W ynyard, ib.; provision forretiring officials, ib.; peculiarities ofCabinet Ministers in N. Z. andS. A., 248; extension of franchise,lb.; property requirement in Tas­mania and W. A., ib.; suffrage inN. Z., ib.; "one man one vote,"ib.; ballot system, 'lb.; reduction in

.duration of Parliaments, 249; pay­ment of members, ib.; changes inUpper Chamber, ib.; reappoint­ment in N. Z., t"b.; S. Australianscheme, lb.; jurisdiction in moneybins, 250; Responsible Government

in Queensland, ib.; in W. A., ib.;Upper Chamber in W. A., 251

Governor-General, title of, given toGovernor of N. S. W., 164, '293;failure of scheme, 165; abandoned,294

"Governor's Courts," functions of,151; officers of, 151; jurisdictionof, ib.; popularity of, ib.

Grain, average yield of, 37Grampians, discovered and named by

Mitchell, 158Granville, Lord, protests against ex­

tension of French penal settlements,313

Gray, on Burke's expedition, 167;dies, 268

Great Barrier Reef, explored by Cook,13

Great Java (early name of Australia), 6Great South Land, legend of, 5Gregory, F. T., explorations of, 266-

7; assisted by Dolphin, 167; reachesMount Macpherson, ib,

Greer, Colonel, victory in Taurangadistrict, 285

Grey, Earl, election of, for Melbourne,1°7; approves Fitzroy's view ofgold revenue, 131-2

Grey, Sir George, Governor of S.Australia, 133; reduces Governmentexpenditure, 134; bills dishonoured,ib.; transferred to N. Z., 135;arrives in N. Z., 18S; appointedLieutenant-Governor, 186; pub­lishes proclamation repudiating de­bentures, 187; official appoint­ments of Maoris by, 188; declinesto act on Fitzroy's proclamations,ib.; refuses to enforce Instructions(of Dec. 1846), 190; appointed"Governor in Chief," 193; pro­claims Eyre Lieutenant-Governorof New Munster, ib.; nominatesPitt for New Ulster, -lb.; fixesboundary of, z"b.; purchases Mid­dle Island, 195; knighted, 199;sketches proposed Constitution,ib.; plans partially adopted, 200;

23© in this web service Cambridge University Press

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Page 12: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

354 Index.

departure of, from N. Z., 202 ; expe­dition of, and Lushington, '259-60;starts in Beagle, 259; reaches

< Hanover Bay, 260; crosses GlenelgRiver, z"b.; wounded, io.; expeditionfrom Adelaide to Victoria, '263;confirms Spain's award in Taranakipurchase, 276; reappointed Go­vernor, 28o; lands in N. Z., '281;appoints Armitage Resident Magis­trate, z'b.; scheme for control ofNative Affairs, 282; Cameron'saccount published, ib.; recommendsabandonment of Waitara block pur­chase, 283; differences betweenCameron and, 287

Grose River, explored by Wentworth'sparty, 254

Guano, trade in, in W. A., 125Gulf of Carpentaria, arrival of Stuart

near, 265Guildford (W. A.), founded, I 18

Hacket, at Eureka Stockade, 224Hammersley Ranges, explored by F.

T. Gregory, 267Hampton, Governor of W. A., 128Hanover Bay, Grey and Lushington

reach, 260Hardy, reports on gold-diggings, 211Hargraves, E. H., determines to ex­

plore Australia for gold, 208;returns from California, ib.; dis­covers gold at Lewes Pond Creek,ib.; assists gold-seekers, 2°9 ~ madeCommissioner of Crown Lands, ib.;rewarded, a:

Harris, Mount, discovered by Oxley,. '257Hartog, Dirk (Dutch explorer), visits

Western Australia, 8Hashe11lY, the, immigrants of, trans­

ferred to Darling Downs, 110Hauhaus, defeated by Shortt, '285;

again defeated by Chute, ~87;

defeat McDonnell, ib.; massacreEuropeans at Poverty Bay, 287­8; finally defeated by Whitmore,'288

Hawaii, mission from to Samoa, 3 I 7Hawkesbury, River, settlement on,

34; idleness of settlers at, 35 ; in­undation of valley of, 76

Hawke's Bay (Province), created,'203; abolished, 204

Heath, Commander, report by, onTorres Islands, 311

Henty family, join expedition toW. A., 94; migrate to Tasmania,ib.; start whaling establishmentat Portland Bay, z"b.; permissiongranted, 95 ; grant of land receivedby, z"b.

Herd, Captain, arrives in N. Z., 171Hervey Bay, explored by Flinders, 41Hicks, Point, Sydney Cove wrecked

at, 38Hindmarsh, governor of S. A., 132;

recalled, 133Hobart, founding of, by Collins, 74;

capital of Buckinghamshire, ib.;appearance of Bligh at, 78; casestransferred for trial from, to Sydney,150; court held byWyld at, 151;conference of Premiers at, 298

Hobson, Lieutenant-Governor ofN.Z.,173; arrives in N. Z., ib.; supportedby missionaries, ib.'; procures re­cognition of Queen's sovereignty,174; attitude towards N. Z. Com­pany, ib.; purchases land at Waite­mata, 177; founds Auckland, ib.;transfers seat of Government to, ib.;title of Governor conferred on, 178;death of, 182

Holt, Joseph, migration to Tasmaniaof, 75; Collins befriends, 76; helpsto start agriculture, ib.~_ .__­

Hooker, Sir j'oseph; VIsits Tasmania,89

Hope, Mount, discovered by Mitchell,258

Hopeless, Mount, Burke tries to reach,268

Horses, proposal to rear, for India,114 ; supplied to Indian cavalry byW. A., 125

Horse-breeding, in W. A., 118© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 13: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

Index. 355Hotham, Governor of Victoria, ~1~;

prompt measures of in Eurekamurder, 111-3, applies to Denisonfor military assistance, 215; deathof, 117

House of Commons, enquires intotransportation system, 24 ; appointsselect committee on Governor Darl­ing, 57

Hovell, Captain, journey to CorioBay with Hume, 93, 255-6

Howard, John, reforms prison system,23

Howitt, A. W., rescues King, 269;recovers bodies of Burke and Wills,ib.

"Hulks," convict ships, 23Hume, Hamilton, journey to Corio

Bay with Hovell, 93, 255-6Hume (R.) discovered and named, 255" Hundreds, " proclamation of, in

N. Z., 199Hunter, Governor of N. S. VV., arrival

of, 36; state of colony under, ib.,governorship of, 37-41

Hunter River, discovery and descrip­tion of, 38

Hutt, Governor, report of, on W. A.,110

Hutt valley, site of settlement, 17z

Immigration, free, to N. S. W., 52 ;assisted, 57 ; Commissioners for, 64;rule of 1840 regarding, ib.; to Tas­mania, 80; to W. A., 112; policy,in N. Z., 204; expenditure of LandFund on, 229; dwindles in nineties,311; policy of Federal Government,314; aliens and" contract labour­ers," ib.; language test, ib.; changeof attitude, 325

Imperial Defence Act (1888), 295Indented Head, settlement at, 97Indentured servants, in N. S. W.,

56; in W. A., 116, 117; migrateto Tasmania, 118

India, proposal to rear horses for, inW. A., 114

Ingots. See" Gold"

Inland sea, legend of, started byOxley, 255; strengthened by Grey'sexpedition in North West, 260

Instructions (of 1846), 189; Greyrefuses to enforce, 190; protestagainst, ib.; separation from NewMunster provided for by, 192-3;proclamation of "Aboriginal Dis­tricts" provided for by, £b.

Intercolonial judicial system, sug­gested (1880), 294

InvercargilI, capital of Southland, 203Irish convicts, appearance of, 44;

employed at Castle Hill, ib.Irwin, Major, publishes account of

settlement in W.A., 118; establishesW. A. Association, 119

J ardine, Messrs, explorers in WesternAustralia, 270

Johnston, Major, refuses to obeyBligh's summons, 48; takes pos­session of Governor's person, ib.;under arrest, 49

Joseph, John, trial of, 225; acquitted,226

Judge Advocate, Macarthur objectsto presence of, 48; superseded, 54;first civil and criminal judge inAustralia, 150; in Norfolk Island,ib. ; in Tasmania, ib. ; illogical posi­tion of, 153

Jukes (geologist), visits Tasmania, 89Jury, trial by, provision for, in N. S. W.,

54; introduced into W.A., 118; al­lowed in civil cases on agreement ofparties, 157; further developement,160

Justice, administration of. See" Go­vernment in Australia," "SupremeCourt," "Justices of the Peace,""Quarter Sessions," etc.

Justices of the Peace, power of govern­ors to appoint, 153; power of, overconvicts, 154; appointed by Mac­quarie in N. Z., 170

Kaiser Wilhelm's Land (N. Guinea),recognized, 3 r3

23-2© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 14: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


Kapunda, copper-mines, 135Karakara Bay, scene of Cook's

murder, 14Katikara, Maori position stormed by

Cameron, '283Kauri pine, in N. Z., 17Kawau, prisoners escape from, '285Kelmscott, founding of, I 18Kerr, Dr, discovers gold on Meroo

Creek, '21 I

King, on Burke's expedition, '267;buries Burke, '268; kindness ofaborigines to, ib.; rescued by 1Io­witt, '269

King, Governor (N. S. 'V.), accountof, 41; Lieutenant-Governor ofNorfolk Island, ib.; made Govern­or of N. S. W., ts., prohibits land­ing of spirits, 43; suppresses con­vict insurrections, £b.; attemptssettlement in V. D. L., 73

King George IlL's Island (formername of Tahiti) , visited by Cook, 1'2

King George's Sound, military stationat, 118; taken over by colony atSwan River, z'b.; Eyre's explora­tions between Swan River and, '261;Eyre's explorations between Fow­ler's Bay and, '26'2

" King" movement. See" Maoris"King's Secretaries. See" Secretary"

Lachlan (R.), discovered, '254LakeTaupo, Maori gathering near, '27'2Lake Torrens, explored by Eyre, r 33,. '261Land (N. S.W.), amount in cultivation

in 1795,36; 1797, -lb.; 1798, £b.Land defences, report of Imperial

Commissioner OD, '296Land Fund. See" Crown Lands"Land purchases, in Samoa, 315, 318Land Registry, established in N. Z.,

181; projected extension of, 189Lang, Dr, espouses cause of separa­

tion for Port Phillip, 1°7; for More­ton Bay District, III

Langlois, settlement near Christchurch, by, 171

Latrobe, Joseph, gazetted Superin­tendent of Port Phillip, 100. Andsee "Victoria"

Launceston, removal of Paterson to,74; subjected to government atHobart, 75; cases transferred fortrial from, to Sydney, 150

Law, English. See" English law"Lawson, crosses Blue Mountains, 50Laycock, Lieutenant, expedition of,

from Launceston to Hobart, 74League against land selling (Maori),

'273Le Grand, Cape, Eyre at, '263Leichhardt, explorations by, '263-4Leichhardt relief expedition, '270Leschenault District, settled by W. A-.·

Company, 1'2 I

Lewes Pond Creek, gold found at, '208Licences, grazing, granted, 63, and

see "Squatting"Licences, gold. See" Gold"Licence fee. See" Gold"Licence system. See" Gold "Lieutenant-Governor, Hobson ap-

pointed, of N. Z., 173; Grey, ofN. Z., 186; 'Eyre, of New Munster,193; Pitt, of New Ulster, ib.

Light, Colonel, pioneer of S.A." 13'2;fixes site of Adelaide and PortAdelaide, ib.; suspension of, io.;death of, ib.

Limmen Bight, Leichhardt arrives at,'264

Lincoln.Port, Eyre's overland journeyto, '26'2

Liptrap, Cape, Eastern boundaryof Latrobe's district, 101

Liquors, use of, prohibited (1807), 47Liverpool, Governor's Courts held at,

15'2Liverpool Plains, discovered, '255Loaf, price of, 67Local Government, 66, 16'2, '248Lonsdale, Captain William, appointed

police magistrate at Port Phillip, 99 ;arrival of, £b.

Lord Howe Island, explored, 3'2;population of, 33© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 15: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

Index. 357

Lower Chambers establishcd.zog. Andsee" Government, Responsible"

Lushington, Dr, opinion of as to PortPhillip purchase, 98

Lushington, Lieutenant, explorationsof Grey and, '259-60.

Lynher, the, Grey and Lushingtonsail in, '260

Macarthur, John, experiments of, inwool-growing, 44; interests Eng­lish Government, 45; obtains grantin Cowpastures, -lb.; fosterer ofwine trade, ib.; quarrel with Bligh,47; refuses to obey summons, 48;objects to presence of Wyld, ib.

Macgregor, Sir William, Adminis­trator of New Guinea, 3 I4

Macintyre, River, 109Macpherson, Mount, Gregory ex­

plores, '267Macquarie, successor of Bligh, 49;

sends home Johnston under arrest,ib. ;nlakes road across Blue Moun..tains, 5I; founds Bathurst, ib.;prosperity of colony under, ib.; visitof to Tasmania, 8 I ; appointmentof m.agistrates in N. Z. by, 170

Macquarie Harbour, discovered, 79 ;penal settlement at, 82; outbreakat, 83; Schofield minister at, ib, ;abandonment of, ib.

Macquarie, Port, proclaimed penalsettlement, 108; Oxley reaches, 255

Macquarie (R.), discovered, 254; at­tempted exploration of, 254, 257

Macqueen, Colonel Potter, purposeof to colonize W. A., 114; with­drawal of, I 15

Magelhaens, discovers the Philippines,5

Mahoetahi, Waikatos defeated byPratt at, '279

Malet, Sir Edward, signs Berlindeclaration, 3 I 3

" Mana," Maori jurisdiction so called,169

Manukau river, attempted settlementon, 172

Manning, trial of, 2 '26; acquittal, ib.Maoris, distinguished from aborigi­

nes, 18; colonize N. Z., ib.; cha­racteristics of, 19; pursuits of, ib.;treatment by colonists, ib.; resist­ance to civilization, ib.; civiliza­tion of, 168; land difficulties, -lb.;" mana," jurisdiction of, so called,169; missionary effort of Marsdenamongst, io.; sales by to N. Z. Co.,172; prohibited, 173; confedera­tion of, 174; Treaty of Waitangisigned by, -lb.; claims of, to MiddleIsland bought up, 175, 195; sellWaitemata (Auckland), 177; affairon Wairau, 182-3; Shortland'spolicytowards, 183-4; Fitzroy's policytowards, 184; enquiry held at VVai­kanae, ib.; claim at Waitara leadsto agitation amongst, ib.; officialappointment of chiefs by Grey, 188;defeat of, by Despard, ib.; attacknear Wellington, ib.; appointmentof Resident Magistrates for, ib.;belief of, in desire of expropriation,194; attitude of, towards Constitu­tion (of 1846), ib.; purchase oftribal land from, prohibited, 201;Native Districts, 202 ; Maori affairsreserved from Colonial control,272; Maori parties, ib.; RoyalCommission (1856), ib.; gatheringnear Lake Taupo, -lb.; Leagueagainst land selling, 273; "King"movement, ib.; Taranaki purchase,274; Waikato raid, ib. ; removal ofNgatiawa to Waikanae, -lb.; Bar­rett procures purchase for Co., 274 ;Spain's decision, 275; reversed byFitzroy, lb.; New Plymouth found­ed, 276; smaller purchase attempted,ib.; permission of direct purchase, ib.;Spain's award confirmed by Grey;ib.; arrival of exiles at, io.; Wire­mu Kingi, 277; Browne's proclama­tion, io.; offer of Waitara block,-lb.;repudiated by Wiremu Kingi, ib.;Government determines on survey,ib.; arrival of Waikato messengers,© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 16: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

358 Index.

ib.; repulse of Parris' party, ib.;Gold defends Waitara, 178; pah ofdefiance erected by Kingi, £b.; cap­tured by Gold, ib.; New Plymouth,protected by Gold and Cracroft, 179;aid summoned from Sydney andMelbourne, ib.; Auckland in stateof defence, £b.; opinion of Bishopof N. Z., ib.; repulse of Nelson onWaitara, ib.; death of Potatau, ib.;Waikatos defeated by Pratt at Ma­hoetahi, 279-80; on Waitara, 180;third repulse, ib.; McLean's re­port, ib.; William Thompson, £b.;Maori character, '281; Armitage, ib.;appointed Resident Magistrate, ib.;., runangas," 28'2; Grey's sugges­tion for control of Native Affairs,ib.; Home Government consents tohand over Maori affairs, ib.; de­clined by colonists, ib.; GeneralCameron's communication publish­ed, ib.; Grev recommends aban­donment of Waitara purchase, 283;murder of Englishmen by, ib.;storming of Katikara, ib.; arrivalof Royal Irish, ib.; series of statutes(1863), 284; hostile tribes defeatedby Arawa, 285; defeat of Cameronat Gate Pah, io.; Maoris defeatedby Shortt, io.; assistance fromWanganui, ib.; Greer's victory, ib.;Rawiri slain, ib.; submission ofTauranga tribes, ib.; escape of pri­soners from Kawau, ib.; misunder­standings amongst British officials,286; submission of Thom pson, '287;Hauhaus, ts., differences betweenGrey and· Cameron, ib.; capture ofWeraroa, ib,'; defeat of Hauhauson Wairoa, ib.; Chute takes Puta­hi, ib.; end of war, ib.; Hauhausagain in rebellion, ib.; repulse ofMcDonnell at Te Ruaruru, ib.;Te Kooti's attack at Poverty Bay,187-8; siege of Wanganui, io.; twodefeats by Whitmore, £b.; NagataPah captured, £b.; escape of TeKooti, io.; capture of stronghold

near Patea, ib.; Te Kooti woundedin skirmish, ib.; proposals for peacefrom Waikato chiefs, £b.; Bowen'sreport, 291 ; statistics of Maoris, ib.

Marines, used as guards at Melbourne,'225

Marlborough (Province), detachedfrom Nelson, 203

Marsden, Samuel, prosecution ofCam pbell by, 153; arrival of, atN. Z. in the Actiue, 169; foundsmission station, ib.

Marshall Islands, made boundarybetween Germans and British inPacific, 313

Martial law, proclaimed in Tasmania,79; in Victoria, 225

Martin, early explorer of Australia,270

Martin, Chief Justice, arrival of, inN. Z., 180; attitude towards Wairauincident, 183; protest of, againstInstructions (of 1846), 190

Mataafe (Samoan chief), 317-8Matra, Mr, presents memorial for

settlement in N. S. W., '24; inter­view with Lord Sydney, 25; adoptsGovernment suggestion, ib,

McDonnell, Colonel, defeated at TeRuaruru, 287

McIlwraith, Sir Thomas, cables offerconcerning N. Guinea, 31 I

McLean, Donald, report on Maoriaffairs by, 280

Meat, salt, exported to Sydney, 79Melbourne (formerly Bearbrass), land­

ing effected at, 97; town laid out,99; Quarter Sessions proclaimed at,100; sale of land at, £b.; receivesmunicipal charter, 101; proclaimedfree port, £b.; special constables at,225; Federal Conference at, '294;again, '296. And see "Victoria"

Mendana, Alvaro de (Spanish ex­plorer), settles Santa Cruz, 6

Meroo Creek, discovery of gold at,211

Middle District. See" Sydney LandDistrict"© in this web service Cambridge University Press

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Page 17: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

Index. 359

Middle Island, purchase of, fromMaoris, 195; at disposal of N. Z.Co., u.

Military Assessors, superseded, 54;functions of, 150

Military Defence, scheme of 1883,335; scheme of 1903, 336; Coun­cil of Defence, -lb.; visit of LordKitchener, -lb.; scheme of 1910,ib.; colonial troops in Boer War,338

Milne, dismissal of, '2'23Minerals, proposed royalty on, in S. A.,

136"Miner's right," instituted by Act of

1855, '2'26Mines, coal, worked by convicts, 39;

transferred to Australian Agricultu­ral Co., -lb.

Ministry of Public Works. See "Pub­lic Works"

Mints, colonial, established, '214Missionaries, in N. Z. sent out by

Marsden, 169; by Church Mission­ary Society, ib.; Busby supportedby, 17'2; Hobson assisted by, 173

Mitchell, Major, publishes account ofAustralia Felix, 98; explorationsof, '258-9

"Monaroo," name of "BrisbaneDowns" given to, '255

Money, scarcity of, in N. S.W., 67;in W.A., 120; in S.A., 214

Money Bills under Responsible Go­vernment, '235-6; quarrels betweenthe Chambers over, 250

Moreton Bay, explored by Flinders,41; District of N.S. W., 65; pro­claimed penal settlement, 108;founding of Brisbane, 1°9; explora­tion of Darling Downs, ib.; squat­ters of Darling Downs push throughto, ib.; Gorman discovers pass to,110; first open sale of lands in, ib.;appointment of Crown Land Com­missioners, io.; assignment and im­portation of convicts maintained in,ib.; convicts of the Hashenzy trans­ferred to, ib.; Chinese hands in, ib.;

tea poisoning scare, ib.; effect ofgold discoveries in, I II; party poli­tics in, to.; "exiles" in, £6.; sepa­ration of, ib. ; statistics, I I '2. Andsee " Queensland"

Moreton, Cape, arrival of the Noifolkat, 41

Mossman, Mr, account ofN.S.W., 36Mount Alexander, goldfields at, '213Mount Harris, Sturt and Hume

arrive at, '257Mount Hope, naming of, '258Mount Hopeless, Burke's attempt to

reach, '268Mount Macedon, Mitchell views

Australia Felix from, 259Mount Macpherson, Gregory reaches,

'267Mounted Police. See" Police"Municipal Council. See" Council"Municipal government, by Board at

Apia, 315-6Murchison, Sir Roderick, investigates

gold specimens, '207 ; urges Cornishminers to emigrate, ib.; writes toGovernment asserting existence ofgold, ib.; recommends mineralsurvey, u.

Murchison River, mining operationson, 125

Murderers' Bay (New Zealand},namedby Tasman, 9

Murray District, addition of, 101Murray River, made northern bound­

ary of Victoria, 1°3; new steamerson, '214; crossed by Hume andHovell, '255; Sturt reaches, '257;explored by Mitchell, 257-8

Murrumbidgee River, northern bound­ary of Victoria, 1°3; abandoned asboundary, 206; explored bySturt,257

Nagata Pah, capture of, 288" N anto-Bordelaise " Company, for­

mation of, 171; bought up by N.Z.Co., z"b.

Napier, capital of Hawke's Bay, 213

N ardoo cake, Burke's party fed withby aborigines, '268© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 18: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


Native Affairs, in N. Z., control of,reserved from colonists, '27'2;handedover to colonists, '28'2

Native Districts, power of Governorto proclaim in N. Z., '202

Native Minister in N. Z., anomalousposition of, 272-3

Native Secretary in N.Z., ImperialOfficial, '273; report by, 280

Naval Commission, Joint, regulatingNew IIebrides, 314; reorganized,315

Naval Defence, Australasian, schemeof, 295; agreement of 1890, 335;renewed in 1903, 'ib.; commence­ment of Australian navy, 336;visit of Admiral Henderson, 337

Nelson, Major, repulsed on Waitara,'279

Nelson, settlement of, by N. Z. Co.,18I; Captain Wakefield agent at,182; special land reserve for, 198;Marlborough detached from, 203

Nelson (Province) created, 200;Marlborough separated from, '203;province abolished, 204

Newcastle, founding of, 39Newcastle, Duke of, announces cessa­

tion of transportation to Tasmania,-233 .

New Guinea (Papua), 3°9; claimedby Dutch, 'ib.; Lord Carnarvonrefuses to annex, 310; jurisdictionof Commissioner for Pacific in,ib,'; reported discovery of gold in,ib.; islands in Torres Strait, 'lb.;report of Heath on, 311; annexa­tion recommended, 'lb.; Murrayand Darnley Islands, ib.; warshipat Port Moresby, ib.; companiesfor development of, 'lb.; annexationof, again recommended, ;b.; offerof McIlwraith, ib.; German As­sociation, 3I 2; Queensland takespossession, ib.; Lord Derby re­pudiates annexation, 'lb.; federalconvention in favour of, 313;treaty of 1886, ib.; line of delimita­tion, ib.; Queensland contributes to

expenses of, 314; created Britishpossession, ib.; British SettlementsAct, ib.; Macgregor first adminis­trator, 'lb.; handed over to Common­wealth, 303, 315

New Hebrides, visited by Quiros, 7;French penal settlements in, 309,313; extension feared, ib.; protestby Lord Granville against, ib.;Joint Naval Commission for, 314;Anglo-French Convention, 3I 5

New Holland (early name of Aus­tralia), 1

New Leinster, naming of, 179New Munster, naming of, 179; Eyre

appointed Lieutenant-Governor of,193; suspension of Land Regula­tions (1846) in, 195; lands of,vested in N. Z. Co., ib.; constitu­tion of Provincial Council for, 198

New Norfolk, settlement of, 33, 75New Plymouth. See" Taranaki""New Protection" (fiscal), 331New South Wales, named by Cook,

13; origin of colony of, 20; settle­ment in, advised by Matra, 24;Lord Sydney suggests penal settle­ment, 25; scheme for, drawn upby Sir George Young, 26; Ordersin Council authorise transportationto, ib.; expedition sets out for, '28;reaches Botany Bay, ib.; visit ofPerouse, 29; removal to Port Jack­son, 30; islands under supervisionof governor of, 33; early years of,ib.; settlements of Parramatta andon Hawkesbury, 34; free grantsof land, ib.; arrival of sheep, ib.;discovery of wild cattle, ib.; priceof imported cattle, 35; behaviourof convicts, ib.; illegal distillationof spirits, ib.; troubles with abori­gines, ib.; resignation of GovernorPhillip, 36; arrival of CaptainHunter, ib.; statistics of, for 1796,1797, 1798, 1799, ib.; populationof, in 1795, ib.; in 1800, ib.; aver­age yield of grain, 37; finding ofcoal, ib.; arrival of Governor King.© in this web service Cambridge University Press

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Page 19: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


41; illegal spirit trade, 42; actionof the Government, 43; landingof spirits prohibited, ib.; convictrising, ib.; Irish convicts, 44; wool­growing, ib.; arrival of Bligh, 46;order prohibiting payment in spirits,47; deposition of Bligh, 48; arrivalof Macquarie, 49; vigorous measuresof, ib.; position of emancipists, ib.;expansion of colony, 50; discoveryof the Bathurst plains, ib..; Statistics(of 1821), 51; cost of colony up to1821, z'b.; free immigration to, 52;changed conditions of industry in,ib.; arrival of Sir Thomas Brisbane,53; introduction of self-governmentinto, ib.; first Supreme Court, 54;jury system introduced, ib.; firstLegislative Council, 55; partialseparation of Tasmania from, ib.;indentured service, 56; freedom ofthe press, ib.; colony becomes self­supporting, z'b.; votes funds to assistimmigration, 57; governorship ofSir Ralph Darling, -lb.; accusationsagainst, ib.; acquittal of, 58; newconstitution (1828), ib.; introductionof English law into colony, -lb.; landpolicy in, 59-61; assignment system,60; Land Regulations (1824), 61;set aside, 62; Lord Ripon's LandRegulations (183 I), -lb.; sale bypublic auction, ib.; squatting, 63;Commissioners of Crown Lands,ib.; policy of Sir George Gipps,ib.; Border Police, 64; establish­ment of rule of 1840, z'b.; LandRegulations of 1842, 65; divisioninto three Land Districts, ib.; sepa­rate Land Funds for, t'b.; introduc­tion of political representation into,io.; changes in Legislative Councilof, ib.; franchise in, 66; financesof, under control of Council, ib.;scheme of local government, ib.;power to Queen in Council todivide, ib.; disappearance of penalelement, ib.; abolition ot assign­ment, ib.; of transportation, 'ib.;

depression (of 184°-3), 67; scarcityof capital in, £b.; fall in prices,io.; in wages, t'b.; disposal bylottery of assets Bank of A., 68;prosperity under Gipps, lb.; Sta­tistics (1851), 69; land question,£b.; increase of squatters in, 7o;stock tax, ib.; Crown Lands LeasesAct, ib.; pre-emptive clause, 7 I ;

cases transferred for trial to Sydneyfrom Hobart and Launceston, 150;new Supreme Court in, 156; Courtof Quarter Sessions in, 157; localgovernment in, 162; discovery ofgold in, 207-8; branch mint atSydney, '214; proposal to abolishlicence fee, 221; Responsible Go­vernment, 234; proposal of here­ditary legislature, 236; style oflegislature changed, 238; appoint­ments to public office, 241; exten­sion of franchise, 248; "one manone vote," £b.; ballot system, io.;triennial Parliaments, 249; ex­ploration, 254-9; sends help toN. Z., 279; gold discoveries alterrelations between Victoria and, 293;adopts different revenue policy fromVictoria, 294; Conference of 188oadjourns to Sydney, z'b.; intercolonialjudicial system, ib.; Chinese im­migration question, ib.; refusesfederation in 1898, 300; approves,3°1; attitude on choice of federalcapital, 305-6..

New South Wales Corps, foundationof, 34; engage in spirit-trade, 4'2;discontent of, 43; unpopularity ofBligh with, 48

New Ulster, naming of, 179; territoryreduced, 193; Pitt nominated Lieu­tenant-Governor of, ib.; boundaryof, -lb.; constitution of ProvincialCouncil for, 198

New Zealand, included in Australasia,2 ; visited by Tasman, 9; by Cook,12, 13, 14; scenery and climateof, 17; timber of, ib.; stone, 18;colonized by Maoris, ib.; difference© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 20: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


between, and Australia, 19; faunaand flora of, 18; cases arising in,triable in Australian courts, I S6;casual settlers at Bay of Islands,167; "Pakeha Maoris" in, io.;occupations, ib.; Maori civilization,168; land difficulties, ib.; mis­sionary efforts in, 169; appoint­ment of magistrates by Macquarie,169-70; statute of 1817, 170; Actof 1823, ib.; Thierry's schemes, ib.;appeals to France, 171; formationof French Companies, ib.; claimsof, bought up by N. Z. Company,ib.; Lord Durham's Association, ib.;arrival of Herd, ib.; Busby ResidentMagistrate, ib.; assisted by Captainof Alligator and missionaries, 172;first N. Z. Association (Manukau),ib.; Wakefield and N. Z. Company,ib.; second N. Z. Association, ib.;sailing of the Tory, ib.; allegedpurchases at Petone and Te Aro,172-3; Gipps' Commission madeto include, 173; Hobson Lieu­tenant-Governor of, -lb.; Gipps'land proclamation, -lb.; arrival ofHobson, ib.; Treaty of Waitangi,174; Hobson proclaims sovereignty,-lb.; attitude of N. Z. Company,ib.; Hobson and Port Nicholsonsettlers, 176; Port Nicholson pur­chase, 177; foundation of Aucklandas capital, ib.; capital at Wel­lington, ib.; separation of, fromN. S. W., ts., Legislative Councilin, 178; Executive Council in, -lb.;New Ulster, New Munster, NewLeinster, 179; N. Z. Company'sCharter, ib.; constitution of, ib.;free grants to, ib.; LegislativeCouncil holds session, 180; passesCrown Lands Ordinance, ib.;Quarter Sessions proclaimed, ib.;Petty Sessions, 'lb.; Courts ofRequests, ib. ; replaced by CountyCourts, ib.; arrival of Martin andSwainson, 'ib.; establishment ofSupreme Court, -lb.; jury, 'lb.;

Court of Appeals constituted, £b.;Plymouth Association, 181; boughtup by N. Z. Company, u., Nelsonsettlement at Blind Bay, ib.; directpurchases sanctioned, -lb.; establish­ment of Land Registry, 'lb.; pro­clamation of Crown Lands SalesAct, 'ib.; death of Hobson, 182;temporary governorship of Short­land, 182-4; affair on Wairau,182-3; governorship of Fitzroy,184-5; enquiry concerning theWairau, 184; tampers with ruleof land purchase, ib.; N. Z. Com­pany's report of 1844, ib.; claimsat Wairarapa and on the Waitara,ib.; arrival of Grey, I8S; appointedLieutenant-Governor, 186; depres­sion in colony, ib.; debenturesissued by Fitzroy, -lb.; repudiatedby Home Government, 186-7; re­pudiation published by Grey, 187;Grey's attitude towards Maoris,.188; Maoris defeated by Despard,ib.; attack near Wellington, ib.;appointment of Resident Magi­strates, ib.; Grey declines to acton Fitzroy's proclamation, ib.;ordinance of 1846, 189; commis­sion, ib.; legislation of i 846 inEngland, ib.; Constitution Act, £b.;Australian Crown Land Sales Actmodified, z'b.; Instructions of 1846,ib.; Grey refuses to enforce Instruc­tions, 190; supported by Selwynand Martin, ib.; regulation ofsquatting, -lb.; statistics of 1849,-lb.; New Constitution, 191; re­shaping of provinces, 193; "Abori­ginal Districts," io.; Grey appointed"Governor-in-Chief," z'b.; pro­claims Eyre Lieutenant - Governorof New Munster, ib.; Pitt of NewUlster, z'b.; fixes boundary of NewUlster, z"b.; suspension of Consti­tution of 1846, 194; revival ofold Legislative Council, z'b.; Pro­vincial Councils foreshadowed,ib.; effects of Constitution on© in this web service Cambridge University Press

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Page 21: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


Maoris, lb.; suspension of LandRegulations, 195; land in NewMunster vested in N. Z. Com­pany, a., Middle Island purchasedfrom Maoris, ib.; Otago Associa­tion, ib.; Cargill, 196; Otagomade a province, ib.; populationof, ib.; Canterbury Association, ib.;Sel wyn welcomes new settlement,z'b.; Canterbury Association incor­porated, ib.; contract between, andN. Z. Company, 196-7; land re­served for, 197; pre-emptive claimof Association recognized, ib. ;power to dispose of Crown Landsabolished, ib.; made a province,ib. ; dissolution of N. Z. Company,ib.; money reserved for Nelson,198; claim reserved to shareholders,z"b.; resented by settlers, ib.; Con­stitution of 1852, lb.; transporta­tion repudiated, 199; proclamationof "Hundreds," ib.; Aucklandreceives charter, ib.; plans for newConstitution, ib.; suggestion forcreation of provinces, 200; fran­chise, ib.; General Assembly, '2I I ;

legislative powers of, ib.; provisionfor Otago and Canterbury, ib.;protection of Maoris, 201-'2; pro­hibition of purchase of tribal lands,'201; "Native Districts," 20'2;boundaries of new provinces pro­claimed, z"b.; departure of Grey,ib.; Wynyard in office, ib.; GeneralAssembly meets, z"b.; "Compacts"of J856 and 1867, ib.; ProvincialCouncils authorized to dispose ofCrown Lands, z"b.; new provinceof Hawke's Bay, '203; of Marl­borough, ib.; of Southland, 'lb.;gold finds on Buller river, ib.;Westland becomes province, ib,';provincial system falls into dis­repute, -lb.; immigration policy,'204; Ministry of Public Works,ib.; Abolition of Provinces Act,1875, ib.; Responsible Governmentin, '245; Wakefield supports, ib.;

Wynyard offers compromise, '245-'6; failure of, '246; applies toWakefield for advice, 247; newMinistry, ib.; vote of no confi­dence, ib.; Wynyard succeeded byBrowne, lb.; provision for retiringofficials, ib.; no re-election ofCabinet Ministers in, 248; exten­sion of franchise, ib.; to women,ib. ; H one man one vote," lb.;ballot system, ib.; triennial Parlia­ments in, 249; payment of mem­bers in, £b.; appointment of Legis­lative Councillors in, -lb.; MaoriWars in, 271-89; proposal toannex Pacific Islands, 3 I 3; Arbi­tration Court in, 329; Old AgePensions in, 332; Woman Suffragein, lb.; compulsory voting in, 333

New Zealand Company, land claimsof French companies and Durham'sAssociation brought up by, 17 I ;

formation of, 172; obtains charter,ib.; the Tory sent to N. Z. by, ib.;alleged purchase of land by, atPetone and Te Aro, 172-3; Hob­son's policy influenced by rivalclaim of, 174; disputes with Hob­son, 176; purchase at Port Nichol­son recognized by Gipps, I 77 ;receives first charter, 179; freegrant to, ib.; Plymouth Associa­tion bought up by, 181; land atTaranaki and Wanganui claimedby, io.; Nelson settlement at BlindBay established by, io.; action afterWairau incident, 184; report of1844, z'b.; land at Wairarapa andWaitara claimed by, ib.; attacksWaitangi treaty, 187; backed upby English Cabinet of 1846,189; influence on Constitution of1846, 191; Crown Lands in NewMunster vested in, 195; MiddleIsland at disposal of, ib.; OtagoAssociation purchases land from,ib.; Canterbury Association entersinto contract with, 196; land re­served for, 197; dissolution of, lb.;© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 22: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


claim reserved to shareholders of,198; Taranaki purchase, 274-5;Spain's decision, 275; reversed byFitzroy, tOb.

Ngatiawa, defeated byWaikatos, 274;migrate to Waikanae, ib.; returnto Taranaki, 276; refuse to sellWaitara block, 277; war againstBritish, 278-81

Nickle, Major General, arrival ofreinforcements under, at Ballaarat,225

Ninety-ninth Regiment sent fromTasmania to Victoria, 225

Norfolk Island, taken possession of,3 I ; Supply, the, reaches, ib.; KingGovernor of, 32; Pitcairners re­moved to, 33; population of, ib.;unsatisfactory condition of settlersin, 73; settlers transferred to Tas­mania, 75; founding of New Nor­folk, ib.'; non-success of migration,ib.; removal from, of convicts toPort Arthur, 90; again proclaimedpenal settlement, 108; criminalcourt held at, 150

Noifolk, the, expedition of Bass andFlinders in, 39; expedition ofFlinders, 40

Norfolk Plains District, grants in, toV. D. L. establishment, 87

North Australia, abortive colony of,added to S.A., 266

North Cape (New Zealand), sightedby Tasman, 9; by Cook, 12

Northern Queensland, question of,319- 21

Northern Territory, added to S.A.,266 ; transferred to Commonwealth,3°3

Observatory, built by Brisbane atParramatta, 53

Ocean, the, arrival of at Port Phillip,73

Old Age Pensions, in N. Z., 332; inAustralia, ibo; Federal scheme, 331

Olive, cultivation of in W. A., 121Omeo District, opened up, 102

"One man one vote," introduced intocolonies, 2.:(.8

Orders in Council decide on place fortransportation, 26; name \V. A.convict station, 124

Orr, Mr, explorations by, 263Otago Association, formation of, 195Otago (Province), created, 200; special

reservations for, 201; separationof Southland from, 2°3; provinceabolished, 204-

Ovens (R.), discovered by Hume andHovell, 255

Otaheite. See" Tahiti"Oxley, Surveyor, rediscovers Queens­

land, 63; explorations by, 254-5;discovers Liverpool Plains, '255;reaches Port Macquarie, ib.; PeelRiver discovered and named by,256

Oyster Bay, return to of aboriginesfrom Flinders Island, 87

Pacific Question, 3°9; High Com­missioner, ib.;· annexation of NewGuinea, 3°9-15; Islands in TorresStrait, 315; Samoa, 315-8; Tonga,318-9

Pacific, Western, High Commissionerfor, 3°9; protector of aborigines,3 I I; recommends annexation ofNew Guinea, ib.; jurisdiction inTonga, 318

"Pakeha Maori," meaning of, 167Pakington, Sir John, promises six

companies to Victoria, 217; decidesto send whole regiment, ib.; trans­fers Gold Revenue to colonial ex­chequers, 232

Pango Pango, secured by U. S. A. , 315Papua. See" New Guinea"Paris, Treaty of (1728), 2 I

" Parkhurst " lads, arrival of, inW. A., 124-

Parliaments, bicameral, introduced,233-4; and see "Governlnent inAustralia"

Parramatta, settlement at, 34 ; obser­vatory at, 53; Marsden chaplain© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 23: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


at, 1'9; Governor's Court heldat, 152

Parris, repulse of by Maoris, 277Pasley, present at Eureka Stockade,

'224Patea River, boundary of New Ulster,

193Patea, capture of Maori stronghold

near, 288Paterson, Colonel, expedition under,

74; character of, ib.; founds YorkTown, ib.; removes to Launceston,ib;; imports sheep into Tasmania,80

Payment of Members, '249Pearl-fisheries, in W.A., 1'25Peel River, discovered by Oxley, 256;

crossed by Cunningham, ib.Peel, Thomas, proposal to colonize

w.A., I 14; correspondence be­tween, and Stirling, ib.; remon­strates with Twiss, 115; lapse ofland reserved for, I 16

Penal element, in N. S. W., disap­pearance of, 66

Pensions under Responsible Govern­ment, 241 ; question of, in Victoria,244; in N.Z., '247

Pensioners, military, sent from Tas­mania, '217

Perouse, M. de la, .expedition of, 30 ;reports on Norfolk Island, 3 I

Perth, site of laid out, 116Petone, alleged purchase at, 172Petty Sessions in N. Z., 180Phillip, Governor, early days of, '26­

'27; made commander of expeditionto Botany Bay, ib.; starts on ex­pedition, '28; route, ib.; reachesBotany Bay, £b.; explores PortJackson, '29; removes settlementfrom Botany Bay, ib.; relationswith Perouse, 30; takes possessionof Sydney, ib.; extent of his com­mission, 3I; despatches expeditionto Norfolk Island, ib.; resigns office,36

Phillip Island, convicts under Wright, land at, 93

Philippine Islands, discovered byMagelhaens, 5

Picton, capital of Marlborough, '203Pitcairn Island, colonized by muti­

neers of Bounty, 3'2; settlers re­moved to Norfolk Island, 33

Pitt, Dean, Major General, nomin­ated Lieutenant-Governor of NewUlster, 193

Plenty, Bay of, Cameron defeatednear, '285

Plymouth, association to colonize N .Z.formed at, 181; bought up by N.Z.cs., ts.

Point Hicks, see "Hicks"Point Puer, see "Puer"Point Sol ander, see "Solander"Police, Border, see "Border Police"Police, Mounted, in W. A., I J 8; in

Victoria, 2'25Political representation, introduction

of, into Australia, 160Polynesian Empire, proposed, 3 I 7Polynesian Labour, question of, 321 ;

causes party divisions· in Queens­land, 3'21; statistics of, ib.

Poor Law Authorities, free immigra­tion assisted by, 1'23

Population, white, of N. S. W. (in1795), 36; in 1800, ib.; increaseof in 1851,69; of Tasmania, 79;increase of, 80; drain of, '214; ofOtago Set tlement, 196; of Victoria,effect of gold discoveries Oil, 210;S. A., drain of, '214. And seeTable of Statistics in Appendix

Port Adelaide, site of, fixed by Light,13'2

Port Arthur, penal settlement at, 82;position of, 83; system of punish­ment at, £b.; removal of convicts to,from Norfolk Island, 90

Port Dalrymple, exploration of, 40;distance from Launceston, 74 ;receives stock of Westernport, 94

Port Essington, Leichhardt reaches,264

Port Jackson, explored by Phillip,29; removal of settlement to, 30© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 24: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


Portland, town of, laid out, 100; saleof land at, z'b.

Portland Bay, whaling establishmentat, 94; included in Port PhillipDistrict, 95; visit of Mitchell to,259

Port Lincoln, arrival of Eyre at, 26'2Port Macquarie, proclaimed penal

settlement, 108; Oxley reaches, '255Port Moresby, warship at, 31 I

Port Nicholson, N. Z. Co.'s settlementat, 173; settlers at, 176; attempt toorganize independent government,ib.; purchase of land at, by N. Z.ce., 177

Port Phillip, District of, a division ofN. S. W., 65; purchases of land in,69; expedition of Collins to, 73;Tasmanians removed to, 86; whalersin, 9'2; Sullivan Bay, 93; arrival ofHume and Hovell at Corio Bay, ib. ;rumour of French expeditions to,ib.; attempt of Darling to settle,ib.; convicts under Wright despatch­ed to, ib.; land on Phillip Island,ib.; establishment ofFort Dumaresq,u: ; settlement abandoned, u.;Portland Bay settlement, 94; PortPhillip Association, 95; obtainsgrants of two tracts of land, 96;settlement at Indented Read, 97;expedition of Fawkner to, ib.; land­ing at Melbourne, ib.; rival claimof Batman, ib.; question of title, ib.;opinion of Lushington, 98; com­pensation to Association, ib.; dis­solution of Association, ib. ; accountofMitchell'sexpedition,ib.; Bourke'sproclamation, 99; to be governedfrom Sydney, ib.; Lonsdale ap­pointed police magistrate, ib.'; sta­tistics, ib.; arrival of Lonsdale in,io.; visit of Bourke to, ib.; Mel­bourne and Williamstown laid out,ih.; Quarter Sessions proclaimedat Melbourne, 100; Portland laidout, ib~; first land sale in, ib.; pricesof lots at Melbourne and Williams­town, ih. ; second sale of Melbourne

lots, ih.; sale at Geelong, ih.; atPortland, ib.; Latrobe Superinten­dent of, ib.; limits of his district,101; addition of under treasurer,ih.; clerk of peace, ib.; Courts ofRequests, ih.; division of Mel­bourne, ih.; municipal charter of,ib.; proclaimed free port, ib.; pro­claimed pastoral district, ib.; divi­sion of, into Westernport and Port­land Bay Districts, ib.; Gippslandand Murray added to, ib.; OmeoDistrict, 10'2; Land Question, ih.;Regulations of 1831, z'b.; disap­proved by Emigration Commis­sioners, ib. ; fixed price system, ib.;Regulations of 1840, ih.; new boun­daries, 103; Gippsland included in,ib. ; Gipps nullifies Regulations,ib.; Dendy's purchase, 1°4; fixedprice system abolished, z'b.; opposi­tion to Land Sales Act, 105; Gippsupholds other view, ib.; furtherchange in boundaries of, 106; causeof separation supported by Lang,107; elections of 1848, ib.; BoardofTrade recommend separation, u.;creation of Victoria, ib.; Statistics,107-8; Quarter Sessions in, 160;members in Council of N. S. W.,161. And see "Victoria"

Port Phillip Association. See" PortPhillip"

Portuguese, their discoveries, 4-Possession Island (Queensland),

named by Cook, 13Potatau, head of "King" movement,

273; death of, '279Poverty Bay (New Zealand), visited

by Cook, 12; massacre at, 288Pratt, Major-General, arrival of in

N. Z., '279; defeats Maoris atMahoetahi, 279-80; Waikatos dis­lodged by, '280; repulse of Maorisby, ib.; leaves N. Z., ib.

Preferential Voting, in Victoria, 334Premiers, Conference of, at Hobart,

'298Press, freedom of, proclaimed, 56;© in this web service Cambridge University Press

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Page 25: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


local criticisms of, 57; accusesArthur of nepotism, 88

Prices, in N. S. W., of bread, 67; ofbeef, ib.; at Melbourne of land,IOO; at Williamstown of land, -"-b.

Privy Council, see "Council"Professions, ex-convicts admitted to,

49Proprietors, of N. Z. Co., Court of,

179Provinces in N. Z., suggested by

Grey, 199; created by Constitution(of 1852) 200; organization of, io.;boundaries proclaimed, 202; stronglocal feeling in, 'lb.; new provincescreated, 203; provincial systemabolished, '204

Provincial Councils, see "Council"Public Service, appointments by

Colonial Office, 147; unpopularityof practice, 163; under ResponsibleGovernment, '241

Public Service Acts, '241 n.Public Works, Ministry of, in N. Z.,

204Puer, Point, convict establishment at,

84Pumice Stone river, named, 41Putahi, taken by Chute, 287

Quarter Sessions, proclaimed at Mel-bourne, 100; established in W. A.,118; Courts of, in N. S. W. andTasmania, 157; in Port Phillip, 160

Queen Charlotte Sound (New Zea­land), named by Cook, 12

Queensland (Moreton Bay), discover­ed by Flinders, 41 ; rediscovered byOxley, 53; made a Land District,65; future independence of, 66;Responsible Government in, 250;takes possession of islands in TorresStrait, 31I; policy regarding an­nexation of New Guinea,·ib. ; offersto bear expense of administration,ib.; takes possession ofNew Guinea,312; contributes to expenses of,314; Northern Separation in, 3 I 9­20; Chinese question in, 321

Quellius (Dutch hydrographer), hismap of the world, 10

Quiros, Pedro Fernandez de (Spanishexplorer), discovers the New He­brides, 6

Quit-rents, payment of, 60

Raiatea (island in Pacific) annexed byFrance, 314

Rangihaeta, Maori chief, warrantissued by Thompson against, 182

Rauparaha, Maori chief, burns huton Wairau, 182; warrant against,io.; justifies himself to Spain, 183

Rawiri, Maori chief, slain, 285Rede, at Eureka Stockade, 224Regulations, Land, of Lord Bathurst,

62; of Lord Ripon, lb.; (of 1842),65; sales of land under, (of 1831),102; of 1840, ib.; nullified byGipps, 103; of 1831, introducepractice of sale into W. A., I 17 ;memorial against by W. A., 1I9;suspension of, Of1846, in New Mun­ster, 195; and see" Crown Lands"

Representation, political, first intro­duced into Australia, 65

Repugnancy clause of ConstitutionActs, 161; evaded, 238; defined bystatute, ib.

Requests, Court of, established atMelbourne, 101; power of Governorto create, J 57; established in N. Z.,180; replaced by County Courts, ib.

Resident Commissioner, see "Com­missioners"

Resident Magistrates, Busby appointedin N. Z., 171; for Maori districts,188; of Thursday Island, 311

Resolution (Cook's ship), 13Responsible Government, definition

of, 147-8; see "Government inAustralia' ,

Richardson, naturalist, visits Tosma­nia, 89

Richmond, Major, troops despatchedto Wellington under, 183

Ripon, Lord, introduces principle ofauction for land sales; 62; doctrine© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 26: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


of, with regard to Colonial Consti­tutions, 178; Land Regulations of,see "Crown Lands"

Risdon, landing of Bowen's party at,73; Collins joins Bowen at, 74

Robe, Major, Governor of S. A., suc­ceeds Grey, 135; involved in ques­tion of ecclesiastical precedence,ib.; attempts to impose royalty onminerals, 136; recall of, ib.

Robinson, protector of Tasmanianaborigines, 86 ; success of hisscheme, ib.; removes aborigines toPort Phillip, ib.

Robison, Captain, Darling accused ofcruelty to, 57

Roebuck, voyage of the, I I

Rotz, chart supposed to have belongedto, ~

Royal Irish, arrival of, in N. Z., 283Royal Society of Tasmania, founded

by Franklin, 89"Runangas" (Maori gatherings),

Grey's attitude towards, 282"Runs," of squatters, 64Russell, Quarter Sessions at, 180Russell, Lord John, his Government

favourable to N. Z. Co., 189

Samoa, reserved from New Guineatreaty, 314; treaty with U. S. A.,3 I 5; Pango Pango securedby U.S.A.,ib.; treaty with Germany, lb. ; withGreat Britain, io.; municipal go­vernment of Apia, £b.; ExecutiveCouncil proposed for, 316; dis­turbances of 1885, ib.; GermanConsul at Apia, ib.; American pro­tectorate, £b.; disavowed, ib.; Spe­cial Commission, 3 I 7; disagreementof Commissioners, ia.; "PolynesianEmpire" proposed in, ib.; with­drawal from municipal scheme, ib.;disagreement with German repre­sentative, ib.; proposed Conferenceat Berlin, £b.; Act regulating theaffairs of, 318; Supreme Court, ib.;revival of Mnnicipal Council atApia, ib.; President of, 318 j Chief

Justice over Supreme Court, ib.;Land Question, ib.; cession ofSamoa to Germany, lb.

Sandal-wood, trade in, in W. A., 125Santa Cruz, settled by Mendana, 6Scenery, of Australia, 15; of Tas-

mania, io.; of New Zealand, 17Schenley, E. W., proposal to colonize

W. A., 114; 'withdrawal of, 115Schofield, missionary at Macquarie

Harbour, 83Seal hunting off Tasmania, 40

Second Ballot in N. Z., 333Secretary, Colonial (Tasmanian), quar-

rels of Franklin with, 89Secretary of State, for Colonies, office

of, abolished, 21; influence ofTudor policy on, 144; statute of1539, ib.; after Restoration, 145;made a member of Privy Counciland all committees, ib.; relationsbetween, and Board of Trade, 146 ;creation of third, ib. ; abolished, 'ib.;Secretary for War and the Colonies,147; Murchison's letter to, 207

Secretary for War and the Colonies.See "Secretary of State"

Selwyn, protest of, against Instruc­tions of 1846, 190 ; consecratedBishop of N. Z. (1841), 196; differ­ence with Governor concerning thewar, 279

Separation,ofTasmaniacontemplated,55; partially effected, ib.; com­pleted, 88; of Port Phillip, 106;cause of, espoused by Lang, 1°7;recommended by Board of Trade,ib.; granted, ib.; of Moreton BayDistrict, granted, II I ; of New Zea­land, 1"77; of southern provinces ofN. Z. proposed, 286; Northern, inQueensland, 319-21; not opposedto Federation, 3'20

Seven Years' War, Phillip servesin, 26

Shark Bay (WestemAustralia), visitedby Hartog, 8; named by Dampier, II

Sheep-fanning, developement of, inW. A., 118© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 27: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,


Ship-building, beginning of, in W. A.,I'll

Sholl, explorer of Australia, 'Z70Shortland, Lieutenant, temporary go­

vernorship of, in N. Z., 18'2 ; treat­ment of Wairau incident, J 83; replyto Colonel Wakefield, 184

Shortland,Lieutenant,exploresHunterriver, 38

Shortt, Captain, defeats Hauhaus, 285Sirius, the, frigate carrying Phillip,

28, route of, ib.Smith, of Berrima, alleges discovery

of gold, 207-8Solander, Point, coal discovered at, 38Solomon Islands, visited by Mendana,

6; made boundary between Ger­mans and British in Pacific, 313

Sorell, Governor of Tasmania, suc­ceeds Davey, 8o; checks progressof bushranging, ib.; arrival of freeimmigrants during governorship of,ib.; improvements under, ib.; re­tires, ib.; succeeded by Arthur, ib.

South African War, Australasianvolunteers in, 338

South Australia, definition of, .~;

attitude of Commissioners towardsPort Phillip, 98; interest of Colo­nial Land and Emigration Commis­sioners in, 102; Crown lands in,disposed of by allotment, -lb.; settle­ment of, occasioned by Sturt's ex­plorations, 129; St Vincent's Gulfexamined by Barker, ib-.; plan toform settlement taken up in London,ib. ; Wakefield's scheme for coloniz­ing, w.; statute of 1834, ib.; theColonization Commissioners for,130; Resident Commissioner, ib.;price of Crown Lands in, 131; freegrants prohibited, ib.; Commis­sioners empowered to borrow, ib.;arrival of the Duke of York, 13'2;Light pioneer of, ib.; fixes sites ofAdelaide and Port Adelaide, ib.;suspension of, ib.; death of, ib.;governorship of Hindmarsh, 132-3;recalled, 133; governorship of

J. A.

Gawier, ib.; increase of debt, ib.;bills dishonoured, lb.; governorshipof Grey, 133-5; introduction ofcattle from N. S. W., 133; survey oflands, ib.; Lake Torrens exploredby Eyre, 'lb. ; reductions effected inexpenditure, 134; statistics of 1841,ib.; bills again dishonoured, ib.;discovery of Kapunda mines, 135;Burra mines, ib. ; departure ofGrey, ib.; governorship of Robe,135-6; ecclesiastical subsidies, 135;royalty on minerals, 136; governor­ship of Young, 136-8; LegislativeCouncil in, 136; statute of 184'2,137; control of S. A. Commission­ers abolished, ib.; statute of 1850,138; new Legislative Council, ib.;early government in, 16o; drainof population, 214; gold,ib.; trade with the diggings, ib.;Murray route, ib. ; scarcity of moneyin, ib.; obtains Responsible Govern­ment, 234; franchise in, 235; moneybills in, 236; elective Council, 237;triennial parliaments, ib.; "repug­nancy" clause, '238; statute of 1865,ib. ; public service in, 241; Ministersin parliament in, 24'2; power ofdismissal in, '243; no re-election ofMinisters in, '248; "one man onevote" in, ib.j ballot system, ib.;scheme for deadlock, '249; explora­tions of Eyre and Grey in, 260-3,of Stuart,'264-6 ; Northern Terri­tory added to, '266; accepts federa­tion, 301 i woman suffrage in, 33'2

South Cape, reached by Bass andFlinders, 40

Southland (Province), created, '203;abolished, 204-

South West Cape, reached by Bassand Flinders, 40

Spaniards, their discoveries, 4; inAustralian waters, 6

Spain, Mr, supports Shortland's policyin Wairau incident, 183; pronouncesN. Z. Co. entitled to Taranaki pur­chase, '275; decision reversed by© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 28: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

37° Index.

Fitzroy, ib.; award confirmed byGrey, 276

Special Constables, sworn in at Mel­bourne and Geelong, 225

Spice Islands, colonized by Portu­guese, +

Spirits, distilling of, 35; demand for,+2; N. S. W. Corps engage in tradein, w.; Governor King ordered toprohibit importation of, 43; Blighdetermines to put a stop to, 46;order prohibits payment in, 47

Squatting, origin of, 60; question of,untouched by land regulations (of1831), 63; system of, sanctioned byGipps, ib.; pastoral districts for, ib.;licence system, -lb.; great expansionof, 70; report by Gipps on, -lb.;Crown Lands Leases Act, -lb.; re­sult of, 71; regulation of, in N. Z.,190; and see "Crown Lands"

Staates Land (old name of New Zea­land), 9

Stanmore, Lord. See" Gordon, SirArthur"

State Socialism, of colonies, origin of,1+9

"Stations," of squatters, 6+Statistics, of N. S. W., of 1795, 36;

of 1797, ib.; of 1798, -lb.; of 1799,ib.; of 1821, 51; of 1851,69; ofTasmania, of 1817, 79; of 1821,80; under rule of Arthur, 88; ofVictoria, 99; of 1851, 107,210, 217;of Queensland, 112; of WesternAustralia of 1859, by Durlacher,I 25; of South Australia of 184 I ,

134; of New Zealand of 1849,190; of 1852, 198. And see Ap­pendix

Statute, Constitutional, passing offirst (1823), 54; (of 1834), 129 ;appointing "Colonization Commis­sioners for S. A.," 130; (of 1838),authorizing Leg. Council in S. A.,136; (of 1842), guaranteeing interestto creditors, 137; (of 1850), author­izing new Leg. Council in S. A.,138; (of 1823), authorizing new

Supreme Court for N. S. W. andTasmania, 156; (of 1828), introduc­ing of English law, 157; (of 1850),162; (of 1817), 170; (of 1865),238

Stirling, Captain,explorations by, 113;correspondence between Peel and,114; expedition under, 116

Store keepers, on goldfields, 220Storm Bay (Tasmania), named by

Tasman, 9; passed by Bass andFlinders, 40

Strzelecki, explorer and naturalist,visits Tasmania, 89; brings backgold quartz from Australia, 207 ;expedition into Gippsland, 26I

Stuart, McDouall, explorations by,26+-6; fourth journey, io.; arrivesnear Gulf of Carpentaria, lb.; hos ..tility of aborigines, ib.

Stuart, Mount, discovery of, 265Sturt, journey down the Murray, 129;

expedition of, with Hume, 257-8;expeditions of 1845 and 1846, 264

Stutchbury, discovers gold at SummerHill Creek, 209

8t Vincent's Gulf, examined byBarker, 129

Sugar, cultivation of, in W. A., 114;in Northern Queensland, 311

Sullivan Bay, 93Sullivan Cove, site of Hobart, 74Summer Hill Creek, discovery of gold

reported at, 209Superintendents, provincial in N. Z.,

200Supplies, want of (in 1788), 33Supply, the (tender) starting of, 28;

reaches Norfolk Island, 3I; returnvoyage of, 32

Supreme Court, introduction of, 54;establishment of in N. S. W. andTasmania, 151; Field first judge of,lb.; convict evidence in, z'b.; appealsfrom, 152; reconstituted inN. S. W.and Tasmania, 156; N. Z. cases tobe tried in, ib.; criminal cases, 157;civil, ib.; power to appeal from,limitc.l, ib. ; separate for Tasmania,© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 29: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

Index. 371

159; power of, asregardslegislation,16o; established in Victoria, 164;in N. Z., 180; in Samoa, 318

Swan Hill, discovered by Mitchell, '258Swan River Settlement. See" West­

ern Australia"Swainson, arrival of, in N. Z., 180;

attitude of towards Wairau inci­dent, 183

Sydney, Federal Conference at, '294;Federal Convention at, '299

Sydney Cove, landing place of Phillip,'29; taken possession of, 30

Sydney Cove, the, voyage of, 37;wrecked at Point Hicks, 38

Sydney Land District, created by re­gulations (of 184'2), 65

Sydney, Lord, interview between, andMatra, '25; Sydney Cove namedafter, '29

Table Cape, sighted and named, 40Tahiti (Otaheite), visited by Cook, 12

Tamar river, explored by Bass, 40;entrance to, explored, 73; expedi­tion to, under Paterson, 74

Taranaki, shipwreck at, 172; land atclaimed by N. Z. Co., 181; createdprovince as New Plymouth, '200;old name restored, 2°3; provinceabolished, 2°4; purchase of landin, 274; foundationofN. Plymouth,':76; arriyal of Wiremu. ~ingi at,tb.; war In, see "MaorIs

Tasman, Abel Jansz (Dutch ex­plorer), first voyage, 8; discoversVan Diemen's Land (Tasmania), 9;New Zealand, io.; the FriendlyIslands, z"b.

Tasmania, included in "Australia,"I; named after Tasman, 9; visitedby Cook, 14; discovered by Bassto be an island, 40; partial separa­tion of, 55; visit of French squadronunder Baudin to, 73; GovernorKing decides to attempt settlementin, ib,'; expedition under Collins toPort Phillip, ib.; arrival of theOcean and the Calcutta, ib.; arrival

of Bowen at Risdon, ib.; explora­tion of Tamar river by Collins, lb.;Collins joins Bowen at Risdon, 74;anchors at Sullivan's Cove, lb.;founds Hobart Town, ib.; expedi­tion under Paterson, ib.; foundingof York Town, £b.; removal toLaunceston, ib. ; Cornwall andBuckinghamshire main divisions of,ib.; Laycock crosses, t·b.; Collinsbegins main road, ib.; Launcestonunited to Hobart, 75; arrival ofNorfolk Island settlers, ib.; namingof New Norfolk, ib.; agriculture in,aided by Holt, 76; threatened withfamine, ib.; kangaroo meat usedfor food, ib.; convicts employed inhunting kangaroo, £b.; escape ofconvicts, 77; bushranging in, t"b.;visit of Bligh to, ib.; death ofCollins, 78; visit of Macquarie to,£b.; governorship of Davey, 79;island under martial law, ib.; begin­nings of exportation, ib, ; West Coastexplored, ib.; Macquarie Harbourand Port Davey discovered, ib.;whale fishery, ib.'; displacement ofDavey, t"b.; population of, z"b.;governorship of Sorell, 8o-I; bush­ranging checked, z"b.; free immigra­tion into, ib. ; increase in populationof, t"b.; wool export, ib.; importa­tion of sheep, ib.; farewell visitof Macquarie, 81; retirement ofSorell, z"b.; governorship of Arthur,81-8; penalsettlement at MacquarieHarbour, 8 T ; outbreak at, 83;mission of Schofield, z"b.; visit ofBackhouse and Walker, ts., PortArthur founded, ib.; position of,ib.; establishment at Point Puer, 84;aborigines of, ib.; attempt ofArthur to pacify, 85; small results,t"b.; policy of 1830, ib.; failure ofBlack War, a., good effects onconvicts, ib.; Robinson's plan, 86;aboriginal establishment on Flin­ders' Island, ib.; removal of settlersto Port Phillip, ib.; return to Oyster© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 30: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

372 Index.

Bay, 87; race extinct, ib.; V. D.L. Co. obtains grant, e., frictionabout choice of land, ib.'; grants toV. D. L. Establishment, ib.; Arthurretires, ib.; accused by press ofnepotism, 88; statistics, t"b.; gover­norship of Franklin, 88-9; visit ofHooker, Strzelecki, Darwin, Jukes,Richardson, 89; governorship ofWilmot, 89-90; revival of feelingagainst transportation, 89 ; Wilmotdeprived of office, t"b.; abolition oftransportation in, 91; name of Tas­mania given to, z"b.; Denison suc­ceeds Wilmot, ib.; migration ofHenty family to, 94; Port PhillipAssociation, 95; Fawkner colonizesPort Phillip from, 97; migration ofindentured servants from W. A. to,I 18; no separate courts in, 150;cases sent for trial to Sydney from,z"b.; "Supreme Court" in, 151;"Governor's Courts" in, 151, 15'2;Executive Council in, 156; NewSupreme Court in,' ib.; Court ofQuarter Sessions in, 157; Courts ofRequests in, ib.; English law intro­duced into, t"b.; Legislative Councilin, 159; created Lieutenant-Gover­norship, ib.; drain of population,214; scarcity of labour in, 215;pensioners sent to Victoria from,2 I 7; sends 99th Regiment to hel pof Victoria, 225; receives Respon­sible Government, 234; electiveCouncil in, 237; compensation toofficials, 241 ; extension of franchise,248; retains quinquennial parlia­ments, 249; Conference of Premiersat Hobart, "298; Woman suffragein, 333

Tasman Peninsula, Port Arthursituated on, 83

Taupo, Lake, Maori gathering near,272; heart of King movement,273

Tauranga tribes, submission of, 285Te .Aro, native name of Wellington,


Teira, Maori chief, sale of land onWaitara R. proposed by, 277

Te Kepa, Maori chief, 288Te Kooti, leader of massacre at

Poverty Bay, 288; escape of, ib.;wounded in skirmish, ib.

Te Ruaruru, repulse of McDonnellat, 287

Testu, Guillaume Ie, claimed as dis­coverer of Australia, 5

Thames R. (New Zealand), named byCook, 12

Thierry, Baron de, attempt to foundcolony in N. Z. by, 170; appealsto France, 171

Thomas, Captain, captures EurekaStockade, 224

Thompson, Mr, in Wairau incident,182

Thompson, William, Maori chief,280; makes submission, 287

Three Kings' Islands (New Zealand),visited by Tasman, 9

Thursday Island, Magistrate of, madeprotector of aborigines, 3 J I

"Ticket of leave" men, arrival of inw. A., 124

Tiger wood in N. Z., 17Timber, exportation of, from W. A.,

121Timor, visited by Lushington, 260Tobacco planting, in W..A., 114Tonga, reserved from New Guinea

treaty, 314; treaty (1879),318;ceded to Britain, 319

Torrens, Lake, reached by Eyre, 261Torres, Luis Vaez de, left at Espiritu

Santo, 7; visits New Guinea, ib.;sights Australia, 8; his discoveriesunknown to Dutch in 1644, 9

Torres Strait, visited by Cook, 13;islands in, taken possession of, bygold-diggers, 310; report of Heathon, 311 ; added to Queensland, ib.;protection of aborigines in, ib.

Tory, the, sent by N. Z. Co. to N. Z.,172

Trade, Board of, recommend separa­tion of Port Phillip, 107© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 31: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

Index. 373

Trade, Council of, see "Council"Trade Disputes, Wages Boards, 3'28;

Arbitration Courts, 329-30; in NewZealand, ib,; abandoned in N.S.W.,330; adopted by Federal Govern­ment, 331

Trade and Navigation, Council' of,see "Council"

Trade and Plantations, Council of,see "Council"

Trade Unions, rapid formation of,325; organization of, 'lb.

Transportation, beginnings of, 22;sanctioned by statute (1666), ib,';extended (1670), 'lb.; described byDefoe, 23; checked by Declarationof Independence, ib.; enquiry ofHouse of Commons into, lb.; newstatute (of 1783), 24; places pro­posed for, ib.; no reference to, inMatra's memorial, 25; abolishedfor N. S. W., 66; attempt to re­vive, lb. ; hostility to, in Tasma-

.nia, 81 ; revival of feeling against,in Tasmania, 89; result of discon­tinuance of, 90; abolished for Tas­mania, 9 I ; cessation of, to WesternAustralia, 126, 232-3; and see" Convicts"

Tumut, suggested as federal capital,3°4

Turon River, gold discovered at, 2 I ITwiss, Horace, remonstrance of Peel

with, 115Twofold Bay, explored by Bass and

Flinders, 39; settlement at, 73;excluded from Port Phillip, 101

Upper Chambers, under ResponsibleGovernment, 236; position of withregard to money bills, ib.; proposalinN.S. W.,t"b.;schemeinN.S. W.and N.Z., ib.; in other colonies,'237; retirement of members of, 237­8; action of, in N. Z., 246; changesin constitution of, 249-50; in V·l.A.,'251

Van Diemen's Gulf, Stuart reaches, '266

Van Diemen's Land (early name ofTasmania), named by Tasman, 9;and see "Tasmania"

Van Diemen's Land Company, grantsof land to, 62; commencement ofoperations of, 87; friction aboutchoice of land, -lb. ; settles in north,';b.; hampered by loss of servants,£b.

Van Diemen's Land Establishment,obtains grant in Norfolk Plains dis­trict, 87

Vice-Admiral's Court, established, 150Victoria, separation of, from N. S. W.,

65; formal creation of, 1°7; Su­preme Court for, 164; statistics,'210; goldfields in, 2 I 3 ; troll bles in,'2J5; pre-emptive clauses, '216; finan­cial troubles, io.; Pakington pro­mises soldiers to, '2r7; pensionersfrom Tasmania, ib.: statistics of1850-1851, ib.; proposal of Latrobeto double licence fee, '2I 8; denouncedby diggers, ib.; dealing with gold re­venue, io.; agitation against licencefee, '219; petition ofBendigodiggers,'2'20; gold escort attacked, '221;unfavourable report on licencesystem, ib.; Goldfields Act, ib.;Diggers' Congress, '222; governor­ship of Hotham, -lb.; Eureka mur­der, ib,'; trial of rioters, 2'23; dis­missal of Dewes and Milne, -lb.;Commission on Goldfields, 'lb.;Eureka Stockade, ib.; diggers'manifesto, '2'24; arrival of reinforce­ments under Nickle, '2'25; martiallaw proclaimed, io.; Hotham ap­plies to Denison for military assist­ance, 'lb.; special constables at Mel­bourne and Geelong, ib.; marines,ib.; mounted police, ib.; arrival of99th regiment, ib.; trial of Joseph,ib.; of Manning, 226; Gold Comrnis­sion, ib.; "miner's right," lb. ; goldexport duty, ib.; gold "wardens,"lb.; death of Hotham, '2'27; Re­sponsible Government in, '234;franchise, '235; qualification of© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 32: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

374 Index.

members in, ib.; money bills in,~36; elective Council, ~37; electionsto Legislative Councils in, '238; newstyle of legislature in, ib.; pensionsto officials, '241; power of Cabinetin, z'b.; ministers in parliament in,'24~; deadlock in, ~44; triennialparliaments in, '249; expedition ofBurke and Wills from, '267-9;sends help to N. Z., ~79; differentrevenue policy from N. S. V\T., '294;suggestions for federation, ib.; Con­ference of 188o, ib.; representedin Conference of 1883, '295; Con­ference of I 890, ~96; accepts federa­tion, 3°°; Factory Act in, 3'26;Old Age Pensions in, 33'2; pre­ferential voting in, 334; and see"Port Phillip"

Vincent, Sir Francis, proposal of tocolonize W. A., 114; withdrawalof, 115

Vine, cultivation of, in W. A., 1'21

Wages, in N. S. 'V., faU in, 67; re­covery of, 68; in W. A., rise in,118; high, I~5; in Australia, 3'27

Wages Boards. See "Trade Dis­putes"

Waikanae, enquiry at, 184; migrationof Ngatiawa tribe to, ~74; WiremuKingi comes to Taranaki from, '276

Waikato, (R.), league of Maori chiefson, against land selling, ~73; Kingmovement amongst, ib. ; raid by onNgatiawa, '274; arrival of, at Tara­naki, '277; assist Ngatiawa in thewar, '279; dislodged from Waitara,~80; country visited by Grey, '281;renewal of war, '285; submission ofWilliam Thompson, ~87; generalsubmission of the tribes, ''288

Wairarapa, scheme for settlement invalley of, 196

Wairau, affair on, 18'2-3Wairoa, (R.), Hauhaus defeated on,

'287Waitangi, treaty of, signed by Maoris,

174; effect of, 175; attitude of

white settlers towards, 176; ofN. Z. Co. towards, 187

Waitara (R.), claim at, 184; land onoffered for sale by Teira, ~77; offerrepudiated by Kingi, ib.; surveyof, by Government, ib.; Kingierects pah of defiance on, '278;Nelson repulsed on, '279; abandon­ment of purchase recommended, '283

Waitemata, land purchased at, 177Waitohi, former name of Picton, '203Wakefield, Captain, agent for N. Z.

Co. at Nelson, 18'2; professedlandpurchase by, on Wairau, ib.; killed,183

Wakefield, Colonel, attempts to en-force Wairau purchase, 183-4

Wakefield, Ed ward Gibbon, schemeof for colonizing S. A., 1'29; takespart in forming N. Z. Co., 17'2;supports Responsible Governmentin N. Z., ~45; Wynyard appliesfor advice to, ~49

Walker, Quaker, visits MacquarieHarbour, 83

Wanganui, land at, claimed by N. Z.Co., 181; war maintained in, byHauhaus, '287; reduced to state ofsiege, '288

Wanganui tribes, friendly to British,~85

Water, scarcity of, in Australia, ISWellington (Te Aro), N. Z. Co.'s

settlement at, 173; seat of govern­ment removed to, 177; QuarterSessions at, 180; Maori attacknear, 188

Wellington (Province) created, '200;Hawke's Bay separated from, '203;province abolished, '204

Wentworth crosses Blue Mountains, 50Weraroa Pah, capture of, '287Western Australia (Swan River Settle-

ment), explorations by Stirling, I I 3;notice .. to emigrants, ib,'; offer ofPeel and others, I 14; free grants,ib.; withdrawal of Macqueen andothers, I 15; expedition to, 116;early days of, 116-8; rise of wages© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 33: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

Index. 375in, 118; trouble with aborigines,ib.; organization of Mounted Police,ib.; account published by Irwin,ib.; founding of Guildford, Kelm­scott, Augusta, York, ib.; militarystation at King George's Soundtaken over, ib.; Quarter Sessionsand Civil Court in, ib.; WesternAustralian Association, 119; corre­sponding committee, lb.; memorialagainst Ripon's Regulations, ill.; ex­change of free grants, ib.; non­official seats in Legislative Council,120; services rendered by blacks,ib.; report of Hutt, ib.; scarcity ofmoney in, lb.; ship-building in,121; vine and olive, io.; exportof timber, ib.; scarcity of labour,ib.; formation of Western Austra­lian Company, lb.; claim to landin Leschenault district, ib.; settle­ment of Australind, ib.; proposal ofcompulsory immigration to, ib. ; ar­rival of "Parkhurst" lads in, 124;made conviet station, io.; "ticketof leave" men, io.; good effectsof convict importation into, 124-5;settlement of Champion Bay, 125;development of Land Fund, ib.;discovery of coal, ib.; trade inguano, ib.; sandal wood,. ts.,horses supplied to Indian Cavalryby, io.; mining operations on Mur­chison river, ib.; pearl fisheries,-lb.; statistics by Durlacher, ib.;health of, ib.; cessation of trans­portation to, 126; protest of settlersin, lb.; petition for representa­tive government, 1'27; amendmentadopted, ib.; concurrence of Hamp­ton, 128; creation (in 1870) ofnew Council for, ib.; ResponsibleGovernment, z"b.; extension of fran­chise, 248; quadrennial parliamentsin, 249; differs from other colonieson Chinese immigration, 294; rejectsfederation, 3°°; special mission toEngland, 3°2 ;joinsCommonwealth,3°3; wages in, 3'27; industrial

disputes, 331; Woman suffrage in,332-3

Western Australian Association,founded, 119

Western Australian Company, formed,121

Westernport, settled by convicts underWright, 93; abandoned, ib.; madepastoral district, 101

Westland, county of, becomes pro­vince, 2°3; gold discoveries in,29 1

Whale fishery, development of, inTasmania, 79; in the Straits, 92;at Portland Bay, 94

Whitmore, Colonel, defeats Maoris,288; captures pah near Patea, io,

Wickham, Captain of Beagle, 259;meets Grey and Lushington, 26o

Williamstown, site of, laid out byBourke, 99; price of land at, 100

Wills, explorations of Burke and,267- 9

Wilmot, Governor, succeeds Franklin,89; difficulties with convict system,90; deprived of office by Mr Glad­stone, ib.

Wimmera District, opened up, 102Wimmera (R.) discovered by Mitchell,

258Windsor, Governor's Court held at,

152Wiremu Kingi, arrives at Taranaki,

276; repudiates Teira's offer tosell, 277; erects pah of defianceat Waitara, 278; repulses MajorNelson, 279; continues to protestagainst Waitara sale, 283; visitedby Bowen, 29J

Wise, Captain, fatally wounded, 224Wonlan suffrage, in N. Z., 332; in

S. A., ib.; in W. A., 333; adoptedby Federal Parliament, z"b.; byN. S. W., lb.; by Tasmania, ib.;by Queensland, ib.; by Victoria,u.

Wool - growing, introduced intoN. S. W. by Macarthur, 44; com­menced in Tasmania, 80© in this web service Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press978-0-521-23858-8 - A History of the Australasian Colonies: (From their Foundation to the Year 1911)Edward Jenks IndexMore information

Page 34: INDEX [] Chatham, Lord,protestsagainstfollies of Government, '21 ChiefJustice, for SupremeCourt,

376 Judex.

Wright, on Burke's expedition, '267 ;Brahe meets, '268; reaches Cooper'sCreek, 269; abandonsfurther search,z"b.

Wright, Captain, convicts under, de­spatched to Port Phillip, 93; landson Phillip Island, ts., establishessettlement of Fort Dumaresq, ib.

Wyld, Judge-Advocate, holds court atHobart, 151; position in Marsden'sprosecution of Campbell, 153

Wynyard, Colonel, Acting-Governorin N. Z., '20'2; offers compromisein scheme for Responsible Govern­ment in N. Z. J 245-6; failure

of, '246; applies to Wakefield foradvice, '247

Wytfliet, Cornelius (Dutch historian),describes Australia, 6

Yarrawonga, northern boundary ofPort Phillip, 101

Yass-Canberra, selected as federalcapital, 306

York (W. A.), founding of, 118York Town, founding of, 74Young, Sir George, draws up scheme

for convict settlement, '25Young, Sir Henry Fox, Governor of

S. A., succeeds Robe, 136

CAMBRIDGE: PRINTED BY JOHN CLAY, M.A. AT THE UNIVERSITY PRESS© in this web service Cambridge University Press

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