Icqre 2011- Arshad Hasnain

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Talent acquisition and retention - Role of social media

Transcript of Icqre 2011- Arshad Hasnain

  • 1. Arshad HasnainInternet and Social Media Quality tool forTalent Acquisition and RetentionPaper presentation for ICQRE- 2011

2. Balance Your Media DietBy Steven Leckart 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited Slide 2 3. IntroductionThe ProblemHigh Attrition, Intense hiring competition25% increase in turnover expected in 2012Worldwide data suggests a median of 16% (Salary) spent as hiring cost. In India you spend 12.3% of the Salary as hiring cost. 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited Slide 3 4. Why is it interestingOn an average 39 % of people with secondary education are unemployed all over the worldIndia has 41% people unemployed with secondary education.1. Each year India produces roughly 500,000 engineers in the country,2. By 2009, India also has a total of 37,160,000 telephone lines in use,3. 506,040,000 mobile phone connections,4. 81,000,000 Internet userscomprising 7.0% of the countrys population5. 7,570,000 people in the country have access to broadband Internet12th largest country in the world in terms of broadband Internet users.6. Total fixed-line and wireless subscribers reached 543.20 million as of November, 2009.7. 2010-11, annual revenues from IT-BPO sector is estimated to have grown over US$54.33 billion compared to China with $35.76 billion and Philippines with $8.85 billion.8. Indias outsourcing industry is expected to increase to US$225 billion by 2020. The most prominent IT hub is Bangalore. The other emerging destinations are Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Kochi, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmadabad , NCR .9. Indias growing stature in the Information Age enabled it to form close ties with both the United States of America and the European Union.10. Slowdown is still not over, recently growth rates of both India and China have been revised and rally between 6- 9 %. 2011 Infosys Technologies LimitedSlide 4 5. What are the main contributors1. Not be sensitive to employee experience2. Employee centricity lacking3. Compelling Offer4. Expectation is Not Shaped Properly5. Life cycle Changes Not Managed6. Developmental Needs Beyond the Functional Are Not Met7. Wrong HireFactors affectingAttritionOthersPeer PressureEnvironmentOrganizational Growth and IndividualRole RelatedCulturePay Packets Career Paths Lack of Parental/FamilyAmbitions/Career Personality No Challenge No Learnings Style of Boss Role ClarityRole StressIndependencemobilityaspirationsfactors 2011 Infosys Technologies LimitedSlide 5 6. What is generally done? Popular Interventions in Corporate today 1.Compensation, Financial restructuring and New Incentive schemes 2.ILFS introduced as new Performance Linked pay 3. Loyalty pay 4.ESS and OC interventions- Employee satisfaction and Organizational Climate 5.HRD audits 6.Celebrations and Social and cultural Networks (Cultural forums, Group Celebrations) 7.Assimilation and Integration (Induction, adaptation to leverage strengths) 8.Coaching services, Psychological help, Buddy programs 9.Employee Engagement 10. Market Driven Approach 11. Job Design and OB Customization (Organizational behavior) 12. Change of Styles through 360 Degree Feedback and Internal Customer satisfaction Surveys Some more methods 1. Dont recruit those people who will be the most difficult to retain 2. Adapt to Attrition 3. Simplify and standardize jobs and use multi-skilling to help meet any contingencies 4. Focus on retaining intellectual capital even when employees leave 5. Cooperate with competitors. Form clubs and associations 6. Work with local schools and communities and develop a large source of skill base by giving projects and grants to local colleges. 2011 Infosys Technologies LimitedSlide 6 7. What is the Point of View 1. 2011 is the Year of Social media It has just begun 2. 2012 shall be the year of mobile platform Its here and now 3. Why shall Enterprise loose to Consumer 4. Filter LinkedIn Your call 5. Recruitment Marketing and True Branding is different 6. What is Candidate experience? 7. Forward looking metrics needed for recruitment and retention 8. HR legal issue is not the only Recruitment risk risk of weak hiring, absence of developed leaders, cost of turnover 9. Talent management teams integration with delivery teams is important too 10. Leadership development cycle time needs to be shortened 11. HR has to be more externally focused 12. Pipeline is more important than ever before 13. Talent management needs to be $ impact focused 14. How can you use internet and social media in your favor 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited Slide 7 8. 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited Slide 8 9. 2011 is the Year of Social media It has just begun! 1. Waking up with Social media policy 2. Bad Press, Formal circles and Reader reactions 3. Word of mouth vs. the Brand and Stock price 4. Employer Criticism might be a healthy discussion too 5. Propaganda vs. Employee advocacy 6. Social media analytics 7. Social networking, Enhanced Roles may mean more customers (inbound marketing) 8. Thought leaders are experienced not advertised 9. Internet shall find you, you like it or not 10. Advocacy builds out of candidate experience 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited Slide 9 10. 2012 shall be the year of mobile platform Its here and now 1. Computers are dumb Look at my I phone 2. Out of Windows lets get Google android 3. Socialism, Capitalism , Social, Crowd sourcing, Collaboration 4. Consumer applications evolve faster than Enterprise applications 2011 Infosys Technologies LimitedSlide 10 11. Why shall Enterprise loose to Consumer 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited Slide 11 12. Filter LinkedIn Your call1. Linked in has become a formal platform for real people in corporate world2. India has second most highest users after U.S3. Half of the LinkedIn Users live outside USA4. Linked in also carries statistics of Employers 2011 Infosys Technologies LimitedSlide 12 13. Recruitment Marketing and True Branding is different1. Notion of Branding can be taken care by Recruitment marketing2. Not taking note of employee perception is a risky preposition 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited Slide 13 14. What is Candidate experience?1. What defines employee centricity2. What are the ways to track candidate/employee experience3. Anyone Engaging with open Employer criticism sites like www.glassdoor.comForward looking metrics needed for recruitment and retention1. Almost all current talent management and recruiting metrics are backward looking, in that they tell you what happened in the past.2. Other business functions like supply chain, production, and finance have long championed the use of forward-looking or predictive metrics3. leaders will shift their metrics emphasis. Forward-looking metrics can not only improve decision-making but they can also help to prevent or mitigate future talent problems.HR legal issue is not the only Recruitment risk1. HR risk management to be evolved as a strategy2. Impact of weak hiring or absence of developed leaders shall push you back3. $ impact - Cost of turnover most important metric 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited Slide 14 15. Talent management teams integration with delivery teams1. Talent management teams need to work seamlessly with Delivery functions2. Strong feedback loop required within Quality, Training, Production and HRLeadership development cycle time needs to be shortened1. Baby boomers shall begin to retire soon2. Social media / Different methods to be utilized for fast track, remote Leadership developmentHR has to be more externally focused1. HR has a long history of being internally focused and not being highly competitive, there is increasing pressure to become more business-like and to adopt an us-versus-them perspective2. That means conducting competitive analysis and making sure that every key talent management function produces superior results to those at competitors 2011 Infosys Technologies LimitedSlide 15 16. Pipeline is more important than ever before1. There are more opportunities to engage potential employees in advance2. Predictive or Forward looking metrics shall help in giving a recruitment outlook in advance in public domain3. Referral and Advocacy is projected to contribute 75% of recruitment leads in coming years.Talent management needs to be $ impact focused1. Talent management will face increasing pressure to directly demonstrate how their hiring, retention, development, etc. is focused.2. This is to ensure it directly increases and maximizes corporate revenues. 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited Slide 16 17. Social Media Strategy (Method)1. Define your business strategy2. Understand your customers3. Define measurable & actionable KPIs4. Configure your analytics5. Use Social Media Monitoring Tools6. Understanding each social metric7. Revise your strategy 2011 Infosys Technologies Limited Slide 17 18. How can you use internet and social media in your favor1. Blogs (Johnson & Johnson, Delta Air Lines)2. Bookmarking/Tagging (Adobe, Kodak)3. Brand monitoring (Dell, MINI)4. Content aggregation (Alltop, EMC)5. Crowdsourcing/Voting (Oracle, Starbucks)6. Discussion boards and forums (IBM, Mountain Dew)7. Events and meetups (Molson, Pampers)8. Mashups (Fidelity Investments, Nike)9. Microblogging (method, Whole Foods)10. Online video (Eukanuba, Home Depot)11. Organization and staffing (Ford, Pepsi)12. Outreach programs (Nokia, Yum Brands)13. Photosharing (Rubbermaid, UK Government)14. Podcasting (Ericsson, McDonalds)15. Presentation sharing (CapGemini, Daimler AG)16. Public Relations social media releases (Avon, Intel)17. Ratings and reviews (Loblaws, TurboTax)18. Social networks: applications, fan pages, groups, and personalities (British Airways, Saturn)19. Sponsorships (Coca-Cola, Whirlpool)20. Virtual worlds (National Geographic, Toyota)21. Widgets (Southwest Airlines, Target)22. Wikis (Second Life, T-Mobile Sidekick) 2011 Infosys Technologies LimitedSlide 18 19. Discussion / Conclusion 1. Internet and Social