1.4 Document management - Dr Hasnain Abbasi

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Transcript of 1.4 Document management - Dr Hasnain Abbasi

  • EZ Doc | Document Management InnovationAT Medics Londons largest primary care provider

    Dr Usman Quraishi | GP DirectorOmar Din | Head of Communications & Digital

  • Innovations that releasecapacity in Primary Care10 high impact actions

  • If you can introduce a process that improves the service you provide for your patients, and reduces GP

    workload, why wouldnt you do it?Dr Lauren Parry

  • Experience GP delivered and developed training Delivered across 16 CCGs already, tailored to CCG

    locality specific requirements Data visualisation & performance analysis Sustainability training can continue to be rolled

    out and competency evaluated (governance) Proven model across +220,000 patients

  • Evaluation The MPS undertook a review of EZ Doc and made the following comment:

    AT Medics have developed a robust and innovative process for the managementin

    order to reduce clinicians workload, improve the quality of Read coding and consistencythis

    will be an invaluable resource within general practices...

  • Efficacy Audit tool central, easy to use Real measure of performance business

    intelligence CCGs and Federations will see impact across groups Practices can view their own performance over time

    3 x CQC Outstanding practices with EZ Doc

  • Safety Audit

  • Benefits EFFICIENCY: hours of GP admin time saved per day SAFETY: significant improvement in clinical safety POTENTIAL COST SAVING: 11,000 worth of annual savings per

    practice, per 1000 patients SATISFACTION: huge increase in clinical and admin staff


  • NHS England Case Study

    Watch the short video: http://bit.ly/2eJHPgN


  • Understanding current practiceidentifying your complete document workflow process

    Co-design new working model face-to-face workshops to develop a localised solution

    Trainingin-practice face-to-face expert trainingplus e-learning to ensure proficiency and perpetual learning

    Implementationensuring sustained improvement

    and change, step by step

    Auditmeasuring effectiveness & accuracy of

    the new document management process

    How we deliver EZ Doc

  • Implementation GP Led Workshops with your GP Leads & Practice Leads Up to 3 sessions of Expert Trainer in-practice training Competency assessed online training Ongoing telephone/email/web support

  • Implementation Impactmeasured at Edith Cavell Surgery, Lambeth (15k pts)



    0 1 2 3 4 5

    Docs sent to GPs

    Docs sent to Nurses

    Docs sent to HCAs

    Total Docs sent to allclinicians


    ber o

    f doc



    Number of weeks from implementation

  • Our Suite of InnovationsThe Digital Practice Business Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Our Websites work with our active signposting.Enabling e-consultations, self-care, self-referral,

    patient registration, feedback and responsive to all devices. Search engine friendly.

    Currently receiving over 1mil hits a year.

    Our Business Intelligence supports decision making.Seamless enterprise-wide integration with clinical and

    corporate systems & KPIs. Our BI dashboard delivers user friendly insights for quality and safety improvement,

    diagnosing core issues within Primary Care and providing resilient data quality.

  • Our Suite of InnovationsAT Medics Training Active Signposting

    Face-to-Face, Online and Blended Training for all grades of General Practice staff

    Our training programmes are delivered across Primary Care, including Medical Students, Trainees

    and Doctors, Nurses and Physician Associates in training or in-post, Clinical Pharmacists, Healthcare Assistants, Practice Management and Clerical Staff.

    Signposting that is proven to work.Our patient journey and experience is designed with

    patients in mind. Our staff Active Signpost training and Digital Practice has helped to free up 25% of appointments, averaging 239 appointments p/wk now released, to focus

    on more urgent and complex patient care.

  • 26-28 Streatham Place Surgery, SW2 4QYomar@atmedics.com | 07966 032 942www.ezdoc.co.uk | www.atmedics.com


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