How To Tweet Effectively (it’s easier than you think)

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How To Tweet Effectively (its easier than you think)1

Tweet this! #PowerofPR@BusinessWire



How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWireGetting Ready To TweetEstablish goalsSelect teamDetermine brand voiceCraft response programmingBuild decision trees3

How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWireBuild Your Twitter ProfileFill out your profile160 character bioInclude URLsAdd hashtags

Upload artworkProfile photo/logo400 x 400 pxExciting header art1500 x 500 pxDesign your backgroundShowcase team members


How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWireCreate Twitter ListsCreate/Subscribe to Lists!Company officialsCompetitorsPartnersIndustry expertsReporters

Retweet each list daily

Promote/find lists on MuckRack, WeFollow, Listorious


How To Tweet Effectively #PowerofPR|@BusinessWireBuild Decision Trees6Activist attackReport to CEO, IR, PRStock impacting situationReport to CFO, IR, PRAngry customerReport to Customer Service

Message misalignmentReport to PR, IRCEO misquoteReport to IR, PRSocial media mistakeReport to PR, IR, HRCustomer queriesPre-approvedArticle shares quotesPre-approvedBrand fansPre-approvedHighThreatMedium ThreatLowThreat


How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWireFormatting Your TweetText + Link + ThoughtsDont start with @Tweet in 100 charactersLinks = 22 charactersTest headlinesTag usersAdd hashtagsURL builders/link shorteners



How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWireTweet Content FactsIncrease engagement by:17% when under 100 characters86% if link is included200% with an image4x higher RTs when RT is asked21% reply to questions

Content types that work?73% want brand updates 61% want ideas and feedbackHow to content travelsQuotes outperform questionsStatistics and facts



How To Tweet Effectively #PowerofPR|@BusinessWireGetting Started: What to Share9What to write about:Do keyword research80/20 content ruleTalk about your brandCompliment othersShare useful contentDouble check linksPin top content!Do NOT do this:

How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWireUsing HashtagsResearch tags first!Hashtags.orgTwubsUse #TBT to showcase evolution of your businessNo more than 2-3 at a timeRegister your hashtag at Twubs.comBe fast: Trending hashtags last 1 hour10

How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWireBest Time to TweetTime your tweet to match when your audience is online/best time to tweet and best days of the week to tweet



How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWireActive Next StepsPin key tweets to topTrack URL buildersUpdate landing pageFreshen contentCraft new tweet anglesTwitter analyticsIdentify influencersTime of dayTop content types



How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWireTop Twitter ToolsTop Twitter ToolsTwitter.comSearch.Twitter.comTweetreachHashtags.orgTwubs.comTopsyTwitterCounter (stats)SocialBro (engagement)Twitterfall (live events)TwitterAudit (fake followers)



How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWireTop Twitter TermsA Tweet: The message you send out on TwitterA Follower: Someone who follows your Twitter account@Name: Limits the visibility of your tweet to just the user, yourself and anyone following both accountsRT (Retweet): When you or someone else shares out an existing tweetMT (Modified Tweet): A tweet that is edited before it is shared outDM (Direct Message): A private tweet sent by adding a d before your tweet; i.e. d @serena what time is our webinar today?



How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWireTop Twitter TermsAuto DMs: Automatic DMs sent to new followers, hated by allICYMI (In case you missed it): An acronym added before a tweet when sharing out older contentLive Tweeting: The act of tweeting speaker comments or actions during an eventTrending: When a term is very popular it may trend in one region, or wider#FF: A way to recommend smart folks you follow to others15


Go Forth and Tweet!(its easier than you think)

How To Tweet Effectively#PowerofPR|@BusinessWire16

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