Tweet, Tweet, Tweet Tweeting Assignments & Discussions Kara Damm, Technology Integration...

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Transcript of Tweet, Tweet, Tweet Tweeting Assignments & Discussions Kara Damm, Technology Integration...

Tweet, Tweet, TweetTweeting Assignments & Discussions

Kara Damm, Technology Integration Specialist

What is Twitter?An online social networking service and microblogging serviceEnables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 charactersMessages are known as tweets

Why would you use this in education?Twitter may not be appropriate for every classroom Hopefully this workshop will help you determine if it will work in your class!Engage studentsAllow parents and community members to see what you are teachingCreate a global learning networkPublicize your workA top source for breaking news

Twitter Broke DownTweet simply a message on TwitterCannot be longer than 140 characters RT or Retweet When you read a tweet that is interesting to you, you can retweet it which passes it on to your followers. Retweeting is usually a compliment.

RT indicates this is a retweetPerson who is retweeting the contentOriginal creator of the tweet. (being retweeted)Tweets Broke Down@Replies To reply to or mention another Twitter user in your Tweet procede their username with the @ symbol. Example) @kdamm check this out!Links Website address are typically long. With only being able to Tweet 140 characters, you will need to shorten the website address.Copy the web address and go to the following website OR bitly.comPaste the web address you would like to share into the tinyurl or bitly and it will make a shorter OR and paste the shortened URL into your Tweet

HashtagsAny word, phrase or abbreviation preceded by a # is a hashtag #edchat #higheredHashtags are a way of letting others search for a certain subject and see the topics that are going on regarding the hashtagIf you decide to use Twitter in your classroom, you will want your students to use a particular hashtag at the end of all their class-related tweets. This way when you search for the tweets, they will all appear.There is not a special set up Just create a hashtag that is not already being usedMine was #mcccompapps

HashtagsTwo ways to view activity of a particular hashtagClick on the hashtag when it appears in your streamClick on the search box and enter the hashtag (press enter)

Best Practices for IndividualsWhen creating your account, pick the shortest possible version of your name.When people retweet your name it counts as part of their 140 charactersBioLimited to 160 charactersSpend some time crafting it. It will play a large part in who will find you and if they decide to follow youUpload your pictureIt helps people put a face with your name and your tweetsFind people to followThe people you follow do not have to be real life acquaintancesThe quickest way to find people to follow is to type a term in the search box and see who is discussing that subject. On the left side of the screen will be Tweets and People click on People and it will list all the people who are responding to that topic.

Best Practices for IndividualBe aware that you are broadcasting and anyone can your posts (unless you protect your tweets; however, that makes it difficult to build a following group)Promote your Twitter. @username example) @kdammInclude your Twitter name on your email signatureInclude it on relevant documentationInclude it on your other social media websitesConsistencyTwitter is not like FacebookIt takes a little time to get use to itCheck in often and dont neglect your accountPatienceYou will not be flooded with followers immediatelyTweet high-quality information and follow others and you will gain people who follow you