How Recruiters can use Social Media to hire Top Talent

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In a connected world every recruiter or human resources (HR) professional is looking for ways to connect with top talent. This presentation gave advice and tips for establishing relationships with top talent through social networks, while doing more than simply posting available jobs.

Transcript of How Recruiters can use Social Media to hire Top Talent

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2. Social Media is as Social Media Does 1social adjective s-shl: relating to or involving activities in which people spend time talking to each other or doing enjoyable things with each other : liking to be with and talk to people : happy to be with people : of or relating to people or society in general 3. Dude, Are you talking to yourself?? soliloquy (s-ll-kw)n. pl. soliloquies 1.a. A dramatic or literary form of discourse in which a character talks to himself or herself or reveals his or her thoughts without addressing a listener. b. A specific speech or piece of writing in this form of discourse. 2. The act of speaking to oneself. 4. The best talent will be digitally connected. So both you AND your clients must be connected too with amazing content. 5. The impression prospective employees form of your organization is comprised of the information they gather from a number of different sources. 6. How Can Clients Help the Recruit Top Talent? Showcase the Corporate Culture Photo Galleries Quick videos of office fun A day in the life video Showcase Perks & Benefits Showcase Meaningful Work Showcase Leadership Particularly at smaller businesses Have them contribute to company blog Leadership video series giving pointers to up and comers Broaden their social footprint 7. As a recruiter it is imperative that You understand the content that prospective employees are going to find attractive, and that will boost the profile of a business, is going to vary by industry and by what level of position you are looking for. 8. Just because you build (Post) it.doesnt mean theyll come 9. 7 Keys to Recruiting Success 1. Engage 2. Intrigue 3. Invigorate 4. Integrate 5. Inform 6. Propagate 7. Aggregate 10. At Least it isnt completely dark in here