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GCMS Tech Newsletter for Students

Transcript of Gcmstechforstudentsvol1 no1

  • Your Digital Footprint

    Everything you post online contributes to your

    Digital Footprint! Be responsible in regard to

    technology use!

    Volume 1, Issue 1, Fall 2014, Carol Taylor

    Keep a check on your grades and attendance in Power School on your phone with the Student App! This App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iTunes.

    You need to know your log-in information to PowerSchool to use the App. Ask your teacher for your account information.

    Tell your parents about the PowerSchool app for parents!

    Parents who do not have an account should ask in the front office for r registration form.

    PowerSchool App

    for Students

    PowerSchool App

    for Parents

    [email protected] Technology support for GCMS Students


    Assignments and Scores

    Teacher Comments

    Final Grades

    Take good care of your Macbook Air!

    CC image twitterclassroom by brunsell,

  • Log in Information for GCMS Resources

    To extend your battery life so your computer will last through 4th Core...

    1. 1. Adjust your screen brightness to the lowest comfortable level for your eyes by pressing your F1 key.

    2. 2. Always QUIT applications you are not using! Command+Q

    3. 3. Do not play games or listen to music during school. (Only teacher directed activities.)

    4. 4. Keep your computer closed when you are not using it.

    Need images for your projects? Try these 5 sites for free-use images. Remember you may still need to give credit to the creator. Check the terms of use.


    NASA Image Portal



    The Smithsonian Collection

    Discovery School Clipart

    More about Digital Citizenship..

    What is your digital footprint?

    Common Sense Media describes your digital footprint as:

    Digital Footprint: All of the information online about a person either posted by that person or others, intentionally or unintentionally

    In other words, you create your footprint t h rough you r on l i ne ac t i v i t i e s and communications you post about yourself and others.

    How to manage your digital footprint:1. Guard your privacy-set accounts to privacy


    2. Keep your personal details private. Ask your parents before giving out any personal details online.

    3. Understand that nothing is private online.

    4. Dont post things you do not want others to know and wouldnt say to their face. Apply the Golden Rule.

    5. Dont share your passwords and change them often. (Always lock your phone-dont give anyone open access to your accounts.)

    6. Talk to an adult if something is bothering you about any online activity!

    username:[email protected]:ms followed by your ID# Ex. ms123456

    username:firstlast_gcspassword: ID#