GCCS-ZCS Partnership Newsletter

GCCS-ZCS Partnership Newsletter
GCCS-ZCS Partnership Newsletter
GCCS-ZCS Partnership Newsletter
GCCS-ZCS Partnership Newsletter
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  • 7/30/2019 GCCS-ZCS Partnership Newsletter



    March-Apri l 2013

    Volume 1, Issue 2

    The BlessedA GCCS Partnership Newsletter to ZCS

    Praise God for a new project

    this year! With the partnership ofZeeland Christian School andHolland Christian High School, GCCSvision of rebuilding the old Annexbuilding is now starting to unfoldinto a concrete plan.

    Old and FrailThe annex building of GCCS

    is located at the back part of theschool property and has beenexisting for more than 20 years

    already. It was once sold tocompensate the fund for buildingthe first two floors of the GCCS 15years ago and was bought back 6years ago to be used as additionalrooms for elementary students.

    But due to the building beingold and frail, with ceilings that leakand floors that are cracked, plusbuildings high absorption to thesuns heat, the building is not longer

    conducive for the students andteachers to use it.

    The Annex Project

    Moving-up Ceremony 2013

    Thirty-seven grade 6 students graduated from GraceCommunity Christian School, March 24, this year. The momentwas bittersweet as the students already have finished a phase oftheir lives as elementary students but at the same time theirtime in GCCS has finally ended.


    We will miss everyone most especially the teachers,said ZIna Yari Canonoy, one out of the 15 Zeeland Christiansponsored students who graduated this year. They acted as oursecond mothers, and I dont think Ill ever have teachers likethem in my next school, followed by Faye Alcantara, who wassponsored by ZCS 6th graders since her early years in GCCS.

    Our sponsors have been one of my inspirations, saidFaye when asked how thankful she is for the ZCS Sponsorship.Both said that it is one of the reasons that they want to do well

    -to be continued on pg. 2

    ZCS Fundraising and Holland Christian High SchoolWe praise God for yet again, the generous hearts of our

    dear friends from Zeeland Christian School who have beenexerting their efforts to raise funds for GCCS to totally rebuildthe annex building! We also praise God for Holland Christian

    High School in partnering with ZCS and GCCS in raising funds forthis project. What a blessed union it is!

    to be continued on pg. 3

    Thank you! The 6th grade GCCS graduates alllined up to express their gratitude to theirAlma matter all throughout their elementary

  • 7/30/2019 GCCS-ZCS Partnership Newsletter


    Collage CornerZCS Our dear partners from across the globe

    Page 2 of 4 The Blessed

    A Journey to Our Mission visiting our dear friendsfrom ZCSCold Climate, Warm Fellowship

    Coming from a country that is always 90degrees, Ptr. Leo and Elma Ordiales, CarmelaMercene and I were surely not prepared enough tobrace the cold Michigan weather!

    The freezing weather compensated with awarm welcome that we havent experienced fromanyone, ever. Greetings, laughs, hugs, wereexchanged between our team and the ZCS Staffand the whole student body.

    The ZCS CommunityFor a couple of weeks that we visited, the

    whole ZCS community made us feel that we are apart of their family. We visited and observed eachof the classroom through which we have learned alot about how awesome the ZCS teachers havebeen exerting their efforts to really make theirclass learn. We have observed the relationshipbetween the teachers and the students, andthrou h that we have seen how Christ is laced

    above all else in ZCS. A lot of things that we want to putin a bag to bring back home to the Philippines!

    Love from the Sponsored Students to ZCS and backIt has been wonderful to really get to know the

    classes, teachers and staff that have supported 82students from the Philippines. I was blessed to sent thesponsored kids in the Philippines love to all of them and

    let them know how GCCS and each of the kids appreciatetheir prayers, love and support.

    Zeeland Christian School and Holland Christian HighSchool

    A chapel in Holland Christian High School wasinitiated by the ZCS team that went to the Philippineslast year, who are now studying in the said high school.The said team, with us Ptr. Leo, Elma and I with BillVandyk and Janelle Sievert of ZCS, a chapel to challengeHCHS to raise funds for the Philippines was done onMarch 25, 2013. Bill Vandyks opening remarks, Mariah

    -to be continued on pg. 4

  • 7/30/2019 GCCS-ZCS Partnership Newsletter


    Page 3 of 4The Blessed

    Think of someone who isdependable, committed, andtrustworthy. Think of someone who was

    the first name that the people in GCCSand Grace From Heaven ChristianFellowship would call with regards tofinancial matter. Somebody who wasfrugal, but generous - I think of GCCSsecretary and treasurer, Juliete JulieSobriaga.

    Julie was a dedicated worker ofGCCS for more than a decade. She gaveher energy, commitment, anddedication to GCCS and GFHCF. She wastruly an asset that youll rarely find.

    The love of Jesus Christ shonethrough Julies life and everyone aroundher had seen it. She was a loving wife toYoy (GCCS 4th grade teacher) and adevoted mother to Aaron (12 y/o) andAldrin(7 y/o). She was also a goodfriend to so many.

    In her career as a church andschool secretary/treasurer, she workedwith passion and integrity taking hercareer not only as a job but her lifescommitment, both to the church and tothe school.

    Julie was called home by ourSavior on April 19, 2013. Julie, who wasgreatly used by the Lord and hadaffected the lives of so many, will be

    A Tribute to the Treasurer

    greatly missed. Our hearts are deeplysaddened yet we rejoice because Juliespain is over and she is now enjoying the

    presence of our Creator. As it said inPsalm 116: 15, Precious in the sight ofthe Lord is the death of His saints.

    No guilt in life, no fear in death

    This is the power of Christ in me

    From life first cry till final breath

    Jesus commands my destiny!

    No power of hell, no scheme of man

    Can ever pluck me from His hand

    Till He returns, or calls me home

    Here in the power of Christ, Ill stand!-In Christ Alone, Keith Getty and StuartTownend

    This project is now in theprocess of getting its permits from thegovernment and we look forward tostart digging to make new and strongerfoundations and also start rebuildingsoon!

    Looking forwardThe new building will be used as

    additional classrooms for GCCS. Lordwilling, we are also envisioning somedayin the future to raise the roof additional classrooms for the highschool department! Greater things are

    yet to come!

    The Annex Projectcontinued from pg. 1

    A Tribute to the Treasurer

    Prayer CornerPlease pray for the whole GCCS family most especially the Sobriagafamily as they cope with their loss.

    Please pray for GCCS transition regarding Julies job. Help us pray

    for the right person that God will use to be the next GCCS secretary.

    Please pray for GCCS enrollment as it is currently going on. Pleasepray for strength to the GCCS Staff as they work together for theenrollment process. Please also pray that GCCS will have a good turn-out regarding the number of enrollees this coming school year

    Dependable, Trustworthy,Committed three best words

    to describe our dear Julie.

    The Sobriaga Family(From L-R) Julie,Aldrin, Yoy and Aaron.Yoy is a GCCS 4th gradeteacher. Yoy also went

    to ZCS 4 years ago.

  • 7/30/2019 GCCS-ZCS Partnership Newsletter


    We think of them

    often. Zina Yari

    Moving-up Ceremony continued from pg. 1

    in school. We think of them often, said ZinaYari.

    Christian Gohil (sponsored by the Schaferfamily) and Natalie Obina (sponsored by theTimmer Family) have been awarded as the classtop achievers. Zina Yari (sponsored by theKlompmaker Family) was awared with Best inMusic and Kenneth Turbolencia (sponsored by theHillbrand Family) was awarded with Best inSports.

    Them, along with Faye and 10 othersponsored students plus the other 22 grade 6students will be moving forward to high school.We wish them well and pray that the Christianvalues that have been taught to them by GCCSwill be carried out as they move on with another

    hase of their lives.

    Smile! Zina Yari andher mom smiles, asthey celebrate ZinaYaris accom lishment

    Nervous-excitedas Faye (2n fromthe right) and her classmates are

    being presented as GCCS gradutes.

    A Journey to Our Mission continued from pg. 2

    Nelesen, Alexi Zastrow, Emily Slenk and KenedySchoonvelds encouragement on stage, with Ptr.Leos challenging words, and yours truly we praiseGod for how strongly He had used each andeveryone who participated in the chapel! We alsoacknowledged the students of HCHS who also went

    to the Philippines before for standing with us onstage to challenge the HCHS student body to raisefunds for the Philippines.

    All glory goes to the Lord as the challengingchapel received positive feedback HCHS hasdecided to partner with us and ZCS in raising fundsto rebuild the annex building! Our heartfelt thanksto HCHS for their generosity and to ZCS forintroducing us to HCHS. We cannot thank youenough!

    Blessed to be a blessing!

    We were really overwhelmed not only withthe warmth of the ZCS community but also withtheir huge hearts to serve the Lord throughsupporting GCCS in prayers and in financial support.Our eyes have seen one of the ways that a class

    raises funds for the Philippines 5t graders all bucollecting their change, counting them all and putting thein a coin wrapper to be sent to the Philippines. We haseen each of the sponsored kids posted in the walls arooms of ZCS. We have seen how much the kids love thesponsored students and how much they pray for them. It

    ALL overwhel