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Freight & Trading Weekly

Transcript of FTW 5 March 2010

  • The Freight Communitys Weekly Newspaper for Import / Export decision makers on subscriptionFRIDAY 5 March 2010 NO. 1900



    I am absolutely flabbergasted industry did not really support this venture because it needs a new contender given the chaos we now have with short-shipments, but shippers were concerned

    at the unavailability of equipment (at MBG Shipping), so one has to understand their reticence, said Carl van der Westhuizen, former partner in MBG Shipping Line.

    See full story on page 5.

    Former MBG director speaks out


    Carl van der Westhuizen ... New contender is necessary.

    Weight misdeclarers beware!Workable solution in the pipeline to check container weights By Alan Peat

    A call to name and shame those who misdeclare container weights has drawn mixed response from the industry.

    Its an idea mooted in the UK freight trade press calling for box lines and port operators to publicly name the excessive overweight offenders with the expectation that this will cure the problem.

    The freight industry is utterly dependent on the honesty of the shippers and their associated container packers/operators/forwarders. The weights declared by shippers on the shipping instruction (SI) and the bill of lading (BoL) are the only indications of just how much a container should weigh.

    But thats not a very certain document. As a recent report by the UKs Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB)

    said: Only in container shipping is the weight of the cargo unknown.

    This because many shippers either dont have the facilities to weigh containers before shipment, or because theyre discouraged from doing so by factors such as import taxes, loading restrictions, and rail and road weight restrictions.

    So they leave lots of room for errors either deliberate, or more likely miscalculation error.

    But this unknown quantity has not always been the case in SA.

    A shipping line executive pointed out to FTW that there used to be weighbridges at each of the ports around the coast, intended to weigh all the trucks and container loads before they entered the terminals.

    Indeed, about seven years ago, the grand new weighbridge facility intended

    for the Durban container terminal (DCT) on the Bayhead Road access was big news in FTW. But that, along with all the other port weighbridges, has like many of the other great government ideas just faded into oblivion.

    But its not an idea that has faded out of the minds of those in the shipping line and trucking industries who are the ultimate victims of misdeclaration of container weights.

    Alex de Bruyn, Safmarine SA trades executive, told FTW that he saw the weighbridge idea as one of the possible solutions.

    He suggested introducing measures in ports similar to those in North America which allow shipping lines to identify overweight containers before they go into the stack.

    This could be done by having weighbridges at the

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    2 | FRIDAY March 5 2010

    Increase in Customs Duty on PigmentsA notice has been published in respect of (i) the proposed increase in the rate of customs duty on pigments and preparations based on chrome oxide green, lead chromate, zinc chromate, barium chromate or strontium chromate, inorganic pigments, classifiable under tariff subheading 3206.20.10 from free of customs duty to 10% ad valorem; and (ii) possible re-instatement of rebate items 306.04/3206.20 /01.06 and 311.01/32.06/01.00, which existed prior to the reduction of tariff subheading 3206.20.10.

    Comment is due by 26 March 2010.

    Trade Deficit for January 2010On 26 February the South African Revenue

    Service (Sars) released the South African trade figures (import and export statistics) for January 2010.

    A R3.3 billion trade deficit was recorded in comparison to the R17.7 billion for January 2009. This was the lowest trade deficit for January compared to the 2008 and 2007 figures.

    The main reason for the trade deficit is the decline in exports and an increase in imports of mineral products, imports and machinery and electronic equipment.

    Income Tax Meals and Incidental CostsThe South African Revenue Service (Sars) has given notice of the Determination of the Daily Amount in respect of Meals and Incidental Costs for purposes of Section 8(1) of the Income Tax Act,

    1962 (Act No.58 of 1962.The commencement date

    is 01 March 2010.

    NAMC Registration Directly Affected Group The National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) has extended an Invitation to Register as a Directly Affected Group in terms of the Marketing of Agricultural Product Act.

    The NAMC is updating its Register of Directly Affected Groups for each commodity in the agricultural sector.

    A directly affected group means any group of people party to the production, sale, purchase, processing or consumption of an agricultural product and includes labour employed in the production or processing of such a product.

    Fifa Scheduled Substances/Medical EventsIn a Government Gazette

    dated 26 February 2010 the following notices appeared in respect of the approval of medicines, scheduled substances and medical devices: Draft 2010 Health Regulations: Invitation to Submit your Inputs on the Draft Regulations Relating to the Accreditation of Foreign Medical Contingents and Approval of Medicines, Scheduled Substances and Medical Devices. Second 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa Special Measures Act: Regulations Relating to the Accreditation of Foreign Medical Contingents and Approval of Medicines, Scheduled Substances and Medical Devices.

    Note: This is a non- comprehensive statement of the law. No liability can be accepted for errors and omissions.

    A wEEkLY summary of the main changes to the South African tariff dispensation and amendments to customs and excise legislation. Email [email protected]

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  • FRIDAY March 5 2010 | 3

    Thanks to growing reader interest in developments in Zimbabwe, FTWs advertising and editorial team will visit the country shortly for the first time in more than ten years.

    Later this year we

    will publish an in-depth survey examining the challenges, opportunities and outlook for transport and trade with Zimbabwe.

    If you would like to participate, email [email protected] or phone 011 214 7303.



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    Safmarine has taken a desision to re