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My slides from Agile Tour Toronto 2011 on creating maintainable automation. Essentially, - use page objects - use id attributes rather than structural locators - implicit waits can help, but are also semi-evil - don't automate stuff you should not be automating

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  • 1.Maintainable Automation FTWAdam @adamgoucher

2. People whinge that their functionalautomation is brittle. 3. I say it is brittle. Because they built it that way. 4. Dont be them. 5. Be this guy instead. 6. Page Objects 7. Slice up your pages. 8. Elements 9. Actions 10. Uniquely identify everything 11. Implicit Waits 12. When you automate GMail... 13. All Photos except Little Vader are licensed under Creative Commons. Attribution in order is as follows. deck is similarly licensed as Creative Commons - Attribution.