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What’s more important: the number of fans you have or the engagement you have with them? Sharing over six years of experience measuring social media, Mark Krupinski explains how to choose the right metrics along with how make sense of them when you have them.

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  • 1. Analytics #ftwMark Krupinski

2. Social Business Strategist &Consultant with Social Rubicon.Since 2006, Ive been executingsocial media solutions focused onbrand ambassadors.Industry experience: Travel &Entertainment, Food &Beverage, Consumer Goods &Services, Higher Education, HealthCare, and Executive Search. 3. analytics? 4. repinssite trafficamplification % YOY growthpositive sentiment email click-throughs time spent on pagetalking aboutcost per conversionfollowersengagementAlexa likesaudience growthcommentsopen rates brand loyalty impressions economic valueretention ratesqualified leads Kloutsharestraffic source cost per leadviewsnegative sentimentemail addressesfrequency of mentions friends of friendsbookmarksconversion ratesleads generatedbounce ratevideo testimonialsvisitssubscribers 5. Why? 6. Hard ROI 7. Soft ROI 8. problem 9. Not Sexy 10. Time Consuming 11. correlationdoes not meancausation 12. Knee Jerks 13. Clowns 14. But? 15. how do I getthere? 16. Research 17. Forrester 18. Metrics = Goals? 19. Harvesting 20. Milestones Doc 21. Rise, Repeat 22. Patience 23. Consumable? 24. lets sum it up 25. Harvesting Metrics = Goals?Rise, RepeatPatience 26. Consumable? 27. Research 28. Mark 637-4008