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IFGF Pinole Monthly Newsletter

Transcript of GENESIS: #FTW

  • IFGF Pinole Monthly Newsletter

    April 2015

    #FTWInterview with

    Julietha Pangemanan

    Poem by Saskia Soedarjo

    Summer Mission: Tiffany Hendric

  • The story did not end when our hero go to the grave. Death did not have

    the last word. We all know that Jesus, the Hero, has risen from the death

    and is the reigning victor over the power of darkness. He win!

    How about us? Are we victors too? The reality is often

    harsh. We fail, fall and feel defeated when we look at

    the frequency of poor-moral choices we made. We are

    disappointed, disgusted and disillusioned when we see

    injustice, wars and sufferings around us. It seems like

    Christ and His army is not winning the battle.

    But despite all weaknesses, apostle Paul calls us victors. He said:

    But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus

    Christ. (1 Corinthians 15:57). In other words if you believe that Jesus

    had defeated lifes most gruesome enemy, death, it is a given that we

    also enjoy the same victory despite temporary setbacks.

    The full picture of this victory has not been seen and will not be seen until

    the day of judgement. But the faith is sure: Christ, and His children will be

    vindicated at the end. We will be victorious.

    The big question is how do we walk, as the crowned kings and queens,

    until then. How do we keep being strong until the end?

    This month, lets learn together For The Win!







    Shown on Front Cover: Audrey Pangemanan

  • Hi, Julietha. How are you doing?

    Very busy life since I have three kids, who are living in

    three different worlds. One is in college, one is in middle

    school, and the other one is still a toddler. Three different

    worlds together that I have to deal with. They all face

    different challenges and I as the mother also connect

    with them differently. While they go along well, it is hard

    for them to understand each others world. For example,

    the toddler can live with his sisters, but it is hard for him

    to understand their lives. At the same time, Andrea and

    Audrey have to deal with Bibo while they also have to

    deal with their own challenges.

    I see. So how do you deal with each of them and cater to their diff erent needs?

    Well, at some point, I just have to try to understand them

    according to their own ways. How I speak to each one of

    them will be different. The content of our talks will also be

    different. So I have to know, update myself and be more

    involved with their worlds. Communication is essential to

    be able to get through them. It is not just once in a while,

    but all the time. We need to communicate all the time and

    follow up with them daily.

    Particularly for us, coming from an Asian background, that

    is very different from the culture here. Regardless how

    they were born here, the children will still need guidance

    to value their Asian background, and more importantly,

    their Christian faith. This background has a big role in

    communication and in our approach towards a con ict or

    a problem.

    Do you think it is di cult for your children to cope with their lives as Christian Indonesian here in the US, considering that they are born and raised here?

    Yes. Very hard actually. For instance, Andrea went

    through it during high school. What she believes and

    what is presented at school and upheld by her friends are

    very contradictory. Even until now. I believe that family

    relationship and the church that she is in play a big role

    in shaping her values. Sometimes it can be frustrating

    for her to see her friends with different perspectives,

    This Is Our Church

    JuliethaPangemananWife and Mother of Three / Amazing Cook / Care Group: Family

    APRIL 2015 03

  • regarding life con icts, sex, relationships, etcetera, even

    inclusive family values. Many times she found herself in an

    argument with her friends. Thank God, faith grows in her

    heart that she is able to stand strong in her own opinion

    as a Christian growing up as a teenager. Praise the Lord,

    she now can reach out to her friends and bring them to

    Care Group. Manny, for example, is a living testimony. Even

    Audrey also starts to reach out.

    For Audrey, she is starting to be more involved with usher

    ministry. At rst she only attempted to help out with

    ushering, just to try out the ministry. It turned out she

    likes it and stays with the ministry. It really has opened

    her heart and mind. Slowly, she starts to reach out even

    though she tends to be shy and quiet. With ministry, she is

    able to grow and open up not only to her own family but to

    everyone else at church.

    What about your youngest son?

    For Bibo, it is nice to see the sisters bring faith values at

    home. Although he is only ve years old, he can pick it

    up from his sisters. For instance, he can call himself as

    a Christian and Jesus is God. He knows that his papa is

    Enrico, at the same time, Jesus is his Father. He picks it

    up from our daily conversations. I dont need to explain so

    much, not as much as I needed to with Andrea. His sisters

    can also in uence each other. Bibo also enjoys worship

    seeing her sisters worship. And the whole family starts to

    enjoy the worship too. So de nitely, alot easier with him.

    Hopefully he can grow and learn as he grows up. Hope he

    can understand faith even more as he will grow up.

    It is de nitely alot easier for me to raise my kids

    understanding that they are growing in the church. It

    reduces some of my burdens. I think its Gods grace

    working and involving in our family. Sometimes parents

    can get worried of how to take care of their kids. We

    do have family values; but when the kids are out in the

    world, parents have little role over them. They will grow

    up and sometimes, without me being there. So the basic

    foundation of faith value, along with family value, also

    helps set boundaries of what they should accept from the

    outside world.

    For sure. What about Family Care Group? Do you see your involvement in Care Group play an important role in your daily life?

    Yes, of course. Especially knowing that most of the Family

    CG members are leaders, such as David, Martin, Jeffri,

    even Pastor Sugi too. So when we share, we build each

    other. We open up and everybody shares his own struggles.

    We also pray for each other.

    Also, most of them are younger, so they adopt a younger

    point of view that is more related with my children. Not

    to forget, those leaders are also involved in Warriors. So



    Julietha surrounded

    by her three children,

    Audrey, Adriel and


  • whatever Andrea and Audrey are going through, they

    kind of understand because that is what they have been

    sharing in the caregroup. They can feel me with what is

    going on with my life. This is really helpful for me in raising

    my kids. I grew up in Indonesia. Sometimes, I can feel

    disconnected too with the younger generation. But for

    Martin or Jeffris family, especially since they have been

    here for a long time, they can relate more with the children.

    So its really helping.

    How diff erent is your faith today now that you have a family compared to when you were still single?

    When you are single, I feel that you can know the values

    according to what people tell us but you dont really

    understand it until you get through it. Although I grew up

    in a Christian family, I felt that I had less burden since I

    was living under the shadow of my parents. We felt secure

    under their care. After marriage, you are more independent

    and you need to handle things yourself. So what you learn

    as a Christian, not only because you know it like when you

    were small, but you know deeply because you are living it.

    You are living it and applying it. It is a part of learning. No

    longer just going to school. When you are actually working,

    whatever you learn from textbook, how you apply what you

    learn becomes relevant in real life.

    Ah, I see. Just curious, what made you stay in the US? And how have you liked the Bay Area so far?

    I came in 1994 in the Bay Area. Ive been 21 years in this

    country. I love it actually. It actually has become my

    hometown more than Indonesia. I no longer live under

    someone (parents), so my life here has more ups and


    Its really nice how you cook Indo food for the church often. Do you want to share with us as to how it all got started?

    Its a blessing to me. I never thought about it in the

    beginning that I would do catering.

    Wow. So what made you decide to cook then?

    Actually cooking is not my hobby but my family loves

    to eat, which makes them love to cook. I can say that

    they love cooking. Alot of my moms siblings in Indonesia

    actually do alot of catering. But none of us learn by the

    recipe. We adjust it to our taste as we cook. But yes, I

    never thought of doing catering. It started by helping kids

    who miss the Indonesian food.

    APRIL 2015 05

    I realize that this is what God wants me to do. During

    that time, my