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Transcript of Facebook: Creativity at Scale #CannesLions / #OgilvyCannes

  1. 1. CREATIVITY atTurningan Idea intothe Next (Really)Big Thing By John BellInsights fromDavid Droga,Droga5; MarkDArcy, andAndrewBosworth,Facebook
  2. 2. Make itparticipatory.As Droga sees it, some time ago the ad industry forgot that it needed toactually earn peoples attention. As a result, Droga pointed out, a wholeindustry sprung up around helping people skip advertisements. We needto make our work more participatory. We fancy ourselves great storytellers.Today, part of the story is how people get involved. Once they are engaged,they amplify to their networks and we only need to go a few hops to get scale.1CREATIVITY AT
  3. 3. FindTHEidea,not a million ofthem.Creative people are used to exploring dozens of ideas rather than zero in on oneexceptional idea. When Facebook launched photo sharing, it wasnt great, asBosworth himself admitted. But the best bit it had was tagging. That one ideacaused Facebooks photo sharing to grow exponentially. Get to the core of somegoal people have (e.g. sharing photos).2CREATIVITY AT
  4. 4. Steadywins the race.Advertising grew up around the finish-line model, Droga said.Everyone worked like maniacs to get the campaign done andlaunched, with everyone then shouting, Were done! That doesntwork today. Creativity gets delivered via a steady cadence ofeveryday engagement. DArcy pointed out a campaign for Target,the retail giant. Target ran a sustained program where people coulddetermine which schools would get funding. The activity generatedmore than 300 million stories in newsfeed. Call it the creativemarathon.3CREATIVITY AT
  5. 5. Buildon ideas.TKpanelist told the audience that the ad business doesnt like riffingand building on good ideas. While advertisers are inspired by others,they often dismiss ideas that seem derivative. Advertisers craveoriginality over repetition. Thats flawed according to DArcy. Instead,he said, advertisers should act like such technology companies asInstagram and Facebook that build on good ideas. For instance,12 people built Instagram, which on the surface was not an originalconcept. Loads of others had done photo sharing and filters.Instagram just put its own spin on the idea.4CREATIVITY AT
  6. 6. It isnt muchwithoutdistribution.Todays creative must come with its own clever distribution strategy. That mightstart with Facebook and will extend out through networks of owned, earnedand paid platforms and channels. Gone are the days when you could just plopgreat creative down an ad channel to drive mass reach.5CREATIVITY AT
  7. 7. Getcloserto the people youAre engagingCreatives must have a much tighter relationship with the peopleexperiencing the product or service. Never before has there been somany ways to listen to and talk with the actual people using productsand services. Creativity that scales is iterative and responsive. Greatcreatives are no longer lurking around behind the scenes but outshaking the virtual hands of regular people.6CREATIVITY AT