A Winning Real-Time Formula: Insights from Coca-Cola's Wendy Clark #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes

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Transcript of A Winning Real-Time Formula: Insights from Coca-Cola's Wendy Clark #CannesLions #OgilvyCannes

  1. 1. A WINNING REAL-TIMEformula 5 Insights from WendyClarkSenior Vice President, Coca-Cola Disclosure: coca-cola is an Ogilvy client
  2. 2. The world is changing fast, and Wendy Clark, Coca- Colas senior vice president of integrated marketing, had some thoughts on why: millennials and teenagers have two states of being: asleep, and connected. In the latter, theyre constantly driving the conversation. To keep up, she adheres by four mandates for instant communications. AWINNINGINREAL-TIMEformula
  3. 3. Silence is not anoption.If you dont speak, someone will speak for you. Coke learned that 80 to 85% of Cokes content is generated somewhere outside of the brandprimarily a combination of millennials, teens and other social audiences. At Coke, we have decided we are not willing to delegate all our communication, she said. Instead, the company tries to work with the audience to co-create content as with Cokes campaign to put names on cans. 1 AWINNINGINREAL-TIMEformula
  4. 4. Ifyoudontspeak, someonewill speakforyou. -Wendy Clark Senior vice presient coca-cola AWINNINGINREAL-TIMEformula
  5. 5. Speed trumps perfectionClark gave a shout-out to Dennys for one of the latest in its line of clever, viral tweets: BREAKING: Dennys Buys Beets for $3 billion, Makes Huge Salad, which riffed on news about the Apple-Beats deal. This tweet is a great example of real time, Clark said. Its authentic its in Dennys brand voice. They even managed to wedge the product in there. 2 AWINNINGINREAL-TIMEformula
  6. 6. The world needs moregoodcontent.But in our haste to have contextual relevance, we have to be careful, Clark said. We have to do work that matters, she said. The goal isnt to have more content; its more good content. Cokes intelligence team determined that that interest around music was getting stronger and stronger. So with SAP, we created a feature where people could switch the language of their song, she says. They could listen to the top trending songs in any of the four languages we provided. 3 AWINNINGINREAL-TIMEformula
  7. 7. dowork thatmatters-Wendy Clark Senior vice presient coca-cola AWINNINGINREAL-TIMEformula
  8. 8. AWINNINGINREAL-TIMEformula New models ofworkingTo both keep up and steer the conversation, Coke now has two teams: the Hub and Hustle. The Hub is a network of 23 social-engagement centers, all connected to a center in Atlanta. The folks there are constantly listening to and analyzing the conversation and communication around our brand. The Hustle acts like a newsroom. They source content around the world, creating the conversation. 4
  9. 9. AWINNINGINREAL-TIMEformula coke and soccerAs an example of tapping into real-time relevancy, Clark spoke about Cokes longstanding partnership with the World Cup, which is a natural fit: Football is an inclusive, democratic game, and Coke is for everyone, Clark said. In one series of 16 videos, blind soccer players get to touch the World Cup trophy, which is brought to their coaching center by Coke. (Usually only state officials and winning teams are allowed.) 5