Day 1 Recap at #CannesLions 2013 / #OgilvyCannes

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Your day 1 recap from #CannesLions by Ogilvy & Mather.

Transcript of Day 1 Recap at #CannesLions 2013 / #OgilvyCannes

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2. ChangetheworldLarge brands have both the opportunity and the responsibility to bringabout positive change in the world. Have the courage to challenge thestatus quo. As Coca-Cola showed us, what unites us is much greaterthan that which divides us. Theyre not the only ones eager to change theworld through marketing. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announcedthe 2013 Cannes Chimera Challenge: bring the number of people living inextreme poverty down as close to zero as possible.12013cannes lionsdailyrecap 3. 2You gotta wadethrough a lot ofsh*t to get to thediamond.- Jack BlackSince time is the new currency of the web, we have to spend viewerstime wisely. When Jack Black is watching on a small screen, he sayshes done after 30 seconds. In fact, he opined that The smaller thescreen is, the smaller my attention span is. Given that, a new layer ofmediation is emerging to help people wade through the ocean of content.The marriage of content and technology is exciting, said Nick DAloisio,Founder of Summly, in part because of how it enhances our abilityto curate and personalize. And along with that comes the imperativefor textual summarization, since many people are consuming contentexclusively on phones.2013cannes lionsdailyrecap 4. From shopstoShowroomsWe know of a group of digitally savvy women leading the way in howdigital devices are being used for digital browsing and digital buying.Theyre called Digital Divas, and theyre already transforming the wayonline shopping takes place in leading-edge markets like China, remakingthe retail store from a point of sale into a point of experience. Theyreonline black-belts, buying everything from haircare to hotel rooms usingnothing but broadband and Taobao.32013cannes lionsdailyrecap 5. The New80/20 RuleMindshare and McLaren teamed up to proffer the new 80/20 rule: 80%science and 20% magic. But is science just code for big, faceless data?With 6.5 billion bytes of data running though the car, it might seem thatway. But not for McLaren. For them, science is the underpinning thatallows the magic to flourish. Data, as John Allert of McLaren said,needs to be agile, organic, and people friendly. And at the humanscale. Agility, McLarens Rob Davis reminds us, is key. If you dont adapt,he maintained, youll fail. But is failure such a bad thing? JenniferFrommer of Universal Music doesnt think so. She said that at herorganization they embrace failure and, Fail everyday.42013cannes lionsdailyrecap