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WE’RE BA-ACK, East Valley Business Magazine is a FANTASTIC way to read about your community business, small, home, or large! We invite you to allow EVBmagazine to help you on your business journey! The name says it all. Using the latest digital publishing technology, our magazine can be viewed directly on your computer screen, iPhone, tablet, iPad, and androids-complete with realistic "page turning" effects.

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  • from the publisher

    WERE BA-ACK, East Valley Business Magazine (EVB) was created literally out of boredom and friendship! Many of my acquaintances, who are home-based business owners, didnt have the marketing budget to place ads in various locations. The rst magazine I designed was 19 pages. I laugh, because I seriously thought it would be only 4 pages. But by December 2013 the magazine went 60 plus pages strong.

    I did everything, from the design to the gathering of articles. Unfortunately I had to stop the popular magazine due to no help.

    Talking to the Michael Carnes, general manager of the Ledger, brought back the excitement of what I intended EVB for. Allowing the business owners to tell their community their story in their own way, 100% them. Why did you start your business, was what I have always asked when meeting a new owner. The stories I have heard over the years still to this day blow my mind. The mountains they had to move and climb. The nancial fear that they felt and still feel. I found myself wanting to not only support them a little more but to also visit their business more often.Its hard enough to think of a business to start, even harder actually doing it, and sometimes downright some days seems impossible to keep it going. Eighty percent of all my friends out here in the east valley own a business, whether brick-n-mortar or homebased. I have always said (and will continue to say) together, supporting each other, is the only way we will be successful. Thats what I want EVB to do, like a picture in your head hard to explain the vision!

    I have had many o ers to take EVB to the next level, just always hesitated or was afraid the TRUTH would be taken away. When I had spoken to Michael, we clicked from hello. I loved his views on community, and actually reading the Ledger every week, his publications spoke for him. He has a great family and absolutely loves what he does. In a way I saw him as one of us. I had no problem or hesitation partnering with such a great publication and to see if EVB really has the potential I know it does! I know you will enjoy reading about your REAL next door neighbor who happens to have a homebased business and hopefully create a great business relationship with your community members, maybe even lifelong friendships!I invite you to allow EVBmagazine to help you on your business journey!

    Love Always,

    Carrie Ribeiro

    EVB Magazine is Back!New partnership sees relaunch of popular publication

    friendship! Many of my acquaintances, who are

    budget to place ads in various locations. The rst magazine

    Ledger, brought back the excitement of what I intended EVB for. Allowing the business owners to tell their

  • Beach Front ComputersBecause computers wont shoot back

    By David DeanOwner/Tech

    My wife and I created Beach Front Computers when work was slow as just kind of a side thing to try and get some supplemental income. Not to mention my wife also liked the fact that computers wont shoot back. I was still bounty hunting when we rst started Beach Front Computers. I honestly told my wife that I didnt believe that Beach Front Computers would go anywhere. I felt that there was so much competition out there and that most everyone anymore knew what they were doing on their PCs. That or knew someone who knew someone that xed PCs. Little did I know just how wrong I was, because of our growing Beach Front family we would take it to a full time business.

    featured business

  • contact us602.303.7824



    We started Beach Front Computers in Tucson, AZ in 2011. We moved to San Tan Valley in 2012 and fell in love with our great city. From there we continued to work at building our business. At the time, I was working part time jobs and was also still working on building my investigations rm, Dean Investigations. In 2013 we took Beach Front Computers to a full time business. We run our business out of our home o ce located in San Tan Valley o Combs Rd. and Gantzel Rd. We have chosen to continue running out of our home o ce in order to keep pricing down for our Beach Front family. Our home o ce is equipped with a large workbench where we can run up to three desktops and nine laptops at once. This helps us to get our Beach Front family their computers back much quicker as it allows us to work more e ciently while again keeping cost down. So what all do we do? Its pretty simple just about anything you can come up with on a PC or Mac. Yes, Macs too. That sets us apart from many others that work on PCs. We can save your purse or wallet so much money over taking your Mac to the Apple Store. We have replaced motherboards on Laptops/MacBooks; we do virus removals, hard drive recovery, Windows

    upgrades, Microsoft O ce upgrades and the list goes on and on. We also provide free diagnostics everyday! Yes, always and forever, free diagnostics, from there we provide you a non-obligated quote. We all know there are many out there that will do computer work on the side out of their home. So what makes us any di erent? Well rst we do this full time, and try our hardest to have about a 24 hour turn around with repairs and upgrades. I personally

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  • also have over 16 years experience working on computers. Beach Front Computers is also insured and a member of the Better Business Bureau and a extremely proud member of Networking San Tan Valley. I have had a few emails or conversations with some who have tried to start their own computer business and ask how or why is it Beach Front Computers has been successful. I tell them its because I am not in the computer business. I am in the people business. Sure, we need to x computers and do it correctly. However, how our customers feel when they drop o or pick up their computer is the most important thing to us at Beach Front Computers. When you leave our home o ce you are not a customer here; you are family and we know without you we would not be here or have any success and knowing that is so important. Thats why we do not refer our customers as customers, but instead Beach Front family. We also give a huge credit to the big guns upstairs. We are indeed a Christian based business and know that with out Gods help we wouldnt have made it this far. Another thing that sets us apart is the fact that I am still a licensed investigator in the State of Arizona. With that I can tell you privacy is so important to us. When I worked at one of the big box retailers, some of the computer guys would go through peoples pictures and I thought that was just such a violation of privacy. Things like that drove me nuts. When you bring your PC or Mac to Beach Front Computers we have you ll out a check in sheet. On that check in sheet we emphasize we will not do this kind of stu . So before just taking your computer to anyone, do you really know to whom youre taking your computer to?

    Beach Front Computers continued from previous page

    on the personal side

    I was born near Detroit, Michigan and lived in Indiana most of my life. Overall though, I am a goofy, fun and caring guy. I have worked in so many lines of work, from retail, to carpet cleaning, to law enforcement to computers now. I began to work on computers when I was in middle school. Remember Windows 3.1x? I do. When I was in High School I actually dreamed that one day I would have my own computer repair business. Little did I know that computers was indeed what God had planned for me after so many years of working di erent lines of work. When I am not working on computers, I enjoy going out and driving o road and exploring the desert,

  • target shooting, camping, learning more about God, watching The Walking Dead and spending time with my awesome family. My wife is a gorgeous California girl and has been so patient she has to be to be married to me! She has been so supportive in all my goals, also my failures as well. My wife is a great preschool teacher and has her own preschool called Footprints Preschool. She has a B.A. in child development and has a God given talent to work with kids and also people with special needs. As I had said she is VERY patient and has a warm heart. We have 3 boys, Jeremiah (14), James (6), and Eastin (3). Jeremiah makes me proud as he is in all honors classes and wants a career with Pixar one day. James and Eastin are both very hands on. James used to help me work on my BMW and Eastin now sometimes will help me work on my truck and has some old computer parts that he is always trying to x in my o ce while I work. We can be reached through our o ce phone, which is (602) 303-7824. We are also online of course. Our webpage is WWW.BEACHFRONTCOMPUTERS.US. You can nd us on Facebook and always send us a message and we try to get back to you as fast to

    wrapping it up

    instant as we can. Email is always there as well to contact us: BeachFrontCPU@live.com. We honestly do not have certain hours as we will check computers in any day. Sundays are for family, but we can still check the computer in.

    We want to be San Tan Valleys and surrounding cities number one resource for your PC and Mac needs. We love helping others and love the instant grati cation when we get a computer up and running for one of our Beach Front family and see them excited and happy again. We know how our world revolves around computers now and how important your computer is to you. Some have told us they were lost with out their computer! So, if your computer is running sluggish, feels outdated, or if you are looking to buy a much more updated refurbished computer, let us know. Beach Front Computers is here to help you and your family.

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