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  • 8/10/2019 Halloween Projects 2014

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    Halloween Project Book

    VOLUME 4

    Candy Monster Plushy Franken-Tee Dots & Triangles Quilt

    Framed Spooks Halloween Boo Banner

    ... and more

    In this issue:

  • 8/10/2019 Halloween Projects 2014


    Sew Spooky, Sew Cute, Sew YoursIts that spooktacular time of year again, and you know what that means. Baby Lock is backwith eight projects exclusively for our e-news subscribers! We appreciate your support,and this free project e-book is our way of saying thank you from one group of sewers toanother. Whether you love to dress up your home with Halloween dcor or make something

    fun for the kids this time of year, this e-book has simple projects for you to nish just in timefor Halloween.

    The Baby Lock & Designers Gallery Team

  • 8/10/2019 Halloween Projects 2014


    Candy MonsterPlushyPage 2

    Halloween Boo Banner

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    Franken - TeePage 4

    Happy WitchCostume

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    Dots & Triangles QuiltPage 6


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  • 8/10/2019 Halloween Projects 2014


    Candy Monster Plushy

    By Kelly LawsBaby Lock Marketing Project Manager

    Skill Level: Beginner


  • 8/10/2019 Halloween Projects 2014


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    rectangle edges do not exactly align, simply take a larger seam allowance (shortening the pocket) so you catch all the edges. Zigzag the seam

    allowance.15. Once the mouth pocket is created,

    topstitch the zipper over the opening from the right side,

    making sure not to catch the pocket in the stitching.

    14. Align the edges of the rectangle pocket fabric right sides facing together on the wrong side of the craft fur and stitch the edges closed to form a pocket. If the

    17. To attach the horns, baste them to the center top of the fur square that has the zipper.

    18. Baste the feet to the lower side of the same square, centered.

    19. Place the remaining fur square right sides together with the front square. Make sure the direction of the fur (fabric nap) on both sides

    matches and is going downwards as if you combed the hair down towards the feet.

    20. Sew around the edges catching the raw edges of the horns and legs in the seam allowance, but remembering to leave a small 4 opening for turning and stuffing.

    21. Turn through the opening.

    22. Use a straight pin to comb the

    loose ends of the fake fur out of the seam, fluffing the seamallowance.

    23. Stuff the monster and machine topstitch or hand-stitch the

    opening closed.

    24. Hand stitch the felt and button eyes, then sew on the nose.

    3. With the machine threaded and a straight stitch selected, sew along the drawn lines leaving the top of the leg open.

    4. Repeat for the second leg.

    5. Cut around the outside of the stitching lines to cut the legs from the fabric.

    6. Clip the curve around the foot to, but not through, the stitching.

    7. Turn the legs right side out and stuff.

    8. Repeat this same process to create the two horns from the orange fabric. Make sure to leave the lower edge of the horns open

    for turning. 9. From the craft fur, cut two 12


    10. Cut a rectangle 8 x 10 from the candy print fabric.

    11. Place the candy print fabric right side down on top of one side of

    the craft fur, centered over the desired mouth location. Make sure the direction of the fur (fabric nap) is going downwards as if you combed the hair down.

    12. Stitch a rectangle 6 x (long buttonhole) for the mouth placement.

    13. Clip the inside of the buttonhole mouth and turn the fabric through the opening.

    1. Fold the fat quarter fabric green dots for the legs right sides together lengthwise.

    2. Trace the leg template onto the fabric.

    M AT E R I A L S Baby Lock Sewing Machine yard craft fur 1 fat quarter (green dots fabric for legs) 7 metal teeth zipper 1 fat quarter (candy print for mouth) White felt remnants for eyes Orange fabric remnants for horns 3 large buttons (two eyes, one nose) Poly ll Stuf ng Madeira Aero l all-purpose thread to match fabrics Marking pen or chalk Hand sewing needle Template on pg. 17

    Candy MonsterPlushy

    This stuffed monster makes a greatgift for kids. Its cute and the perfectsnuggly companion, plus it has asecret pocket for hiding extra candy.

  • 8/10/2019 Halloween Projects 2014


    Franken - Tee

    By Kelly LawsBaby Lock Marketing Project Manager

    Skill Level: Beginner


  • 8/10/2019 Halloween Projects 2014


    Neckline Embellishment:11. Thread the serger for a chain stitch.

    12. Cut 20+ small rectangles

    approximately 2 x 3. (Cut more pieces if you want to increase fullness or to continue the trim around the entire neckline).

    13. Fold the rectangles in half twice, haphazardly, so the edges are not exactly lined up.

    14. Chain stitch across the points of the squares (evenly spaced) to connect them into a long trim.

    15. Fold the trim in half to double up

    the fullness of the folded pieces.16. Determine the desired

    placement for the necklineembellishment. Chain or cover

    stitch the embellishment along the neckline.

    17. Pull on the corners of eachrectangle slightly to make the knit

    curl to fluff the accent.

    Double pockets: 2. If the t-shirts already have

    pockets, cut the pocket from one t-shirt and add it to the other shirt

    for a double pocket. 3. If your shirt does not have

    pockets, use the tissue paper and pencil to create a small patch pocket.

    4. Cut two to four patch pocket shapes. Two pieces will make one pocket.

    5. Place two pocket shapes right sides together and serge the sides and lower edge of the pocket together.

    6. Turn the pocket through the top edge. Repeat for additional pockets.

    7. Thread the serger for atwo-thread narrow cover stitch.

    8. Fold over the top of bothlayers on the pocket and stitch

    straight across.

    9. Position the pocket or pockets as desired on the shirt. Use a two-thread cover stitch to attach the pocket.10. Embellish the pocket with hotfix studs or trims as desired


    M AT E R I A L S Baby Lock Diana, Evolution or Ovation Serger machine

    4 cones Madeira Aerolock serger thread

    Two coordinating color T-shirts

    Tissue paper Buttons, trims, hot x wand and studs (optional)


    Transform simple t-shirts into

    something adorable to wear whilehanding out candy on Halloween night.It can all be made with your serger!

    INSTRUCTIONS1. Select one t-shirt to be the one to wear (main) and the other to cut.

    Page 5www.babylock.com www.designersgallerysoftware.com

  • 8/10/2019 Halloween Projects 2014


    Dots & Triangles Quilt

    By Kelly LawsBaby Lock Marketing Project Manager

    Skill Level: Beginner


  • 8/10/2019 Halloween Projects 2014


    2. Align the 9 degree wedge ruler along the longest edge of the fat quarter stack.

    3. Use the rotary cutter and cut to create a stack of wedge pieces.

    10. Use a regular ruler and rotary cutter to even both sides of the sections. Trim each section as needed to get straight edges (originally 22 wide we trimmed to 20 wide).

    11. Once the sections are trimmed, stitch the sections together. Press.

    12. Layer the quilt top, batting and backing.

    13. Use a walking foot to makechannel stitching, load the quilt

    on a frame and use the Crown Jewel or quilt with your preferred method.

    14. From the grey dot print, cut 2 wide bias strips for binding.

    15. Join the bias strips into one long strip.

    16. Fold the strip in half, align the raw edges to the edge of the quilt and sew it in place. Fold the bias at

    the corners to create a miter as you sew.

    17. Flip the folded edge towards the back and machine or hand-stitch it in place.

    4. Flip the fat end of the ruler to the other side and align the previously cut edge with the ruler. Cut to

    create another stack of wedge pieces.

    5. Continue cutting and flipping the ruler to maximize the cuts you can get out of the fat quarter stack.

    6. Repeat this process to cut the remaining stacks of fat quarters.

    7. Once you have all the triangles cut, thread the machine and select a straight stitch.

    8. Using a seam allowance and the guide foot, sew triangle pieces together mixing up the colors and flipping every other piece. Create three sections of

    approximately 20 triangles. Dont

    worry if your triangles are not perfect at the points. You will even the strips in step 10.

    9. Press each section thoroughly.

    M AT E R I A L S Baby Lock Sewing Machine

    1/4 foot with a guide (BLSO-QGF or ESG-QGF) Optional

    Madeira Aero ll thread

    Quint Measuring Systems 9degree wedge ruler

    Coordinating color dot, print and stripe fat quarter collections

    (15 fat quarters)

    Batting 65 x 55

    1 5/8 yard of 90 wide quiltbacking

    5/8 yard grey dot print for binding

    Rotary cutter, mat and ruler

    Iron and Ironing board

    Dots & Triangles Quilt

    Using the Quint 9 Degree Wed