Editing the photo shoot

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Back Story

Editing the photo shoot

The first stage of editing this picture was to manually adjust the vignette. This was brought from 0-50. Spot lighting BEX and pulling the readers eyes to her rather than the background.

In order to draw BEX forwards the first stage was to darken the background. This was done using the burn tool, inside photoshop. This darkens the background pushing BEX to the foreground. The effect can be seen above.

The next stage required the dodge tool this brightens areas bringing them forward to the audience. This was used on BEXs hair to allow it to pop making the image less fat and bringing the readers eyes to her. The finishes effect that can be seen above.

On this photo first the Burlesque filter was added. Next I enhanced the photo to bring BEX forwards again making the picture less flat.

These pictures were purposefully taken in the exact same style with slight movements from BEX in this way they can be combined in a collage style. They are purposefully the original take to give them an amateur feel as if they were taken in for in a photo booth.