Ecommerce SEO in 2012

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My slides from the talk I gave at SEMNE in Rocky Hill, CT in April 2012

Transcript of Ecommerce SEO in 2012

  • 1.EcommerceSEO in

2. A Digital ShiftHow To DeliverDocuments 3. Content Curators Hold All The Power 4. Fuck Yeah Cowboy Boots is a real thing, and links to ecommerce websites 5. Gucci has 100s of pins (links) on pinterest 6. Etsy has over 9000 7. "If you want apreview of where were headed withapparel go look atthe denim category, go look at womensjeans on Amazon. Thatll give you alittle insight into our future." 8. The Over-optimization Penalty 9. Dive Head First Into G+. Now. 10. Case Study: H&M 11. Technical SEOHow To DeliverDocuments 12. Schema & Markup 13. XML Sitemaps 14. Clean XML Sitemaps We have a very tightthreshold on how clean yoursitemap needs to be. [] Wewant only a couple ofpercentage points of error. 15. This is Bamboo 16. Pandas Love Eating Bamboo 17. Something about GWT errorsLove GWT Always 18. Google Loves Speed 19. 20. Content &HowLinksTo DeliverDocuments 21. Q&A Content Is Essential 22. Basic Content Still Works 23. Categories as Content 24. Products as Content 25. Guest Posting or Content Marketing? As more of our attentionshifts online, its only naturalthat the mantle Oprah heldfor a quarter of a centuryshifts to a digital native 26. How To Deserve To Rank 27. Allow your content to be remixed and hacked. Turn products intolinkbait 28. allows you to vote on product development & design 29. >100 pins of this product page 30. The Promise of Content 31. (PS this is why kickstarter works) 32. Gucci has 6 million facebook fans 33. Film Nights 34. VideoHow To DeliverDocuments 35. Zappos have over 50,000 product videos (and >185,000 video urlsindexed) 36. Product Video ResultsHigher ConversionsStay Longer64% -85%2min LongerAverage stay when engagedMore likely to purchase after with videowatching a product videoComscore 8/2010Internet Retailer 4/2010 / Comscore 8/2010Search EnhancementOffline Impact53x Higher6% increaseLikelihood of a front-pageIn in-store salesReckitt Benckiser, Nielsen, May 2010Google resultForrester, 1/2010 This slide stolen with permission from 37. How Do I Get Video Results? 38. How Do I Produce Videos? 39. 40. Tom CritchlowVP Operations curious. Passionateabout learning. Email me!