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HEARTH NEWSW W W . E C M K U . O R G F A L L 2 0 1 1


What the ECM means to meONGOING EVENTS THIS FALL AT ECM Real Person's Guide to Sexuality Mondays 8:00 pm Compassion For All Animals Tuesdays 6:00 pm Environs Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm Faith Forum, A liberating Take on Christianity Wednesdays 6:30-8:15pm UniversityCommunity Forum Wednesdays 11:301:00pm Veggie Lunch Thursdays 11:30-1:00pm K.I.C.K. (Kinetic Interfaith Coalition at University of Kansas)Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm Ecojustice Thursdays twice a month at 6:00pm Fair Trade Thursdays 7:15-8:15pm Fair Food Mondays at 6:30pm at 612 West 17th Street, between Indiana and Mississippi School of Americas Trip/Vigil- (sign up for contact on meetings/ deadlines for registration) Alternative Breaks(sign up for contact on meetings/deadlines for registration)

By Cassandra Smyers

The response I generally hear when referencing the ECM in conversation is either, I love that place!! or The ECM? Whats that? When the latter happens, I take the opportunity to make the moment a learning one, and launch a wholehearted spiel about how great the ECM is and if one is looking for somewhere to get involved with great causes and people, the ECM is the place to go. I myself graduated in May and have decided to continue my involvement with the ECM because of the experi-

ences I had not only with Thad, Miles, Ary, and Teresa, but everyone associated with it last year. Although I was a senior, I hadnt really taken full advantage of their services (or offered any of mine) in previous years out of timidityVeggie Lunch was about as out of my comfort zone I would go. That quickly changed when I found myself spending some part of every day there because of my involvement with an event being held in that (wonderful) space. With the scariness of small numbers of

people (because you cant hide in the crowd if there is no crowd!) and unfamiliar faces out of the way, I now feel I can fully experience all that the ECM has to offer and give back as much as I can in thanks. Students, graduates, and ECM veterans alike all come to the space with a spirit of reciprocity, taking the community and opportunity for growth while giving their time, energies, and spirit to continue making it all it can be. Because thats what the ECM isyou and me.

Development UpdateWell it surely has been an exciting and eventful summer! In terms of development there is a lot going on at the ECM. First of all, as everyone knows, the successful completion of the capital campaign has everyone energized! (Of course we relaxed for a few days in there). We are excited to channel the energy from the capital campaign to our general fundraising efforts so that we can have the funds we need to keep ECM up and running and support all of our wonderful programming this fall. Speaking of fall programming, we are incredibly excited to have a wonderful Leadership Team for the 20112012 school year. The Leadership Team will be working on programming having to do with faith dynamics, sexuality education, environmental and social justice and vocation. Students will lead alternative spring breaks, organize events and work together to create lots of opportunities for education, reflection, activism and dialogue.

by Teresa Zaffiro, development coordinatorested donors. Mark your calendars and look for an invitation in the mail! Finally, we are excited to be establishing our first ever Development Committee. I am working with a great group of students, members of the board and other ECM supporters to establish a long-term stable budget plan for the ECM. If anyone is interested in becoming involved with ECM development projects or in donating please feel free to contact me! I will love to hear from you we can talk about how great ECM is and how you can best support our important work. Call 785-843-4933 Monday-Friday between 2:00 and 5:00 pm or e-mail attn.: Teresa. We are, as always, endlessly grateful to our supporters and we are excited to see how all of our plans and projects develop.

We are excited to announce that this year the Leadership Team kicked

their year off with a team-building retreat at Heartland PresbyterianRetreat Center in Kansas City. This retreat was funded through a grant from the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations. The local Unitarian Fellowship recently joined ECM as a supporting congregation and made us aware of this grant opportunity. We are now able to support all 23 students on the leadership team for this overnight that should get the year and their projects off to a great start! In other news, we have set the date for our Capital Campaign appreciation dinner and celebration. On Sunday October 16th from 4:30-6:30 we will gather everyone who supported us in the capital campaign in any way and celebrate the completion together. There will be wine, cheese, beer, discussion, a few speakers and hopefully a good time all around. The event is here at the ECM and will include tours of our building for inter-

For more ongoing events visit our website at and click on Programs.



University-Community Forum Fall 2011ECMs University-Community Forum is back for the fall semester every Wednesday from noon to 1:00 pm with an optional lunch at 11:30 am. You wont want to miss this years dynamic presentations and captivating dialogue. Check out the full schedule below.

Aug. 24

Taking the Kansas Pulse at 150 years Thomas Fox Averill, writer-in-residence at Washburn University and commentator for KANU as William Jennings Bryan. Averill traveled to 24 public libraries speaking about his book What Kansas Means to Me. He will share his observations about the state of the state influenced by these presentations. Milestones of Tribal Involvement in the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Chris Howell, Chief Operating Officer at Kansas Arts Commission. A Search for a Home for the Homeless Center Loring Henderson, Director of Lawrence Homeless Shelter. Several attempts to find a new location for homeless shelter in Lawrence have not been successfulwhat do we, as a community, do now? On the 1966 Meredith March with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Rev. Joe Alford, retired Episcopal Campus Chaplain and founder of the Jubilee Caf. In June 1966 Alford spent three weeks as a driver for a CBS News crew covering the Meredith March from Memphis, Tenn. To Jackson, Miss., led by MLK. Kansas Legislature: Current Legislative Assessment Tom Sloan, Kansas State Representative. Sloan will review the past Kansas Legislature and discuss possible directions it will take, including legislation in regards to energy and environmental policy, death penalty and further reorganization of state government. Protecting Land into Perpetuity Jerry Jost, Interim Director of Kansas Land Trust. The presentation will describe how the Kansas Land Trust protects prairies, prime farm land, woods and riparian areas for all future generations. Unforgettable, Strange and Wonderful Facts About the Banana Charles Lee Stansifer, Professor Emeritus of History. Stansifer will speak on how banana tenacity caused the fall of communism along with various other social and political theories about rising and falling of banana consumptionand what to do with bananas if you are weird and do not like them. Fall Break Grassroots Neighborhood Associations in Lawrence and Beyond Gwen Klingenberg, President of Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods. Klingenberg will discuss how neighborhood associations play a vital role in Lawrence and how they compare to other cities. Where on Earth is Douglas County? Ken Lassman, Author of Wild Douglas County. Douglas County will be described in the larger context of our planet landscapes, seasons, and cycles. Evolving Elections Jaime Shew, Douglas County Clerk. Shifting the Discourse: Immigrant Rights as Human Rights Tanya Maria Golash-Boza, Assistant Professor of Sociology and American Studies. The human rights implications and racial disparities of U.S. immigration policy will be explored along with possible changes to current policy. Pack Your Bags for Saudi Arabia Jean Grant, Author of novel The Burning Veil and former journalist in Saudi Arabia. Grant will describe what it is like for a newcomer to walk in Saudi Arabia as a teacher, businessman and scientist, and what it is like for a non-Saudi to leave the U.S. and live forever with a Saudi spouse. Douglas County Sheriffs Office Inmate Reentry Program Shannon Murphy, Reentry Director, Douglas County Jail. Reentrys mission of increasing public safety by developing successful transition planning for sentenced inmates returning to the community will be described. Perspectives on Mount Oread Ted Johnson, Professor Emeritus of French and Italian. Known for Stop Day walking tours of KU Campus. He will discuss why he began the tours and their importance. Planning Meeting for Spring 2012 UC Forum (11:30 am- 1:00 pm). An open meeting with lunch option 11:30-1:00pm- bring your suggestions for topics and/or presenters.

I'm looking forward to my 41st year of participating in the University Forum. The Forum has always been an opportunity for camaraderie among people from the University and the Community; a place where relevant information is shared and an exchange of views takes place. The fall schedule promises to be another stellar set of programs. Forrest Swall

Aug. 31 Sept. 7 Sept. 14 Sept. 21 Sept. 28 Oct. 5 Oct. 8-11

I came to University-Community Forum occasionally during my first academic year at KU. In the second and third year I attended more frequently trying to select those forums that I thought would be most interesting to me, but finally realized that I could not select them by title alone and gave up trying to select and started to attend al