Digital Platform Optimisation

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Digital Platform Optimization

experiencethe future today





IBM + Adobe ValueReinventing the Digital Experience Delivery Landscape

Adobe Marketing CloudCross-channel campaignsData-driven marketingMobile engagementPersonalised experienceGlobally Integrated EnterprisesInherent Integration of Content, Commerce and InsightsAdaptive and learning interactionsRefashioning Experience Design & Delivery

Refashioning Experience Design and Delivery

Cognitive Personalization with IBM Watson - Adaptive and Learning Interactions

Integration of Content, Commerce, Cognition & Insights

Global Integrated Enterprises





Common Digital Complexities Across the Industry:Digital execution is on a brand-by-brand basis without charge to act on behalf of the broader enterpriseCustomer Experience Challenges

Cost Effectiveness Challenges

Technology & Operations Challenges

Insight & Optimization


Siloed development of customer experiences leads to fragmentation, poor scalability, divergent messaging, and a reputational liabilityArchitecting a Rational Customer Experience



Enterprises must harness this explosion of digital marketing activity in a consistent manner, on consistent platformsThe Shift to an Enterprise Digital Marketing Platform

Experience Platform


Unified Content Management System Value Proposition & Benefits

Key customer challenges

We have multi-lingual websites in 50+ countries with no brand or marketing control. Each website is managed by the local market agency. Costs are spiraling

Our website is old and the customer experience is poor. We know we can do better and want to exceed our customers expectations

We want to re-platform but are unsure which CMS we should choose and is best for our business

We have/are considering buying Commerce and want to be able to deliver beautiful and seamless customer and transaction experiences to our customers

Value Proposition of unified CMSGlobal scaleDeep integration of content, commerce, cognition and insightAdaptive and learning interactionsWorld class application development, systems integration and industry expertise across IBMMulti Channel aligned targeted and personalized marketing, sales and service communicationsExpected Benefits of unified CMSReduced TCO for Digital Platforms/Operational cost savingsConsistent global brand experienceSpeed to change Personalized experiences


Globally Integrated Enterprises:A strong parent identity across brands will support this growth.Individual brands will need to generate more content tailored to local markets.Delivering on Cost Reductions:Programs focused on reducing costs everywhere will exert pressure on digital marketing, but neednt reduce output.

Industry Pressures:Trend toward consolidating marketing power at the master brand level to counteract

Need for an efficient digital customer platform across the enterprise

Need to shift marketing investment emphasis to messaging and content vs. design/buildMaster brands are investing in customer experience strategies that drive brand engagement and loyalty, and subsequent demand for product

Global organizations are amplifying marketing activity, furthering the impact of current state challengesWhy Are Clients Acting Now on Website Consolidation


CASESTUDYIBM iXs experience with CMS


The Castrol ExperienceA digital transformation

IBMInteractiveExperienceNiamh McArdleLeader for Financial SectorIBM Global Business Services 1 881 3702