Deliver Unique Brand Experiences with Sitecore’s Experience Marketing Cloud

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Deliver unique brand experiences with SitecoresExperience Marketing Cloud

Building a long-lasting relationshipwith the customeris all about knowing the customer as a whole,treating each of the million customers as special and delivering a personalized experience for each of them.What is CRM today?

Sitecorestands apart from the crowd of marketers with its experience marketing cloud; uses a holistic approach by focusing on the customer as a whole, knowing them and catering to what they needs and wants.What Sitecore does?

As companies got entangled with the technical aspects of digital marketing, the human touch to real marketing got lost; this is where Sitecore surged ahead with its experience marketing to provide a human touch with its automation.Real V/s Digital Marketing

Primary Feature of SitecoreWeb Content ManagementMobile MarketingEmail capabilitiesMarketing automation360 degree view of customer profileTransactional Elements in Ecommerce

Delivering Personalized ExperienceSitecore providessimple tools to observe customer behavior so that their unique needs and interests can be identified and relevant content can be pushed to them.

Sitecore provides real time information on dynamic customer segmentsbased on criteria like behaviour, cross-channel interaction, location and campaigns that interest them.Info on Customer Segments

Whether or not your content has worked can be instantly tested and measured to refine or optimize its performance can be done via predictive analysis in real-time.Predictive Analytics

Quick and easy deploymentOther features of Sitecore ImplementationScalability as per your requirementsEasy management of system updates, patching, and maintenance

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