Using Social Media to Deliver Unique Experiences

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Using Social Media to deliver unique live experiences

Social Streaming

4 Million active user per month 17 million total users

Live Social streaming

Three pieces of conventional wisdom

It is hard to get an audience to watch a live webcast

Viewers over time Webcast beginsCore audience1/3 of webcastSoft audienceWebcast ends

Audiences arent interested in long form content

Average viewing time of over 60% of total webcast

Social streaming audiencesAudiences number in the 10,000s or 100,000sThousands of share and comments

Clips add at least 10x more to the audience

Social streaming audiencesIn built call to action helps convert super soft to soft or even core audienceClips have obvious potential to go viral

Social Media reporting of events is Dull!

Live Social Event streams

Live Social Event streams

In conclusion

Jake Ward

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