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    Our experiential philosophy reflects inthe elevation of each possible idea to thenext level.

    Working with some of the worlds biggestcompanies top executives and HNWIs wecame up with a proven formula of how toachieve significant level of excellence andprecision in our projects.

    Where others would see a logisticalnightmare or a creativity challenge we seeanother great opportunity to impress andcome up with something unseen andunique.

    Wherever you find yourself in a civilisedcosmopolitan city or out in the wildernesswe will make sure that you have 5* equalcomfort and minimum issues with thelogistics and communication.

  • Exclusive Entertainment Packages

    Champagne & Diamonds

    Private Tasting in London

    Private Vineyard TourLuxury Thames Tour with a Michelin Chef

    Fighter Jet Experience

    VIP Hunting Experience

    United Kingdom

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    Traditional Hunting in the Venetian Lagoon

    Luxury Yacht Venice Tour

    Northern Italy Golfing AdventurePrivate Tours in Supercar Factories and Test


    Heli Skiing with an Ex-world Champion

    Discover the Italian Dolomites



    Depending on the time of the year,Scandinavia offers truly inspiring natureimmersive experiences. Its a land of coldbeauty and breath taking views.

    Crystal crisp air, fjord cruises, infinitestars night skies, northern lights enjoyedby the fire all of this invoke the imagesof mighty Vikings and primal instincts.

    Weve been creating Scandinavianbespoke 5 star comfort luxury experiencesfor our clients for years. Breakfast atTrolltunga, Dog Sled Team Race finishingwith an Ice Bar party at the edge of thecliff observing the Northern Lights.

    Alternatively, enjoying the MidnightSummer Sun in unique secret boutiquehotels in Swedish and Norway forests.

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    Dog Sledge Race

    Fjord Cruises

    Bespoke Hiking Tours Midnight Sun Kayak/Boat Party/Picnic

    with a Michelin Style Catering

    Recreational SPA Packages in Boutique

    Eco Hotels

    Northern Lights Ice Bar Party

    Norway & Sweden


    In 2015 Russia had been the 9th mostvisited country in the world just behindthe United Kingdom according to WTO.

    Specifically in the last couple of years thefar end destination like Kamchatka,Yamal and lake Baikal are gettingtremendous popularity with their virginnature and genuine exploring potential.

    With the 2014 Winter Olympics Sochisinfrastructure reached world classstandards with rich summer and winterexperiential options. Cultural destinationslike Moscow and St. Petersburg evolvedinto multicultural megapolises andpopular international touristsdestinations.

  • Exclusive Access to the Most Memorable

    Olympics and Entertainment Venues

    Eco Mountain Tours

    Immersive Cultural and Folklore



    Multistage Extreme Tours in Sochi

    Mountain Forests and Canyons.

    Yacht Racing in the Sochi Bay.

    Private Beach Parties in Top Locations

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    Mysterious Shaman Shows and Lively

    Interaction with the Local Native


    Bespoke Luxury Alfresco Dining


    Helicopter Tours over the Volcanos and

    Geyser Valley

    Extreme or Relaxed Fishing in the Pacific

    Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk for a Giant

    Kamchatsky Crab or Red Salmon.

    Unique Guided Tours with Local Rangers

    Auto-water-air Tours with Unusual

    Technical Solutions like Amphibian

    Vehicle Petrovich

    Kamchatka & Yamal

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    Empires Legacy Private Tour in Peterhof

    Variety of Private Parties in

    Hidden/Secret Spots

    Exclusive Heritage Experience

    After Hours Private Tours with Leading

    Culturology and Art Experts

    Private Boat White Nights tours in St.

    Petersburg including the Gulf of Finland

    Day & Night Luxury Yacht Party Leading

    to Peterhof Palace and Back

    Moscow & St.Petersburg


    UAE is a unique destination where traditions are balanced with progress and both are aligned into a robust development process of the region.

    One of the most beautiful religious architectural landmarks - Sheikh ZayedMosque in Abu Dhabi and the tallest skyscraper in the world Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Both are a vivid example of the UAE modern culture and values.

    Dubai potentially will become a first adopter of the Hyperloop speed trains which will travel at an astonishing supersonic speed of 1300 km/h

    Apart from that UAE is synonymous with luxury. Almost anything is possible and achievable there.

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    Unique SPA in the Desert

    Bespoke Safari Tours

    Fine Dining up in the Air Equestrian Experience with Best Arab


    Traditional Souks Tours with Local Guides

    Master Negotiators

    Driving Formula 3000 on a F1 Circuit

    Dubai & Abu - Dhabi

  • ASIA

    The last decade firmly set up Asia as a destination for most amazing and thrilling experiences. Organically fusing traditional and modern trends Asia takes your heart away the minute you set your foot in the airport.

    Exploring the nature, culture, remains of ancient civilizations on the same day as having dinner in an ultra modern Michelin restaurant or having a private rooftop party with a breath-taking view thats what modern Asia offers you.

    Retreating into mindfulness observation of nature and enjoying world class SPA or loosing yourself in a vibrant atmosphere of the big city nights. Whatever you chose you will find it in full motion and intensity.

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    Exotic Tai Chi or Wing Chun Workshop in Remote

    Picturesque Locations

    Helicopter Trips and Entertainment

    in Macau

    Exclusive Whisky Tasting

    Private Party at the Best Rooftops

    Luxury Yacht Experience

    Ancient Chinese Medicine SPA Retreat

    Hong Kong & Macau

  • Air/Ground China Wall Experiences

    Antique Market Shopping with

    Trusted Suppliers

    Private Tour and Dinner Experience in the Summer Palace with Private Chef and Traditional Artists Performance

    Inside out Capitals Architecture Tours


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    Sunset Rooftop Experiences

    Bespoke 360 Family Experience at

    Recently Opened Disney Resort

    Afterhours Ultima Tour. Shanghais Most

    Prestigious Clubs Access

    Private Tours at Historical Landmarks

    like Old City and Suzhou

    Luxurious Yacht Experience with Private Chef and

    Entertainment in the Citys Bay


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    Traditional Tours in Kyoto with Renowned


    Geisha Ceremonial Dinner

    Ultimate Food Quest in Most Exquisite

    and Hidden Restaurants in Tokyo

    Sci-Fi Immersive Experiences

    Tokyo Sumo Wrestling Experience

    Access to the Best Suits at the Most Unique

    Shogun Age Hotels and Spa in Kyoto

    Tokyo & Kyoto

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    tel.: +44 207 935 3239info@artisanpro.co.uk



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