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    Deliver better experiences for your constituents OpenTextTM Exstream for the public sector

  • Brochure | OpenText Exstream for the public sector


    Our customers have reduced document 2

    Production costs by $1.5 million per year

    Development time by more than 70%

    Inventories (templates) by over 75%

    Significantly reduce costs with a single solution for document design, creation, and multichannel delivery

    If your government agency is like most, you are facing increased program demands, decreased budgets, and a shrinking workforce. At the same time, you are looking to improve communication among citizens and your employees. Technology issuessuch as non-integrated systems and disparate content sources and databases, along with uncoordinated delivery channelsmake addressing these needs difficult.

    What you need is a communication solution that can effortlessly leverage legacy systems and meet regulatory requirements. Above all, you need to empower employees by developing cloud-based applications that take advantage of the capabilities of new technologies, like smartphones and tablets, to enable a more mobile workforce and strengthen relationships with your constituents. OpenText Exstream is a proven software solution for addressing these challenges and has the flexibility you need to meet changing requirements.

    Deploy an intuitive solution Most organizations have significant costs tied up in multiple customer communication technologies and processes that connect silos of information to customer communication applications.

    OpenText Exstream is an intuitive end-to-end customer communication management (CCM) solution that helps state, local, and federal agencies significantly reduce costs while delivering more services for citizens. The single software platform for designing, creating, and delivering communications to citizens helps employees create personalized, impactful constituent communications and repetitive documents, such as eligibility notifications, tax documentation, statements, and assessmentsregardless of document type, variable content, or delivery channel.

    Designed to easily fit into any IT environment, including service-oriented architectures (SOA), OpenText Exstream directly accesses and uses data from delimited files, XML, ODBC databases, legacy print files, and messaging queues to create personalized communications. You no longer need to create and maintain systems that consolidate disparate data.

    Streamline communication processes Take advantage of OpenText Exstreams fully integrated communication processing, including variable design, testing communication applications, real-time composition, advanced data and content integration, output to virtually any format from a single design, high-volume optimization and workflow, assured delivery, and controlled interactive document editing.

    Give your employees control over and responsibility for communications. Our browser-based design collaboration with built-in approval workflow allows users with varying roles across your organization to collaborate and manage communications incorporated into any document typeincluding high-volume documents. And built-in functionality for high-volume print/mail environments eliminates the need for post-processing programs.

  • Brochure | OpenText Exstream for the public sector


    A student lender netted an estimated savings of $90,000 per year in combined reductions for office supplies, courier costs, and by no longer hiring temps or paying overtime

    Transform your simple communications into meaningful connections

    Adapt to constituent demand with one source for communications, including clear, actionable tax communications, emails, and SMS notifications.

    Instead of sending separate notices or statements to everyone in the household, OpenText Exstream canwhen appropriate, and based on your defined rulesautomatically compile documents into one communication. You can save paper, reduce waste, and improve the citizen experience.

    Easily connect with the public Produce timely reminders to notify citizens of important eventssuch as impending court dates or expiration of servicesand reduce expensive call center inquiries. For example, child support orders are often sent out months before the court dates. OpenText Exstream can generate electronic reminder messages that can be sent to non-custodial parents prior to a court date. Or, when a drivers license or tag is about to expire, OpenText Exstream can be triggered to generate messages that guide citizens through easy online renewal, clearly outline costs, or direct them to the appropriate government office, so that they can take action.

    Simplify regulatory compliance Easily manage content inclusion or exclusion based on effective dates and jurisdictions with OpenText Exstreams automated compliance support. You can also take advantage of the user-definable approval workflow process. This includes email notifications to designated approvers to streamline your application change cycles and make sure your documents meet government compliance standards.

    For example, you can easily deliver accessible PDFs to your recipients preferred electronic channel by quickly and simply labeling and describing your communications visual elements. The PDFs comply with rigorous Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 standards to help you reduce legal risk, demonstrate social responsibility, and increase constituent satisfaction.

    Speak their language Generate correspondence in the citizens primary language, as well as manage variable content to help ensure compliance with changing government regulations, like Californias State Bill 853. It also includes a spell checker for 21 languages, all from a single application design.

    Reduce call center volume with communications that are clearer and easier to understand. You can use document white space and add point-of-need information and relevance to communications with highlight colors, images, charts and graphs, and other variable information.

  • Brochure | OpenText Exstream for the public sector


    With OpenText Exstream, a CMS Medicare Administrative Contractor now provides more user-friendly, professional letters that contain all of the mandated CMS letter requirements in a more readable formatultimately resulting in improved provider satisfaction

    Stand out from the competition by delivering more compelling communications. Intuitively designed communications help you reinforce your brand and promote loyalty.

    Confidently send electronic communications Take advantage of emerging electronic channels without compromising your stringent delivery requirements. Encourage citizens to choose electronic communications over paper to save printing and postage costs while minimizing risk. Regardless of the delivery channel, if the primary delivery method fails, the software automatically sends communications through secondary channels.

    You can get consolidated visibility into delivery, tracking, and response information for electronic communications. Choose delivery to an unlimited number of configurable failover channels to make sure constituents can receive your critical communications in the event of delivery failures or bounce backs. You can also log all delivery activity, enabling you to track whether or not messages were opened or got snagged in a spam filter.

    Go digital and save Advanced applications like e-forms give your employees the flexibility and autonomy they need to complete interactive, point-of-need, personalized documents for constituents, while ensuring accuracy and controlling costs through centralized production and fulfillment.

    While you may have systems in place to electronically support most transactions, signature requirements can grind the process to a halt. Organizations frequently send return mailers for wet-signatures as a final step of an otherwise electronic process, which translates into time and revenue losses, as constituents delay or neglect to sign and send paper-based documents.

    Easily and confidently integrate electronic signatures across all electronic channels. OpenText Exstream can help you keep your processes 100% electronic from start to finish. Start streamlining transaction processes from days to minutes, capture tax and licensing revenue faster, and reduce abandon rates.

    Welcome Program enrollment kits

    Personalized communications Notices


    Driver licenses

    Order letters

    Regulatory and legislative

    Self-service Web fulfillment



    Public service Statements

    Tax bills

    Vehicle registrations

    Communications for every interaction

  • Brochure | OpenText Exstream for the public sector


    Real-world ROI OpenText Exstream customers see real world benefits. Weve helped customers reduce:2

    Document processing time by an average of 77%

    Document maintenance costs by over 58% a year

    Postage and paper costs by an averageof over $1 million per year

    Balance the workload across departments and put your employees in control When you use different solutions in each department, it is impossible to take advantage of workforce capacity across the overall organization. By standardizing on OpenText Exstream, agency workers are empowered to work independently of IT, resulting in a better workload balance across departments. A single CCM platform also ensures consistency across citizen communications.

    Provide rapid service OpenText Exstreams interactive capabilities enable a controlled editing experience, where your public-facing employees can easily follow up on inter