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BLACK T-SHIRT AND HOODIE➤ From my research into

both video games and short films, I found that the top is nearly always plain. In video games especially the attention is on the jeans or coat e.g. watchdogs main character.

➤ This also does the job of conveying dans age to the audience.

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RIPPED JEANS➤ Ripped jeans show how

laziness is one of Dan’s character traits.

➤ Through research I have found that in a ‘given up’ state e.g. johnny Depp in Secret Window or Bradley Cooper in Limitless (start), their clothing reflects their attitude.

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OLD TRAINERS➤ As the same with the

ripped jeans, the old trainers will depict a lazy Dan who is unconcerned about his appearance.

Page 5: Dan's Costume

BODY ARMOUR ➤ For the body amour we are

planning on using cardboard for his arms, baking tray strapped to his chest, and a colander serving as a helmet.

➤ We took inspiration from games such as Black Ops or Fall Out on what body armour Dan should use.

➤ We have gone with household items as this provides a comical element. However does not provide any real protection hinting to Dan’s naivety and unintelligence.