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  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    Newsletter 2013

    has had many positive endorsements from those

    whom we have helped and despite the passing of

    10 years the commitment from all sides remains as

    strong as ever. Long may that continue! Thank you

    again for your ongoing support,

    With very best wishes,



    have gone to:

    General Assistance

    Since October last year Dans Fund for Burns has

    assisted many individuals financially for various

    emergency requests. Such assistance has ranged

    from 50 to 6,000 replacing, for example, a

    household refrigerator, a new mattress and other

    furniture and clothes; meeting funeral costs; and

    many other emergency needs. Transportation

    to and from hospitals for families and also foroutpatient treatment, mount up extremely quickly,

    particularly for those with extended hospital stays.

    This is an area where Dans Fund can relieve rapidly

    the financial and emotional burden to survivors

    and families, allowing them to concentrate on their


    An iPad was provided for a patient so severely

    burned that she remains

    in hospital after many

    months. The Hospitalreports that the

    difference in her hand

    movements is great, as

    she attempts to swipe

    the keys and turn it on and off. She is keen to get

    corresponding with you personally by email to thank

    you for the iPad herself.

    Lisa Williams, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

    Burns Service, recently commented: Many, many

    thanks for your emergency support; it is such

    a pleasure to make peoples lives better with thismoney. It is one of the best parts of my job. I hope

    everyone at Dans Fund knows that!

    Offering practical help to

    burn survivors in the UK

    F O R B U R N S


    The 10th Anniversary last October was an

    emotionally challenging time for all those involved,

    but it gave us a chance to reect on those happy

    memories prior to the bombing for which we shall

    always be grateful. It also made us focus on how

    best to celebrate this. A small working group was

    set up and we spent the rst half of the year working

    hard to put on a fabulous night at the House of

    Commons on Friday 3rd May. The tickets ew outof the door and the Event was well received and

    raised an amazing 55,000. We are so thankful for

    all the support given by all the Sponsors, Donors,

    Attendees and Host, the Rt. Hon. Sir John Stanley.

    More details on the night will be found later in the

    Newsletter, along with other fundraising projects

    which have taken place over the past year. We have

    also tried to highlight where some of the money has

    been spent.

    The wonderful weather we had this summer was

    a welcome relief from the wet and endless winter

    but has sadly caused quite a few nasty accidents,

    from BBQ burns to gas canisters exploding and

    house and grass res. This came at a time when

    we were looking into backing a project to persuade

    the Government to change the legislation, ensuring

    all petrol cans have a special gizmo on the end to

    stop re ashing back up the petrol can nozzle. It

    seems people are not aware how dangerous petrol

    vapours can be and that it is vital not to pour petrol or

    any other accelerant onto a bonre, as vapours can

    attach themselves to your clothes and neighbouring

    bushes and grass. On a happier note the Charity

    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ email: [email protected] website: www.dansfundforburns.org

    F O R B U R N S Charity No. 1098720

    Andy and Polly at the House of Commons 10th Anniversary Fundraiser

  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ email: [email protected] website: www.dansfundforburns.org

    F O R B U R N S Charity No. 1098720


    Young Adults Away Camp

    Funded by Dans Fund for Burns, 14 young adults

    and 7 volunteers attended the Camp at Waddow

    Hall in Lancashire. Participants came from a

    number of UK Burns Clubs, including Frenchay

    After Burns Childrens Club (FAB Club), BUGS

    (Salisbury), Burned Childrens Club (Chelmsford),Scottish Burned Childrens Club and Manchester

    Burns Club. The Programme was quite relaxed

    with the emphasis on meeting new and old friends

    and peer support. All the Young Adults attended

    a session held by our Clinical Psychologist, and

    all reported they found it useful. The Programme

    included grass sledging, earth ball, zip wire and

    crate stacking. Everyone appeared to have a great

    time and they are all very keen for the event to be


    Answering the question How has being at camp

    helped you?, responses were:

    Meeting others with burns

    Helped me accept me more

    It has helped me be myself, and has helped withmy self-confidence

    I feel proud of my scars and shouldnt beembarrassed to show them

    To talk to other burn survivors who are at thesame stage as me

    Helped me with my self confidence

    Helped me to talk about my own experience

    Reminds me I am not alone, not the only onewith burns

    Having fun and teamwork

    Really helped me discover how much I hadgrown up and see stuff differently

    I met others in same situation, and realise I havegrown up

    Understand how to deal with problems better

    Helped me to listen to people more, new faces,more stories to be told and now feel morecomfortable with myself

    International Burns Jamboree 2013

    Johannesburg, 24th August - 2nd September

    The UK was well represented at this years

    International Burns Jamboree held in South Africa.

    There were nine young adult survivors (18-21), six

    young burns survivors (15-17), ve chaperones and

    one group leader. Dans Fund very generously

    funded the adult survivors, three chaperones andthe group leader.

    We went out a day early so as not to be too tired for

    the camp, which, in hindsight, was a great decision,

    as most mornings we were up before 7 am.

    The Camp was named Rainbow Camp after the

    term Rainbow State given to South Africa by

    Nelson Mandela, and also to show the diversity

    within the Camp, with attendees coming from the

    UK, Taiwan, South Korea and South Africa.

    The camp was split into two parts:

    A cultural/educational side, focusing on the history

    and varied cultures within SA, visiting such places

    as Soweto, Constitution Hill, JoBurg Fort, Apartheid

    Museum and Nelson Mandelas house.

    Then there was a fun side to the visit:

    FNB football stadium (World Cup Final Venue) to

    see the Kaiser Chiefs (football team not group) play;a visit to a game reserve and to a theme park, as

    well as doing the usual shopping trips.

    After the camp we spent another two days doing

    our own thing. We stayed on a game reserve for

    one night with the choice of either a horse ride or

    open-back jeep trip around the reserve. There were

    some very sore bottoms that evening!

    We then spent our last night in Joburg with a free

    day, shopping and sightseeing.

    Importantly, what did such an experience do for

    these young adult burn survivors? Well, here are a

    few quotes from some of the young adults:


  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ email: [email protected] website: www.dansfundforburns.org

    F O R B U R N S Charity No. 1098720

    Jack (21): International Camp/Jamboree isnt just a

    camp, its an experience where you come together

    and explore other survivors scars, both emotionally

    and culturally.

    Vicky (18): An amazing experience that will never

    be forgotten.

    Darren (19): We take too much in our life for granted

    and South African poverty proves that.

    Eric (18): The best experience of my life.

    Rosie (19): Amazing experience, meeting some

    incredible people from around the world who will be

    friends for life.

    These are just a few of the quotes.

    There was one surprise left on our trip home. We

    were all in our polo shirts with the logos of Dans

    Fund and the Burn Camps charities. A gentleman

    approached one of the young adults in Joburgairport and explained that he was a physiotherapist

    who donates to Dans Fund and it was great to see

    people beneting from the donation. Unfortunately

    we did not get his name. If he happens to read this,

    do please get in touch.

    I personally cannot thank Dans Fund enough for

    supporting this event which has touched so many

    young Burns Survivors lives, and not just those

    from the UK.

    Dave, Group Leader


    Support Group Study

    This Study, commissioned and funded by Dans

    Fund for Burns, was carried out by Camilla Batchelor

    and Lisa Williams (Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

    Burns Unit), in an attempt to see how many Support

    Groups existed in the UK and also how to improveon this support for Burn Survivors. The results were

    very interesting but complex. It shows that there

    is great difculty in maintaining support groups for

    varying reasons. Amongst some of the difculties

    are: distance and travel to meetings; the unknown

    number of individuals interested in participating;

    reluctance of Burns Unit staff members to volunteer

    their time when survivors do not attend; and nally,

    how interest often dies off after initial attendance.

    The Study also looked at the use of Buddy, or

    Befriending programmes.

    To our delight, the Study was presented to the

    British Burn Association Conference in April this

    year, resulting in considerable interest in providing

    such support. Further action/follow-up will depend

    on the level of interest from Burns Units around the

    country DFFB will remain involved by looking at

    the whole issue of support for Burn Survivors after

    they leave the comfort zone of the hospital and

    dedicated Burns Staff.

    The study can be seen at

    www.dansfundforburns.org, look under Latest

    News, then click follow this link for the Support

    Group Study.

    London Area Support Group

    Not everything requires financial funding. Dans

    Fund for Burns strongly supports the London area

    Support Group which is facilitated by Dr. Lisa Williams

    and other staff members, who give their own free

    time to conduct Support Group Meetings during

    the year. The Adult Burns Group, in conjunction

    with the Burns FamilyGroup, held a joint

    summer event on

    Saturday, 6th July. It

    included an adventure

    on a London Duck

    Tour on the Thames,

    sightseeing around

    the heart of London,

    followed by a picnic in the Jubilee Gardens. The

    outing coincided with splendid weather to make it

    an enjoyable day for all. The following commentscome from two who joined the Group for the first

    time and reflect the general enjoyment and success

    of the day again, thanks and appreciation go to

    those who organised and facilitated the event.

    My name is Amy and I am from Cambridgeshire.

    Luckily I found www.dansfundforburns.org through

    my local NHS website. I decided to travel from

    Cambridgeshire to

    join the London area

    Adult Burns Group

    outing. It was my first

    time to join the Group.

    Some of the people,

    like me, came from

    different countries

    and so I made new

    friends from all over the world. We talked about

    our experience with skin-grafts, how we overcame

    difficulties and how to get through a tough time. It

    has helped me to build more confidence. It was an

    unforgettable birthday for me! I am hoping to see

    everyone at the coming meeting in September.


  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ email: [email protected] website: www.dansfundforburns.org

    F O R B U R N S Charity No. 1098720

    or not, for surgery is increased from about 60% to

    over 90%. The Frenchay Hospital hosted an ofcial

    handover ceremony to thank Dans Fund for Burns

    for this vital equipment. Trustee, Rosemary Derby

    and her husband Peter attended the handover.

    The BBC also picked up on the story - more at


    Chelsea & Westminster Hospital London

    A Meek Mesher has already been purchased and

    installed in the Chelsea & Westminster Burns Unit.

    This is a piece of equipment which cuts pieces

    of skin into small squares and then separates the

    pieces of skin on a gauze swab so they can be

    easily applied to a burn wound and cover a much

    larger area (6 12 times more) than would have

    been possible with the original piece of skin. Using

    this technology, large total body surface area burns

    can be healed where there is very limited donor skin

    available and can mean the difference between thepatient surviving or succumbing to infection and

    multi-organ failure.

    Morriston Hospital Burns Service Unit, Swansea

    Dans Fund for Burns has contributed towards the

    purchase of a manual hoist machine which was

    urgently needed in order to make moving patients

    more simple, while maintaining a higher level of

    comfort. This equipment is now installed and

    greatly appreciated. A recent patient commented

    that prior to this equipment being installed, beingmoved to change dressings etc., was excrutiatingly


    Morriston Hospitals

    Rehabilitation and Community Management

    of the Burn Injured Patient.

    Another Project fully supported by Dans Fund for

    Burns is an Outreach Programme designed and

    organised by the Morriston Hospital Burns Service

    in Swansea. This outreach programme as described

    below, is proving to be extremely valuable and it is

    hoped that it can be expanded. To date two study

    days were held in 2012 and two in 2013.

    The Burns Unit at Morriston Hospital is the Welsh

    Centre for Burns, acting as the regional service

    to treat patients with burn injuries from all over

    South and Mid Wales, as well as adults with major

    burns from the South West of England. This is a

    huge geographical area, so bringing patients back

    to the Centre for regular dressing changes and

    rehabilitation as out-patients is not practical. The

    long journey times are potentially uncomfortable andcause huge fatigue for the patients, as well as the

    obvious travel costs, and family members needing

    to take lots of time off work and other duties.

    Steph, West London:

    6th July marked a special day for me as it was the

    first time I had attended the Adult Burns Group.

    Ive never been before and to be honest I felt a bit

    nervous. My burn injuries happened in February

    this year and since then Ive felt the need to find

    common ground with others like me. As I got ready

    I suddenly realized I had no idea what to wear!

    However, I got to the meeting point and throughoutthe day I felt so normal - a feeling that I havent

    had for a long time and I know that without the

    invitation to attend from Dans Fund for Burns and

    the Adult Burns Group, I would still be searching

    for that normal feeling. Now I know that things can

    get better with time, with the help of the group and

    Dans Fund and the magic that they do.


    With the help of the funds raised on 3rd May,

    we have been able to provide some expensive

    equipment to two Burns Units for which funding

    was not otherwise available.

    Frenchay Hospital, Bristol

    For Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, a Laser Doppler was

    purchased and is now functioning. This machine

    costs in the vicinity of 50,000. By assessing the

    blood ow in a burn injury using a laser beam, a

    picture is produced with different colours whichhelps guide the surgeon on whether or not surgery

    is required. Pink and red areas should heal within

    2 weeks and leave no scars, yellow and green

    areas should heal within 3 weeks and although

    they might leave scars are often left to heal on their

    own, whereas blue areas require surgery. Using a

    combination of clinical examination and experience

    with this machine, the accuracy of judging the need,


    Frenchay Hospitals Colour Laser Doppler

    with Karen Highway, Becky Peach, Anthony Sack,

    consultant Jonathon Pleat, and DFFBs Rosemary & Peter Derby.

  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ email: [email protected] website: www.dansfundforburns.org

    F O R B U R N S Charity No. 1098720

    The Burns Centre, therefore, refers patients to

    their local district and practice nurses for dressing

    changes, and their local outpatient therapy

    departments as well as community re-ablement

    teams, for regular ongoing management nearer

    to home. Patients continue to be reviewed by the

    Burns Outreach Service for specialist input, but on a

    far less frequent basis. The Burns Centre is aware,

    however, that the professionals to whom patientsare referred to have little or no burns knowledge

    or experience. Surveys they have conducted have

    indicated that these professionals would value some

    formal education from the Burns Centre which led

    to organising these Study Days.

    Dans Fund for Burns has been happy to encourage

    this worthwhile project, particularly as we receive

    many calls from Burn Survivors who nd it difcult

    to obtain the same quality of treatment and

    understanding as they experience in the Burns Unit.



    As reported in our last Newsletter, Dans Fund for

    Burns organised and funded Camouage Makeup

    training for 16 Burns Units staff throughout the

    United Kingdom, in order that access is easier for

    burn survivors. It has proven to be a great success,

    and it is good to see that previously funded projectshave a lasting and positive input into patients

    recovery. Feedback from the Belfast Burns Ward

    summarises the positive input of camouage

    makeup experienced by many Burns Service Units:

    We are very pleased to report that we are having

    great success with our camouage service. We

    had not expected it to be such a success and I

    can denitely report that it is one of our favourite

    treatments. The service makes such an instant

    difference to our clients, not just cosmetically, butemotionally regarding their condence and self

    esteem. Our clients come from a range of different

    backgrounds and have beneted in a number of

    ways from the added condence the camouage

    gives them. For example, a female customs ofcer

    reported she would have no problem going back

    to front line work now, as the camouage gave

    her the condence to speak face to face with the

    public. Another young woman reported that she

    felt able to socialise with friends and family and not

    shy away from certain activities that exposed herscar. Another male client reported that he would no

    longer be attempting to disguise his scarring with

    his wifes makeup.

    Most sessions are emotional in a positive way

    because our clients are so grateful for what the

    camouage coverage gives them. We always begin

    with an initial consultation to ensure our clients have

    realistic expectations of what camouage can offer,

    and that it will not miraculously take the scar away

    and make it invisible. Once we are happy that our

    clients understand the limitations of camouage,

    we begin treatment. At the moment we are buildinga portfolio of before and after treatments to help

    others see what can be expected of the service.

    The results of the training funded by Dans Fund

    for Burns have surpassed our expectations and

    are making a tangible difference to the lives of our

    patients. Thanks again to Dans Fund, and to you

    for all your support.


    It is always touching to receive feedback from

    those who have beneted from your donations and

    fundraising, such as:

    A letter from a family member of a burn survivor,

    helped with emergency funding from Dans Fund

    for Burns

    I would like to thank you and your Trustees onceagain for the help and generosity that you gave

    to our family when my brother was badly burned,

    sustaining 80% burns from the ignition of aviation

    fuel. You provided much needed emergency

    funding for us which helped our morale no end.

    When this accident rst happened I never thought

    that my brother, Dave, would cope in the way that

    he has. He was very proud of his physique and

    looks and had enjoyed a full and energetic life until

    the accident.

    I did not think he could possibly accept his injuriesand face the long and arduous recovery, most

    particularly his disgurement. In fact when he was

    in the hospital in the rst few weeks I remember


    Camouflage - before and after treatments

  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ email: [email protected] website: www.dansfundforburns.org

    F O R B U R N S Charity No. 1098720

    saying to the doctors please just let him go; he

    would not want to live like this. How wrong I was,

    and if anyone is going through something similar

    right now, all I can say is that you will be amazed at

    what the human spirit can get through and want to

    live through. Dave knows of my thoughts because

    we have discussed this and his answer to me was

    I wasnt giving up, take something stronger than

    that, which I laughed about. The road ahead hasnot been an easy one and he has had to deal with

    many knock-backs, including his wife divorcing him.

    I mention this because Dave has been a litigant in

    person, representing himself in Court, and through

    this experience, he has decided to study law and

    will begin in the new academic term. During the

    last two months Dave has been able to come off of

    dialysis which is fantastic news since this was very

    restrictive to his lifestyle.

    When accidents like this happen it changes yourfamily. Life is never the same again but my message

    here is that just because something as catastrophic

    as this happens it depends on how you react to it,

    and how you deal with it. Attitude is everything; one

    of my favourite quotes by Napoleon Hill is anything

    the mind can conceive you can achieve. My

    brother, Dave, is walking proof of that and I couldnt

    be prouder of him.

    Take care with candles and tea lightsKalpana Chauhan, 26 months later:

    How my family appreciated the help given to us by

    Dans Fund.

    Kalpana Chauhan was praying in front her Altar on

    which tea lights were burning. Her skirt caught re

    and she was engulfed quickly; her son and husband

    received lesser burns in their attempts to put out

    the ames. She has written the following:

    Two years have gone by; all the pain and hurt is

    now a distance away. That dreaded day, I wish Id

    never worn that skirt, and the funny thing was that

    on that day Id been having doubts about whether

    to do my prayers, and in the end I can see that this

    accident was going to happen regardless - it was

    fate. Im thankful that my daughter wasnt at home

    at the time. I would never have been able to forgive

    myself if my beautiful daughter was hurt.

    The past two years have been hard. I will never forget

    the pain I suffered and now I am trying to get my life

    back in order and Im trying to cope with the scars

    that have been left on my body - theyre not goingto go away and will remain a constant reminder. I

    would never have got through this pain without the

    support of my family and this accident has made

    our family stronger. I know my family suffered in

    different ways, both physically and mentally. I still

    remember the hurt in my sons and husbands eyes

    that day. I now pray that what happened to us never

    happens to anybody else.

    Barbecues and accidents and safety issues:Lisa & Steves Story, August 2013

    It wasnt brilliant weather, but considering how

    long it had been since the weather had been good

    enough, my wife, Lisa, and I accepted the invitation

    to a family May bank holiday barbecue. Shortly after

    arriving, Lisa was standing next to our brother-in-law

    beside the barbecue, when an explosion erupted. I

    immediately noticed that Lisa had been set alight,

    as she walked towards me. Fortunately Lisa

    allowed me to put her on the ground and I was able

    to pull off her burning clothes; thankfully she didntstruggle and stayed calm. It was immediately clear

    that Lisa had suffered severe burns. Thankfully she

    was quickly airlifted by Cornwalls air ambulance to

    the Welsh Centre for Burns at Swansea, where she

    was expertly cared for. I was also hospitalised at

    Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, with the burns I had

    suffered. Separated from each other and from our

    1 and 3 year old sons was just as painful as the

    physical burns.

    After nearly 3 weeks I was discharged from hospital.

    I knew I needed to find out what help and supportthere was out there, particularly for when Lisa, whod

    suffered 33% burns and was still in intensive care,

    was able to come home. I contacted Dans Fund

    for Burns, and a reply from Joy really helped me to

    understand what I needed to be thinking about. It

    was a real weight off my shoulders - despite the

    overwhelming support from family and friends,

    talking to someone who knows what you are going

    through and understands the issues you are faced

    with at each stage is invaluable.

    The accident was just over 3 months ago, but were

    not really at the end of the beginning yet. Lisa was

    able to come home from hospital after 6 weeks and

    bravely continues her fight back to health. The aim

    is to get back to work, but more importantly being

    able to do all of her mummy duties and back to

    being able to horse ride as soon as possible.

    DFFB is still helping us in practical ways, which

    will help with Lisas ongoing care back home in

    Cornwall. We are hoping to repay the debt by raising

    money for DFFB, which will be used to buy an itemof equipment for the brilliant Welsh Centre for Burns

    and provide burns training for local physiotherapists

    and OTs. We are so thankful for the help, support


  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ email: [email protected] website: www.dansfundforburns.org

    F O R B U R N S Charity No. 1098720

    and care shown to us, its got us to where we are

    now, not least everything DFFB have been able to

    do for us.


    A memorial concert was held ten years after the

    Bali Bombings to remember those lost and injured.

    Polly (Miller) Brooks opened the concert, reading apoem and lighting a candle for her late husband,

    Dan, school friend Annika and the other 24 British

    victims. Daniel Moult, the renowned Organ Virtuoso,

    gave a wonderful programme of traditional and

    modern pieces on the newly restored organ in Holy

    Trinity Church, Bramley, to a full audience including

    The Mayor and Mayoress of Waverley.

    The concert received generous sponsorship and

    raised an impressive 4,000 for Dans Fund For

    Burns which was born out of the Bali Bombings


    Rosemary and Peter Derby thank all who came,

    gave, and helped.


    10 Year Anniversary Celebrations

    House of Commons, Friday 3rd May 2013

    On a beautifully sunny May bank holiday weekend,

    two hundred guests came together at the House ofCommons Members dining room, overlooking the

    River Thames, to help Dans Fund for Burns celebrate

    their 10th Anniversary. Burns professionals, burn

    survivors, donors and supporters mingled together

    in a magical atmosphere. The evening itself was

    hosted by the Rt. Hon. Sir John Stanley and his wife

    Lady Elizabeth. Indeed it was Sir John who kicked

    off the evening, reminding everyone of why Dans

    Fund For Burns was established. He went on to talk

    about the courage of Polly (Miller) Brooks, in rising

    above her own loss and injury to establish such a

    lasting legacy to Dan, and how by doing so, she has

    helped so many who suffer the trauma and pain of


    The guests then heard Polly describe her own

    experience and the purpose behind the Charity in

    her honest and open way. The ethos behind the

    charity was then enforced by a short explanatory

    DVD. Mr Greg Williams, Medical Trustee, briey

    then explained the usefulness of Laser Doppler and

    Meek Mesher Machines. This proved most helpful

    and informative and gave impetus to the evenings


    Mr Edward Rising, the Auctioneer for the evening,

    then stepped in and rallied the excitement of the

    night. With amazing prizes from Emirates Airlines

    (Dubai 7s package), Karma Resorts (Bali villa), Jon

    Dibben (Jewellery) and many more up for grabs, he

    worked the room well and we are delighted to report

    that we smashed our initial target, raising a total of

    55,000 on the evening. Mr Rising then handed

    over to the wonderfully tongue-in-cheek comedian,

    Miles Jupp, who entertained and amused the crowd,kindly donating his services for the night.

    A very diverse group of friends, families, survivors,

    medical professionals and supporters came, making

    our Ten Year Celebration a memorable occasion.

    Importantly, many thanks must go to the small

    working group who worked hard throughout the

    year to make the evening come together. Everyone

    volunteered their time and energies despite mostworking full-time. Thank you! Thanks must also go

    to those who could not attend, but who contributed

    and/or donated to the Event.

    Lastly, Dans Fund for Burns would like to offer

    our most sincere appreciation and thanks to all

    the generous organisations and individuals who

    donated such wonderful and exciting prizes and

    helped to make the evening such a success.

    The many Sponsors, Auction prize givers, Donors

    and Helpers included, but are not limited to(apologies - we cant list everyone):

    Emirates Airline; Jumeriah Creekside Hotel;

    Karma Resorts Group, Bali; Jon Dibben Design


    With our hosts The Rt Hon Sir John Stanley

    and his wife, Elizabeth

  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ email: [email protected] website: www.dansfundforburns.org

    F O R B U R N S Charity No. 1098720

    Jeweller; Neptune Investment Management;

    BAPRAS; Moor Instruments; Eurosurgical; The

    Soho Furrier; Under the Posts Ltd; The Old

    Swan & Minster Mill; Mandy Hickson; Novae;

    NPW; AlpenClub; Metropolitan by Como; The

    Chic Collection; The Royal Opera House;

    Chessington World of Adventures; Taylor

    Wessing; Incredibull; Fine Balance Carpentry;

    Dynamic Range; Papya Photography; UniversalMusic Group; Imprint Events; Oblong Tech;

    Caroline Tate; Felicity Miller; Polly Brooks; Bali

    Legends; Christian Saverimutto; Rosemary

    Derby; Barbara Eggo; Andrew Manning and Ian

    McKinnell; and nally, Antony Banks of Dynamic

    Range, for the DVD.

    Also very grateful thanks to the other anonymous

    donors and Trusts in May and throughout the year.

    The Rugby and Airline Communities:

    continued Support and Fundraising

    Emirates Airlines, Asian friends and the Rugby

    Community were not only massive

    supporters of our House of Commons

    event, but also helped to raise funds

    throughout the past year. The Hong

    Kong Football Club announced

    a wonderful surprise donation at their 10th

    Anniversary Memorial Reception in Hong

    Kong, whilst The Buffalo Group over inSingapore held a White Collar Boxing night to raise

    funds for us. The Emirates Airlines chose Dans

    Fund for Burns in 2012, nominating us again as one

    of their three beneciaries from their fabulous pre-

    Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens fundraising

    lunch, the Long Lunch. Thanks goes to all for

    continuing support of the work we do.

    Surrey FundraisersCongratulations must also extend to the Surrey

    Group who raise considerable funds throughout the

    year with events such as Bridge Days, Golf Days


    and other events generated by the indomitable

    energy of Rosemary Derby (Pollys mother) and

    father, Peter Derby. As reported by Rosemary:

    We had another busy year for Surrey Fundraisers.

    In October 2012 there was a dramatic start to the

    Bridge/Golf Day at Chobham Golf Club. As the

    golfers were setting off

    raising money for a BurnsCharity, ironically the

    young House Manager

    arriving for work had to

    jump out of her car before

    it burst into flames in the

    car park. The Fire Brigade

    arrived and put out the flames. The car then was

    towed away leaving a very distressed but unhurt and

    lucky owner behind - a sharp reminder to everyone

    of the purpose of our Charity.

    Luckily there were no such alarms at the very

    successful Texas Scramble Golf Days at Sunningdale

    Ladies in May. As

    there was a Bridge

    Day in February,

    there was no

    Shalford Bridge

    Tea in 2012. The

    most recent event

    was a Golf Day for

    98 men and 2 lady

    players at Woking Golf Club.(See a separate note on this from a player who came

    over from Northern Ireland.)

    My sincere thanks to Jane Bennett, Lady Captain

    of Mid Herts Golf

    Club, who picked

    Dans Fund as her

    chosen Charity for

    her year. She and

    her lady golfers

    raised nearly5,000, which

    was added to by

    a very handsome

    donation from another Charity. Thank you very

    much ladies at Mid Herts.

    The Trustees and myself would like to thank Valerie

    Band, Peter Derby, Hilary Leigh, Sally Maddison

    and Barbara Perry for their unstinting help, time and

    support, as none of these events could have taken

    place without their efforts.

    A tea party was held for Dans Fund workers to

    celebrate the 10th Anniversary."

    2013 Friday Texas Scramble Winners

    2013 Thursday Texas Scramble Winners

    innovation in microvascular assessment

    Investment Management

  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ email: [email protected] website: www.dansfundforburns.org

    F O R B U R N S Charity No. 1098720

    DFFBs recent activities, an auction of promises

    ensued which featured rounds of golf at many

    leading clubs, generously donated. The organisers

    were delighted that 9,000 was raised on the day.

    The winners were a team from actuaries, Punter


    John Neill (Royal County Down GC)


    Perkins Great Eastern Run

    Lee Mcloughlin, who was a Family Liaison Ofcer

    for families affected by Bali back in 2002, bravely

    ran this 13.1 mile run in October in 2.16.15 (initially

    recorded 2.12.36 but got changed for reasons he

    is investigating). I did not walk even a centimetre of

    the course, running the whole thing, which for a rst

    attempt is not bad at all.

    Fundraising smashed the target, ultimately raising162% of his target, Lees comment being at least

    my legs held out!

    Canoeing around the United Kingdom

    Simon Beeson attempted to canoe around the United

    Kingdom in mid-May this year. Simon is 65 and

    had suffered 82%

    body burns 20 years

    ago. This amazingchallenge which he

    set himself, started

    brilliantly; however

    the dreadful weather

    and in particular the

    high winds proved

    too much and

    when his back nally gave out completely, Simon

    sadly had to withdraw. However, in the meantime

    Simon has raised over 5000, and still going. More

    importantly, he has shown what courage and

    determination can do.

    Simon is an inspiration to those who have

    suffered physical damage of any kind. We

    would also like to say a huge thank you to

    Expedition Support Services Limited, who

    donated their satellite tracking system to

    cover Simon. This gave us all condence

    that he wouldnt be lost and it was also

    an exciting day-by-day adventure. We,

    together with Simon, were also grateful

    to Palm Gear for Paddlers, for providingthe canoe and other equipment for this

    challenging project.



    Friday 18th October 2013

    Bridge Tea at Shalford Village Hall

    Monday 28th October 2013

    Bridge / Golf Day at Chobham G C

    Thursday 29th May 2014 and Friday 30th May


    Texas Scramble Days at Sunningdale Ladies GC

    Please apply to [email protected]

    for entry forms.

    DFFB 10th Anniversary Golf Day

    A charity golf day, hosted and organised by

    Peter Derby at the prestigious Woking GC raised

    substantial funds for DFFB. The morning of

    Tuesday 23rd July dawned bright, crisp and

    colourful at the historic club house, with its lovely

    veranda and immaculate surrounding ower beds.

    Competitors were welcomed and score cards

    issued by Rosemary Derby and her efcient team.

    The competition featured a shot gun start whereby

    all 25 teams started

    simultaneously at

    different tees. The

    challenging tree-

    lined and heather-

    clad course with its

    testing greens in

    pristine condition

    was navigated over

    some 4 hours.

    The starting gun was not to be the only percussion

    to feature, as an errant thunderstorm caused theorganisers to sound the claxon for a twenty minute

    stoppage. After a very ne buffet lunch and a report

    given by Trustee and Chairman Polly Brooks on

    Simon Beeson

    The winning team on the

    10th Anniversary Golf Day

    Dan's fundraisers celebrating the 10th anniversary

  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ email: [email protected] website: www.dansfundforburns.org

    F O R B U R N S Charity No. 1098720

    I promised my sponsors that I would still run a

    marathon and so their sponsorship was not without

    some pain on my part! So I was at Maze Hill in

    South East London early one Sunday morning in

    April (not quite the same as Central Park) for my

    6th London Marathon with the Boston Marathon

    bombings having taken place earlier that week,

    there was a special poignancy to the race and the

    crowd support was even better than ever.

    However, I am planning on sticking to the New York

    plan, and will return for a second attempt at the New

    York Marathon in November 2013. Dan ran the New

    York Marathon (dressed as a rhino!) and it will be a

    very special tribute to him in the 10th anniversary

    year of the charity to run the same course. An

    update and photos to follow in the next newsletter!


    There are many who fundraise for us in diverse ways

    - we can only admire everyone and their imagination

    and determination to support the work of Dans Fund

    for Burns. One such person was Andy Brooks, who

    decided to grow a MouseTash (moustache) during

    the month of November. He is quoted as saying, I

    was paid to grow it for the month of November, and

    it was quite fun, but Polly was relieved when it went

    - cant think why!

    It is difcult to mention every event. However, wewish you all to know how much every penny is

    cherished and used to the best possible extent.

    100+ CLUB

    My thanks go to all our members for their continual

    support of the 100+ CLUB, which started in 2004

    with the rst draw taking place in April with two

    prizes. The number of members has grown andthere are now four prizes each month.

    Royal Parks London Half Marathon

    October 7th 2012, a magnicent and perfect Autumn

    day, found two gallant runners take to the course in

    aid of Dans Fund for Burns, Katherine Jones and

    Niel DuPreez. Both completed the course, spurred

    on by many other local Support Group members.

    A great celebration was held afterwards in order to

    congratulate and thank them.

    Mark your diaries! Sunday 6th October 2013

    This is the second year that we have entered this

    wonderful event.

    This year we

    have ve runners

    so please come

    and join us all in

    supporting and

    encouraging these

    runners. It is a great

    family day, you canpicnic and enjoy

    the Parks as well as

    supporting the brave runners. Watch the website

    for ongoing information. For further information do

    check the website for updates.

    If you would like to participate and reserve a place

    next year, please contact info@dansfundforburns or

    Dans Fund for Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2


    New York Marathon

    Emma Danks, Trustee, Dans Fund for Burns

    First of all, a massive thank you to everyone who

    very generously supported Dans Fund for Burns by

    sponsoring me for my New York Marathon attempt

    in November 2012. Thanks to you all, I raised 2,500

    for the charity which is a fantastic amount and I am

    really ever so grateful.

    Sadly the marathon was cancelled late on the Friday

    before Sundays race, following the devastating

    impact of Hurricane Sandy on the New York area.

    But the marathon spirit was kept alive by runners

    helping the volunteer services with the huge clean-

    up operation, and there was quite a crowd who still

    made it to Central Park on the day of the marathon

    for a run (albeit shorter than 26.2 miles).

    Given my failed marathon attempt, I was so touched

    that not only did all of my sponsors pledge to still

    donate their sponsorship money to Dans Fund forBurns, but I even had extra sponsorship money

    coming in after the (non-) event from people who

    kindly still wanted to support the charity.


    Andys MouseTash

    Niel & Katherine after the 2012 run

  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ email: [email protected] website: www.dansfundforburns.org

    F O R B U R N S Charity No. 1098720


    Very sadly Karina Hicks, a friend and artist who

    generously donated her work to Dans Fund

    Christmas cards, suddenly died at the end of June.

    This event combined with an accident suffered by

    Felicity Miller, has meant we cannot offer Christmas

    cards this year. The cards will be available as usual

    next year.


    Why not become a member too? New members

    are always needed and very welcome. The regular

    income to the Fund is much appreciated.

    The Trustees would like to thank very much Val

    Band and Hilary Leigh for running the Club.

    Rosemary Derby


    Our appreciation and thanks go to Lynn Coleswho looks after our website. He has continued tomaintain the website, uploading and running theonline bidding for the 10th anniversary silent auctionprizes, updating the 100+ winnings and many otherchanges. Thank you Lynn.

    Lynn reports: Hinga Design has now merged with

    Oblong Tech, where I continue to look after theDFFB site as my contribution to their work. If youare interested in website and brand developmentfor businesses or charitable organisations pleasego to www.oblongtech.com.

    Many thanks to Anthony Banks for his time andenergies and ideas in lming and putting together awonderful DVD for Dans Fund for Burns this is apowerful tool in showing people what we do.

    Do contact Anthony if you need Conferenceassistance he travels everywhere!

    The printing of this Newsletter would be impossible

    without the personal assistance of Phil Lotter and

    his team, who give us the most amazing attention

    to detail and assist with layout and all of the manychanges.

    If you need a printer call Newgraphic!! Thank you

    Phil and your team.


    IF YOU ARE, or KNOW SOMEONE and need somehelp, advice, or just a friendly ear then please get in

    touch with us. We are willing to consider all requests

    for help and even if you are just looking for someone to

    talk to PLEASE contact us:

    through our website:


    by email: [email protected]

    or telephone020 7262 4039


    Please let us know if you have changed address

    so that we may update our Database.

    Many thanks.

    All at

    Dans Fund for Burnswish you the very best for the

    Christmas Season

    and a happy and fulfilled 2014


    A wonderfully easy way of raising funds when you

    order on line: just visit


    to register and shop with over 2000 well-known

    retailers like Amazon, Argos, M&S, eBayand many


    Whenever you buy something, the retailer makes a

    donation to Dans Fund For Burns. Theyve helped

    other causes raise over 2,000,000, so it really does


    It wont cost you a penny extra to shop through

    easyfundraising and you can even save money withspecial offers and voucher codes. Once registered it

    is easy to place on your home page to remind you to

    enter via Easy Fundraising.


    The current format of the Burns Support Groups

    quarterly meetings, alternating between a social event

    and an invited speaker, has been in place for several

    years now.

    For details of the group and future events please visit


    or www.dansfundforburns.org

    Tel: +44 (0) 1322 333600Fax: +44 (0) 1322 330600Mob: +44 (0) 7720 398929

    Email: [email protected]


    Dynamic Range LtdUnit 4, Northend Trading Estate,Northend Road, Erith, DA8 3PPAnthony Banks

    Newgraphic127a High Street, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 5AX

    Tel: 01732 862 222Email: [email protected]

  • 7/27/2019 Dan's Fund For Burns Newsletter 2013


    100 + CLUB FORM

    If you would like to join the 100+ Club, please ll in the

    form below and send it to:

    Rosemary Derby, Haldish Farm, Green Lane,

    Shamley Green, Surrey, GU5 0RD

    DFFB 100+ CLUB Standing Order Mandate

    To the Manager: Bank plc

    Address of your Bank:

    Please pay to:

    Barclays Bank plc

    Guildford West Surrey Group of Branches,

    PO Box 317, Woking, Surrey, GU21 1WT

    Account name: Dans Fund For Burns No.2 AccountSort code: 20-35-35

    Account number: 00362735

    The sum of

    (amount in words)

    (amount in figures)

    Starting on day of 20 and annually

    on 1st January thereafter until further notice.

    Account name:

    Sort code:

    Account number:





    Dans Fund For Burns

    PO Box 54394, London, W2 7HJ

    Tel: 020 7262 4039

    Email:[email protected]

    Registered Charity No. 1098720

    Registered Address: Haldish Farm, Green Lane,

    Shamley Green, Surrey, GU5 0RD


    If you would like to donate to Dans Fund For Burns,

    please complete the form below and send to:

    Dans Fund For Burns, PO Box 54394, London W2 7HJ

    If you are a UK Taxpayer, please complete the Gift Aid

    Form which grants the charity a further 28p on every 1

    you donate. THANK YOU.

    To: Dans Fund For Burns

    PO Box 54394

    London W2 7HJ

    Tel: 020 7262 4039

    I enclose a donation in the amount of (please make cheques payable toDans Fund For Burns)

    Name: (please print)




    I am a UK Taxpayer.



    You must pay an amount of UK income tax or Capital

    Gains Tax at least equal to the amount we claim from the

    Inland Revenue.

    Cheques from a joint account must be signed by the


    You may cancel this Declaration at any time.

    If you cease to be a UK taxpayer, please notify DFFB.

    Please also notify DFFB if you change your name or