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Theatre Review: “Westside Story” By Roy Bradbrook. Those electrifying first few moments when the curtain rose on the open- ing night of the new Gateway Playhouse sea- son and the stage slowly filled with teenagers bent on establishing their ownership of a small, seedy part of New York over a rival gang’s claim quickly confirmed why West Side Story will always be considered one of the truly great musicals of all time. Of course, that exception- al combination of Leonard Bernstein’s music, Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics, Arthur Laurents’ book and the choreography of Jerome Robbins should always produce an exceptional result. However, without very high standards of indi- vidual artists and great direction, it will never come to life in the way that its creators intend- ed. High marks to the Gateway team who cast and staged this production, especially Carlos Encinias, who not only directed but also is the company’s choreographer. Gateway produc- tions only have a two-week rehearsal time and it was amazing to see this talented group of artists as they performed Robbins’ demanding choreography with great precision and drive. The story, based on Romeo and Juliet, is timeless and works as well set on the mean streets of New York in the ‘50s as it did in medieval Verona. Here the two star- crossed lovers are Puerto Rican-born Maria, beauti- fully portrayed by Alexandra Zorn, and American-born Tony, played by Brent Michael Diroma. They have true chemistry between them throughout the show, which lifts the total experience to one where you empathize deeply with their youthful hopes knowing that they will never be realized. Both are great looking and have strong, melodious voices that bring the most out of wonderful songs such as the haunting duets “Tonight,” “One Hand. One Heart” and “Somewhere.” The gang leaders of the Jets and the Sharks, Kit Treece as Riff and Dennis Kenney as Bernardo, work well in showing the antipathy of the two groups and, at the same time, their vulnerability due to their immaturity. Remember this was a time when disputes were not settled with AK-47s but mostly with fists, stones or knives. The thought of a gun raises horror with many of the gang members. The show has several moments of high com- edy in which Sondheim’s satirical lyrics expounding the social woes of the time are given full play. Manoly Farrell plays the sassy, sexy Anita, Bernardo’s girl, and she almost steals the show with her rendition of “America,” recalling Rita Moreno’s film version of the role. Another comedic high point is when the Jets’ members perform “Gee Officer Krupke.” This is Sondheim at his satirical best lampooning society’s take on the causes of juvenile delinquency. The only problem with this song is its placing in the show, where it almost is a case of bathos after a time of high drama and tension—it always seems that it would fit better in the context of the first act’s numbers. The entire cast and orchestra are to be com- mended for setting such a high standard for the season’s opener…a season when Gateway has become a nonprofit organization under the title of The Performing Arts Center of Suffolk County at Gateway Playhouse. It is increasingly difficult to meet budgets through ticket sales, so this move will enable Gateway to look for sponsorship at all levels, from regulars who love this theatre and its productions, to companies and corporations that want to invest in local arts. Gateway has survived through the good work of the Allan family for more than 60 years and hopefully, the new structure will ensure it a long future. West Side Story, through May 28, The Gateway Playhouse, 215 South Country Road, Bellport. For tickets call 631-286-1133, gatewayplay- ouse.com. Dan’s Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 102 “Ev'rything free inAmerica 631-537-0100 Bridgehampton Commons, 2102 Montauk Hwy. Bridgehampton NY (Next Door To T.J. Maxx) Walk-Ins 593 Angel Tips Nail Spa Summer Specials Gift Certificates Available 30 MINUTE Neck & Shoulder Massage 30 MINUTE Reflexology Bikini & Full Leg Wax 30 MINUTE Neck & Shoulder Massage 30 MINUTE Reflexology Bikini & Full Leg Wax Manicure & Pedicure $35 Mon-Wed Manicure & Pedicure Mon-Wed PRESERVE & BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME’S EXTERIOR & TRIM ECO-FRIENDLY CERAMIC COATING & PAINT 3380 Gabrielle Hamilton Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef 130 Main St., Westhampton Beach, NY Blood, Bones & Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef New York Times The New York Times meet the author! 631-998-3260 | www.booksandbookswhb.com 3743

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Transcript of Dan's Papers May 27, 2011

  • Theatre Review: Westside StoryBy Roy Bradbrook.

    Those electrifying firstfew moments when thecurtain rose on the open-ing night of the newGateway Playhouse sea-son and the stage slowlyfilled with teenagers benton establishing theirownership of a small,seedy part of New Yorkover a rival gangs claimquickly confirmed why West Side Story willalways be considered one of the truly greatmusicals of all time. Of course, that exception-al combination of Leonard Bernsteins music,Stephen Sondheims lyrics, Arthur Laurentsbook and the choreography of Jerome Robbinsshould always produce an exceptional result.However, without very high standards of indi-vidual artists and great direction, it will nevercome to life in the way that its creators intend-ed.

    High marks to the Gateway team who castand staged this production, especially CarlosEncinias, who not only directed but also is thecompanys choreographer. Gateway produc-tions only have a two-week rehearsal time andit was amazing to see this talented group ofartists as they performed Robbins demandingchoreography with great precision and drive.

    The story, based on Romeo and Juliet, istimeless and works as well set on the mean

    streets of New York in the50s as it did in medievalVerona. Here the two star-crossed lovers are PuertoRican-born Maria, beauti-fully portrayed byAlexandra Zorn, andAmerican-born Tony,played by Brent MichaelDiroma. They have truechemistry between them

    throughout the show, whichlifts the total experience to one where youempathize deeply with their youthful hopesknowing that they will never be realized. Bothare great looking and have strong, melodiousvoices that bring the most out of wonderfulsongs such as the haunting duets Tonight,One Hand. One Heart and Somewhere.

    The gang leaders of the Jets and the Sharks,Kit Treece as Riff and Dennis Kenney asBernardo, work well in showing the antipathyof the two groups and, at the same time, theirvulnerability due to their immaturity.Remember this was a time when disputes werenot settled with AK-47s but mostly with fists,stones or knives. The thought of a gun raiseshorror with many of the gang members.

    The show has several moments of high com-edy in which Sondheims satirical lyricsexpounding the social woes of the time aregiven full play. Manoly Farrell plays the sassy,sexy Anita, Bernardos girl, and she almost

    steals the show with her rendition ofAmerica, recalling Rita Morenos film versionof the role. Another comedic high point is whenthe Jets members perform Gee OfficerKrupke. This is Sondheim at his satirical bestlampooning societys take on the causes ofjuvenile delinquency. The only problem withthis song is its placing in the show, where italmost is a case of bathos after a time of highdrama and tensionit always seems that itwould fit better in the context of the first actsnumbers.

    The entire cast and orchestra are to be com-mended for setting such a high standard forthe seasons openera season when Gatewayhas become a nonprofitorganization under the title of The PerformingArts Center of Suffolk County at GatewayPlayhouse. It is increasingly difficult to meetbudgets through ticket sales, so this move willenable Gateway to look for sponsorship at alllevels, from regulars who love this theatre andits productions, to companies and corporationsthat want to invest in local arts. Gateway hassurvived through the good work of the Allanfamily for more than 60 years and hopefully,the new structure will ensure it a long future.

    West Side Story, through May 28, TheGateway Playhouse, 215 South Country Road,Bellport.

    For tickets call 631-286-1133, gatewayplay-ouse.com.

    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 102

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  • Art, a Farmers Market and TurtlesBy Ana Nieto and Ivo Tomasini

    On May 22 we and several local East Enderswere invited on an enlightening tour of theWatermill Center, as part of a series of encoun-ters to brainstorm the creation of a new projectcalled The Market, a concept created by artistresident Keil Borrman, which aims to put togeth-er a farmers market with art and artists.Borrman wants the creation of The Market tocome to fruition based on the collaboration fromthe local community of designers, farmers,artists, or anyone else who is interested in partic-ipating. A few of the guests that I personallyknew included Scott Chaskey (farmer and poet),Martine Abitbol (professional baker), Bennet

    Konesni (farmer and musi-cian), and Dr. Michael Clarjen-Arconada, (practitioner ofNatural Biological Medicine).

    After the tour we had theopportunity to listen to a briefexplanation of Keils project,followed by lunch, which con-sisted of an exquisite leg of lamb brought in froman upstate farm and cooked by Borrman himself.During lunch attendees broke away into groupsto explore ideas for The Market in three cate-gories: design, function, and community out-reach.

    If you are interested in this project, contact

    Keil at [email protected] Watermill takes place on

    August 14, 3-6 p.m. Admission is freeand open to the public. Reservationsare not required. More information isavailable at watermillcenter.org.

    Next, we celebrated World TurtleDay at the Quogue Wildlife Refuge. This wonder-ful setting, overlooking Old Ice Pond, is sur-rounded by live tortoises and turtles of all sizesand shapes. The director of the center gave theattendees a talk about the anatomy of turtles,their likes and dislikes, and warned the childrenwho were present about the dangers of snappingturtles, among other things.

    People love having turtles as pets becausetheyre so prehistoric, yet they may turn somepeople off due to the fact that some can outlivetheir owners, and because they need a lot of care.There are many different types of turtles, fromthe local box variety, to red sliders, and to thegiant green sea turtles. They all share some com-mon characteristics. For instance, did you knowthat they all have 13 scoops (square-like pat-terns) on their shell, or that they all like lots ofheat, or that some can live longer than others (atortoise can live up to 100 years while a red-eyedslider can live up to 40 or more)?Some important tips:

    What do you do if you find a turtle cross-ing the road? Ideally, dont move or takehim/her away. Beware of touching a snappingturtle! However, if a box turtle is in the middleof a busy street, take note of the direction itsgoing in and carefully transport it to the side ofthe road. Turtles are used to living in the sameplace for many years and they can die from sim-ply being removed from their natural environ-ment. Even more, there is a possibility that theyhave laid eggs around that area that they willlose.

    Can you leave a non-native turtle in thewild? It is better not to because some turtles canget aggressive if they are not in their naturalenvironment.

    Can you pet a water turtle? It is best not toas they swim in the water and are likely to havesalmonella.

    How can I help turtles? Use less plasticbecause this waste is ending up in the water. Orbetter yet, stop buying drinks that come in plas-tic bottles and reduce your use of plastic bags.

    Visit quoguewildliferefuge.org if you are inter-ested in sponsoring or adopting a turtle.

    You may also get involved locally in otherareas. Stay tuned for the next CommunityDiscussion Event (a true exercise in real democ-racy): Transparency-Accountability in OpenGovernment. The next discussion will be focusedon Progressive Water Pollution and PervasiveGroundwater Contamination, preceded by a freescreening of Tapped, a documentary about thewater bottling industry. The event will be heldsometime in late June. Organized andCoordinated by the East End Community ActionTeam for Open Government and Turtle ShellHealth, helping to make the understanding ofthe natural healing approach much more acces-sible to everyone. Learn more at turtleshell-health.com.

    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 104

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  • That Summer Music that Changed it AllSummer is party time andsummer is here!

    Now that technology provides easy access tomusic of every spot and stripe, how do youchoose what to play when you play? Below aresome suggestions from the Dans Papers staff.We work and play hard. Enjoy!

    For Hamptons Epicure Columnist andDans Papers Sections Editor Stacy Dermont,summer memories often involve riding in theback of a pickup truck with the radio blaring.Whether going to a swimming hole, chickenbarbeque or tractor pull, Creedence is in order.Specifically, Creedence Clearwater Revivalshit singles, Lookin Out My Back Door, GreenRiver, Born on the Bayou, and Bad MoonRising. Of course David Bowie is never out ofplace at a party. Young Americans, GoldenYears, and Lets Dance can really get themirror ball rolling.

    Dans Editorial Intern Alexandra Andreassenwrites, The golden sunshine, cruising aroundthe Hamptons with the wind blowing throughmy hair, and a great song on the radiothat isthe essence of summer to me. The song thatmost reminds me of summer is I Gotta Feelingby the Black Eyed Peas from their album TheE.N.D. (Energy Never Dies). It was very popularin 2009, which was the first summer that I hadmy drivers license. Every time I hear thatsong, it conjures up memories of my newfoundfreedom, driving around with my younger sis-ter and friends in tow. It seemed like wheneverI got in the car that song was on the radio, andwe sang along every time we heard it. No mat-ter if I was going to Coopers Beach or to mysummer job, it was exhilarating to finally beable to get around on my own. Couple that withthe fun of the season, and it was one to remem-ber. I Gotta Feeling brings me back to thisexcitement, spending time with my bestfriends, and all the pleasures of a summer inthe Hamptons.

    Dans Sales Manager Lori Berger is alwaysup for a good rock n roll song. She hooks herSirius portable to her stereo, turns on her out-side speakers, and is the hostess with themostest to the sounds of the 60s...TommyJames Mony Mony, The Monkees Last Trainto Clarksville, Lulus To Sir with Love,Petula Clarks Downtown. Oh yeah.

    Dans Editorial Intern Jacqueline Duda saysthat laid back, carefree living is what the sum-mer months are meant for. Spending time onthe beach soaking in the sun. Not having toworry about focusing on schoolwork and otheracademic and non-academic stressors that areaccompanied by the cooler and less free-feelingmonths throughout the year. The epitome ofthis for myself is demonstrated through coun-try music, and more specifically Keith UrbansGolden Road album released in 2002. Growingup, country music always went hand in handwith the summertime lifestyle. Driving aroundwith the windows down, my Dad at the wheellistening to country all-stars. When it came tothe summer of 2007, the first summer I wasable drive, playing country music through thespeakers was a given. Golden Road became afavorite with the array of catchy tunes that,without fail, put a smile on my face. The album

    is a symbol of freedom and an easygoing time oflife. Anytime a song from the album plays Icant help but take a deep breath and reminisceon that teenage summer.

    When out on the her boat, Dans PapersAssistant to the Publisher and EventsCoordinator, Ellen Dioguardi, likes to listen toSteely Dans greatest hits and Squeeze (espe-cially Pulling Mussels from a Shell) whilereading a book or Frank Sinatra (the NelsonRiddle arrangements) such as Fly Me to theMoon or All of Me. Or anything with CountBasie playing piano, when the fish arent bit-ing and her husband wants to dance. The fish

    seem to prefer the radio to be tuned toNational Public Radios comedy shows (every-ones a music critic). Around the house Ellenadmits the most recent trend has been to letiTunes Genius look at the very eclectic(Sinatra and Sarah Vaughn to Elvis Costello toEric Clapton and beyond) mixture of tunesalready downloaded to Ellens computer andmake suggestions. Pandora is also a newfavorite app. Mixing it up seems to be themusical rule in this household and as onefriend commented after a party at Ellenshouse, You never know what music is going tocome out of that stereo.

    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 105

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  • How Bout a Good Beach Read?Beach books used to be in high demand here

    in the Hamptons. You needed a few long books toget you through all that sunbathing. Sunbathingis not so much in vogue anymore but beach booksare more popular than ever thanks to wirelessreading devices such as Kindle.

    Since you can now read just about any book,anywhere, what will it be?

    Dans Papers Hamptons Epicure columnistStacy Dermont has two solid suggestions:Jacques Pepins 2003 bestselling memoir TheApprentice: My Life in the Kitchen and HermanMelvilles 1851 classic Moby Dick.

    Pepins memoir includes some hilarious andtelling Hamptons misadventures. I laugh outloud every time I think of Pepin and PierreFraney in a boat off Springs, attempting to feedlobsters a bunch of calves heads. Trust me, itsfunnier than it sounds and anyway, its worthreading this book just to revisit Pepins food-cen-tric upbringing in WWII-era France.

    Moby Dick is no longer the Moby Dick you hadto read in high school. It turns out that when youget older and read for pleasure, Moby Dick con-tains some really funny scenarios like the townthat eats nothing but chowder all day. Any bookthat refers to Sag Harbor as Sin City is worth ago and, hey, who couldnt use a littlemoremoby in their life?

    Editorial Intern Marissa Pollina suggests:The memoir, An Italian Affair, by Laura Fraser,is definitely one of my favorite summer novels.This memoir is about Lauras mid-life crisis after

    her husband ups and leaves her for his highschool sweetheart. Devastated, Laura goes toItaly in the hope of forgetting all she is leavingbehind. This might not sound like a book thatwill lift your spirits, but once she arrives in Italy,the aura changes for good. She meets a Frenchprofessor anonymously named M., and we needto put the pieces of their dysfunctional relation-ship together. Unexpectedly they start sleepingtogether and traveling all over Italy. From themountains to the oceans, even staying in differ-ent hotel rooms, we follow them throughout thescenic settings. It will make you want to go out-side, with a cold glass of iced tea, and enjoy therays of the sun. They are constantly out enjoyingthe sun and express in detail how tan Ms skin is.Their relationship is so loving and adventurous this book shows the compassion two people canhave for each other.

    Critic Jim Marquardt suggests HilmaWolitzers latest novel, the aptly named, SummerReading: A Novel. Its set on the East End, most-ly in Sagaponack and Springs, two towns thatare unlikely to be linked together, one an affluentenclave, the other a modest locale for workingand retired people. The plot goes back and forthbetween them in probing the lives and loves ofthree women, depicting their very differentworlds and their common joys and pains. LissySnyder dwells in splendor at her mansion on theocean yet spends a good portion of her timebrooding about her status in the Page Turners, asummer book club of wealthy women, and her

    feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness. Sheworries about the moral issues raised by the nov-els she reads. Her pursuit of happiness isnthelped by her husbands virulent ex-wife andtheir two difficult children. Retired college pro-fessor of English Literature, Angela Graves,moderates the Page Turners and encouragesthem to draw life lessons from the novels theyreadWhen discussing Villette by CharlotteBronte, Angela sees herself and Lissy in two ofthe characters in the novel. Young MichelleCutty is a general purpose house-girl for Lissy.Despite being treated well, she has a resentfulattitude towards Lissy and other people in herlife, including her hard-working mother and fish-erman boyfriend Hank. She is the stereotypical,snotty young girl youd like to boot in the rearend. Described this way, the novel may soundlike chick-lit lite, but it is more than that. Thecharacters are believable and three-dimensionaland its easy to get absorbed in their troubledlives, especially Lissy and Angela who tote heavybaggage from long-ago experiences. The authorweaves in allusions to the books being discussedby the Page Turners and even includes a list ofseven titles at the end of the novelThedenouement of the plot for the three women issomewhat abrupt and vaguely unsatisfactoryafter all weve invested in the characters. Its aminor reference but the wealthy women of thePage Turners supposedly go fishing on Hanks

    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 111

    (continued on page 118)

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  • Big Summer Benefits This WeekendBy Marissa Pollina

    Have fun and support a good causethere aremany great benefits in the Hamptons. Here are afew of the best ones happening this weekend.

    The Planned Parenthood Beach Party, from6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 29, at theBridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club, 231 Mid-Ocean Drive, Bridgehampton, will kick off aBeach Party Heat Wave to benefit PlannedParenthood Hudson Peconic (PPHP). PlannedParenthood Hudson Peconic believes it is theright and responsibility of every individual tomake his/her own reproductive health decisions.

    The association Planned Parenthood goes toschools to give students the education that theymight be lacking, said Beverly Katz, Director,Marketing, Communication and MediaRelations. Our mission is to prevent unintendedpregnancies, and we do this more than any otherorganization, Katz noted.

    We want to let them be aware there is morechoice in their [womens] decisions. It becomesmore of a liberated approach, Katz furtherexplained.

    Katz mentioned, Ninety-six percent ofPlanned Parenthood Hudson Peconics healthcare services are preventive such as birth con-trol, life-saving cervical cancer screenings, breastexams, pregnancy tests, STI and HIV testing andcounseling services.

    This is the 24th yearof a huge benefit thatis really well known and a big item in theHamptons, said Katz. [The party] will be at a

    public venue. Usually it is at someones home,said Katz.

    This year will have a surf theme to it and itwill be a little more fun, Katz said, there will besurf boards, surf movies, beach wear and surfprofessionals in attendance.

    Andy Cohen, host of Watch What HappensLive on the Bravo network, will be the specialguest at the Beach Party Heat Wave. There willbe a silent auction, pop-up boutiques, cocktailsand an art show and sale. For ages 35 and undera ticket costs $75/$100 at the door, otherwise thetickets are $250. All but $50 per ticket is taxdeductible. For more information, contact BetsyPanagot at or call 631-240-1138. Also visitpphp.org for general questions.

    On Saturday, May 28, the Animal Rescue Fundof the Hamptons Thrift Shop DesignerShowhouse, 17 Montauk Highway, Sagaponack,will have their grand re-opening There will be asilent auction featuring designer vignettes creat-ed from donated items. Featured designers areGeoffrey Bradfield, Thomas Britt, AlexPapachristidis and more. The Thrift andTreasure Shop will hold a Preview CocktailParty at 5 p.m. This is an exclusive preview hourand is $250 to attend. The general admission willstart at 6 p.m. for $150. On Sunday, May 29, andMonday May 30. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. the gen-eral admission will be $10 and children will befree. For more information call Gloria at 631-537-0400 x216.

    Also this weekend is the Miracle House 21st

    Annual Gala at the Bridgehampton Tennis andSurf Club. Miracle House is a New York Citycharity, which provides provisional housing,meals and advocacy to caregivers and patientscoming to the city for critical medical treatment.Miracle House will honor Robby Browne and RobCoburn, two committed champions of the organ-izations at this years Gala. Lance Bass, formersinger of the pop band N-sync, will host the Galaand the performer of the evening will be DeborahCox, Broadway and recording star. The KickoffCocktail Party on Saturday, May 28, will be from5-8 p.m., and dinner with a live auction and spe-cial guest appearances will start at 8 p.m.General admission to the cocktail party is $250.212-989-7790 ext 12, miraclehouse.org.

    On Sunday, May 29, The SouthamptonHospital Foundation will host their AnnualMemorial Day Weekend Party. Party in thePink will take place at 6:30 p.m. at theWesthampton Country Club on Potunk Lane inWesthampton Beach. The evening will benefitthe Hospitals Westhampton Primary CareCenter, which is located on Old Riverhead Roadin Westhampton Beach. Tara Liddle, CynthiaRutherford Patry and Pat Tolan will chair theevent. There will be cocktails, dinner and danc-ing until midnight. There will also be a silentauction, all donated in support of the hospital.Tickets for the event are $250 per person.Afterward, there will be an after hours for

    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 112

    (continued on page 118)


    Proceeds to Benefit:

    For More Information631-725-6216


    Sponsored by:

    5K MINITHONSaturday,

    June 4, 20119:00 a.m.

    at BridgehamptonMilitia Park,Ocean Rd.



    SE"OOVBM & Garden Center







    30-50% offs


    EMERALD GREEN ARBORVITAE 4-5$40.00, 5-6 $55.00, 6-7 $75.00


    20% off

    Open Memorial Day 9-2 Sale Ends 6/1/11

    Propane exchange available here


    Garden Maintenance & Landscape Design3PRING&ALL#LEANUPSs$EER&ENCING

  • Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 113

    Oh, Those Hamptons HouseguestsBy Rachel Abrams

    I love inviting friends and family to come staywith us at our place in Sag Harbor. But whenyou open your barn doors to others, you wel-come more than overnight guests. You invitetheir idiosyncrasies, obsessions, repulsions,demands and talents. Last summer featured alineup of noteworthy characters.

    The Marinator The Marinatora city dwelleris ripe for a

    weekend in the country simply so he can get hishands on a grill. Having experimented and per-fected a new marinade, he volunteers to bring abottle of it with him. Fresh off the Jitney, hepulls out the liquid from his pack, shaking andadmiring its viscosity like a chemist.Throughout the day, he gives hints of its secretingredients, often providing clues and makingus guess. It has a splash of this liquor, namedafter a Tennessee distiller from the 1800s.Late afternoon, the Marinator smothers thechicken and ribs and preps the grill. Othersleave to see the sunset, but he declines, prefer-ring to stay back and watch the pieces soak uphis seasoning.

    The Hotel HoldoutAccustomed to amenity, this guest is used to

    staying at five-star properties. He demands thefinest in accommodations, activity and service,or at least a respectable B & B. Months inadvance, he writes to reserve a queen-beddedroom with a garden view for the weekend. Iinform him that our guestroom has a double-

    bedded futon and isoverlooking the drive-way. In his follow-up cor-respondence, he asksabout a mini-bar, an icebucket and whether wehave The Food Channeland CNN.

    Our fridge is the sizeof a mini-bar; it has asmall freezer with icetrays; we dont have aTV.

    No TV? he gasps.How do you fall asleep?

    We read, I say.What about a robe

    and slippers? Do I haveto bring my own?

    We have big beach towels and flip-flops thatyou can use. He snarls.

    On Hotel Holdouts first night with us, I passhis room on the way downstairs. He has hung aDo Not Disturb sign from his door. I wouldntdare.

    The Launderers The Launderers are on a mid-summer

    odyssey when they arrive at our place for theweekend, bringing stories of their travels andbags of laundry. Mind if we run a load? theyask upon arrival. Were down to our swimtrunks!

    Of course not, I say, all host, proffering up

    the gallon of detergent.Before I know it, one

    load becomes sixitturns out their nine-month-old wears clothnappies! I curse theireco-sensitive behavioruntil I am struck by thealternative: disposabledirty diapers that wewould have to cart backto the citywe are week-enders who dont pay forgarbage pick-up. Ill takethe hiked-up water bill.

    Awkward Day Guest Awkward Day Guest

    arrives by train, car orfoot. Its unclear how, but

    he simply materializes one Saturday afternoon.He carries a bag that could hold just a toweland swimsuit, or include toiletries and achange of clothes for the evening too. He men-tions other friends in the area, but I suspect hecame to see just us. Over a recent email or textor phone conversation that I cant recall, I mayhave said, Call if youre ever around. But hemay have taken that to mean, Come visitwhenever you like. As the sun sets, his plansbecome increasingly vague. He makes casualmention of meeting people for drinks, dinner,

    (continued on next page)

    of The Hamptons

    Based in Sag Harbor Est. 2002Serving High End Homes on the East End



    es Cleaning LLC

    Full Service HousekeepingBased in Sag Harbor

    Irish Owned

    Cleaning ServiceLicensed & Insured

    Year Round Hamptons Housekeeping

    Cell: 631-793-1121catherinescleaning.com

    Summer Housekeepers 2011Full/Part Time Staff Available

    I LOVE WHAT I DO by Lee Elliot


    Memories for Memorial Day.I opened my store in 1965 in Greenwich Village at

    the age of 18. I designed and made precious Jewelry, I made Leather sandals and belts and sold vintage Acoustic Guitars. During those 22 years I have so many memories of celebrity customers, and my

    work and friends, and staff...and life.


    42 Main St., Sag Harbor631.725.7226

    Jewelry by:

    Lee Elliot Dori Elliot


  • clubbing, but takes no initiative to get in touch.Feel free to stay for dinner, we say, sensing hehasnt eaten in a while. Halfheartedly,Awkward Day Guest agrees, acting like hesjust being courteous. After dinner he makes nomove for the door. At midnight, I put cleansheets on the bed. The next morning, he joinsus for French toast that he eats while remark-ing he should save his appetite for brunch withsomeone A and someone B. After finishing hisstack of battered bread, he takes a long sip ofcoffee and inquires if he could catch a ride back.

    The Fixers Despite being close friends, The Fixers work

    hard for their room and board, blowingthrough my to-do list and solving things I haveyet to identify as problems. They tackle every-thing from rewiring an old floor lamp previous-ly headed for the dump (her), to disabling thedead-awakening drier buzzer (him), to re-ston-ing a path to the outdoor shower (her), to set-ting up a projector in the barn for al frescomovie viewing (him). When time permits, theFixers frequent yard sales to fill in the gaps inour eclectic furnishings. Weve come across anold set of school chairs that I think will workwith your farm stand table, presuming we takea handsaw to the legs, she calls to inform meearly one morning while I am still in bed. Ican paint the seats glossy red to match the rat-tan chairs I restrung for you last week. If wecan get the seller down to $60, should we doit?

    The Lobster Lover

    Lobster Lover is committed to eating thelarge crustaceans multiple times a day, days ina row. By day, he samples lobster rolls in thearea, but night is when he really gets hisseafood on. One afternoon, he picks up half adozen two-pounders at a seafood purveyor andproceeds to extol the virtues of grilling oversteaming. A few hours later we gather in thekitchen to witness Lobster Lovers legendaryhypnosis technique. One by one, he rubs thelobsters foreheads, lulling them into a deepstate of relaxation, then gently moves theirlimbs into a lobster baddha konasana (cob-blers pose), if you will, lining them up twodeep, like yogis, on the kitchen counter. Theyremain this way, tranquil and unsuspecting,until our biggest pot is brought down for aquick par-boil. At Lobster Lovers command,the men parade the lobsters outside to the pic-nic table where they hack and whack theclawed creatures in preparation for the grill.

    Lobster insides fly in all directions, splatter-ing their skins and soaking their shirts green.For the next two hours, we grill, we butter, andwe eat. At midnight, when the lobster crackersand mini forks are down in their resting posi-tions, I gather the towels and tees that wearevidence of the recent massacre and cry, Lastcall for lobster load! At this, Lobster Man lickshis lips and tussles his beard, no doubt lookingfor one last piece of sweet meat. Im good, hesays, peering down at his moist sweatshirtwith pride. And I think we have enough leftover for a lobster scramble in the morning.

    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 114

    and Jane Krakowski are just a few of thefamous faces you may spot in your spin session.SoulCycle has expanded nationwide with eightstudios in New York City, Miami, Westchester,Los Angeles in the fall, future plans to open inSouthampton and, this Memorial Day weekend,a brand new East Hampton Village location thatwill remain open year-round. The loft-like 2,100square foot studio will feature 60 bikes, a fitnessapparel boutique, a juice bar packed with fresh,healthy treats made with agave from Ankes FitBakery and a private 45-spot parking lot. Boththe new East Hampton and Bridgehampton loca-tions will be celebrating all weekend, dishing outAnkes complimentary baked goodies, juices fromthe Juicy Naam, fresh coconut water, temporarytattoos, custom hair feathers, free gear and more!Start riding this weekend, so youll be superready to take on the SoulCycle Friday NightParty Rides starting July 1. They will feature a60-minute class, set to live music (bongos), hand-picked D.J.s, an 80s cover band, live reggae ordifferent musical themes featuring GaGa orRihanna. Post workout you can cool down withhealthy cocktails al fresco.

    This holiday weekend, whether you spin, run,walk or dont even move off the couch try to prac-tice a little Whoopi Time and power-off at somepoint. Baby steps.

    Gina Glickman Giordan is a television host, newscorrespondent, executive producer and founder of GMGEntertainment. Watch Glickmans exclusive celebrityinterviews and event-life coverage series, In The Mixxon People Magazine TV, Hamptons Magazine TV andDansHamptons.com.

    Whispers (continued from previous page)Guests (continued from previous page)

    EVERYTHING OVER A MILLIONS a l e s R e p o r t e d a s o f 5 / 2 0 / 2 0 1 1

    Sales Of Not Quite A Mil l ion During This Per iod AQUEBOGUE

    Janet & Robert Edwards to Joseph & Joyce Fortunato, 150 Vineyard Way 519,500

    HAMPTON BAYSMarcella Buturla to Kirsten Gonzales, 2 Murphy Drive, 635,000

    MONTAUKPatricia & Thomas Loebl to Miriam & Richard Devore, 900,000

    ORIENTDiana Kwon-Duell to Miriam Foster, 950 Village Lane, 787,000

    SAGAPONACKBuildair LLC to David & Hope Lomita, East Woods Path, 850,000

    SHELTER ISLANDShelter View I LLC to Christian Fokine, 6 White Birch Road, 630,000

    Christian Fokine to Blackwood Investments LLC,6 White Birch Road, 630,000Francis B Lake Trust to Kathryn A OHagan, 11 Spring Garden Avenue, 627,000

    SOUTHAMPTONDorothy Flodin-Vodopest to Southampton Holdings Inc, 59 Meeting House Lane 632,500

    AMAGANSETTSarah Page to Patrick McBrien, 71 Dunes Lane, 6,325,000

    AS Land Corp to Harrison William Realty LLC, 306 Bluff Road, 3,300,000

    BRIDGEHAMPTONPenni Hirtenstein to Ocean Road LLC, 727 Ocean Road 8,500,000

    EAST HAMPTONLawrence R Kruysman to Christopher J Growney, 302 Abrahams Path,1,695,000Lawrence Heneveld to Herbert Cohen, 8 Shellfish Lane, 1,145,000

    Janice & Philip Young to Paul Margiotta, 19 Gingerbread Lane, 1,625,000

    QUOGUEEstate of Robert T Groh to Gerald Keefe, 2 Beach Lane, 1,250,000

    REMSENBURGJames & Yvonne Fenniman to Stephen F OConnor, 16 Crestview Drivet, 1,025,000

    SAGAPONACKJoann Langer to Jeffrey & Kelly Ziglar, 111 Northwest Path, 1,500,000

    SOUTHAMPTONSebastian Rodriguez-Boulan to Jason & Marje Armstrong, 800 David Whites Lane, 1,150,000

    Denise & Richard Sarcona to Jeri & Marc Shapiro, 28 Post Lane, 4,800,000Michelle M Barone to Ryan & Suzanne Dawson, 14 Maple Street, 1,212,000

    WATER MILLPamela Schein to Arch Cummin, 39 Bay Lane, 4,500,000

    Jennifer & Scott Shevick to Fiona Cibani, 60 Schwenks Road, 3,610,000Lynda Meeker to Jessica & Louis Marinaccio, 1715 Deerfield Road 1,980,000

    Marsha Held to Neal Ostberg Real Estate LLC , 1172 Scuttle Hole Road 1,150,000

    WESTHAMPTONCarol A Zizzi to Mikhail Chernov, 17 Cedarfield Lane 1,800,000

    WESTHAMPTON DUNESAnastasia & Edward Keho to Andrew L Blank, 755 Dune Road 2,165,000


    Bernard & Meredith PatruskyTO

    1240 Meadow Lane LLC.1240 Meadow Lane


    The most reliable source for realestate information

    Noww Available!

    Accurate, up-to-date, affordable, on-line information about all real estate

    transactions in your community.Our weekly reports contain:

    > All Residential and Commercial closed sales in your area

    > A weekly list of mortgage Lis Pendens filings

    > The most up-to-date information available

    The most comprehensive reportingmethods available, delivered right to

    your inbox every week.

    Visit us at:www.LIRealEstateReport.comFor more info, call: 631-539-7919


  • Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 115

    The 2011 Drama League Awards, Marriott Marquis Times SquareGORDINS VIEW BARRY GORDIN

    Editor: Maria Tennariello | Layout Designer: Nadine Cruz

    Dan Lauria, Judith Light, Kathleen Turner, Jim Belushi

    Alessa Herbosch, Jano Herbosch, (President, Drama League), Andrew Rannells

    (The Book Of Morman) Billy Stritch, Liza Minnelli (Distinguished Achievement in Musical Theatre Award)

    Whoopi Goldberg (Unique Contribution to the Theatre Award), Sister Act),

    Billy Crudup

    Mark Rylance (Distinguished Performance Award, Jerusalem)

    Patrick Christiano, Joe Mantello (The Normal Heart)

    The 2011 Theater Museum Awards @ The National Arts Club, NYC

    Stewart F. Lane (Chairman), Tovah Feldshuh, Bonnie Comley

    (Distinguished Service to the Theatre Honoree)

    Blythe Danner, Tony Walton (Set & Costume Designer) Margie & Sheldon Harnick (Lifetime

    Career Achievement Honoree)

    Helen Marie Guditis (President), Anita Gillette

    (Theater World Award Winner)

    Charlotte Rae (Facts Of Life), Jim Brochu (Drama Desk, Helen Hayes, Carbonell and

    Ovation Award Winner)Jim Dale

    (Tony Award Winner) Leah Lane

    NY POPS Celebrates Hope Gala Benefit

    Angela Lansbury Tyne Daly

    Christine Ebersole, Michael Feinstein, Michele Lee

    Annual Ann Liguori Foundation Charity Golf @ Sebonack Golf Club, SouthamptonPhotos: Carmine L. Calabro

    2011 Media Honoree Joann Dost, (Renowned golf course

    photographer)Ann Liguori with Clark Gillies & Bobby Nystrom

    (4-time Stanley Cup winners)Len Gallo, (Committee Member and

    Golf Co-Chairperson)Ken Conway, Pindar Damianos (Pindar Vineyards),

    Alex DamIanos (Duck Walk Vineyards)

  • Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 116

    Masquerade Gala To Benefit Lifeline NY@ Cipriani

    Editor: Maria Tennariello | Layout Designer: Nadine Cruz


    Dr. Ruth Westheimer (sex therapist)

    Paola Bacchini Rosenshein, Tiffany Dubin, Jennifer Joyce Sharon Bush, Prince Dimitri

    HRH Princess Katherine of Serbia

    Hereditary Neuropathy FoundationBenefit Training @ B-East, Amagansett

    Romaine Gordon (B-East Owner), Allison Moore (President /Founder, Hereditary

    Neuropathy Foundation)

    Photo: John Davenport

    The Big Show 6 Reception @ Silas Marder Gallery, BridgehamptonPhotos: Richard Lewin

    Charlie & Kathleen MarderBernice Suna,

    Michelle Suna (Artist) Bill & Alexandra Lerner Giancarlo Impiglia (Artist), Nina FrandLynn Matsuoka (Artist), Keith

    Barker (Bird House Artist)

    American Cancer Society Swing For Hope Golf Invitational@ The Maidstone Club, East Hampton Photos: Richard Lewin

    Dr. Randall Feingold, Dr. John Lovecchio (Honoree)

    Kenneth Melendez (Honoree)

    Nick Conlin (Maidstone Clubhouse Mgr.), Van Quick

    Ashley & Jason Jeffries (Maidstone Golf Pro)

    Exhibit & Reception Honoring Oriano Galloni@ ABC Stone, Brooklyn, NY Photos: Kathy Rae

    Jon Tibett (of ABC Stone) & Oriano Galloni, (Artist, Sculptor)

    John Tortorella, Terry Thompson, Brian Egan, Kathy Rae, Angelo Rizzi

    Triune Baptist Church Benefit, Sag HarborPhotos: Stacy Dermont

    Tony Smith, Dorothy JacksonRev. Michael Jackson, Royal Yancy,

    Judith Mitchell

    29th Annual Fred & Adele Astaire Awards@ Skirball Center For Performing Arts

    @ NYU

    Susan Stroman, (Winner Best Choregrapher) Rachelle Rak (Catch Me If You Can)

    Host Lee Roy ReamsCorey Snide (Adele Astaire

    Award Recipient)

  • Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 117

    Ashwood Hearth & Home Energy318 E. Main St., Patchogue, NY 11772

    x{xxU>`vi>ViV-i\/i`>`>>]->`>>xServing Long Island for over 10 years. Financing Avai lable

    Visit our 3000 sq. ft. Designer Showroom>>]*>>`-iViv>i>``i


    Make your remodeling dreams a reality. Contact

    our design consultants at [email protected] or call us

    at 631-569-4515x 500


  • charter boat which, given their money and style,seems unlikely. One of them, the greatly enviedArdith, has a notorious fling with a restaurateurthat ends with him being murdered by his wife,yet she takes her place again in Hampton socie-ty. Are we prudish to think she might have beenshunned, at least for a little while? But there areenough pleasures in the book to make it worth-while.

    Jim Marquardt also suggests Whacked, a novelby Jules Asner. If youve ever yearned to live inL.A., work in TV and film and hobnob with allthe celebs, this book will cure that yearning andmake you happy to dwell anywhere elseThecharacters in Whacked are neurotic or worse, liv-ing in a constant state of anxiety, and seekingsomeone or something that will make themhappy. Asner is the wife of Steven Soderbergh, asuccessful movie director, so we assume sheknows of what she speaks(She) paints agrim picture of a dysfunctional communityinhabited by dysfunctional people who spendtheir time chasing mammon and sex. Since theplot revolves around and is narrated by DaniHale, a writer for the hot TV series Flesh and

    Bone, we are privy to all her problems, whichcome mainly from her pursuit of a lasting rela-tionship and marriage. But the guys she datesare seriously flawed in one way or other, and herhopes are regularly dashedWe know thefuture because Asner uses the expedient deviceof a look-forward epilogue where everything isexplained and everything comes out neatly forour girlDani lands creative success, the bighouse, and marriage to Rich Pisani, an ex L.A.cop working as a tech advisor for the show...

    Marquardt goes on to reveal an unexpectedcrime with little build-up of suspense. Spoileralert: Dani seems to become a psychopathovernight! Since Flesh and Bone involves foren-sic pathology, says Marquardt, we are treatedto a review of Marilyn Monroes death by appar-ent suicide, as well as scenes at the morgue asDani gathers material for her scriptDo thesethings really happen in Hollywood? One minorcharacter crushes Viagra into her boyfriendsguacamole to rev him up. David says to Daniafter learning she had had a nose job, I thoughtyou were factory! When Chloe Johnson, the ris-ing star of the TV show is murdered, the director

    worries most about dropping behind his shootingschedule. Even Dani reacts to such callousness,remarking Ya gotta love Hollywood.

    those who would like to come for dancing, drinksand desert from 9:30 p.m. to midnight. An AfterHours ticket is $100 per person and can be pur-chased at the door. Contact the SouthamptonHospital Foundation at 631-726-8700 x 7 or visit.

    Dust your running shoes off! Next Saturday,June 4, at 9 a.m., the 33rd Annual PotatoHampton 5K will take place at Militia Park onOcean Road, Bridgehampton. Running will helpsupport both The American Heart Associationand The Southampton Animal ShelterFoundation. The association encourages warm-ups to help get ready for the 5K.

    Register as a runner, a walker or a volunteertoday. These options allow for you to go at yourown pace or if youd like to help out behind-the-scenes. You can register online at , or on the dayof the race from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. The first 200runners will receive a free 2011 Potatohamptont-shirt and will also be automatically entered towin a $500 gift certificate from Twin ForksBicycles. Awards will also be given out. Awardsfor the Top Male and Female Overall, Top Maleand Female in the following categories: 13-19,20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80 andup and Top Male and Female Walkers.

    A friend and I have been running as a pastime.When we heard about the 5K we decided to join as a goal to set for both of us. Not only is itgreat exercise but the money will also go to agreat organization. If registered before the dateit will be $33 with an additional $2.12 when reg-istering online. Registration on the day of therace in the morning will be $35.

    See Dans Day By Day Calendar on page 155for more benefits and events.

    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 118

    Reading (continued from page 111)

    Benefits (continued from page 112)


    Save the Date


    Dans Papers Offices Will Be Closed Monday, May 30 in Honor of

    The Deadline For The June 3rd Issue Will Be Friday May 27th at 10am.We Wish Our Readers A Safe & Holiday Weekend!

  • Drink Pink: Local Rose is as Versatile as it isDelicious

    Drink pink this spring pink wines that is.Whether you call it vin gris, ros, blush or some

    proprietary name ros is back and in a big way onLong Island. And I couldnt be happier.

    Personally, I love ros because no other wine typeor style, red or white, offers so many options and somuch versatility at the table. From seafood to steak and every food in between there is a local rosthat will pair beautifully.

    Note: Were not talking about sweet ros here white zinfandel from the west coast isnt nearly asversatile, though its certainly popular.

    Dry ros can even bridge the gap between whitewine and red, providing a gateway to wine explo-ration. Well-made ros combines the complexity andstructure of red wine with the refreshing, thirst-quenching qualities of whites.

    To help celebrate local ros, the Long Island WineCouncil (LIWC) has deemed May Run for the

    Roses month. ThroughoutMay wineries across LongIsland will offer specials anddiscounts on their ros wines.Its the perfect opportunity toget out and taste the local rosbounty even if the $1 per bot-tle of ros sold that was previ-ously donated to charity is nowgoing to the LIWC.

    Youll find ros at just aboutevery local winery and much ofit is good. Some is very good. Ihavent tasted all of the newlyreleased 2010s yet, but hereare some of the best that have crossed my tastingtable so far, plus a list of some of the consistentlybest pink drinks.

    Bedell Cellars 2010 Taste Ros ($18) replacesthe popular Domaine CC Ros in the Bedell/CoreyCreek lineup and is dominated by merlot (62%) withcabernet franc (27%), syrah (7%) and petit verdot(4%) all intended for ros rather than saignee,whole-cluster pressed and fermented with ambientyeast. The nose bursts with a distinct passion fruit-meets-guava aroma with notes of peach, strawberry,blood orange and a touch of earthy spice and sage.On the dry, medium-bodied palate the flavors lean abit more towards red fruit particularly strawberryand red raspberry with a dose of passion fruit andblood orange. In the background, there is a niceherbal component of some peppery spice.

    Channing Daughters Winery 2010 Rosato diRefosco ($20): Channing Daughters is the onlylocal winery to grow the Northern Italian grape

    Refosco and it leads to thisunique ros that stands outs.Very brambly with red raspber-ry and wild strawberry charac-ter, there is a definite blackcurrant note on the palate.Medium bodied with a certainexotic quality, the acidity isjuicy and citrusy. A must-tryros.

    Roaonke Vineyards 2010De Rosa ($18): It seems likethis ros changes styles everyyear or so, and this release isno exception. Drier and fuller

    bodied that some previous years, this blend of redgrapes and chardonnay shows a mlange of fruit everything from peach to passion fruit to strawber-ry to grapefruit to kiwi. Its dry but ripe with someweight on the palate that is well balanced by inte-grated acidity.

    Shinn Estate Vineyards 2010 Rose ($17):Shinn always produces a bolder style of ros onesuited for burgers and even steaks. Made with mer-lot (75%) and cabernet franc (25%), this one smellslike red wine with berry fruit, plum and classic LongIsland earthiness. Intensely flavored with lots ofripe red fruit and sweet herb edges. Your next burg-er really will thank you.

    Lenn Thompson is Executive Editor of the NewYork Cork Report, newyorkcorkreport.com (631-772-WINE),

    winner of Best Single-Subject Wine Blog, 2009and 2010 Wine Blog Awards.

    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 119


    by Lenn Thompson

    N O R T H F O R K


    New Location!

    Brand new, totally renovated location, right in theheart of Cutchogue Village.

    Serving local cuisine prepared with Italian Soul

    Early dinner Specials Tuesday through Friday 4-6pm3 courses for $22

    Happy Hour Drink Specials Tuesday through Friday 4-6pmSmall plate bar menu now available

    Currently open Tuesday through Friday at 4pmSaturday and Sunday at 12 noon

    Open Memorial Day from 12 noon

    Touch of Venice Restaurant28350 Main Road. Cutchogue, NY 11935

    631.298.5851 Touchofvenice.com 3819

  • Dans Papers May 27, 2011 NORTH FORK danshamptons.com Page 120

    Sommellier StressBy Dianne Delaney

    After the server has introducedherself to the table, and shared themany seasonal specials of the day, theSommelier approaches the table toassist in a wine selection. What fol-lows is an actual verbal exchangethat I engaged in one evening:

    Good evening, may I assist you ina wine selection? says theSommelier.

    Yes, I would like a FrenchProsecco, says the well-dressedfemale diner.

    Im sorry we do not have Prosecco,we do have our own local SparklingWine we label as Isle, explains theSommelier.

    No, I dont want Sparkling Wine, Iwill have a glass of FrenchChampagne instead, says the diner.

    Sommelier then explains, We offeronly award-winning North Fork ofLong Island, Comtesse Thrsewine.

    The diner then spat, Fine, I willhave a glass of Pinot Grigio!

    Sommelier replies, Im sorry we donot have Pinot Grigio.

    Then WHAT do you have?! saysthe diner clearly annoyed.

    Please take a look at our ComtesseThrse wine list, Sommelier polite-ly suggests.

    Diner looks at page 2 of our menu,If you are sooo local why do you havewine from Hungary and Russia?

    Sommelier then stifles a laugh andexplains, We use Hungarian,Russian in addition to French, oakbarrels to ferment and age ourwines.

    Hmmm, you have many Merlots, I dont likedry wine, is this Russian Merlot dry? Diner isnow visibly frustrated with the Sommelier. Mindyou this exchange is during the height of service

    on a busy Saturday night!Sommelier offers, Let me help you complement

    your dinner with the perfect wine, what are yougoing to enjoy for an entre?

    With a visible roll of her eyes, dinersays, fine, I will have the scallop spe-cial.

    Sommelier replies, Wonderful, wehave the perfect wine to complementthat dish. Pan-seared scallops madein a curry and sauternes reductioninfused with saffron served withherbed basmati rice and sprinkledwith fresh pomegranates. A seasonedSommelier can almost predict a per-sons palate. Here you go, try this, ataste of our 08 Blanc de Noir, off-dry1.5% residual sugar, salmon in colorand has a nose of full ripe peaches.

    After the diner took her first sam-ple sip she replied, WOW, this isreally good, why didnt you just tellme about this wine in the firstplace?!!

    Sommelier at this point wanted touse the corkscrew in her pocket todrill a hole in her head to release thesheer frustration of dealing withthese fabulous diners. Lesson being:your Sommelier is there to assist youin your wine selection, we want youto enjoy a fine dining experience,complementing your food choice withthe perfect wine. Trust yourSommelier, we are there to insure youwill enjoy a fine DINING experience,not to have a wine DUELING experi-ence.

    Dianne Delaney is the Sommelier atComtesse Thrse Bistro, 739 MainRoad, Aquebogue. [email protected]

    She has made her passion her pro-fession since living in Spain as ateenage foreign exchange student.

    Prior to that her food experiences were HamburgerHelper, Hi-C, frozen veggies in a bag and PopTarts. Wine experiences were stolen sips of Riunition ice, thats nice during adult gatherings.

    North Fork Oyster Company

    serves creative cuisine featuring the

    freshest local produce and seafood

    from the waters surrounding it on the

    east end of Long Island.


    Serving Lunch and Dinner DailyClosed Monday and Tuesday

    Reservations: 631.477.6840 or opentable.com300 Main Street (Stirling Square), Greenport


    This Weekend 3-5 pm in the Pub:Fresh Oysters - $1 each

    Also Four Varieties of Delicious, Hand- Crafted Tamales

    PLUS Our Bone-in16 oz. NY Shell Steak - $21

    On The Water

    Fresh Seafood. Local Food & WineLunch Dinner Cocktails5775 West Mill Road, Mattituck

    631-298-8080 - Call for Hours & Directionswww.TheOldMillInn.net





    .&/'6 )",,0#$6 000%')'%





    CLASSIC 6/8, Gardiners Bay Country Club, ShelterIsland. Sponsored by Capital One Bank. Visit elih.org tosign up.

    EAST END SEAPORT MUSEUM LIGHTHOUSECRUISES Journey from Greenport along Gardiners Bayand Long Island Sound to see the famous lighthouses of theNorth Fork including Long Beach Bar Bug Light, OrientPoint, Plum Island, Little Gull and Race Rock. Maritimehistory and lighthouse stories by a local expert. Boat stopsnext to each lighthouse for great photo opportunities.Cruise dates: 6/11, 6/25, 7/9, 7/30, 8/20, 8/27, 9/10, 9/24,10/8. $95; $60 for teens/children includes box meal andcomplimentary glass of Long Island wine or water. Groupswelcome. Eastendseaport.org, 631-477-2100.


    OUR VETERANS AT HOME Ospreys DominionWinery, 44075 Main Rd., Peconic. For the 3-day MemorialDay weekend Ospreys Dominion Winery will donate 10%of all wine sales to the Suffolk Country Home Front Inc.Live music all weekend. 5/28, 1-5 p.m. Jazz on the HalfShell. 5/29, 1-5 p.m. Sahara. Ribbon-cutting celebration forthe new Wind Turbine constructed this winter 5/30, 1-4p.m. 631-765-6188, ospreysdominion.com.

    THURSDAY, MAY 26OPEN MIC NIGHT 5-9 p.m., Peconic Bay Winery,

    31320 Main Rd., Cutchogue, 631-734-7361. peconicbaywin-ery.com. Free.

    OKLAHOMA! 8 p.m. through 5/28, and 2:30 p.m. on5/29. The Northfork Community Theatre, Sound Ave.,Mattituck. 631-298-4500. nfct.com.

    FRIDAY, MAY 27EAST END HAPPY HOUR 4-7 p.m., Bistro 72, Hotel

    Indigo East End, 1830 West Main St., Route 25, Riverhead.Taste of the East End Happy Hour features $4 GreenportHarbor Drafts, Vineyard 48 Wines, LiV Cocktails, $7 LiVMartinis and Flutes of Sparkling Pointe Brut. 631-369-2200, indigoeastend.com.

    FAMILY DINNER 5-7 p.m. Knights of Columbus,2050 Depot Ln., Cutchogue. Family Dinner features chick-en francese. Bar open until 8 p.m. 631-734-7338. Adults,$15 or 2/$25.

    SALUTE TO OUR ARMED FORCES CONCERT 7:30 p.m. Shoreham-Wading River High School, 250ARoute 25A., Shoreham. Concert includes American classicsand all-time favorites in honor of men and women in uni-form. Presented by The Shoreham-Wading RiverCommunity Band. 631-821-8140. swrschools.org.

    SATURDAY, MAY 28PLANT SALE 8 a.m.- noon. St. Patricks R.C. Church,

    52125 Main ST., Southold. 631-765-3442.BAKE SALE AND CAR WASH 9 a.m.- 2 p.m. St.

    Peters Lutheran Church, 71305 Main Rd., Greenport, 631-477-0662. Donations accepted, all proceeds go to Relay forLife.

    CHOWDER FESTIVAL Noon- 3 p.m. New Suffolkwaterfront on New Suffolk Ave., New Suffolk. newsuffolk-waterfront.org. 631-566-0806. $20, kids eat free.

    LIVE MUSIC 1-5 p.m., featuring Caroline Doctorow.Peconic Bay Winery, 31320 Main Rd., Cutchogue. 631-734-7361. peconicbaywinery.com. Free.

    LIVE MUSIC 1-5 p.m., featuring Points East.Sparkling Pointe Vineyards, 39750 County Rd., 48,Southold. 631-785-0200. Sparklingpointe.com.

    LIVE MUSIC 2-5 p.m., featuring Keith Maguire.Martha Clara Vineyards, 6025 Sound Ave., Riverhead. 631-298-0075. marthaclaravineyards.com. Free.

    VIEW ASTEROIDS! 7 p.m.-midnight, weather per-mitting. The Custer Institute, 1115 Main Bayview Rd.,Southold, 631-765-2626. Suggested donation: $5 adults, $3children under 14, free for members.

    SUNDAY, MAY 29COMMUNITY MOSAIC Noon - 5 p.m. East End Arts

    Council, 133 Main St., Riverhead. A celebration of artincluding an art and craft show/sale, performances by localmusicians and street painting with chalk provided. 631-727-0900. eastendarts.org. $20 for the day. Rain Date 2-5p.m., 5/30.

    VINES AND CANINES VINEYARD WALK 11 a.m.Martha Clara Vineyards. 6025 Sound Ave., Riverhead, 631-298-0075. marthaclaravineyards.com. Donation.

    LIVE MUSIC 1-5 p.m., featuring The Lone Sharks.Peconic Bay Winery, 31320 Main Rd., Cutchogue, 631-734-7361. peconicbaywinery.com. Free.

    LIVE MUSIC 1:30-4:30 p.m., featuring Rare GrooveBand. Martha Clara Vineyards, 6025 Sound Ave.,Riverhead, 631-298-0075. marthaclaravineyards.com. Free.

    LIVE MUSIC 2- 5 p.m. featuring Take 3. SparkingPointe Vineyard, 39750 County Rd., 48, Southold. 631-785-0200. sparklingpointe.com


    PARADE AND SERVICE 7:45 a.m. rain or shine inparking lot behind Arcade, Greenport. Boy Scouts, Girl

    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 NORTH FORK danshamptons.com Page 121

    For more events happening this week, check out:

    Kid Calendar pg: 133

    Arts & Galleries Listings pg: 152

    Day by Day Calendar pg: 155

    North Fork Events

    (continued on next page)


    Historic Greenport.S.




  • Scouts, Village officials, Honor Guard step off at 8 a.m. Allmarch to railroad dock for service. Refreshments follow atGreenport Firehouse, Third St. 631-477-1533. Free.

    MATTITUCK MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATION 10 a.m. Mattituck American Legion Hall. Hosted by veter-ans, followed by a parade and then back to hall for refresh-ments.

    COMBINED VETERANS ANNUAL MEMORIALDAY PARADE 10 a.m. Main Street, Riverhead. 11 a.m.special presentation at corner of Pulaski St. and OsborneAve. of refurbishment of monument by Gene McSherry.LIVE MUSIC 1-5 p.m. featuring Jon Divello. PeconicBay Winery, 31320 Main Rd., Cuthogue, 631-734-7361.peconicbaywinery.com.

    LIVE MUSIC 5-9 p.m. Moonlight Monday with BryceLarsen, former American Idol contestant performingpop/rock covers. Corey Creek Vineyards, Main Road(Rt.25), Southold, 631-765-4168, bedellcellars.com. Free,with separate wine tasting fees ranging from $5-$15.


    TAL GOLF CLASSIC See above.LIVE MUSIC 6-9 p.m. Twilight Tuesday with Mark

    Anderson. Corey Creek Vineyards. Main Road (Rt.25),Southold, 631-765-4168, bedellcellars.com. Free, with sep-arate wine tasting fees ranging from $5-$15.

    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1SOUP KITCHEN 5:30-6:30 p.m. every Wednesday.

    Community supper, free soup kitchen for those in need. St.Agnes Roman Catholic Church Parish Hall. Sixth St.,Greenport. 631-765-2981.

    THURSDAY, JUNE 2OPEN MIC NIGHT 5-9 p.m. Peconic Bay Winery.

    Cutchogue. 631-734-7361, peconicbaywinery.com. Free.LIVE AT THE INDIGO 7 p.m. Hotel Indigo East

    End, 1830 West Main St., Route 25 Riverhead. 631-369-2200,

    indigoeastend.com. $10 includes one drink. $1 of eachadmission will be donated to the East End Arts Council.


    Mon., through 10/31, The North Fork Trolley Company.Tours begin at 11 a.m. at Tanger Outlets and include threeof the following: Baiting Hollow Vineyard, PalmerVineyards, Macari Vineyards, Laurel Lake Vineyards,Briermere Farm Stand, 631-369-3031,northforktrolley.com. $50.

    SATURDAY STARGAZING 7 p.m.-midnight (everySaturday night, weather permitting, call first). CusterInstitute & Observatory, 1115 Main Bayview Rd.,Southold, Bayview Dr., Southold. After dark, Custers pow-erful telescopes will be focused on the heavens. Suggesteddonation: $5 adults, $3 children under 14, free for mem-bers. 631-765-2626.

    SKATEBOARDING Skate park in Greenport offersramps and a half pipe. 631-477-2385.

    FREE YOGA 3-4:15 p.m. Mary Smith RecreationCenter, Greenport. Free Hatha Yoga classes for beginners.Bring non-skid, body-length mat. 631-765-3005.

    CLASSIC CAR SHOW 5:30 p.m. every Thursday.Peconic River, Riverhead. Classic cars, food and music.

    ATLANTIS EXPLORER TOUR BOAT Noon, 2 p.m.and 4 p.m. daily, weather permitting. Atlantis MarineWorld, 431 East Main, Riverhead. Discover the ecologicalwonders of Long Islands waterways aboard the AtlantisExplorer. Hands-on exploration such as trap pulls, closeencounters with marine creatures and an educationalstroll along the shore. 631-208-9200, ext. 426,atlantismarineworld.com. $18.50, 25% off for membersand Green Key Cardholders.

    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 NORTH FORK danshamptons.com Page 122

    Call 631.537.0500to advertise.

    North Fork (continued from previous page) Outdoor Room

    By Samantha MitchellI love our house. From the living room and the bed-

    rooms it has a beautiful view of Shelter IslandsMenantic Creek at its widest point. Its really morelike a lake than a creek. The house is perched on a lit-tle rise so it looks down over the water, our dock, andother houses with their docks and boats. The onlyproblem is that there is no porch or patio where youcan enjoy sitting and looking at the water. Theres noteven a back dooryou have to go out one of the twofront doors and clear around to the backyard to takeadvantage of the waterfront part of the property. Itsawkward. And since its a rental, were not about tobuild a screened-in porch or punch out a door from theliving room to the backyard. So what to do?

    We decided to create an outdoor living/diningroom on the generous lawn at the rear of the houseusing a combination of found objects and new piecesfrom area outdoor stores. So what if the barbeque grillis off the kitchen in the front? Well just have to walkthe food on trays down the slate path that leadsaround the house to the back. Our outdoor room willbe temporary and highly portable kind of a pop-upshop of a room; anything we invest in we should beable to take with us when we move on.

    The redwood lawn furniture set left behind by ourlandlord is in fairly good shape. It just needs a big canof redwood stain and a little sweat equity on my part.Finding replacement cushions for it, however, hasproved to be a little more difficult (who knew those oldredwood sets are not standard sizes?). After severalfalse starts at the big box stores, I ended up atKaufman Allied in Riverhead. I found a faux TommyBahama print in a green, red and tan combo thatwont show the dirt. Two chairs and one chaise later, Ihave a matching set, along with coordinating stripedcushions for our old green wooden rockers. (All thesecushions ate up the lions share of my budgetandsince we cant take the redwood with us, Ill have tofind a set that fits the cushions at a garage sale someday!)

    We also inherited a round redwood picnic table withan umbrella hole, but you guessed it no umbrella,so I am on my way to Patio.com in Southampton for aperfect fit (it must be green). The property also camewith one of those odd iron filigree settee and chair setsthat are all over the East End. I can spray the pieceswhite and park them under a shade tree.

    The dock still cries out for two colorful Adirondackchairs, and the men in my family are lobbying for oneof those meshed-in gazebos for bug-free dining (Imnot wild about that idea, but I will keep an openmind). So while I am not quite finished with my furni-ture shopping for my outdoor room, I couldnt resistthe best part: accessorizing. (I am reminded of thatline from Steel Magnolias, The only thing that sepa-rates us from the animals is our ability to acces-sorize!)

    I bought some decorative trays, sophisticated-yet-plastic dinnerware, new placemats and matching nap-kins, and lots of citronella candles. I found everythingat Hildreths Home Goods in East Hampton in a colorscheme to match my revamped redwood.

    Were all set for our first barbeque. Hello summer!




    Serving Dinner Thursday through Sunday - Starting at 4 P.M.

  • Well here it is! The Big Kahuna, Memorial DayWeekend! The roads will be jammed and the shopswill be packed with visitors and shoppersthis isthe weekend everyone has been waiting for after thecold and dreary winter and the chilly and wetspring. Lets hope that the sun that has been prom-ised to show up makes it! Happy Memorial DayWeekend!

    I recently received an email inquiring aboutBambeeno Cashmere merchandise for children. Idid some research and learned Bambeeno is a luxu-ry cashmere knitwear collection for children, agesnewborn to 12 years, that offers an array of plushand lightweight knits and a variety of uniquepieces. The latest spring/summer 2011 line includesapparel ranging from classic cardigans and crew-neck Ts to cable sweaters and hoodies, all in vibrantcolors and prints. Locally their products are sold atSandy Toes, 487 Montauk Highway, East Quogue,C&W Mercantile, 2385 Main StreetBridgehampton, and Henry Lehr, 16 NewtownLane, East Hampton. I would shop all three!

    Westhampton T-Shirts, 77 Main Street, is cele-brating its 30th anniversary this Memorial DayWeekend. Look for great quality and prices on brandnew style T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Andwhile youre there check out the Bargain Bins thatare filled with Ts and sweats at 50% to 70% off. Forinformation call them at 631-288-9175.

    Hot off the press, a new shipment just arrived atShock, 115 Main Street and Westhampton Beach.Shock is now offering the traditional Birkin BagOUR Way, in camel, blue and their newest color,red, for $45! This is the must have bag of the sum-mer!

    Look for amazing combos @ 40% off home gymswith the purchase of a True Fitness Cardio piece, atGym Source, 23 Windmill Lane, Southampton.There are other combos available that will suit yourfitness needs, just stop in to take a look. We have tokeep the fat cells burning for the summer months,and this is the place to go to find out how easy itreally is. For info call 631-2787-1223.

    Red Barn Thrift Shop, 6 North Sea Road,Southampton, is opening the season with a JumboSale that is filled with plenty of bargains. Stop in!Birthright thanks you for your support in shoppingand donating your gently used items. OpenTuesdaySaturday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Call Marie orGeorge for more info at 631-287-6456.

    While you are shopping at the BridgehamptonCommons on June 1, stop in at the Hudson CitySavings Bank (next door to the Retreat ThriftShop) where the bank will be celebrating their firstanniversary. There will be Customer AppreciationDay at the Bridgehampton location. Join the stafffor refreshments, coffee, cake and receive a freeHCSB gift such as a Frisbee, piggy bank or key-chain.

    Fun in the garden for everyone who loves dig-gingit is a space of harmony, balance and emotion.I love the striped garden bucket ($40) available at

    The Concept Store @ Unlimited Earth Care,2249 Scuttle Hole Road, Bridgehampton. The con-cept Store has it all in one building. Award -winningdesigner Frederico Azevedo can help you decide thebest way to improve your landscape. Call 631-725-7551, unlimitedearthcare.com

    The Down Factory Store at The ElegantJohn, 74 Montauk Highway, East Hampton, is theplace to shop for lamps, mirrors, featherbeds, bedlinens, bath and towel accessories, beach towels,Turkish towels, robes and more. You can now save50% off factory-direct goose down pillows and com-forters. This is also the source for the Wall StreetJournals Best Overall Bamboo Collection thatare elegant and ultra soft. The Bamboo towels haveunique properties such as the antibacterial quali-ties characteristic of bamboo fibers. The collectionincludes bath sheet $58, tub mat $26, bath towel$28, hand towel $18, wash towel $8. A perfect med-ley for the master or guest bath. For informationcall 631-324-2636.

    Molly Brown Boutique, 21 North Ferry Road,

    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 123


    with Maria Tennariello

    (continued on page 127)




    Sterling Silver Jewelry Costume Jewelry Wedding Items

    #BCZ(JGUTt,JET5PZTMeri Meri CardsSoybean Candles

    Sea Shore Collection Bath & Body Products



    Design Woman


    Located: Across from Hudson City Savings Bank at King Kullen Shopping Center

    17c East Montauk Hwy.Hampton Bays, NY 11946

    631-594-3600Call For Hours

    Look Stylish &Be Frugal

    Look Stylish &Be Frugal

    HAMPTON DERMATOLOGYCraig Austin, M.D. & Steven J. Fishman, M.D.Cynthia Gerardi, M.D. & Kara Meyers, RPA-C

    General Dermatology - Dermatological SurgeryCosmetic Dermatology

    %272; '

  • Dans Papers May 27, 2011 LIFESTYLE danshamptons.com Page 124


    Hello to the New Kids On The Block, bringingwith you your wares and friendship. Welcome toour towns and villages. Lets take a look at whojust moved in

    Julia Gray Ltd., a 25-year-old company manu-facturing and selling furniture to the design tradein a showroom in the D&D Building in NYC, aswell as in Chicago, Florida and DC. Versatility ofdesign and the ability to customize are the defin-ing elements behind the success of the Julia GrayLtd. collection. Recognized throughout the indus-try for classic Old-World elegance, Julia Gray con-tinues to create timeless European-style furniture:18th-Century hand-painted French commodes,English chests with Adam-style hand-painted gar-lands, splendid armoires recalling the decorativeartistry of the Far East during the 1730s, just toname a few. Now opening at 20 Hampton Road,Southampton, as an Outlet store, affording Ms.Gray the opportunity to move excess inventory andto reach a whole new buyer. Julia Gray Ltd. offersthe consumer 40-70% off retail! The store hasbeautiful Julia Gray furniture, Italian imports,antiques, lamps and accessories. Log ontojuliagrayltd.com.

    Gretchen Scott Designs, 46 Jobs Lane,

    Southampton. With a company manifesto of,Laugh More. Gripe Less. Ignore Critics. Say Yes.Order Dessert. Love Life, Gretchen Scott deliversplay and party clothing, mostly gaily printed cot-ton tunics, dresses and jackets. These are cleanlines, forgiving silhouettes, timeless styles withenough playfulness that you can go from beach toerrands to cocktails without missing a beat. Also inthe mix are classic silks, shimmery, crisp linens,silly sleepwear, eyelet, wool, suedes, jewelry, acces-sories and more. For information call 631-377-3868; gretchenscottdesigns.com.

    Brahmin, the luxury leather handbag andaccessory company known for their timeless styles,will be celebrating the opening of a newSouthampton store location over the Memorial hol-iday weekend at 56 Jobs Lane. On Saturday, May28, as part of the opening celebration, customerscan enjoy refreshments and entertainment as wellas 15% savings on some of Brahmins must-havesummer handbag styles. 1-800-229-2428.

    This summer, alice + olivia by Stacey Bendetreinvents its presence in the Southampton shop-ping scene, moving locations to a more spaciousretail venue. The new location, 58 Jobs Lane, willhouse the brands namesake apparel, accessoriesand new footwear collection, as well as third partyitems including Alexis Bittar, Philippe Audibert,Shashi and Tre. The 1,400-square-foot store, fea-turing blue-stained floors, curtains in bright, pris-matic hues, vintage Gene Meyer rugs and retrodecorative touches, rings true to the brands ani-mated alice + olivia aesthetic. The boutiques rain-bow sherbet theme will be complete with a Sno-cone machine for the summer season so shopperscan enjoy refreshing frozen treats while browsing.Aliceandolivia.com.

    Celebrating their newest retail store inSouthampton with a ribbon-cutting ceremony withSouthamptons Mayor Epley, MacKenzie-Childsis sitting pretty at 31 Main Street. MacKenzie-

    Childs is a unique and creative home goods storethat began in Aurora, New York, some 27 yearsago. They converted a 65-acre dairy farm into aworking production studio where today their tal-ented artisans craft handmade, hand-decoratedmajolica pottery, tile and furniture. The productionstudio includes design, clay molding, firing, paint-ing, and furniture and upholstery-making areas,employing more than 100 artisans on site. Thegrounds, open to the public, include their produc-tion studio, a Second-Empire farmhouse and aretail shop filled with MacKenzie-Childs table-ware, home furnishings and gifts from around theworld. Call 631-283-1880.

    Owned by two Hamptons locals, EvolutionFitness is a new high-end fitness facility locatedat 33 Hill Street in Southampton. The 3,000-square-foot gymnasium is the main attraction formembers who enjoy a good game of basketball, vol-leyball, badminton or ping-pong. Members alsobenefit from the newest line of Matrix treadmilland elliptical machines that operate in nine differ-ent languages. Evolution Fitness offers a typical

    grand opening


  • Renowned Italian sculp- tor Oriano Gallonis artskillfully melds carved stone, woodand metal into haunting, thought-pro-voking human forms. His critically acclaimed, monu-mental sculptures have an overwhelming physical presence,and deliver emotional impact. This thought provoking pieceof art, La Luna Bianca, carved from 16.5 tons of Carraramarble is based on a primitive concept. This amazing piece ofart stands thirty feet tall and is as unique as its description. Agallery of Gallonis carved marble, wood and metal sculpturescan be seen at orianogalloni.com.

    Perhaps its the sweeping hood and long wheelbase of the 6 Series muscular profile. Perhaps its the 400hp and 0-60 time of 4.9 seconds. Or maybe its the ground-break-ing luxury of the many features captivating enthusiasts. One thing is certain, the all-new 650i Convertible MSRP is simply irresistible. Simply yours!

    With Maria [email protected]

    2012 BMW 650I STARTS AT $90,500 SCULPTURE $2.5 MILLION

    Available at Six Sigma Auto Group, BMW, Mini,Audi, Porsche of Southampton

    35 Montauk Highway Southampton, NY631.283.0888 www.bmwofsouthampton.com

    ABC Stone234 Banker Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.

    718.389.8360 www.abcworldwidestone.com



    Join us in celebrating the opening of ournew store in SOUTHAMPTON! Choose froma beautiful selection of dresses, separates,

    jewelry and accessories.

    Saturday May 28th we will be donating 10% of sales in the Southampton store to the

    Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research.



    94 Main St.Southampton


    29 Main St.Port Washington516-439-5055

    423 Main St.Greenport




    SEASONAL OPENING EVENTSaturday, June 4 - Sunday, June 5 11am - 5pm

    PRE-EVENT SALESWednesday, June 1 - Friday, June 3


    SHIBORI135 Main Street, Westhampton Beach, NY


    SEASONAL OPENING EVENTSaturday, June 4 - Sunday, June 5 11am - 5pm

    PRE-EVENT SALESWednesday, June 1 - Friday, June 3


    SHIBORI135 Main Street, Westhampton Beach, NY


    Dans Papers May 27, 2011 danshamptons.com Page 125

  • Dans Papers May 27, 2011 LIFESTYLE danshamptons.com Page 126

    class schedule featuring mat Pilates, yoga, kick-boxing, CardioKick, total body sculpting, intervaltraining and spin, featuring 30 new LIVESTRONGLance Armstrong spin bikes. Members also haveaccess to the personal training expertise of 20-yearfitness entrepreneur and co-owner Jason Cofield,who offers his signature class called EvoFit. All areinvited to Evolutions Grand Opening Celebration,Saturday, May 28, featuring free classes, guidedtours and special membership sign-up deals. Plus acocktail party from 6 to 9 p.m. featuring red-carpetphotos, a D.J., complimentary wine, champagne andhors doeuvres! Call 631-488-4252.

    Stop in at Salty Home, Furnishings With aFlair, in the Bridgehampton Commons, sitting pret-ty between Victorias Secret and Banana Republicfor a wave of gifts, home accents, barware, furniture,lighting, wall dcor, tableware, childrens cherish-ables and womens accessories. Voted number oneGift Shop by Best of the Palm Beaches andTreasure Coast. For information, call 631-237-1250.

    Marc Zowine has made a name for himself inNew York City and in the Hamptons. Marc will nowbe available by appointment at the Fay TellerSalon, Bridgehampton. His cuts are chic and sim-ple, his colors modern and vibrant. Clients includedMariah Carey, Sharon Stone, Mariska Hargitay andKatie Couric, to name a few. Marc began his careerworking with celebrated hair designers JohnDOrazio and Frederic Fekkai. Building on the foun-dation of this experience, Marc evolved a techniquehe calls Personal Hair Design. I look at the totalpicture in my work with clients. Each look is uniqueand individual to the person I design it for. Forinformation and appointments at Fay Teller callMarc at 917-597-2491.

    The Black Swan Antiques & Home

    Furnishing has left its Southampton digs and hasjust surfaced in Bridgehampton. Located at 2450Main Street, the shop is now open and is filled withthe same great selection and prices this side of thecanal. Stop in to view their new inventory, you willbe amazed. Call 631-377-3012 for information.

    m a d e, owned by Eleni Prieston, designer,maker, goldsmith and mother hen, located at 27Race Lane, East Hampton, is a new store opening onMay 28. It is a dynamic re-invention of retail; afusion of studio, gallery and retail celebrating thework of artisans with a passion for what they make.m a d e has items that are functional and beautiful,original and reclaimed, from around the world aswell as services. Household, personal items and vin-tage finds imbued with personality are fabricatedfrom clay, metal, fiber, seeds, plastic, paint, glass,wax and wood. m a d e is a work in progress, work-ing with makers allowing for the ebb and flow ofproduction, inspiration and change. Small runs,exploration and experimentation means that allthe work at m a d e will always be changing. Themonth of Junes hours are Thursday to Saturday, 10a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Sunday, from noon to 4 p.m. Forfurther information call 631-604-2919; made-on-earth.com.

    When Bond No. 9 opens a store, its preferably ina landmark location. The newest perfumerie is nowlocated in a jewel box of a shop, opening their doorson June 10, at the legendary American Hotel, 45Main Street in the village of Sag Harbor. Thenewest branch is designed as a summer-white ver-sion of the highly successful Bleecker Street loca-tion. Inside is the entire collection of their fabledBond No. 9 eaux de parfum, as well as all the auxil-iaries: scented candles, soaps, body creams, lotionsand exquisite pocket luxuries, not to mention theirlegendary five-star service. Gifts are exquisitely

    wrapped in their signature white paper with whiteand gold embossed ribbon. Those seeking a localscent will find Bond No. 9s two local Long Islandbeach fragrances, Hamptons and Montauk. A SagHarbor scent is already in the works. Stay tuned.Bondno9.com.

    Another welcomed newcomer to the Village of SagHarbor is GeekHampton, 34 Bay Street, theonly Apple authorized service providers and Applespecialists located on the East End. Business own-ers Sheryl Heller and Mike Avery have been offer-ing technical and tutoring services since 1999.Currently located in Hampton Bays, they are open-ing their new location Tuesday, May 31, offeringtheir services throughout the East End and theNorth Fork, either at the store location or in yourhome or office. The store features a greatly expand-ed retail space enabling customers to demo all thelatest Apple computers that will be available forimmediate purchase, including the iMac, MacBook,MacBook Pro, MacPro and MacMini, and mostimportant they will carry iPads, a full iPod lineup,Apple accessories and a large inventory of thirdparty computer accessories. In addition, theGeekBar will offer friendly, expert advice bytrained Apple specialists with extensive knowledgeof Apple products. The geektenders will be thereto answer your questions and offer technical sup-port. A Grand Opening reception is planned forJune 25. Store hours are Sunday throughWednesday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday throughSaturday 10 a.m.-9 p.m. For information call 631-723-3660; geekhampton.com.

    If you are a new business, or have moved toanother or different location, email me [email protected] so that I can let everyoneknow about you.

    New Kids (continued from previous page)

    3661 37863786

    SpecialStorage Clean & Glaze $79.00

    Just Storage $ 44.0010% Discount with all pre paid Storage

    2080 Route 112Medford, NY


  • Shelter Island, has re-opened for the season with agreat collection of new designers. Its also now sell-ing Moroccan rugs, candles, coffee table books,home dcor items and accessories. Natacha Ruthand Karina are just two of the brands featured atthe boutique, which was opened in 2010 by KateMullane. Kate