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Our media pack showcasing our work and the services we offer.

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Clients love our friendly, flexible approach, and we always have their best interests at heart


WE ARE A WELL-ESTABLISHED AND TRUSTED UK MARKETING AGENCYWe offer: media services (free buying and planning in all media), website design, e-commerce websites (online shops), internet marketing and SEO, as well as graphic design and print services, at competitive prices, and all under one roof.

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WEB STRATEGYWhether you are a commercial or non-commercial organisation, Chalk Media can offer Website Design, E-commerce Websites, Internet Marketing, Pay per Click, Mobile Apps, Social Media, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) & Web Hosting.

CREATIVEChalk Media has talented and experienced personnel in place who are always brimming with innovative creative ideas. The exceptional branding, design & print, and website design service we offer demands it!

MARKETINGAs a full out-of-house service provider, Chalk Media specialises in the strategic planning and competitive buying of advertising space in all media. So why choose to place your advertising budget in Chalk Media’s hands?

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05Get greater media and advertising coverage for LESSEvery day, all of us are bombarded with marketing messages: on billboards, on the sides of buses and taxis (and on bus backs), on train platforms, on TV and radio, in cinemas, and, of course, on the Internet.As a full out-of-house service provider, Chalk Media specialises in the strategic planning and competitive buying of advertising space in all mediaPlenty of other marketing agencies offer the same, so why choose to place your advertising budget in Chalk Media’s hands? What makes us different?

Ordinary people achieving extraordinary resultsChalk Media is a friendly marketing agency with a proven track-record in achieving big results, not just for companies large and small in and around Essex, but across the UK (and beyond).We find clients recommend us to others and return to us again and again. They tell us they love our ‘personal touch’, that we genuinely have their best interests at heart throughout, and never pressurise them into buying anything they don’t need (something many other agencies do).

Teamwork makes the dream work, every timeWe’re also liked for being a flexible marketing agency who doesn’t dominate. We work with you in a supportive way, to ensure your own ideas are brought to life, and also to show you what our talented and experienced team can do.

Is that the kind of media marketing agency you’d like to be involved with? If so, come and see us (or we could come to you!), and over a coffee and a relaxed ‘no obligation to buy’ chat, we can talk over your marketing needs and see how we could work together to get the most out of every single penny of your advertising spend.

“Our budgets and aims are given to Chalk Media, who then design a media campaign to maximise exposure to the correct target audience.”Stock Brook Country Club, Nr Billericay, Essex

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Great branding goes beyond having an eye-catching logo with a catchy strap line emblazoned underneath. It involves thorough research, careful planning, and then the clever (but appropriate) use of layout, colour, images, shapes, text and more...



Powerful visual branding at competitive pricesChalk Media’s branding team can create a strong identity for your company to help you achieve the results you desire. We would relish the challenge of raising your brand awareness and your sales.Through creative brainstorming we can come up with:• Vibrantandcolourful‘shoutoutloud’brandingthat grabs your target audience’s attention and refuses to let goOr• Anunderstateddesignthatoozessophistication, ensures you are taken seriously, and makes your competitors’ branding seem comparatively poor.

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07What great branding can do for youEffective but affordable design and print always begins with great branding. Our branding services can help:• Setyouapartfromyour competitors (by making you distinct, instantly recognisable, and memorable)• Raiseyourcompanyprofile (both online and offline), and• Increaseyoursalesand boost your profits

Let’s get to work together on your brandingUnlike so many other companies, we won’t completely take over.We’ll listen to you, include you in the branding design and development process, be responsive to your opinions, and remain flexible while still astounding you with our branding design ideas!Let us help you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD.

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09Unlike so many other marketing agencies out there, Chalk Media does not pressurise clients into buying services they do not want or need.Sure, if a full advertising campaign is what you’re looking for, our team can design and deliver the whole package from start to finish. But if you just seek some budget-friendly design and print, a blog, a redesign of your business card, or some promotional gifts, we will happily provide you with that. No problem.

Part services from Chalk Media include:• Strategic Media Planning Carefully thought-through planning of advertising campaigns, leaving no stone unturned• Fantastic Media Buying Extremely Competitive – The negotiating and buying process taken completely off your shoulders (and without charge!)• Web Ads – Catch the eye, AND more customers!• SEO (search engine optimisation) – Be found on Google, Yahoo! and MSN/Bing• Internet Marketing – A great website ‘driven’ by a carefully orchestrated internet marketing campaign is unstoppable

• E-mail Marketing (E-shots!) – It’s true: the phone is no longer king. E-mail Marketing is•MobileApps designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers• SocialMedia-We can set up and or manage monthly TWITTER,FACEBOOK, LINKED IN or a BLOG for a very competitive price.• Web Design – Effective and appealing websites at equally appealing prices• E-commerceWebsites (online shops) – Get your share of the fortunes spent online each year• Website Redesigns – Give your website a makeover. Ensure it’s responsive and falls within Google’s regulations.• Branding – Powerful visual branding at a competitive price

• DesignforPrint–Fresh, creative ideas that help you stand out from the crowd• Print Services – We print anything and everything (at affordable prices)PromotionalGifts – Pens, pads, key rings, memory sticks, promotional folders etc.

What can we design and print for you?

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Chalk Media has talented and experienced personnel in place who are always brimming with innovative creative ideas...


We offer all aspects of creative design for all media print, websites, mobile apps and social media


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At Chalk Media, we only consider graphic design to be ‘great’ if the company commissioning the work sees some actual results for their money, once their new design is ‘out there’ in front of their target audience.After all, what’s the use of a visually stunning graphic design idea if it ultimately proves commercially unsuccessful?

Innovative and intelligent graphic design from an award-winning media and marketing agency like us can be incredibly powerful – making an impact that your competitors will find impossible to match, let alone beat.

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Blending creative genius with business know-how, we offer eye-catching yet affordable graphic design for:

•Signage• Posters• Stationery (complimentary slips, letterheads, business cards etc.)• Cataloguesand promotional folders• Brochures,leaflets, inserts and flyers• Promotionalgifts(pens, pads, key rings, memory sticks, promotional folders, etc.)• Websites,blogs,e-shots mobile apps, and social media

What’s more, our graphic design set price service allows you to alter your design as much as you like, but without incurring changing fees. We keep offering you designs until you find the one you like (which you can then tweak) all for one set fee.

“What’s more, our graphic design set price service allows you to alter your design as much as you like, but without incurring changing fees”...

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There is more to great web design than pretty pictures, grabby text and eye-popping animation. We can help create the right website for you and your business...


We can offer Website Design, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps Internet Marketing, SEO & Web Hosting


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Whether you are a one-man-band, a start-up with a small team, an established small or medium-sizedenterprise,oralarge organisation, you need a website.These days, it’s a ‘no brainer’. But you also need the right website and app for you.How do you get this?

By turning to an experienced and talented web design team. One that will:• Takethetimetolistento you carefully• Thoroughlyresearchyour industry and market• Involveyouinthedesign process (and be responsive to your opinions and feedback throughout), and

• Deliverthewebsiteyou actually want, not the site they want to give youAll this is exactly what Chalk Media offers.

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17We’re focused on being the bestAs an award-winning, friendly, well-established company with a proven track-record in designing and delivering websites that work, we can design a website or app for your business or organisation that:• IncludesFlashAnimation (used appropriately)• Isoptimisedcorrectlysothat Google can find it and reward its content’s relevance with high page listings• Isdesignedtomaximiseyour online sales, by: making it easy for customers to find you online; presenting your products and services at their very best; and making buying fast, easy and secure. All this will have your customers returning to buy from you again and again• Isfresh,cleanandsimplewhile still being eye-catching, colourful and feature-rich• Iseasytonavigate• Isbrilliantlywrittenwithtext that ‘speaks your audience’s language’• Includesacontent management system (CMS), if you prefer. This allows you to manage and update your site’s content yourself, any time you like.

Websites for non-profits, or for e-learning purposes, perhaps?Not all websites are designed to capitalise on the billions of pounds spent in the UK alone each year through E-commerce. You may require a small brochure website

(e.g., a four-page site created simply to display your goods or promote your services), or an informational website designed to help, teach, raise awareness or advise.Chalk Media can build you the right website at the right price.

“...Our Mobile App built by Chalk Media became the fifth biggest selling App within the sporting sector within two weeks of the launch!”

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Do you want to join the revolution of Social Media but haven’t got time to keep updating it or don’t know where to start?

Would you like to use Social Media Marketing for your business but find it confusing and haven’t got time?



Blog services include;Set up includes the creation of a WordPress blog on own domain name, custom theme creation to look the same as their existing website. Adding a Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Bookmarks, Google sitemap, comment anti spam and WP super cache plugins.Optimisation and submission to the main search engines and blog directories. This also includes a demonstration of how to use WordPress.An agreed number of relevant blog posts per month of articles, new promotions and offers etc. If no promotions and offers are running, relevant articles will be used and relevant anchor links will be added.*Clients must have hosting with PHP enabled and a MySQL database to run WordPress.

Linkedin services include;Set up includes adding all details, photos, customisation and optimisation of account i.e. integrating Twitter, blog and website links etc.Sourcing and adding an agreed number of new contacts per month.Joining interest groups to become more visible.Please give us a ring for an informal chat about social media and we can set up a meeting to show you how to move your business forward

Twitter services include;Creating a custom background to set you apart from everyone else and a custom colour scheme.Discussing the number of Tweets per month that we will create, to gain your business maximum exposure on twitter as well as other relevant information.Sourcing and following new potential relevant followers every month. This can be a low or high number of followers depending on your budget and type of business.

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19Facebook services include;Setting up and creating a company page and customisation.Posting of an agreed number of items per month promoting the company, products, blog and liking other businesses etc.

Why not pop in and have a chat with us and we will advise you the best social media marketing for your type of business and talk you through the options. We then can set up and/or manage monthly TWITTER, FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN or a BLOG for a very competitive price.

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21E-mail marketing or e-shots (marketing your business through sending customised e-mails as ‘e-shots’ to your customers) is a great way to:• Tellyouraudienceaboutyour products and services (as well as your latest company news)• Promoteanyspecialoffers you may have• Announceforthcomingevents• Invitefeedback• Pointthemtowardsyour website, articles, blog and your pages on social media sites(Facebook,Twitteretc.)• Catchtheeyeofpotential new customersAnd if your website is purely informational, (e.g., you are an e-learning online resource, or a non-profit organisation), you could use e-shots to convey your key info and messages to a widening audience.

Why e-shots are such a ‘must-have’ internet marketing toolE-mail has replaced phone calls as the choice method of contact between businesses and organisations in the UK, if not the world. Stats show that theROI(returnoninvestment)on e-shot marketing is greater than any other marketing direct response method.

E-shots really do provide the perfect solution to a problem countless UK companies face. How to retain regular contact with customers, without them feeling bombarded.

Your customers will love the convenience of e-shots In the UK, people like to be ‘helped’, and hate being sold to. That is exactly what e-shots can do.

By launching e-shot campaigns at appropriate intervals you are helping your customers by maintaining a friendly and fluid online customer communication flow. You’ll be saving them the hassle of researching your contact details by providing

them with clickable links from your e-shots direct to your website.

To find out more about how Chalk Media can help you gain a vital edge on your competitors by tailoring a customised e-shot campaign for your business or organisation, contact us.

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is basically a marketing technique used to help get websites, blogs, articles etc., found on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN/Bing. Discover how Chalk Media uses SEO ethically



Foryourwebsitetorankhighly (in organic listings) on major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN/Bing, it needs to be ‘optimised’. The best way to do this is to use a powerful marketing technique called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO – What’s involvedSEO involves embedding your pages’ on-page text and source code with the words and phrases that correspond strongly to the search terms users type into Google etc. (when looking to buy your particular type of products or services).But you can’t just include those ‘keywords’ and phrases wherever and as often as you like! SEO must be used in an ethical way using ‘white hat’ techniques (acceptable, fair-minded practice).

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23Failuretodothiscanresultinyour web pages being dropped downtheSERPs(searchengineresults pages) or even removed from their indexes altogether.

Why ethical SEO doesn’t just apply to websitesChalk Media always uses ethical SEO techniques when optimising informational websites, commercial (e-commerce) websites, and also when optimising online articles, blog posts and e-shots (e-mail newsletters).

Even if you are a small company competing ‘against the big boys’ you can still be found on Google page one if your web pages are powerfully and ethically optimised by SEO professionals like us.The Chalk Media SEO team will:• Researchandidentifytheright keywords/phrases for your web pages• Embedthemintheright places in your on-page text and metadata (the source code behind your web pages)

• Alwaysoptimiseyourpages using only ethical techniques• Optimiseyourpagessothat they are measureable when using a web stats analysis programme like Google Analytics. (Through the expert monitoring and tracking of your website’s performance, any weaknesses can be immediately addressed, ensuring your site is always performing to the max).

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25Web Hosting (from just £99 a year!)OK. You’ve got a great website from Chalk Media and it’s time to ‘go live’ on the Internet. So how do you do that? The answer is to ‘host’ your site online by renting space there, so that it can be found, seen and accessed 24/7, all-year-round. But with so many web hosting providers claiming to be ‘the best’, how do you know which one to go with?You need reliable and affordable web hosting that includes:• Plentyofdiscspace• Hosteddomains• E-mailaccounts• Agenerous bandwidth allowance• Interactivefunctions• Theoptiontoupgrade• Excellentsupport

Web hosting from Chalk Media can provide you with all this and more. You can relax knowing that your website is in safe hands. Our hosting services are competitively priced (from just £99 for a full year’s hosting). What’s more, your hassle-free hosting service from us can be set-up quickly, getting you ‘up and running’ online and trading as soon as possible – that means no missed sales.

A reliable, fast and inexpensive serviceBy turning to us for your web hosting requirements, you are having your website hosted by the company who already knows all about your business/organisation, and so will have a clear idea of the sort of hosting you need.And if you already have a site designed by someone else, you’ll find our affordable web hosting packages make a welcome change from the sometimes wildly overpriced and often unreliable hosting services other companies provide.

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Unlike online marketing tools (websites, blogs, articles, e-shots etc.) once a print run has started, the design and the text can’t be changed. That’s why it is essential your posters, signage, stationery, brochures, catalogues, promotional gifts, and other printed marketing material are all designed, written and printed by perfectionists.More about:• Stationery – Business cards, letterheads, complimentary slips… The quality of your stationery can speak volumes about your professionalism, abilities, standards and even your company ethics. That’s why it needs to be excellent.

• Catalogues,brochures, leaflets, inserts, flyers – all need to be enticingly designed and flawlessly produced so that they stand out from the countless others in the marketplace. Let Chalk Media’s design and print team set you apart.• Promotionalgifts – Pens, pads, key rings, memory sticks, bags, chocolates… Chalk Media can design and print all of these for you in any quantities and at competitive prices. Learn more

Worried about switching from your current printer? Don’t beYou may be apprehensive about switching from your current printer to Chalk Media. We totally understand. Why not come and see us and, over coffee, tell us what printing you need? We’ll tell you more about our affordable design and print services, and how we could save you money. But there’ll be ‘no pressure’. Promise!(Or if it is more convenient, we’d be happy to come to you)

Chalk Media places huge importance upon attention-to-detail, particularly when it comes to design and print

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29Chalk Media has teamed up with CGEYE to offer a complete package for your development. With over 18 years in the industry, that includes some of the UK’s most high profile house builders, architects, marketing agencies and housing associations. So, whether it’s creating brand identities, 3D animation, virtual tours and architectural visualisation, or media services, website design, e-commerce websites, internet marketing and search engine optimisation, as well as graphic design and print services all at competitive prices. We’re here to build your development’s marketing success.With this strategic partnership, we can offer the following:

Computer Generated Image (CGI)Photorealistic visuals finished to the highest standard, the essential marketing tool.

Graphic Design For Adverts & BrochuresWhether graphic design for single concepts, adverts and brochures or for entire campaigns, Chalk Media’s talented creative team is always brimming with fresh and innovative ideas with no limits!

Complementary Development BrochuresWorking in partnership with CGEYE who provide the visualisations, we provide the brochure design and print services.

Building WrapsUsed to cover the scaffolding of buildings undergoing renovation. Wecancreateamazinglyrealisticimagery that when printed out at real world scale and wrapped around a scaffolding clad building, creates the illusion of no work being done.

PhotomontageComputer generated visuals of your new building seamlessly blended into a photo of the existing area.

Verified VisualThese images are similar in look to photomontages, but we use accurate survey data to position the model in its intended position relative to the photograph. Essential for some planning applications.

Interior CGISo realistic many people think they’re photographs. This is the ultimate way to show off your interior design.

Media – Buying & PlanningWe can handle the entire negotiating and media buying process regionally or nationally. With careful evaluation of opportunities and logical planning we ensure that your advertising spend reaches your target audience.

3D PlansA modern twist on the traditional 2D coloured siteplan. Adds depth and realism.

Animation and High Definition AnimationGrab potential customer’s attention and fire their imagination with exciting moving imagery and animation. Give people an overview of your development, building or boat.

PrintChalk Media can take care of all of your print requirements thanks to a nationwide network of experienced suppliers, meaning that we can guarantee the highest quality that you expect at a price that’s right.

Professional Development WebsitesTo compliment the other aspects of your development package, we can also design and build you a professional website that will really help promote your development.

3D FloorplanThe perfect way to illustrate your space and orientate buyers. Good for demonstrating colour schemes too.

Site SignageWe can offer the design and production of all site signage including installation. This method works to promote your site before the build even starts.

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Priding ourselves on our total commitment to quality of service, Chalk Media offers you personal attention, from the time your query is placed to job completion. But that’s not to say we take the sometimes overly serious, stuffy corporate approach so many other marketing agencies adopt.

Why not come and see us here at our offices in Essex and get a feel for our company for yourself? We’ll get the kettle on and have a friendly chat about what we could do for you. Or if it’s more convenient, we’d be happy to come to you!

Phone: 01268 711205Email: [email protected]: @chalkmediaukFacebook: chalk-media

AddressChalk MediaHallmark House25DownhamRoadRamsdenHeathEssexCM11 1PU

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