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Guitar Media is made by guitarists, for guitarists. We are attracting a fast growing audience of musicians hungry to find out about all the latest gear. Our website is being constantly updated with all the most current news, reviews, lessons and videos giving our visitors and our readers everything they are looking for. Guitar Media offers all of our content for free, we do not charge any of our readers for the information we provide. We are one of only a handfull of magazines that offer our content for free. Guitar Media readers can share, download and keep all of the content and due to this we are gaining hundreds

of new visitors every day. Currently we are attracting an audience of over 77,070 per month to our website. Why? its simple, we constantly promote Guitar Media throughout the internet, utilising social networking sites to spread the word which in turn, gives our advertisers more scope to attract more potential clients. Our website and magazine are configured to be easily viewed on all mobile platforms. A guitar media app is also available so our readers can keep up to date while on the move anywhere in the world. Guitar Media is constantly serving the global market for guitarists.

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Guitar Media magazine offers its readers an interactive, informative and a highly engaging publication for FREE. The magazine provides all the latest news, reviews, lessons, tips, tablature and competitions. The Guitar Media readers are highly receptive to finding out more information regarding the latest gear. Feedback tells us that our readers find the interactive advertisements are much better than conventional print due to the fact that each add is linked directly to YOUR website where they can buy your products and services.

• Interactive advertisements taking our readers directly to a source for purchasing.

• Company features

• Product profiles where you can showcase your work with more information than just an advertisement

• Video and sound integration into the advertisements

• Link adverts to email, one click and the advert will open up the readers email for contact

• Pass along rates are high, with digital publications readers can easily share anything they have found within Guitar Media with friends simply by providing a link for them.

• Digital magazines can always be viewed online, Guitar Media will always provide our readers with previous issues. Print magazines get lost, damaged or thrown away, with Guitar Media’s Publications, this will never happen.

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Guitar Media prides itself on having the most competitive pricing structure available. Unlike other publications, we work with YOU to YOUR budget. We will always try our best to get your advert into the magazine or website no matter what the costs. Time and time again we get repeat customers due to the fact that we are so flexible. We accept most formats for artwork but we prefer a high quality PDF image if possible.

If you don’t have any artwork for your advertisement then don’t worry, we have a dedicated in house design team that would gladly create a vibrant

colourful advert that suits your business and the products you are selling. All artwork provided by Guitar Media is at NO EXTRA COST. Our most popular size is the full page spread, advert sizes can be seen below. We also have available different prices for a back page and the double inside front cover spread, these are the spaces that attract the most attention from our readers. No matter what your budget, Guitar Media will help you get your business seen by thousands of people from all over the world.

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Guitar Media’s website offers advertisers many options in the placement and longevity of their advertisements. We have the capability to place banners on certain pages or posts id you would like to target a specific audience in relation to content. We can offer virtually any advert sizes and GuitarMedia’s design team can create the artwork at NO EXTRA COST if you don’t have artwork of your own.

Latest figures show that the website is attracting over 1800 unique visits per day and this is growing rapidly.

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Our advertising rates for the magazine

DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD .....£4800 FULL PAGE .....£2700 2/3 PAGE.....£22251/2 PAGE.....£18951/3 PAGE.....£1675 DIGEST.....£1295 1/3 SQUARE.....£795

We offer discounts for combining magazine and banner advertising.

30% discount will be applied to 12x month commitments with Guitar Media. A further 2 months free will be given upon booking for 12 months or more. Cannot be used with other offers.



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Our advertising rates

Banner AdsGraphic banners still remain one of the most popular methods of advertising. We accept the ads with the following dimensions: 468×60, 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 120x600, 234x60, 125x125,120x90and 120×600.

Sponsored LinksShort pieces of promotional text on our home page or throughout the site are another highly effective way of reaching our readers. Specifications for sponsored links are a maximum 35 character title, 70 Character description and your website URL. In addition to sharing your message, sponsored links have the added advantage of helping build link popularity and page rank for your site.

Sample ad:Guitar Affiliate ProgramEarn £10 per sale by placing a simple ad on your website.

Payment InformationAdvertising starts upon receipt of the first payment for the campaign. Payments can be made by cheque, bank transfer or through Paypal. The following discounts are available for long term advertisers:

•20% off if 3 months prepaid.•25% off if 6 months prepaid.

If you choose a discount package you will be able to change your ad creative at anytime. Simply provide us with a URL to your banner location and you can change the creative as often as you like.

For more information on any of advertising with Guitar Media please contact us at [email protected]

or call us on +44 (0)1803 616411

•We only accept advertising for products and services that would be of-interest to musicians•All advertising is CPM or flat-fee based•Our minimum ad buy is $100 USD or £75 GBP