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AboutInnovator Scotland Contactdetails Innovator Scotland InnovatorPublishing Lim ited Carnegie Business & Conference Centre Halbeath Road Dunferm line KY11 8DY Scotland [email protected] w Com m ercialD irector A dvertising Sales & D istribution David Hughes 07789 397 526 [email protected] Publishing D irector Editorial,Partnerships & Finance BarryShafe 07767 427 554 [email protected] Editor PeterBarr [email protected] A boutInnovator Scotland InnovatorScotland is the m agazine forScotland’s innovative business, science and technologycom m unity. InnovatorScotland celebrates innovation and portrays the people w ho m ake ithappen, the innovators, across all businesssectorsand technologyor application dom ains. InnovatorScotland aim s to help everyone to find inspiration and the courage to voice theirideas, tackle problem s creativelyand seize opportunities for them selves ortheirorganisation. Circulation & Readership 10,000 m agazines bi-m onthly Estim ated 3+ readers percopyon average Readership 30,000+ A boutInnovator Scotland readers Age and status: 60% are 25-44 years; 90% between 25-64 years and working Gender: 60:40 m ale:fem ale Position: 30% seniorand m iddle m anagem ent 20% R& D specialists 20% business owners 30% senior/m iddle role in academ ic institution Incom e: 90% earn above the nationalaverage; 50% in top-quartile Education: 80% are graduates and m anyhold m ultiple qualifications Ourreadership have a higherthan average propensityto trynew technologies, products and services and w illingness to em brace change. M anyw ill travel frequentlyin the UK and overseasforbusiness, projectm eetingsand conferences. Printdistribution 2,000 m agazines m ailed to nam ed individuals 7,500 available forreadersto pick up at150 carefullytargeted business, research and m eeting venues across Scotland Top 800 com panies w ith turnoverover£5m across all sectors Early-stage & high growth SM Es Innovation centres, science & technologyparks Universities; departm ents, research institutes & business engagem ent Furthereducation institutes: m anagem ent, training & business engagem ent Professional and businessadvisoryservices Investors, banks and otherfunding providers Econom ic developm entand executive agencies ofGovernm ent Selected travel, m eeting, conference and accom m odation venues 500 distributed bystrategicpartnersglobally Em bassies and overseas offices ofSDI and UKTI Academ ic and business international networks W eb distribution Digital edition is accessible atw . Links to the digital edition are sentto an additional 10,000 globallybyacadem icand business international netw orks. B e in spired B e in form ed Who inspires you? Page6 How creative are you? Page22 Are you an innovator? Pages1-64

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About Innovator Scotland

Contact detailsInnovator ScotlandInnovator Publishing Lim itedCarnegie Business &Conference CentreHalbeath RoadDunferm line KY11 8DYScotland

[email protected]

Com m ercial DirectorAdvertising Sales & DistributionDavid Hughes07789 397 [email protected]

Publishing DirectorEditorial, Partnerships & FinanceBarry Shafe07767 427 [email protected]

EditorPeter [email protected]

About Innovator ScotlandInnovator Scotland is the m agazine for Scotland’s innovative business, scienceand technology com m unity.

Innovator Scotland celebrates innovation and portrays the people who m akeit happen, the innovators, across all business sectors and technology orapplication dom ains.

Innovator Scotland aim s to help everyone to find inspiration and the courageto voice their ideas, tackle problem s creatively and seize opportunities forthem selves or their organisation.

Circulation & Readership10,000 m agazines bi-m onthlyEstim ated 3+ readers per copy on averageReadership 30,000+

About Innovator Scotland readersAge and status: 60% are 25-44 years; 90% between 25-64 years and working

Gender: 60:40 m ale:fem ale

Position: 30% senior and m iddle m anagem ent20% R&D specialists20% business owners30% senior/m iddle role in academ ic institution

Incom e: 90% earn above the national average; 50% in top-quartile

Education: 80% are graduates and m any hold m ultiple qualifications

Our readership have a higher than average propensity to try new technologies,products and services and willingness to em brace change. Many will travelfrequently in the UK and overseas for business, project m eetings and conferences.

Print distribution2,000 m agazines m ailed to nam ed individuals

7,500 available for readers to pick up at 150 carefully targeted business,research and m eeting venues across Scotland

• Top 800 com panies with turnover over £5m across all sectors• Early-stage & high growth SMEs• Innovation centres, science & technology parks• Universities; departm ents, research institutes & business engagem ent• Further education institutes: m anagem ent, training & business engagem ent• Professional and business advisory services• Investors, banks and other funding providers• Econom ic developm ent and executive agencies of Governm ent• Selected travel, m eeting, conference and accom m odation venues

500 distributed by strategic partners globally

• Em bassies and overseas offices of SDI and UKTI• Academ ic and business international networks

W eb distributionDigital edition is accessible at . Links to the digitaledition are sent to an additional 10,000 globally by academ ic and businessinternational networks.

B e inspired B e inform ed

Who inspires you?Page 6

How creative are you?Page 22

Are you an innovator?Pages 1-64

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When to Design ForManufacture (DFM)

Danny Kane,Design Director,

sponsored by

InnovatorScotland - Issue 1 -October/Novem ber2011

InnovatorScotland - Issue 1 -October/Novem ber2011

2 I October/Novem ber2011 - Issue 1 - InnovatorScotland

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Glasgow l Edinburgh l

Editorial featuresInnovator Scotland provides high quality, independent editorial including casestudies, interviews and profiles, snapshots and in-depth features.

The Editor is always interested to hear of ideas for editorial features and othergenuinely independent content.

The Editor is also keen to hear from established and aspiring contributors.

Contact: [email protected]

AdvertisingInnovator Scotland provides a relevant, engaging and inspiring read againsta positive backdrop of innovation and success. It is an attractive m ediaenvironm ent for raising awareness, m anaging perceptions and com m unicatingpropositions to individuals and organisations.

Advertising in the m agazine is offered at sensible rates and discounts areavailable for m ultiple insertions.

Contact: [email protected]

Advertorials & sponsored com m entSom e advertisers m ay wish to dem onstrate their expertise by providingperspective, com m entary or other sponsored contributions.

Innovator Scotland welcom es sponsored contributions and these m ay bepresented in house editorial style where the content is likely to be of genuinevalue to m any readers. Sponsored contributions are always distinguished fromindependent editorial and there are various ways to achieve this whilst m eetingthe advertiser’s com m unication objectives.

Contact: [email protected]

Innovator’s digestInnovator Scotland provides a digest of the research and range of supportavailable to business from universities and colleges and the diversity ofnetworks who set the scene for serendipity and ground-breaking connections tobe m ade.

The Innovator’s Digest section provides fixed tenancy space for not-for-profitorganisations to com m unicate on a regular basis beyond their existing known,core audience.

Innovator Scotland provides a convenient and low-cost platform fordissem inating news and distributing content throughout Scotland’s business,science and technology com m unity.

Contact: [email protected]

PartnershipsInnovator Scotland welcom es collaborations with sponsors who seek regular orcontinuous involvem ent that is m ore integrated with Innovator Scotland’s aim s,content and audience engagem ent.

Contact: [email protected]

B e part of it

and an exotic material as mandatoryelements to fulfil a particular functionis likely to have limited processingoptions.

Whatever the approach, it is vital todefine the manufacturing process atthe outset as this will have a hugeimpact on your design. Valuabletime and money can be needlesslywasted if the process is changed midway through production. So be clearon your objectives from the start.

This barely scratches the surface ofDFM, but a commonsense approachcombined with background knowledgeis an excellent starting point. As withmost areas of design, DFM is notabout having all the answers, it’sknowing what questions to ask.

THERE’S little point in greatdesigns that can’t be made intogreat products.The good news is that having a soundDesign for Manufacturing (DFM)process can help translate thosegreat designs into commercial returns.DFM is a broad term spanning manydisciplines but basically meansdesigning so that the end result canbe effectively produced, assembled,maintained and sold. If used as anintegrated part of the design process,the result is better products that reachmarket faster and ultimately sell well.Working in product design anddevelopment across different sectors,from medical devices to consumerelectronics, I have been exposedto many different manufacturingtechniques. This experience has

taught me that an effective DFMprocess is built on a good allroundknowledge of manufacturing andassembly practises.The first step in DFM is choosingthe appropriate manufacturingmethod. There are two ways tolook at this: top down or bottomup. Most projects I have worked onhave adopted a topdown approach,starting with the nontechnicalrequirements such as cost target andvolume required, then working backto match the most suitable process.This results in the most effective andeconomical solution.A bottomup approach is moreappropriate when productperformance is the most importantfactor – for example, a brief thatstipulates both a specific component

Meso is a productdevelopmentcompany who“love to makethings”, with a fullrange of servicesto aid productdevelopment, fromthe initial sketch tofinal manufacturingdetails. Withprototypingand productionresources on hand,we are committedto turning ideas intoreality – suppliedwith a creativeagency feel.

University ofEnterpriseHow would you describe anorganisation that enabled thestart-up of nearly 150 companies infive years? Most would say it was a“powerhouse for enterprise”.Thatis precisely what the University ofEdinburgh has become in recentyears,with half of these newenterprises coming in the past twoyears alone.The University encouragesentrepreneurship amongst studentsand staff-doing more than anyuniversity in the UK.The level of entrepreneurial support,delivered by very skilled andexperienced staff within EdinburghResearch and Innovation (ERI), isclass-leading. This comprehensiveservice is principally delivered throughLAUNCH.ed, offering one-to-one helpfrom a business advisor, mentoring,workshops and clinics, as well asproviding access to hot desks and a

library of resources and online tools.Over the years, Edinburgh’s newenterprises have gone on to achievenotable success – though often indifferent ways. High growth companies likeWolfson Microelectronics have remainedindependent and now competesuccessfully within global markets,producing high value jobs locally.Other companies have been acquiredby market-leading companies andintegrated into their operations. WhileEdinburgh spin-out MTEM is now partof a larger international group, butthe company operates as a subsidiaryand continues to provide employmentwithin the Edinburgh region.Whatever the future mayhold forthese companies,they may be comesignificant local employers or help theentrepreneurs acquire key businessskills that seeds the next generationof new companies.The current crop is still in the nascent

stage, but is already showing realpromise. One notable example isNGenTec, which is developing a moreefficient and innovative generatorsystem for use in large wind turbinesfor the renewable energy marketand has established an industrialpartnership with global engineeringcompany David Brown Gear Systems.According to Grant Wheeler, ERI’sHead of Company Formation andIncubation,“No other university inScotland compares to the Universityof Edinburgh as far as quantity andquality of companies formed. InUK terms, our performance nowexceeds Cambridge,Oxford andImperial College - historically the UK’sleading enterprise universities. NowEdinburgh is top of the league and thebenefits to the local economy, whichare already emerging, will becomeincreasingly apparent over the nextfew years.” The University of Edinburgh

Speech Graphics, a start-upcompany formed by twoentrepreneurs working within theUniversity of Edinburgh’s School ofInformatics, is uniquely positioned tobecome the leading lip-sync serviceand software provider for the globalvideo game industry.Michael Berger, a linguist andcomputer scientist working in thefield of speech animation, and DrGregor Hofer have developed ascalable technology that tackles thefastest growing challenge for thevideo game industry today - providingunprecedented lip synchronisationquality for audio-driven animation.Modern games can includethousands of hours of recorded

speech, all of which requiresproduction of synchronised facialanimation. The Speech Graphicssolution analyses an input audiosignal and automatically movesan animated character’s face insynchrony with the audio. Thisinnovation will cut the cost of videogame development.Michael and Gregor worked withLAUNCH.ed intensively for nearlya year. LAUNCH.ed helped themestablish this successful companyand achieve a SMART:SCOTLANDInnovation Grant to finance a fullcommercial feasibility study. In2011, Speech Graphics receivedfurther recognition for itsachievements with a 2011 JohnLogie Baird Award for Innovation.

A University spin-out company, which is quicklybecoming a world leader in hyper-local and indoorpositioning solutions, has successfully raised £1.2 millionfrom private equity investors to finance the next stage of itsexpansion programme.With smartphone application developers continually findingnew uses for location information, such as providing mapsof airports and shopping centres, delivering advertisingor helping parents to track the location of their children,mobile devices desperately need to achieve quick andaccurate positioning in areas where GPS coverage isinadequate (for example, indoors).sensewhere Ltd (formerly Satsis Ltd) is uniquelypositioned to address this problem without any additionalinfrastructure installation or requiring the user to ‘checkin’. The company launched its proprietary location-awaresoftware for Android and Symbian devices in January 2011.This software is based on innovative technology developedby Professor Tughrul Arslan in the School of Engineeringand licensed into the company. It uses crowd sourcing andlocation referencing devices to provide hyper-local positiondetection that can pin-point the location of a user down to1m accuracy. Field tests have indicated that sensewhere’ssoftware increases position coverage by up to 99%compared to current location technologies.“We are very pleased to have raised new capital. Theinvestment will enable sensewhere to recruit additionalresources to keep up with the strong demand for ourtechnology and expand our commercial presenceworldwide”, says CEO and co-Founder, Rob Palfreyman.