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    Apostolic Administrator New Vicar Provincial of Chile-Bolivia Provincial Chapter of Tyrol Provincial Chapter of Spain




    Rome, Mestre, Monte Senario, Pietralba, Ireland, Scotland, Innsbruck, Maria Wal-drast, Volders, Canada, Berkeley, Chicago, Australia, Chile, Acre, Columbia, Mexico, India, Swaziland, Marian Bibliography, Posthumus Work, Angelus Domini.


    S. Servants of Mary Compassionisti, 3erVite Sisters of Jolimont , Servite Sisters of Lon-don, S. Servants of Mary Riparatrici, Servite Third Order.


    Published by COSMO: Piazza San Marcello al Corso, 5 00187, ROMA, Italy.

  • COSMO 3 - 32 -


    The Church, in its Liturgy during Lent, invites us to live the Mystery of God made Man for love of H manity.

    At death of Christ which becomes. Resur-rection, the source of our hope, we find the Virgin at the foot of the Cross, acceptingas on the day of the Annunciation, God's view of Her and of the world.

    We could without doubt evoke the senti-ments which invite us to live that drama. Con-sidering the events of Good Friday whichreveal to us the infinite love of God as a Father and

    ' 1981

    the collaboration of a Woman who never questioned her initial "Fiat", we can find the source and the strength of our daily life. In joy as in sorrow, Christ

    and Mary show us the way.

    The month of May also invites us to a greater devotion towards Mary. With the entire Church, let us revive our fidelity to our own Servite vocation, by following example of Mary, and rediscovering the meaning of "Service" towards the Lord who invites us to follow Him and to take our daily cross in these words: "My yoke is sweet and my burden light".

    At this time of Easter, we take the opportunity of the publication of COSMO to offer to all the members of the entire Servite Family, our best wishes for


    Fr. Gilles Beaulac, o.s.m. General Secretary for Communications O.S.M.



    a decree of 20, 1981 issued the Sacred of the Peoples, Fr. Louis Ncamiso Nd1ovu O.S ..

    Administrator of the Diocese of Manzini succeed the killed in a road accident on 10 1980. best

    nomination and the assurance our

    Faustino M. Gazziero osm was elected Vicar Provincial on the second ballot on March , 1981. His election of Fr. Erminia M. Manea on 6, 98L

    ial of took at March to March 13, 1981. 23 members of the Province took

    in it. Fr. Hubert Moons, General Councillor was also those , the friars studied the letter sent Father General canonic-

    al visitation to the Province. Th~y also studied the of clos~ two houses and action to be taken art works in their Priories.

    The Provincial Chapter of will take at the 20 to 25, 1981. The main on of the letter addressed them

    visitation in November 1980,

    J U S T I C E AND E ======= = = = =

  • 3 - 34 -

    Christian challenge is therefore the land. I know that many of you who are


    that or who are plan-

    the Church aware ters are truly concerned with the welfare of your workers, but of her responsabilities, feels impelled to hold up before ideal of love and justice and to encourage you to compare

    and the

    and attitudes with the ethical principles regarding the your actions

    the common good the social purpose of economic . The is itself but it cannot be separated from its wider

    landowners and the planters should therefore not let themselves be ded in the first place by the economic laws of and , nor by the demands of competition or the selfish accumulation of goods, but by the demands of justice and by the moral of contributing to a decent standard of and to

    conditions which make it possible for the workers and for the rural society to live a life that is truly human and to see all their fundamental respected

    all the sugar cane workers I say, as I say to all workers never the great dignity that God has granted you, never let your work degrade you

    but remem.ber always the mission that God has entrusted to you to be the work of your hands, his collaborators in the continuation of the work of creation. See in your work a labour of love, for your daily work expresses love for your dearones and your commitment to the well-being of your family. Be to be workers of the land "

    The sugar cane industry was largely developed the that the Phi-were United States-owned and ever since the turn of this the Amer-

    ican market for sugar is essential to the economy. The cultivation of sugar can a lot of manual labour for for the

    must be done by hand, a pay of the is still very low. The Jesuits have been

    teach them their rights. The words held up on a were not just empty oratory: "We cry for

    for justice! HELP US, JOHN PAUL



    T 0 A L L




    COSMO 3 - 35 - April 8, 1981

    EDIZIONI ARIANU della pontificia facolta teologica marianum

    00153 roma .. viale trenta aprile 6- tel. 58.90.441

    30,000 lire.

    Truly a monumental work which continues the already classic series of "Bi-bliografie Mariane" to which Fr. Besutti has dedicated so much of his ener-gies and his skill. It has met with words of praise from the "Osservatore Romano" 2/22/81, and been welcomed with admiration by people of studies. It is a work that should not be missing from our libraries or the shelves of those who want to dedi-cate themselves to the study on Mary.

    AA.VV. Il Salvatore e la,Vergine-Madre. 415 pages. 9,800 lire. ---~@--~~----------------------

    Under this title the Faculty presents the acts of the 3rd International Sym-posium in Mariology which took place at Marianum on October 7-8-9, 1980. This volume is as important as was the Symposium. The theme - which appears as a sub-title - was "The Salvific Maternity of Mary and Contemporary Christologies": that already gives an idea of the con-tent which is developed in a skillful way by speakers of international fame.

    CLIOS: Angelus Domini. Celebration of the Annunciation to Mary. -------------- ---------------------------------------Typica Edition. 140 pages. 4,000 lire.

    The "Mariale Servorum" has been enriched with this new addition meant to renew our expressions of Marian piety. A long histor~ ~al-spiritual introduct-ion which underlines the links of the Servites with the practice of the Ange-lus, is followed by three celebrations which put this devotion in a biblical-eucological context. In the appendix, we find musical texts of the Angelusand the three celebrations. Our communities will be able to use this new text in their daily veneration of the Virgin, during the time of Advent as well as during the triduum for March 25, in our Shrines and i.n some solemn celebrations of the Annunciation to Mary.

    RITO DELLA MESSA: Italian text with gregorian melodies by Don Giro Blasutic. ---------------- ------------------------------------by a friend of the Servite Family.

    Maestro Don Giro Blasutic offers the fruit of his musical talents as a valid liturgical aid. They are melodies composed by hi~self - in gregorian style and notation - for the texts of the Mass according to the official Italian translation of the CEio

    Volume Musical cassette

    5,000 lire 6.000 lire

    (For Servites (For Servites

    4,000) 5,000)

  • COSMO 3


    - 36 - April 8, 1981

    F R 0 ~1 THE P R 0 V I N C E S , ======= ==

    V I C A R I A T E S ------

    AND H 0 U S E S ------------

    * This year "The Theatre of the Servites" of S. Maria in Via is celebrating the 20th year of its existence and presented the operetta in three acts for children "Fior di Loto" by Ro-mola Corona. The actors were joined by the students of the Dance School dei Servi as well as by the "Little Singers of S. Maria in Via". The operetta played during 12 days between Feb. 7 and March 3.

    * On Thursday February 26, General Councillor Hubert Moons took part in the meeting of the Union of the Members of General Curias which took place at the "Sa-lesianum" in Rome. Fr. Bernard Olivier O.P. spoke on the theme: "Religious and Human Development" . After the conference, there was discussion in small groups on the document recently issued by the Congregation for Religious and Secular Institu-teso

    * On January 30, Pope John Paul II received in special audience the group of confessors of the Basilicas in Rome. After having welcomed each one personally, the Holy Father gave to each a volume entitled: "L 'Amore Umano nel Piano divino" as a souvenir. Among the group were three members of the San Marcello community: Fr. U-baldo Todeschini, Fr. Elio Peretto and Fr. Giuseppe Scattolini.

    * The feast of our 7 Holy Founders provided an opportunity to the three mem-bers of the Liturgical Committee of the San Marcello Community to aid our celebrat-ion of Office with a slide and sound presentation of Our Lady, our 7 Holy Founders and the Saints and Blessed of the Order. The evening Mass in the Church found the main celebrant Fr. Hubert Moons interrupted during his sermon by a drunk man. With-out loosing his calm, after few moments of silence to restore the atmosphere for preaching , he resumed his homily on the Founders .

    * On Sunday February 8, San Marcello was host to the Union of Mothers Gene-ral O.S.M. of Italy. The meeting opened with a Mass in the chapel celebrated by Father General assisted by the Deleg