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application 0f openstreet map,

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  • 1.OSM APPLICATION GROUP MEMBERS: Megha Shrestha Dipesh Suwal Bhagirath Bhatt Sushmita Timilsina Janak Parajuli

2. Why OSM? the open nature of OpenStreetMap makes it an ideal platform for collaborative projects. free and editable map 3. SOME SUCCESFUL APPLICATIONS OF OSM Mapping Post-Earthquake Haiti Crisis Map of Haiti Map Kibera Help Map for Russian Winter 4. Downloading data It is possible to download portions of OpenStreetMap data (in .osm) that be can exported to a wide variety of formats (including SHP, POSTGIS, geojson) for many purposes, including use in professional GIS software systems. Global data No licensing fee Updated data rich information The entire database is available for download from Planet.osm 5. Mapping Online slippy maps The OSM Online Browsing OSM based services Static map images OSM on Paper. 6. orientation / navigation 7. forecasting Weather Project Health graph 8. education 9. Routing OpenRouteService OpenStreetRouting Cloudmade Maps 10. OpenStreetRouting 11. Cloudmade Maps Web Services Websites Using OSM Desktop Applications Mobile Applications Other lists of applications, classified by platform or category Consulting Companies Scientific Projects and Publications 12. List of OSM based Services 13. Research Using OSM for LBS( Location-based Services (LBS) a an analysis of changes to attributes of spatial objects(by Peter Mooney and Padraig Corcoran) http://www.cs.nuim.ie/~pmooney/websitePapers/LBS_2011-peter-v2.pdf OSM-GB Project Blog(Progress in quality assessment and improvement of OpenStreetMap data for Great Britain) http://lgosmgb2.nottingham.ac.uk/blog/ 14. mobile applications mobile moving maps mobile routing applications Osmand(Global Mobile Map Viewing & Navigation for Offline and Online OSM Maps) OSMTracker for android Forevermap 15. TOURIST MAP 16. RESOURCE MAP 17. PROFESSIONAL AND NON-PROFESIONAL USERS OF OSM Web Services Websites Using OSM Desktop Applications Mobile Applications Other lists of applications, classified by platform or category Consulting Companies Scientific Projects and Publications 18. Application for Geomatics Engineering Data analysis Estimation and valuation Project feasibility Mapping 19. COMMERCIAL SERVICES Flickr uses OpenStreetMap data for various cities around the world, including Baghdad, Beijing, Kabul, Santaigo, Sydney and Tokyo. MapQuest announced a service based on OpenStreetMap in 2010, which eventually became MapQuest Open. On 29 February 2012, Foursquare started using OpenStreetMap via MapBox's rendering and infrastructure. Craiglist also switched to OpenStreetMap in 2012, rendering their own tiles based on the data. Wikipedia uses OpenStreetMap data to render custom maps used by the articles. 20. COMMERCIAL SERVICES Pictometry uses OpenStreetMap as the default map in their web based products for displaying their patented 3D aerial photography. Moovit uses maps based on OpenStreetMap in their free mobile application for public transit navigation. OpenStreetMap is one of the many cited sources for Apple's custom maps iOS6, though the majority of map data is provided by TomTom. 21. OSM BASED SERVICES BigMap is a OSM based tool to create big maps. Bicycle Routes by Pifpafpuf:Create and download gpx tracks or edit your uploaded ones for planning routes by bike. CrowdMap:collect social or crisis data and display them on a map. Digitaler-Lageplan: OSM data in various formats. Distance Calculator:Create paths, measure length and export to .GPX or .KMZ EnergyMap:Shows how much energy is produced from solar power in Germany. Freemap: Project to create free and annotatable maps of the UK countryside. OpenTopoMap:Topographical maps of Germany. 22. OSM BASED SERVICES OpenSeaMap:Nautical Chart showing Ports, Marinas ,Lights,Seamarks,etc. OpenTouchMap:Slippy map with basic IPhone gesture-capabilities using iol.js for mobile devices. OSMT:Map Style for overlay on satellite imagery. TopOSM:Topographic maps based on OSM data. OpenMap:Worldwide map for public transport. OsmTransport:Shows public transport services at certain cities. Gastro-Map:Analyzing if a hotel,restaurant allows smoking or not. openMarkers:Rating OSM places for price and discover the best places for your budget. OpenLayers Heat Map:Using OSM data for a heatmap in open layers. OpenFireMap:Worldwide map showing firestations and hydrants on different backgrounds. 23. OSM BASED SERVICES Gmaps Pedometer:A slippy map that allows drawing of routes,and calculates distance travelled and shows elevation nicely. Hitchwiki Maps:Worldmap for hitchhikers showing hitching places with rating and description. Mobile Map:Map optimized for mobile devices with small screen,resolution adjustable. openBmap: Showing the area of gsm cell ids, wifi spots for location based services.. OpenQueerMap:Map highlighting locations for gays/lesbians/transgender based upon Proposed features/visitors orientation. OpenEventMap:Create and share private and public events. 24. OSM PROFESSIONAL USERS Today, OSM is a volunteer-only organization. This focus doesnt always satisfy the needs of many users. OSM PLUS. OSM PLUS is new and focused on professional users of OSM data and toolchains commercially, academically, in government and elsewhere. The OpenStreetMap Professional Large Users Summit is going to be held just after SOTM US, on June 10th in San Francisco at the Marriott Union Square. 25. OSM ACTIVITIES IN NEPAL OSM Nepal is a community of active mappers who will be voluntarily contributing to the OpenStreetMap of Nepal. OSM Nepal encourages independent mapping initiatives and provide support in various forms, such as technical advice, trainings, equipment rental etc. OSM Nepal organizes different programmes to increase OSM contributers and OSM use in Nepal. Girls Mapping Party Gatherings with different colleges Group 26. www.OpenStreetMap.org 27. Maharajgung Area: Before and After 28. A Growing Community of Mappers 29. Recommendation Data integrity 30. Recommendation Error checking mechanism 31. Recommendation More tags 32. Recommendation adequate geotechnical investigations be conducted to verify the location of the underground mine 33. Recommendation Finally, OSM should consider developing national standards , through rulemaking, which consider the consequences of an impoundment breakthrough 34. REFERENCES http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/List_of_OSM_based_Services http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/List_of_OSM_based_Services http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/DE:Useful_Internet_Links http://www.adyota.org/osm-nepal http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Software/Desktop http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenStreetMap http://www.osmre.gov/resources/newsroom/News/Archive/2002/030402%20Report/conclusion s.pdf http://www.openrouteservice.org/ http://openstreetrouting.appspot.com/?mlat=27.701691866145573&mlon=85.32059669494629 &zoom=12 wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Applications https://sotm-eu.org/slides/50_SvenLeitinger_MobileApp.pdf