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  1. 1. v FINANCIAL PROPOSAL Prepared for [Client Name] [Client Logo]
  2. 2. Cando loans organisesassetfinanceand insuranceforAustralianbusinesses andprivatecustomersalike. Offeringcompetitiveinterestratesand quickandeasyfinanceapprovals.
  3. 3. ABOUTUS Cando Financial Our company, Brokers Ink Pty. Ltd. (2004), has developed and is now trading as Cando Financial. Our director, Nick Julian, was awarded an accolade of one of the top 40 new brokers in Australia in 2006. This is a volume based award (2-4 million/month). We now have offices in Gold Coast, Sydney and Perth. A rapidly expanding company.
  4. 4. Lets continue and provide you with a basic look at our business and how our business can benefit [client name]. WHYWORKWITHUS?
  5. 5. 2% interest loans (subvention) No deposit Low documentation (Low Doc) Impaired credit (credit defaults) GST repaid into the loan (3 months) OUREXPERTISE Commercial & consumer finance Knowledgeable in over 200 products Utilizing over 20 banks and lending institutions
  6. 6. FINANCEPACKAGES My promise to you: To raise your current lending approval rate substantially To take a proactive view of [client] finance Increase your market penetration with structured loan products No redundant finance/loans ever again Decrease your loan approval and settlement times (24 hours)
  7. 7. Commission split from settled loans Normal commission $1250.00 Based on a NAF of 30k Or subvention lending (to explain) Full finance compliancy (nil [client] risk) On-site staff training Online applications OUROFFER [Client name] & Cando Financial
  8. 8. v THANKYOU [Client Logo]