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  • 8/8/2019 Breitzeronz - Google Case Report





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  • 8/8/2019 Breitzeronz - Google Case Report





  • 8/8/2019 Breitzeronz - Google Case Report




    "To organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful."

    In mid-December, Google detected a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on their

    corporate infrastructure originating from China that resulted in the theft of intellectual

    property from them. This one was officially released on Jan 12, 2010 in the official blog site of

    Google. The main goal of the attackers was to access the Gmail accounts of Chinese human

    rights activists. And this achievement was not completed according to the investigation

    And also have discovered that the accounts of dozens of U.S-China and Europe based

    Gmail users who are advocates of human rights in China seem to be routinely accessed by third

    parties. They have not accessed through any security breach at Google, but mostly by phishing

    scams or malware placed on the users computer. The opening for the hacking has been

    because of the security weakness in Microsoft Corps Internet Explorer Web browser.

    The digital assault was serious enough to prompt Google to confront China's

    government about censorship rules that weed out politically and culturally sensitive topics from

    search results in the country. Google says it's prepared to shut down its China-based search

    engine and possibly shut down all of its offices in the country unless the ruling party loosens its

    restrictions on free speech.

    The threat to leave China triggered speculation that Google suspected the country's

    government might have been involved in the computer attacks. Google has only said it believes

    the attack originated from within China. China's government has denied any involvement while

    continuing to insist publicly that Google must obey its restrictions against showing links deemed

    to be subversive or pornographic. Some of its computer code and tried to break into the accounts

    of human rights activists opposed to Chinas policies.

  • 8/8/2019 Breitzeronz - Google Case Report



    Google is ranked as the second best search engine in China next to Baidu. China is a

    booming market in the search engine industry estimating nearly 150 million users and still have

    a high growth potential in the future. But due to the strict Chinese laws and regulations Google

    is not able to provide the best search experience to the users. Cyber-attacks in addition still

    worsened Googles relation with China which led to controversies. Google is in an oscillation

    whether it should continue operating in china remaining flexible under Chinese law or should itshut down its operations and come out of china which would lead to a fall in market share.


    According to the great firewall of china, Google censored certain contents based on the

    keywords. Because of network traffic, Google was redirected from China ( to

    Hong Kong ( .When Google was redirected via Hong Kong the censored contents

    were displayed. For instance a search on the keyword Tiananmen on Google China censored

    protested pictures which was not filtered when search was made through Google

    Hong Kong. A sample screen shot given below displays the uncensored protest picture at the

    bottom-right corner when searched through Google Hong Kong.

  • 8/8/2019 Breitzeronz - Google Case Report



    Search from Search from

    A Sample screenshot for the search of a keyword Tiananmen


    Gmail accounts was also been hacked by the attackers which posed a security threat in

    china. The primary goal of the hackers was to access the accounts of Chinese human rights

    activists. On investigation it was found that two Gmail accounts have been attacked. Eventhough the attacked mails were limited only to accessing account information such as date,

    when the account was created and subject line rather than e-mail contents. But still Google was

    under security pressures.

  • 8/8/2019 Breitzeronz - Google Case Report



    Screenshot showing the contents of hacked mails due to cyber-attacks


    Even though Google is a superior search engine, when it comes to the performance in china

    it is been ranked only next to Baidu, which is a Chinese search engine. People in China find

    Baidu better in terms of search performance; mp3 downloads and think Google is an advantage

    only to educated and money-spending users. Another crucial factor was that e-commerce is not

    still developed in china but Googles applications mostly depend on cr edit card applications.

    Lack of advertising is also a strong reason where Google has not influenced much in the china

    markets. Even targeting of customers also favored Baidu where Google targeted global users

    but Baidu only the china market.

  • 8/8/2019 Breitzeronz - Google Case Report




    Due to the various problems between Chinese government and Google in regard to the

    cyber-attacks, issues also prevailed regarding the employees. If Google withdraws from china

    due to the firewall pressures, fear aroused regarding the plight of employees whether on

    relocation or withdrawal of jobs.


    Pulling out Google from China would result in a decline of market share. It

    would also lead the company thereby to leave behind a massive market of internet

    users to chinas homegrown competition as well as Google rivals like Microsoft and


  • 8/8/2019 Breitzeronz - Google Case Report




    It has established a brand name for itself and is considered to be the number one search

    engine on the web. It is considered to be among the top 10 brands in the U.S.

    The speed and simplicity of its search engine is quite reliable and user friendly.

    It gets reputation by its popularity which proceeds by its word of mouth publicity, so it

    doesnt need to put much effort in marketing its search engine.

    It offers many products and services i-e; Desktop products, Mobile products, Web

    products, Hardware products.

    The search engine also provides localized searching where the users get results

    according to their regions.

    Google provides an interface to 88 languages to make it comfortable to search for its

    users in different countries.


    It is dependent mostly on its search based advertising.

    It is the top player regarding the search engines yet it answers search queries with

    50 to 60% accuracy.

    It has weak presence regarding the social-networking space.

    Googles localized search algorithms too sometimes result in errors due to

    automated indexing.

    Google doesnt have sticky like Yahoo! And MSN have which can attract users.

  • 8/8/2019 Breitzeronz - Google Case Report




    It can relive the trend like Yahoo! and MSN and become a mass market portal for

    users that will increase switching costs for its potential users.

    It can add localized vendors paid advertisements on the localized search. So that

    Google might attract more customers through advertisement.

    It can merge with an already existing mass market portal to cover more ground

    regarding its users.

    It can provide more services to the hand-held devices to capture more market that

    goes past the conventional internet.

    It can enhance its security algorithm for the services it provides to overcome hacking



    Competitors like Yahoo, Baidu, MSN; they can emerge with better interface and new

    ideas regarding the search mechanism.

    There is no long time entry barrier in this business. Many competitors can emerge in

    coming years with same services, better interface and names and can catch up Googles


    Portals like yahoo provide more services and solutions with conventional search than

    Google do. Google would start losing its users due to added attractions in such portals.

    Like many other well-known organizations, Google also face cyber-attacks of varying degrees on

    a regular basis.

  • 8/8/2019 Breitzeronz - Google Case Report



    Google lnc

    Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connectwith information. Innovation in web search and advertising has made the web site a top

    internet property. Google maintain a large index of web sites and other online content, which is

    made freely available through search engine to anyone connected with an internet connection.

    The automated search technology helps people obtain nearly instant access to relevant

    information from our vast online index. The company was first time incorporated in California

    in September 1998 and reincorporated in Delaware in August 2003. The company generates

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