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Transcript of BlessingWhite MENA

  • Everything we do ties to our mission of

    Reinventing Leadership and the Meaning of Work.TM

    We know how to impact your bottom line

    by engaging and developing your leaders and employees.

  • Contents

    Section 1: About BlessingWhite

    Section 2: Leadership Development

    Executive Coaching High-Performance Culture Scan High-Performance Leadership Assessment Influencing Across the Matrix Leading in a Virtual Environment Leading Out Loud Leading Technical Professionals The Kai Method Senior Team Consulting Why Should Anyone Be Led by you?

    Section 3: Employee Engagement ADUKGs Employee Engagement Model Employee Engagement Suite EE Toolkit The Engagement Equation (from Managers) Driving Engagement Helping Others Succeed Taking Control of Your Engagement Career Suite

    Its Your Career Career Coaching for Managers The Career Portal

    Fast Start MPG: The Success Connection Putting Values into Action

  • Section 1:

    About Us

  • Who We AreBlessingWhite is a global consulting firm dedicated to

    creating sustainable high-performance organizations.

    We provide consulting, processes, tools and training to:

    Create high-performance cultures that drive bottom-

    line results and reinforce your organizations mission

    and values.

    Develop leaders at all levels who can manage the

    business and inspire your employees.

    Align employee self-interest, energy and talents with

    your organizations strategy.

    Fast Start BlessingWhite 2011

  • We Led the Way That Others Now FollowWhile everyone else was talking about managing

    down, managing up, managing performance,

    managing talent and managing change, weve been

    helping organizations create successful employee/

    leader partnerships focused on what matters most.

    BlessingWhite was founded on the premise that individuals and organizations can achieve extraordinary results when both are clear on what they want, talk about it and take action together.

  • What Makes Us DifferentFounded in 1973, employee-owned since 2001... We have a proven track record, a committed

    workforce of employee-owners and the

    freedom to provide cutting-edge solutions.

    Starting with two men (Blessing and White) who had a revolutionary idea We have made a difference for thousands of clients

    and more than 3 million individuals worldwide.

    Expanding capabilities with continued focus on what we do best... We are the experts in helping you execute your business strategies through your people.

    Fast Start BlessingWhite 2011

  • Were Not All Things to All PeopleOur clients know that when they need more than buzzwords,

    we offer expertise.

    When they call, we have the answers for:

    Organizational Culture Leadership Development Coaching Team Dynamics Leveraging Technical Talent Career Development Performance Management Employee Engagement

  • We Know What WorksWe provide the following to support our expertise:

    Organizational Diagnostics to take a reality check, identify critical leverage points for superior performance and measure the impact of

    training and OD initiatives.

    Consulting with Senior Teams to ensure collaboration and clarity about what your organization stands for, where your organization

    wants to be and how it needs to move forward.

    Executive Coaching and Assessments to help individual leaders manage the business and inspire employees.

    Development Processes to equip leaders at all levels to execute strategy, build commitment, leverage their teams expertise and

    coach for superior performance.

    Alignment and Engagement Processes to focus individual talents and interests in a way that delivers the results you need and shapes the

    work employees love.

    Fast Start BlessingWhite 2011

  • But Wait, Theres More...Thought Leadership Our regular workplace studies build on the ground-breaking work of our founders. We share our insights with the business

    community and weave our research findings into all that we do.

    The Right Solutions Our consultants are experienced in shaping and

    implementing effective workforce initiatives to address the most daunting

    business challenges and reach peak business performance.

    Versatility We have more than 30 years of experience working with clients to provide unique solutions that drive your business and complement your existing initiatives. We will meet your needs for quality, budget and timing.

    Smooth Implementations We dont sell and walk away. Were small enough for personal attention, large enough to support organization-wide


    Where You Need Us to Be Were global, with a worldwide network of professional consultants and trainers.

    Here Because of You BlessingWhites legacy of service excellence and workforce of tenured employee-owners mean unparalleled commitment to

    your success.

  • Weve made a difference with clients across six continents.

    Known by the Companies We KeepWeve worked with thousands of organizations across a wide range of industries,

    government agencies and not-for-profits. Weve partnered with a long list of

    Fortune 500 companies. We are honored to have worked with household

    names, innovators, movers and shakers.

    New clients join us each year, often at a major crossroads, to build high-

    performance cultures, create leadership breadth and depth and achieve

    employee engagement. Give us a call. Well happily name some names or

    tell some tales.

    Better still, lets talk about how we can help you make a difference.

  • Some of our clients...

  • Section 2:


  • Executive CoachingProviding the Customized Impact Executives Need

    Executives face tremendous pressure and visibility inside and outside the company. To be successful, they must inspire vision, demonstrate extreme competence and sustain commitment amidst intense competitive and rapidly-changing conditions. To keep pace with the demands and complexity, they need specialized support. Training isnt enough. Executive coaches bring candor, objectivity, confidentiality, fresh perspectives, expertise and a breadth of experience in different organizational cultures, industries and business environments.

    Executive Coaching Gets ResultsExecutive Coaching outcomes include

    Increased effectiveness and retention of key leaders

    Improved business results

    Increased employee engagement

    - Retention of leaders direct reports and colleagues

    Increased senior team effectiveness, cross-functional

    collaboration and credibility

    Fast Start BlessingWhite 2011

  • High-Performance Culture Scan

    In any organization, senior executive teams make constant choices about the array of possible strategies and change initiatives available. Having the right kind of data available is crucial for choosing wisely. The High-Performance Culture Scan equips senior leaders with powerful insights into their organization and themselves.


    High-performance culture initiatives need a baseline to define progress. Through examination of current behavior and leadership practices, the High-Performance Culture Scan provides a sanity check about current alignment with espoused mission and helps executives prioritize gaps and opportunities.

    Efforts to drive strategic direction depend on understanding varying perspectives about the organizations mission and direction. The High-Performance Culture Scan gathers meaningful examples of current practices that illustrate core organizational drivers and hindrances to the success of new strategies or direction.

    Assessments of overall organizational success are both richer and more nuanced when the organizations top leaders can take an objective perspective. Examining both the organizations focus on results and its focus on culture, the High-Performance Culture Scan identifies critical gaps and issues.

    Improving senior team effectiveness can be a complex undertaking. The High-Performance Culture Scan improves clarity by illustrating the impact of senior team behavior on the larger organization, illuminating points of disunity or suboptimal senior team function and inspiring top leaders to focus on their individual and team effectiveness.


    The 4th Quadrant integrates an organizations focus on performance and results with a purposeful focus on its culture. We developed the High-Performance Culture Scan to yield a deep, multi-perspective organizational assessment and to provide senior executives and HR sponsors with actionable ways to become a 4th Quadrant organization.


    The High-Performance Culture Scan uses three methods for gathering data about your organization:

    On-line employee surveys to collect a broad range of perspectives

    Focus groups to gather stories and examples

    One-on-one interviews to gather the most specific and candid information

    The High-Performance Culture Scan begins when the senior leader invites employees to complete a 10- to 15- minute on-line survey. Survey items measure:

    Overall employee commitment

    How well leaders and employees walk the talk of the organization

    Which business practices align with the organizations core drivers (mission, values)

    Fast Start BlessingWhite 2011

  • High-Performance Leadership Assessment

    Business Aptitude