Beyond Augmented Reality: Ubiquitous Media Experiences

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Gene Becker's talk on Ubiquitous Media at ARE2010, the first Augmented Reality Event on June 3, 2010.

Transcript of Beyond Augmented Reality: Ubiquitous Media Experiences

  • 1. Beyond Augmented Reality: Ubiquitous Media Experiences Gene Becker twitter @genebecker
  • 2. a view from 10 years ago Cooltown: web-based mobility & ubiquitous computing 1. Rampant diversity of mobile and embedded information products, wireless and wired communication networks, and rich media content will be the norm, fueling an explosion of novel and sophisticated services to feed user and business demand for everything Net. 2. The future network environment is the web. In contrast to tightly held proprietary platforms, the web is an open, extensible, heterogeneous, standards-based network infrastructure for delivery of services. More importantly, web protocols and conventions are already understood by almost every network, computer and software developer on the planet. These key characteristics of openness and widespread acceptance will continue to be the basis for a thriving global marketplace of ideas, products and services. 3. Everything has a web presence. People, places, and things in the physical world will have increasingly complex online representations, allowing them to participate in web services. They will become first- class citizens of the web. This will enable services to become more personalized, more spontaneous, and more responsive to the wide variety of contexts in which people live their lives. 4. Bridging the physical and online worlds will bring the benefits of web services to the bricks-and-mortar world where people still live most of their lives. In turn, online environments will be enriched by access to physical places and devices, and to people that don't sit quietly at their desks. 5. Connected ecosystems of service providers will link together in creative and productive ways; a new paradigm will emerge as diverse services are woven effortlessly together.
  • 3. the world is our platform (and AR is just one aspect) Cloud services Robotics Augmented reality Mobile MMO platforms Wireless Social media Displays 2000 - 2020 Digital media Imaging Gesture Storage Tagging Sensing Power 3D printing Nano Bio
  • 4. If the world is our platform, what is our medium?
  • 5. hypothesis: ubiquitous media (ubimedia)
  • 6. What is the shape of ubiquitous media? Mobile Connected Embedded Embodied Social Multisensory Contextual Physical Experiential
  • 7. magic lenses [video] Layar demo video:
  • 8. invisible stories [video] Metaio demo video:
  • 9. querying the natural world concept design by mac funamizu source:
  • 10. transmedia universes television video card games games books social crafts movie posters toys websites clothes stickers
  • 11. embodied interaction media + user interaction embedded system wireless PAN participatory media game mechanics media services transmedia marketing sensor locative media personal data services physical integration embodied interaction extension to new platforms
  • 12. tangible media Siftables, Sixth Sense (MIT Media Lab)
  • 13. mixed media A Tribute to Leah Buechley Embroidery and Lilypad Arduino by Becky Stern
  • 14. things that about? but what tell stories
  • 15. cyborg senses image credits: flickr/yog, Quinn Norton
  • 16. urban storyscapes top down approach Amsterdam Smart City New Songdo City Shenyang
  • 17. urban storyscapes bottom up approach iSee Manhattan Oakland Crimespotting Amsterdam REALTIME Pigeon Blog Common Sense
  • 18. the street (view) as performance platform Street With A View
  • 19. something to watch for
  • 20. Great experiences are the killer app for the real world
  • 21. what makes a compelling experience? Physical / Mental Self-Expression Challenge & Creativity see also: Flow and the psychology of optimal experience (Csikszentmihalyi) Challenge/ Expression Dimensions of Compelling Experience Drama/ Physical Stimulation Social Competing (sights, sounds, touch) Sensation with others Mental / Emotional Bonding, Sharing & Stimulation, Imagination Cooperation ref: Hull, Reid Experience Design for Pervasive Computing
  • 22. want more? Exploring playful experience design with AR, sensors, physical computing, social mediascapes & transmedia storymaking. Follow @ubistudio for updates In theaters this summer!
  • 23. AR history: sub Questions? Gene Becker tw: @genebecker web: mail: Lightning Laboratories provides Research and Consulting in augmented reality, ubiquitous computing, social media and the Internet of Things