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This is a very basic presentation about how to use Twitter. If you're a late adopter, this is just for you. Don't be embarrassed, it's easy and necessary as information travels faster than a google search.

Transcript of Basic Twitter: Tweet That!

  • 1. Associate Professor, Journalism Belmont University

2. What is Twitter? A microblogging tool for instant messaging Tweets are public, may be searched on Google Archived by Library of Congress Platform for Breaking News 3. ChooseYour Handle Brand Brevity 4. Twitter 101: Basics 5. Twitter Research Relationships Reputation 6. Twitter Language @-is a shout out @drsyb #-hashtag marks conversations, chats, events RT-Retweet URL 7. Following 8. Real estate, 9. Followers 10. Research 11. Twitter Search 12. Search Results 13. Reputation 14. Tricks Keep tweets short, encouraging and in active voice Be Authentic Be Intentional Join Conversations When Tweeting always start with words not symbols I am excited to here a lecture by @drsyb Not @drsyb is giving a lecture Limits the people who can see the message. QuickTime and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. 15. Twitter Private messages- as long as you are following each other. Still act as if it is public. Person can share Public and Permanent 16. Twitter Lists Think BeforeYou Post 17. ThankYou!! Thank you for taking the time to play with me. This is my passion and I truly enjoy every multimedia minute.