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Twitter School was a one-hour workshop I lead on April 7, 2014, for WGBH's board of trustees. The second hour was led by Antiques Roadshow EP Marsha Bemko and Skinner CEO and Roadshow appraiser Karen Keane, who live-tweeted the live broadcast along with our group.

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  • 1.WGBH Board of Trustees Twitter School

2. Welcome Lynn Bay Dayton Chair, Marketing and Communications Committee Alexis Rapo Vice President, Digital Media 3. Syllabus What is Twitter? The Anatomy of a Tweet WGBH and Twitter Navigating Twitter Live Tweeting 4. Twitter Comfort Level What is Twitter? Ive set up my account but Ive never tweeted. My avatar is an egg. I tweet, and find it really valuable. I want to learn more! Level 2 Level 1 Level 3 5. Twitter Lingo To Tweet Tweeting Not twittering. Tweeter Not Twitterer. 6. What is Twitter? Sends text messages limited to 140 characters Registered users can read and post tweets Unregistered users can only read tweets Twitter launched in 2006 There are 645 million active registered Twitter users 135,000 new Twitter users sign up every day An average of 58 million tweets are sent a day 7. Why does Twitter matter? of Twitter traffic during peak TV time (911 p.m. EST) is about TV programming. TV viewers are actively engaged in talking about television on social media have started to watch a TV show because of social media In 2013, 36 million people sent 990 million tweets about TV 8. The Anatomy of a Tweet Tim De Chant Senior digital editor at NOVA 9. The Tweet Text Profile photo = 112 characters Handle Actions Date sent 10. Actions Mentions and replies Retweet Favorite Direct message 11. How does WGBH use Twitter? 1) Monitoring brand presence: What are people saying about my show? 12. How does WGBH use Twitter? 2) Promotion: Telling fans whats new 13. How does WGBH use Twitter? 3) Crowdsourcing ideas 14. How does WGBH use Twitter? Example: Frontline #LeagueofDenial Frontline-related tweets appeared in Twitter feeds 50.3 million times the night of the broadcast Hundreds of journalists live-tweeted the film, including writers from ESPN, CBS, Sports Illustrated, TIME, and TV Guide #LeagueOfDenial was a national trending topic on Twitter during the broadcast 15. Ways to Use Twitter 1) Build your personal brand 2) Share your passions and hobbies 3) Find and follow news 4) Use as a second screen 16. What Do I Tweet? Your passions and hobbies Interact Takeaways from professional learning Interesting links Pictures Ask questions 17. Follow the WGBH Twitter List 18. Follow Your Fellow Live-Tweeters 19. What makes a good tweet? 1) The 80/20 rule 3) Keep it short 2) Be visual 4) Interact 5) Be simple 20. Navigating Twitter: Desktop Timeline Mentions & Interactions Search and trends My tweets Search Direct messages Settings Compose 21. Navigating Twitter: Mobile Timeline Mentions & Interactions Search Direct messages Compose 22. Timeline Desktop Mobile 23. Connect Connect 24. Discovery 25. Me Desktop Mobile 26. The Hashtag A brief search term, used with a # at the beginning of a word Using a hashtag, you can search Twitter to find all the tweets using that hashtag Makes conversations possible Hashtags function as keywords to highlight discussions Hashtags unify a group of related threads or tweets because they are searchable A hashtag that catches on and becomes widely used can amplify issues and broadcast views very quickly 27. Live Tweeting Desktop Mobile 28. Live Tweeting 29. How Can you Contribute? Opinions Share your experience Tweet questions to Marsha and the team Selfies / Photos 30. Antiques Roadshow Live Tweet Join me tonight as I live tweet with @RoadshowPBS during their new episode at 8/7c PM on @PBS! Capping off the best WGBH trustee meeting ever with a live tweet of @RoadshowPBS. #antiquesroadshow .@RoadshowPBS is all new tonight 8pm EST on @PBS, and I'll be live tweeting with them. Join in at #antiquesroadshow Participating in a live tweet with Roadshow EP @MarshaBemkoEP. Follow along using hashtag #antiquesroadshow! Remember, always use #antiquesroadshow in your tweet.