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1. MTS B2C COMMERCE B2C Commerce Solutions for Omni Channel retailing Get a single view, of your customer in- store, mobile and web. mtsdevelopment.com/en-us/b2c-commerce 2. MTS COMMERCE PLATFORM Consistent B2C Buying Journey Create unique relationship between your customer buying journey and your brand. Customers are more informed and connected than ever before. Your products are one click away from their fingertip however, they expect a consistent omni- channel experience everywhere, they demand product catalog accessible to them with every touch to your brand, in their phone, tablet, social media, search engine, kiosks and in-store. MTS B2C Commerce Platform is an omni channel commerce solution that connects physical stores to web, social media and mobile applications and deliver a personalized experience across the entire customer journey. 3. MTS COMMERCE PLATFORM 01 Single Customer Profile Success depends on customer satisfaction and successful companies differentiate themselves from the competition. 02 Personalized Buying Journey Deliver rich and personalized customer journey across different channels with powerful and flexible b2c commerce solutions. 03 Maximize Customer Engagement Connect with your customer wherever they are & have revolutionary way of creating and implementing a rich customer experience. 04 Optimize Order Execution Efficient and appropriate supply chain management capabilities that leads to a greater profit and higher customer satisfaction. 4. MTS COMMERCE PLATFORM Single Customer Profile Real-time, 360-degree view of your customers across all channels Success depends on customer satisfaction and successful companies differentiate themselves from the competition through a unified customer experience. Aggregate customer interactions, transactions, navigations and behaviors into a single rich customer repository, so you can deliver personalized content and promotion offers based on specific need, channel, device or location. Plus, it improves the ability to make better merchandise decisions and product selections. 5. MTS COMMERCE PLATFORM Advance customer analytics that personalized for each individual customer is one of main retail business Challenges 6. MTS COMMERCE PLATFORM Personalized Buying Journey B2C Commerce Solution that attracts serious buyers & the key to more conversion Legacy customer processes are no longer fit-for-purpose in the connected world we are living in. The challenge is to capture and optimize customer time and deliver a targeted promotion based on inquiry, profile, device, location and transaction history. However, these marketing offers should be consistent across all business touchpoints. Using MTS B2C commerce solutions, you can deliver a consistent and personalized customer journey. It empowers engagement and customer fulfillment. 7. MTS COMMERCE PLATFORM Maximize Customer Engagement Provide a consistent shopping experience that encourages the relationship with your brand From the initial steps of research to the final buying decision, customers are traveling across different channels they search on mobile, browse in-store and buy on the web, however, they expect the same brand value proposition across all channels. To meet demands, you need a complete solution that's robust enough to adapt quickly and easily for today's savvy buyers. With MTS B2C commerce solutions, helps you to overcome technical challenges to support digital transformation. 8. MTS COMMERCE PLATFORM "Consumers no longer see a distinction between online and offline shopping. Whether its searching on a laptop, browsing main street shops or hanging out at the mall its all shopping" Operations manager, apparel retailer 9. MTS COMMERCE PLATFORM Optimize Order Execution Achieving high customer satisfaction is a major strategic decision in your business. Growth requires a robust foundation, a system that responds to rapid business changes, MTS platform is a high scalable solution built on a robust infrastructure that scale as your business growth. It allows multi-sites, multi-region and adapt with your business model. With clustering and loading balancing. We ensure maximum availability and high performance. 10. Cross-channel Fulfillment All different types of fulfillment scenarios of buying Order fulfillment can be complicated and subject to different variables and forecast. The key on how to monitor and control performance across all different channels and optimize execution. With MTS Platform, you can identify and prioritizes your customers need and have more efficient and appropriate supply chain management capabilities and the results, ultimately greater profit and higher customer satisfaction. MTS COMMERCE PLATFORM 11. MTS COMMERCE PLATFORM End-to-End Solution Drive cross channel Visibility of Your Entire Business Mobile Store Deliver an extraordinary shopping experience Social Commerce Listen, engage & respond to your customers Web Store Sophisticated system to meet current & future needs Point of Sale Deliver retail growth & streamline operation Product Management Centerline product data into a single repository Promotion Management Flexible promotion options to drive campaigns success Order Management Real-time visibility across the entire order life cycle Supply Chain Purchase from anywhere, deliver anywhere 12. MTS COMMERCE PLATFORM More on how to build and deploy an Omni channel commerce solution: DOWNLOAD RESOURCES EXPLORE MTS B2C COMMERCE 13. 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