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Transcript of Audience research

  • Audience research I conducted audience research in the form of a questionnaire so I could get an inside view of what the audience thinks of my magazine front cover, contents page and double page spread.

  • From the results we can see that the main thing that stands out on my front cover is the title. This is positive as the codes and conventions for a magazine front cover states that the title needs to be one of the main things that stand out on the front cover.

  • 7/10 people that answered my questionnaire liked my main colour scheme. This made me glad as I created the colour scheme based on what my audiences favourite colours where.

  • 6/10 could defiantly tell that my magazine is an Indie magazine. I would have hoped for some more people to be able to tell but this is a positive result.

  • 9/10 liked the appearance of my magazine which is great news as it means that it is more than likely going to attract a larger audience if more people like the appearance.

  • For this answer I received a lot of different suggestions. While 5/10 people dont think I need to change anything, the other 5 people believe that I need to make it look more Indie, different colour scheme, more headlines and more of a structure.

  • I am very happy with this result as 8/10 people liked the layout of my contents page, so it gives me positive result.

  • While most of the audience dont find anything wrong with my contents page some suggested that the layout doesnt work well or that the colours dont seem to match the front cover. This is unfortunate but changeable.

  • The recurring suggestions from these results are too change the pictures but this is possible to change so it shouldnt be a problem.

  • From this feedback it seems that a lot of people like my colour scheme for my double page spread, I am gad since it was the colour scheme based on my other audience research.

  • Mostly nothing could be improved so these are very positive results.

  • 9/10 people believe that all of my products go together and this is such a relief. I am really glad that people think they all match as I spent a long time trying to get them all to look like they are from the same magazine.

  • And again I am very glad that my audience agrees that my products all come from the same magazine.